HMS Belfast

From Stan Packer, HMS Belfast

To All The Veterans: USS Rochester CA-124

Now Hear This:

This is Stan Packer of the H.M.S. Belfast Association sending you his good wishes and hopes your doing well today.

Hi Shipmates: I and many others on H.M.S. Belfast had the pleasure of serving, making friends, and sharing some of our liberty hours ashore in Japan with you guys during 1950-1952 and the Korean War. The memories of those years are still with me, and being a member of the U.S Navy Cruiser Sailors Association, I was hoping that there may some of the shipmates of your ship, that would like to reflect back in time to some of the places that we new, and what we did all those years ago. My Email address is and for those that don’t use a computer, my home address is as follows. Mr. S.N. Packer, Holme Croft, Holme Lane, Rockley, Retford, Notts. DN22 OQY England.

My sincere best wishes, Stan Packer. Ex Royal Navy.


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This site is sponsored by the USS SAINT PAUL ASSOCIATION, which is comprised of former sailors and marines who served aboard the ship during her service to our country. The objectives of the Association are to perpetuate, honor, and preserve the memory of the USS SAINT PAUL (CA-73) and USS MINNEAPOLIS-SAINT PAUL (SSN-708); to hold biennial reunions of shipmates in order to enable members to maintain contact with other shipmates; and to perpetuate the memory and accomplishments of deceased shipmates.

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