Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) Accessibility for Websites

/ Owner - September 26, 2019

It is unclear from the current case law, guidance, and the ADA, whether a condominium association, with short term stays of thirty (30) days or less, must provide an accessible website for people with disabilities. One of the only cases to address this situation is Dunn v. Phoenix West II, LLC, et al., 2016 WL 740294 (S.D. AL 2016). This case involved a disabled individual, confined to a wheelchair, who wanted to vacation at the Phoenix West II Owners Association. The units are owned in fee simple by various owners, with Phoenix West II, LLC owning roughly 10 units. There is a rental management agent for the individual condominium unit owners that operates the reservation system. Mr. Dunn contacted the reservation system by phone to determine if there were ADA compliant rooms and facilities because the website did not contain this information.   Read the article………………………

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