Florida family in legal fight with HOA over backyard pool construction (FL)

Who knew a tiny pool could cause such a major headache? Leo and Maidolys Aguado saved for years to build a pool for their six and twelve-year-old daughters. However, they made a big mistake by hiring the contractor before asking the Whispering Oaks Home Owners Association for permission for the project last August.   Read the […]

Pasco golf course-turned-forest nears resolution, at least for some neighbors (FL)

Now the Lowman Links property is under contract with Ryan Homes, which plans to build 218 homes, a developer’s representative told Pasco planning commissioners last week. Part of the agreement also included an offer to two of the community’s village homeowners associations that back up to the golf course property.   Read the article…………………………….

Top 10 Amenities Residents Want In A Condominium Corporation (ON)

Many condominium corporations have amenities that give residents even more opportunities to enjoy their community. These amenities, funded primarily through common element fees, play a pivotal role in shaping the quality of neighbourhood life. They also help a condominium corporation remain competitive in the homebuying market and increase property values. Read on to learn the […]

Creative Ways to Use HOA Amenities for Community Events

Your homeowners association (HOA) plays a vital role in cultivating a strong sense of community in your neighborhood. While their primary responsibility is overseeing and enforcing neighborhood regulations, association benefits typically include community amenities.  Community amenities provide more than just recreational spaces – they offer a canvas for fostering connections among residents. Beyond the traditional […]

Pickleball In HOAs: Yay Or Nay? (NC)

The debate surrounding pickleball in HOA communities has heightened in recent years. The rise in popularity of this sport has led to discussions about whether or not it should be allowed within the confines of HOA-regulated neighborhoods. However, there is more to this contentious issue than meets the eye, and the decision to permit it […]

‘Wait and see’ is golf course conclusion (FL)

Residents of the Gulf Gate neighborhood adjacent to the golf course, who formed the Gulf Gate Community Association, have addressed the commission in pushing a plan for the county to purchase the land and enhance it for stormwater storage, clean runoff into Sarasota Bay, and potentially reduce flooding in the area before it is developed […]

PBC Owner: Condo says I can lease my unit, but renters can’t use pool, etc. Can they do that? (FL)

Question: Our condominium has several recreational/common areas — swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts, a small gym/workout room, a billiard room, etc.  Our board limits usage to some of the areas to owners only. I was under the impression that tenants have the right to use all common/recreational areas that owners enjoy   Read the Q&A………………………………

Communities Adding Pickleball Should Consider Mitigating Noise Disruptions (FL)

A recent survey of nearly 700 community association managers and board members conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research found that more than 66 percent of the communities represented in the survey already have or are committed to building pickleball courts. However, of those communities that are embracing and incorporating the fast-growing sport, nearly […]

Pickleball Popularity Comes with Challenges for HOAs

Pickleball, the rapidly growing paddle sport, is taking community associations by storm. Unfortunately, this newfound popularity also has brought with it some challenges, particularly related to the “pok-pok” noise generated when paddle hits ball.  Read the article…………………………….

How to cool your swimming pool water temperature

A popular question pool companies often get asked from swimming pool owners in the heat of summer is “How can I cool down my pool water?” Below are a few suggestions to be considered:    Read the article………………………..

Condo Amenities: 2023 Power Rankings (ON)

At a time when applications for new builds are seemingly endless, not all condo amenities are created equal.  The common denominator is convenience: amenities should remove the requirement for residents to leave the building for everyday routines and rhythms. But, as life evolves, so do the types of amenities today’s (and tomorrow’s) condo dwellers really […]

Last Of The Lakes: Latest Chapter In Golf Course Saga (NM)

Not everyone was happy, but that’s often the case when you’re about to lose an iconic part of your neighborhood.  And that’s what’s happening at The Islands at Rio Rancho, once a gorgeous respite for residents and wildlife, and a few lakes where countless golf balls were sent to a watery grave.   Read the article………………………..

To Pickleball or Not to Pickleball? That is the Question (CA)

Pickleball is one of America’s fastest-growing sports.[1] This surge has in turn generated professional tournaments, corporate sponsors, and professional players. Many homeowners, eager for a new amenity and a new hobby, have asked their community associations to create pickleball courts.   Read the article………………………..

Myrtle Beach resort’s pools shut down several times. Now a mom is suing over chemical burns (SC)

Several defendants are named in the lawsuit, which was filed in June 2021 in Florence, but has had several versions since then. Defendants include Brittain Resorts and Hotels LLC; Ocean Front Investors, doing business as Caribbean Resort & Villas; Caribbean Oceanfront Tower Homeowners Association; Ally Management; and Hucks Pool Co.   Read the article………………………..

Pickleball on the Rise in HOAs

Described as a combination of tennis, Ping-Pong, and badminton, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the U.S., according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, a trade group. Pickleball grew a startling 40% between 2019 and 2021. Read the article………………………..

Pop-up pool parties plague Sacramento neighborhood, residents say (CA)

Residents of a Sacramento neighborhood are frustrated following what they say have been large gatherings of teens close to their homes.  Some people who live in the Natomas Meadows community, located near Del Paso Road and Gateway Park Boulevard, told KCRA 3 that so-called “pop-up parties” have been disrupting their normally quiet community this summer.  […]

Can I rent your pool? Understanding the impacts of the new sharing economy

Community associations are familiar with the challenges associated with long-term home rentals and have become well acquainted with short-term rentals over the past few years, but a new trend in the sharing economy has been making waves recently: rentals for residential components such as swimming pools.   Read the article………………………..

HOA Pool Lifeguards: Are they Liabilities?

What are the hours of operation? Do you need a pool management company? What is the maintenance schedule? Do you have the proper insurance? What about lifeguards? Should you have them or not?  Read the article………………………..

Cimarron golf course neglected, concerned residents (TX)

A once beautiful golf course is now looking more beat up and filled with weeds.  ValleyCentral visited the Cimarron neighborhood where residents are upset about the conditions of the club.   Read the article………………………..

Reach for the Sky! — Civil Liability and Insurance Cost and Coverage Implications of Shootings and Other Violent Criminal Acts in Common Areas (CO)

How concerned should Colorado common interest communities be about civil liability arising from third-party criminal acts committed on the Common Elements?  Until recently, a common answer may have been something like: Not terribly concerned at all, especially in communities where individual owners share fractional, undivided interests in the Common Elements.   Read the article………………………..

How Water Activities Boost Wellness in Active Adult Communities

Pools are a wellness catalyst in many community associations. Many people find aquatic exercise a favorable and beneficial way of living a healthy lifestyle. Water activities have a greater advantage, with notable results for active adults with health challenges.   Read the article………………………..

Crawford Creek residents concerned about closed amenities (GA)

If you have a basketball court in your neighborhood, it’s usually a hot spot this time of year. But in one neighborhood in Columbia County, the Homeowners Association does not think it’s a good idea to have one any longer.   Read the article………………………..

How to Keep Your Community’s Pool Safe for Residents

Community pools are a great place for residents of managed communities to cool off in the summer, but they can also be dangerous if the right safety measures are not taken. In addition to protecting residents from potential dangers, pool safety precautions help to protect a community from lawsuits that stem from pool-related injuries.   Read […]

Your Community Pool May Require Lifeguards (OH)

In Ohio, any pool serving more than three residential dwellings is considered a “public pool,” which means that nearly every condominium and homeowners association pool is classified as “public” despite its private ownership and access. This means that your community pool falls under the regulations outlined in the Ohio Health Code. Apart from chemical monitoring […]

Recreational Immunity in Wisconsin – What You Need to Know

The starting point for recreational immunity is to understand that the purpose of the law is to induce property owners to open their land for recreational use. Therefore, recreational users are to bear the risk of the recreational activity. Held v. Ackerville Snow Club, 2007 WI App 43, 300 Wis. 2d 498, 730 N.W.2d 428, […]

7 HOA Pool Safety Rules Every Board Should Enforce

Many homeowners associations manage swimming pools that are available for member use. One of the pillars of pool management, though, is promoting the safety of pool goers. To accomplish that, a board must enforce certain HOA pool safety rules.   Read the article………………………..

Club West course suit could linger for another year (AZ)

The Club West Conservancy has told a judge it will be ready for a March 2024 trial in its suit against golf course owner The Edge and Shea Homes.  The Edge and the Conservancy last month also told Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason they remain at an impasse in litigation over the course’s future.   Read […]

No More Adult Swim? Are Your Association Pool Rules Compliant with the Law? (IL)

Over the next few weeks, many Homeowner Associations will begin to reopen their swimming pools. Prior to opening the Association’s pool, it is important for the Board to review the Association’s Rules and Regulations to make sure that they adequately protect the Association from any potential liability.   Read the article………………………..

Alden Pines HOA proposes purchasing golf course (FL)

Alden Pines Homeowners Association members gathered at the Pine Island Community Church April 19 for a long-deferred annual meeting. After brief and speedy formalities, HOA board member Scott Snyder took over the meeting to address a topic of concern to all, what was happening with the Alden Pines Golf Course.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Column: Alternative short-term uses (NH)

As I have discussed in the past, the New Hampshire Legislature has not yet addressed the issue of whether using a condominium for short-term rentals is a commercial enterprise, which would illegalize them in most associations, or whether they are not so different from a tenant in a condominium with a six-month lease. In both […]

Condo Board Can Deny Use of Amenities to Get Unit-Owners to Pay Up (NY)

The lawsuits have been dragging on for years at the Promenade, a 209-unit luxury tower in Lenox Hill overlooking the East River. This protracted legal brawl pits two unit-owners against the condo board over such familiar issues as arrears, alteration agreements, bylaw violations, objectionable conduct, liens and foreclosure.   Read the article………………………..