Arizona laws affecting HOA’s going into effect

/ Owner - October 28, 2023

HOA parking controls

Ungated communities with a homeowner’s association have until June 30, 2025, to decide whether to keep their existing parking restrictions.  If the HOA opts to ditch the restrictions, parking oversight falls to the city in which the community is located.  The bill, sponsored by Rep. Neal Carter, R-San Tan Valley, applies only to HOAs that were created prior to January 2015. Those created after that date can’t supersede city parking rules.The measure does not apply to condominiums.

‘Rouge’ HOAs

HOA board members would automatically lose their seats if they fail to follow their association’s procedures for removing a board member.  Mesa Republican Rep. Barbara Parker’s bill aims to force HOAs to follow their own rules. She called it a victory for liberty and the rule of law.

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