From Charles Lamm…….


I did not serve aboard the USS Rochester. I served aboard the USS Guadalcanal LPH-7 from 71′ to 75′. My friend Maxie Cox did however serve on her and I believe it was around 1957.

When he found out that I built ship models he asked if I would build the Rochester. After researching it I knew that it would be a great project.

The research took about a year. Your web site was most helpful. The building part took just over a year to build using every spare minute that I had, (ask my wife). Normally this would have been a two year project. It is radio controlled and looks great in the water.

She had to be ready by the October 08 fleet run in North Carolina. I wanted to dedicate this to the former crew members of the Rochester during this fleet run and surprise my friend. I call several crew members but they had other commitments. He thought that it was not finished and it was not, however it was 99% complete. He was totally surprised and took the helm during her maiden voyage. What a great day.

The final picture shows her in homeport proudly displayed. The stand was custom made for this model.

I have included a link for you of the run:

and our black Friday run:



Charles visited the 2017 Reunion in Charleston, SC