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/ Owner - June 21, 2012

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  • HOA Homefront: Understanding fair housing laws to help those who need it (CA)
    California and federal law provide important protections for disabled persons. Morally and legally, doing what we reasonably can to help the disabled live as normally as reasonably possible is the right thing to do.  However, requesting residents and responding HOAs don’t always fully understand the legal requirements. HOAs are “housing accommodations” under the Fair Housing laws and must comply with them.   Read the article…………………………….
  • Important Tax Deadlines for California HOAs
    While understanding tax deadlines and requirements is crucial for any HOA board, navigating through these can be complex and overwhelming. The intricacies of tax filings often require professional guidance to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. In California, HOAs are subject to various tax reporting and filing deadlines, each with its own set of requirements and implications. While it’s imperative for HOA boards to collaborate with accounting professionals who specialize in HOA tax matters, Davis-Stirling offers some key deadlines and considerations ...
  • Mum’s the Word When Disclosure Leads to Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    It is common knowledge that a director has a fiduciary duty to his or her association and its members. To be a fiduciary means that the director has accepted the highest duty imposed by the law…….This duty also obligates the director to place the interests of the association and its members as a whole over the director’s personal interests in the event these interests conflict. This duty is referred to as the duty of loyalty or duty of undivided loyalty.  ...
  • Understanding the Interplay Between an Individual Unit Owners’ Policy and Their HOA Policy is Crucial for Submitting Condominium and Townhome Claims in California
    Of the 39 million potential insureds making up California’s population, over 14 million – or over 35% – live in homeowners association communities. Therefore, understanding whether their property damage claims fall under their individual or association insurance policies is essential to properly recovering insurance benefits. Equally essential is understanding which policy takes priority when property damage is covered by both the unit owner’s individual policy and the association’s master policy.   Read the article…………………………….
  • How to Get Homeowners Excited About Your Community for the New Year!
    Membership enthusiasm plays a key role in the success of every community. When homeowners are engaged and excited, the whole community can feel it. It makes the HOA a vibrant, bustling place to live. Not only does an engaged membership support high property values, but close-knit homeowners are integral to creating a true sense of community.     Read the article…………………………….
  • 2023 Year-End Review of California Legislation and Cases Which Affect Community and Homeowners’ Associations
    When an Association cannot achieve the quorum required in its governing documents for a Board of Directors election meeting, this new law allows the Association to adjourn the meeting to a date at least 20 days after the adjourned meeting, and provides that only 20% of the voting members need be present at subsequent meetings in person, by proxy, or by secret written ballot received.   Read the article…………………………….
  • When Time Runs Out…Part II (CA)
    The Typical Condominium “Business Model” will Not Sustain the Buildings: Condominium buildings are like rental apartments in their aesthetics and construction, with one significant difference—condominiums are mapped and built to be sold to individual unit owners. The ownership of rental apartments remains with one owner. Apartments are rented for a fixed period. Read the article…………………………….
  • Developing HOA Reserve Study Procedures for Specific Assets (CA)
    Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) serve as the guardians of their communities. Moreover, they’re responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for residents. A fundamental aspect of this stewardship involves prudent financial planning and establishing reserve funds.   Read the article…………………………….

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California Laws

Common Interest Development Act  (Davis-Stirling)

Other Laws

Health & Saf. Code §122318. Health Care Practitioner Criteria for Emotional Support Dog Documentation

Health & Saf. Code §122319.5. Emotional Support Animal/Dog & Service Dog Definitions

Govt. Code §12956.3. County Recorder Restrictive Covenant Program

California Condo & HOA Resources

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Videos (California specific)

The law firm of Berding & Weil LLP has a number of videos both on their site and on YouTube regarding Common Interest Development issues

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