Supreme Court rejects retroactive STR bans (AZ)

The Arizona Supreme Court denied the Village of Oakcreek Association’s petition for a review of the Arizona Court of Appeals’ decision in Village of Oakcreek Association v. Lance Bonham on April 2.  Read the article…………………………….

Power Ranch homeowners in Gilbert upset at HOA over $167K spent on legal fees (AZ)

She only wishes her HOA would make the same investment in keeping up her community, especially with what they’re paying in dues.  “You see faded paint, there’s missing signs, there’s graffiti, there’s all these outdated things that needed to be done, but yet we’re not doing it,” said Jung.  Jung is one of several homeowners […]

HOA rejects own committee’s recommendation (AZ)

How does the Ahwatukee Board of Management spell diversion, set-up and please let us ignore you further? C-O-M-M-I-T-T-E-E.  Last spring my Center Court neighbors and I started getting letters threatening $200 “attorney’s fees” for doing what many of us have done for 20 years – park an extra car on the public street in front […]

Divided Gilbert community ousts HOA board (AZ)

About 12 years after he moved into the newly built Greenfield Lakes community in Gilbert, Brett Woolley noticed his perimeter wall was tilting toward the canal in back of his property.  Woolley said that he contacted the HOA board and the management company because it was their responsibility to fix it but for the next […]

Banning bulk billing threatens to impair broadband access

The importance of high-speed internet in today’s world cannot be overstated — impacting everything from telehealth, to remote learning, to small business growth. Thanks to the Biden Administration’s effort to bridge the digital divide through broadband infrastructure and affordability programs included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re making great strides in expanding connectivity to underserved […]

Sinkhole saga at Phoenix condo complex could soon be over (AZ)

People fed up with a growing sinkhole at the Parkside Condominiums on Bell and Cave Creek Roads are feeling optimistic.  The HOA board, the VP, and the community manager for City Property Management held a meeting outside the complex Thursday night to announce that repairs for the sinkhole would begin next week.   Read the article…………………………….

Banks fail to get Villas West lawsuit dismissed (AZ)

A U.S. District Court judge says a lawsuit brought by Villas West Condominium Association against two banks following the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars can move forward despite attempts by the banks to have it dismissed.  According to U.S. District Court records, the condo association filed a lawsuit in Pima County Superior Court […]

HOA critics sweep Dobson Ranch election (AZ)

In a two-hour annual meeting last week that was at times tense and other times jovial, members of the embattled Dobson Ranch Homeowners Association elected three board candidates who had been critical of the previous board’s handling of financial turmoil over the past three years.    Read the article…………………………….

Community leaders applaud inaugural HOA summit in Gold Canyon (AZ)

It was a full house at the new Gold Canyon Community Center on March 27. The attraction was the first-ever gathering of neighborhood leaders coming together to share interests, concerns and best practices for the common good of Gold Canyon.   Read the article…………………………….

Controversy engulfs massive Dobson Ranch HOA (AZ)

Dobson Ranch residents are getting ready to elect three new homeowners association board members after a challenging year that saw revelations of financial problems totaling millions, a failed recall, swelling attendance at board meetings and allegations of nastiness and misinformation.    Read the article…………………………….

New Arizona law targets relics of race-based housing discrimination

Peter Williams thought he had the law on his side last year when he led an effort to remove ugly and illegal housing restrictions that still appeared in the founding documents of his Tucson neighborhood.  Now he knows it for sure.    Read the article…………………………….

Good light, bad light: HOAs find out brighter isn’t necessarily better (AZ)

As he cruised up one street and down another, Grahame applauded some light fixtures as he groaned aloud about others.  His nightly excursions have increased of late.  Grahame is the outreach specialist for Southern Arizona Chapter of DarkSky International, and homeowner associations all over Green Valley have been inviting him into their neighborhoods to evaluate […]

Town of Paradise Valley meets with HOAs Wednesday (AZ)

The Town of Paradise Valley is hosting a forum for local Home Owner Associations 3:30–5 p.m. Wednesday, March 27 at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive.  This will be an informal meeting and will include introductions to the town’s HOAs, as well as remarks from Town Manager Andrew Ching, Police Chief Freeman Carney and Beth […]

Chandler’s spring HOA Academy returns in April (AZ)

If you live in a Chandler homeowners’ association community and want to learn more about how an HOA operates, next month is your chance, according to a news release.  The City of Chandler’s HOA Academy is back for a three-session spring series in April. The academy classes are taught by people from Mulcahy Law Firm, […]

Oro Valley tests no streetlights along Rancho Vistoso Boulevard (AZ)

Monday, March 18, might live in lore as the night the lights went out along two sections of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard in Oro Valley.  The Vistoso Community Association turned off the 226 streetlights it owns and operates along the major roadway. It wants residents to express whether they’re fine with being in the dark, or […]

Scottsdale HOA says manager stole $1.6M (AZ)

Scottsdale House board members wish they had been more attentive a few years ago.  After failing to do a background check on a twice-sued manager who ran the HOA for years, the board started discovering money was disappearing from funds targeted for repairs and upgrades.  The deeper into the books they dug, board members found […]

Green Valley HOAs get Firewise ball rolling (AZ)

Three communities in Green Valley have become designated Firewise USA sites, and are encouraging homeowners associations to do the same to help protect Green Valley from wildfires.  The Firewise USA award is given to communities that have put in a lot of time, effort and planning to educate homeowners in wildfire safety and mitigate the […]

Median beautification: HOA project benefits community (AZ)

When we first purchased our home on West Esperanza Boulevard in November 2021, we noticed the median in front, like many in Pima County that year following the third wettest Monsoon on record, was overgrown with weeds.  In January 2022, I brought the subject up at the annual HOA meeting for our small, 52-homeowner group […]

‘Repulsive’ golf course pond lands Glendale country club in legal trouble (AZ)

A country club in Glendale finds itself in hot water over a pervasive and repugnant stench coming from one of its golf course ponds that has frustrated nearby residents of the Arrowhead Ranch subdivision.  Stephen Kyle Bais, the golf course superintendent for Arrowhead Country Club, is suspected of violating a city code related to odors […]

Residents at Phoenix condo complex fed up with growing sinkhole (AZ)

“It’s just a nightmare,” said Samuel Ybarra. He has been a homeowner in the Parkside Condominiums in Phoenix on Bell and Cave Creek Roads since 2019. Ybarra said a small crack in 2022 led to a sinkhole in the middle of the street just feet away from his condo.  He said property managers informed the […]

If there’s no homeowner association, who enforces the neighborhood’s CC&Rs?

Question: In our East Valley subdivision, we have never had a homeowner association. The result is that our covenants, conditions and restrictions requiring homeowner association approval of sports courts have never been enforced, especially in relation to the recent construction of three pickleball courts. One pickleball court is next to our primary bedroom. Who is […]

Virtual HOA/condo academy coming to Surprise (AZ)

A virtual HOA/condo academy and upcoming in-person HOA summit is designed for all homeowners association or condominium board member, owner or property manager in Surprise.    Read the article……………………………..

Court of Appeals rejects Village of Oak Creek STR ban (AZ)

The Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that the Village of Oakcreek Association cannot retroactively impose its 2016 ban on short-term rentals on property owners who acquired title to their property prior to the ban, reaffirming an earlier decision that defined STRs as a residential rather than a business use.    Read the article…………………………

Foothills HOA paying thousands for water leaks, struggling to get grant (AZ)

Lately when Riyon Harding steps into her backyard, she has to clean up the bufelgrass by herself to avoid her yard catching on fire. With a broken wrist, raking can be hard.  Since it’s flammable, she does it often, but normally her HOA would have paid to have it done through her HOA fees.    Read the […]

New Arizona law gets rid of certain parking rules in HOA communities

A new bill recently passed by the state Legislature requires ungated communities with a homeowners association to decide whether to keep their existing parking restrictions. The new bill only applies to parking rules that were established before January 2015.    Read the article…………………………………

Arizona laws affecting HOA’s going into effect

HOA parking controls Ungated communities with a homeowner’s association have until June 30, 2025, to decide whether to keep their existing parking restrictions.  If the HOA opts to ditch the restrictions, parking oversight falls to the city in which the community is located.  The bill, sponsored by Rep. Neal Carter, R-San Tan Valley, applies only […]

Rising HOA fees, rules can be an extra burden on older adults in Arizona

Many older adults live in communities with monthly or quarterly homeowners association fees. These HOA dues are typically used for the maintenance of a community — things like landscaping or upkeep of the pool. But seniors on fixed incomes could run into trouble if they can’t pay their mandatory dues.   Read the article………………………..

Sun City group home should be questioned by SCHOA

This letter is in response to the recent article in the Independent that was submitted by Lisa Gray, Sun City Home Owners Association general manager.  The issue Ms. Gray was addressing was the construction of a group home that is in the process of being constructed along West Cherry Tree Lane in Sun City.   Read […]

Lawyer: HOAs could probably block casitas (AZ)

With Phoenix City Council preparing to take up two controversial zoning code amendments next Wednesday, Sept. 6, an Ahwatukee expert on real estate law has shed some light on a big question involving the measure permitting casitas in the backyards of single-family homes.   Read the article………………………..

Couple forced from condominium taking fight to court (AZ)

Jie Cao and Haining “Frazer” Xia did not want to leave their home. But after an investment company bought the majority of the units in the couple’s condominium complex and voted to sell the unwilling remaining residents’ units to themselves, Cao and Xia were forced out.    Read the article………………………..