Association kicks off Give Back campaign (AR)

Jessica Anson loved the idea and ran with it.  Anson, the Bella Vista Property Owners Association’s aquatics and facility manager, along with recreation operations manager Jessica McCary, have spearheaded the organization of a Property Owners Association employee group called “The Give Back” campaign.   Read the article…………………………………..

Coming Together And Finding Solutions In Times Of Adversity (NC)

As Covid-19 arrived in the United States in early 2020, people were forced to make adjustments to their usual activities seemingly overnight. For community associations, new meeting formats, safety concerns, and revamping community activities took center stage. We at CAMS are immeasurably impressed with the resilience our communities have shown and their willingness to embrace […]

How to Help Aging HOA Residents

As a community’s population ages, the HOA board faces new challenges, and it can become more difficult to balance the needs of elderly homeowners within day-to-day operations. Simple adjustments and preparations can ensure that older residents feel valued and cared for.     Read the article………………………………..

Indian Creek Property Owners Association schedules mitigation work March 20 (CO)

Indian Creek Property Owners Association will be conducting ITS 4th Fire Mitigation Workday of 2021 on Saturday, March 20. Their continuing momentum has more Indian Creek residents joining their “posse,” having fun, learning the benefits of fire mitigation, and little by little, making Indian Creek and Teller County safer.   Read the article………………………………..

Civility Resolutions (GA)

While disputes between owners and board members in community associations are nothing new, tensions have continued to rise during the current COVID-19 pandemic. You may have personally experienced an uncivil encounter with an owner, whether in the community or on social media, about your community, your community’s board of directors, current events, or some other […]

Protecting Your Community Association from Incivility (OH)

Serving on an association’s board can be an extremely important task, but can sometimes become challenging if faced with uncivil owners. Thankfully, there are a few things the board can do to maintain order within the community.   Read the article…………………………………….

HOA helping those in need (IL)

One area in town wants to help families in need and is encouraging others to do the same.  The Devonshire South II HOA is providing Christmas presents to people in need in the area. They are encouraging other HOA’s to do the same.     Read the article,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

6 Tips for a Happy Holiday in Your Community Association

The holiday season should be a time of cheer and a chance for everyone to unwind. For HOAs, however, it’s a notorious time for conflict and rule enforcement. This year, plan ahead. Not just to keep the peace in the neighborhood, but also to have a good time. Make plans that will help the council […]

Apple Valley POA hosts Festival of Trees to benefit Food For The Hungry (OH)

The Apple Valley Property Owners Association will once again host a Festival of Trees at the Floral Valley Community Center through New Year’s Eve.  Each year, clubs and organizations of Apple Valley decorate a Christmas tree, and the public is invited to come and vote for their favorite tree.    Read the article………………………………….

Building Bridges in Your Community Association

Increasing personal connection between HOA members is central to the association’s goal to preserve property values and build a stronger sense of community. Life in a community association provides tremendous value ­– from orderly, attractive common areas to exciting amenities – however, dedicating time to build a stronger sense of community can often get put […]

What Makes a Community Association? (MD)

Community associations come in many forms: condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners’ associations, neighborhood associations, recreation associations, improvement associations, and more. With this broad cross-section of organizations having many different responsibilities, sometimes the message, the purpose, and the benefit can get lost. Homeowners wonder: what does this association really do?   Read the article…………………………………..

HOA surveys: Collecting feedback from your community

An association is the sum of its members. While the board of directors is charged with upholding specific responsibilities, the fate of the association ultimately lies in the hands of the owners.  In order to operate at its best, an HOA needs funding, and most of that money comes from owners. These community members also […]

Planning a Thanksgiving Food Drive in Your Community Association

Thanksgiving is when we remember the value of a simple meal shared with family. We appreciate simple foods like roast turkey, green beans, and cheesy potatoes. Every family has their own special Thanksgiving traditions, but the one tradition we’d all like to share is giving back. The unused sections of our neighborhood pantries could feed […]

Calm and collected: 6 steps for board members to reduce tensions in a community

Community association boards sometimes find themselves at odds with homeowners when carrying out their fiduciary duties and responsibilities. Board members often may feel unsure of what to do when an angry resident constantly complains and may not know how to reduce tensions that arise in the community.  Read the article…………………………….

HOA Homefront: Civility must start somewhere (CA)

From presidential debate stages to courtrooms to families to HOAs, civility is becoming so rare, it should be considered endangered. Differences of opinion are no longer allowed – either you agree with me or you are a demon and I will reject any dialogue with you.   Read the article…………………………………

750 farm boxes distributed to community (HI)

Plantation Estates Lot Owners Association in conjunction with Hua Momona Farms held a “Community Giveback” on Saturday, Aug. 15 the Kapalua Village Center distributing over 750 farm boxes to the Maui community.   Read the article………………………………..

Quality of Life Improvements for Condo Communities

Condos are an incredibly popular solution for residents from all backgrounds. These community housing solutions provide a convenient and beautiful place for singles, couples, and families to settle down. As the owner of a condo or a complex, it’s up to you to prove that your potential tenants can have the wonderful home life they’ve […]

Keeping Politics Out of Your Community Association

Not surprisingly, the chatter about whether or not political signs should be permitted in private residential communities has increased as we draw closer to the elections in November.  Let’s first discuss whether or not an owner in a Florida HOA has the “right” to install signs. The short answer is “no” with one exception. FL […]

Demonstrating that Your HOA Cares (GA)

The coronavirus pandemic has hit every household to some extent. In some cases, that means more residents are spending more time at home as work, school, and other activities remain virtual. Unfortunately, the economic disruption has also hit home, with many families struggling to make ends meet. This may impact their ability to maintain homes […]

HOA Neighborhood Driving

Owning of a home in an HOA neighborhood requires an understanding that along with enjoying the community amenities and the benefits of common area maintenance, residents are obligated to be responsible community citizens. For example, responsible driving, whether in an age-restricted retirement community or community of various ages, is necessary and should be communicated. Responsible […]

Condo living etiquette: Be a good neighbor (VA)

As a condo board member and a member of the Community Associations Institute, I follow an online forum of condo board members and managers around the country. There’s a topic that seems to come up quite often in communities of all types, and that is dealing with nuisance neighbors.   Read the article……………………..

HOA: Protecting the Most Vulnerable (FL)

Multifamily residential buildings provide both privacy and community. Privacy, because a recluse in New York City can have almost anything delivered to his door and thus never have to leave the sanctuary of his apartment; and community, because a single retiree in an active adult community in Palm Beach can enjoy the company of his […]

How the Coronavirus Pandemic has Redefined Community Association Living (IL)

Originally conceived as a new housing form in Puerto Rico, community living took shape in Chicago in the early 1960’s by way of the passage of the Illinois Condominium Act in 1963. The concept offered home buyers a less expensive alternative to buying a single family home and promised fewer headaches and issues related to […]

Hosting Virtual Lifestyle Events in Your Community

Studies have long shown that building relationships with others in your community and neighborhood have a lasting impact on satisfaction and emotional well-being. However, during these times where we are being encouraged to practice social distancing and many of us are under shelter-in-place orders it can be difficult to connect with your neighbors. If you […]

Being smarter in 2020: Good neighbors

Neighbors were much more invested in each other’s well-being, partly out of necessity, but in spread-out farming communities, it was important to help each other.  We need to be neighbors again. These days, many of us don’t know our neighbors even when the houses are just a few feet apart.    Read the article……………………………..

Southwest Austin neighbors decorate yards, create art walks for locals to enjoy on social distancing-friendly walks (TX)

While some residents have enjoyed searching for wildflowers along public trails, others have stuck to the familiar, walking along similar neighborhood sidewalks each day. In some Southwest Austin and Dripping Springs neighborhoods, residents have been decorating sidewalks, lawns and windowsills so neighbors have something different to look at each day as they walk.    Read the […]

Shut In Together: 119 Neighbors and Me in an Oakland Condo (CA)

I have a confession. I don’t know most of my neighbors. I don’t even know the names of everyone on my floor. I live in a tall condo building in Oakland, with a towering view of Piedmont and the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s the kind of building where you can nod to a neighbor for years, […]

South Walton neighborhood enjoys social distancing party (FL)

A group of homeowners threw an elaborate party Thursday but here’s the catch: Everyone stayed home.  Rick Olszewski, who organized the social distancing get-together, said most of the neighbors sat on their front porches and used the FaceTime app or sent photos as a form of communication.   Read the article………………………….

Act of Kindness: HOAs looking out for each other (AZ)

Canoa Vistas II is also mobilizing for the good of all. A resident recently emailed the HOA president and asked that other residents be alerted that if anybody needed help — shopping, an errand — they’ll help out.   Read the article……………………….

Dealing With Difficult Homeowners

Dealing with difficult homeowners is inevitable for board members of an HOA. It is just part of the job. Every community will face conflict and have its fair share of difficult people. A key part of your job as a board member is to keep the peace and diffuse any difficult situations as they arise.  […]

How to Market Your Community to Millennials

Ensuring that your community is ready to meet the diverse needs and wants of a changing generation can seem overwhelming. Still, as the demographics of homebuyers begin to shift, your community needs to be prepared. Millennials are getting older, and at more than 83 million people, represent a quarter of the U.S. population. As a […]

Condo and Homeowner Association Board Members VIP Meetings (FL)

Two years ago, Aventura Commissioner Dr. Linda Marks approached the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce (AMC) about her idea for a new committee. With over 100 associations in Aventura, she noted, “there is a need to provide information on topics that are affecting all association Board Members while encouraging them to share their own expertise […]

Preventing Board Burnout: How to Keep Volunteers Happy and Engaged

Serving on an HOA board comes with a lot of responsibility. Board members must balance their time with their home and work obligations. Many board members willingly volunteer for the task and they are eager to contribute to the good of the cause. That enthusiasm and passion can quickly disappear when they start to feel […]

How To Increase Homeowner Participation In Your Community

Homeowners can often have differing views of their community associations — some positive, some negative — depending on their source of information and experiences in the community. New homeowners that buy a home that has an HOA may not fully understand the positive impact the association can have on their experience living in that particular […]

6 Ways to Spread Joy in Your HOA Community

One of the most wonderful things about an HOA neighborhood is the potential to come together during the holidays. Spreading joy throughout the holiday season is a great way to connect with your neighbors and to enrich your community. Of course, simply smiling and saying “Happy Holidays” is only the beginning. Whether you’re an HOA […]

Committed Teams: The Best Way to Be a Successful HOA

So, how do you create a team of people committed to solving problems quickly and producing quality work?  The team you already have is likely to be the perfect one. All you have to do is bring out their best qualities. Members of the highest performing teams say the following:   Read the article……………………….

Top Ten Ways to Encourage Homeowner Engagement in Your Community Association

Increasing homeowner engagement is an important component of building a strong community. More homeowner involvement gives HOA board members a broader perspective on issues facing the community. As your association gets more homeowner participation, the board may be able to lighten its workload or get more done by delegating tasks to volunteer committees. You may […]

A Recipe for a Happy Holiday in Your HOA

With the holidays fast approaching, we want to assist our boards provide a safe and happy holiday season for their homeowners. This week, we discuss common topics that homeowners and board members face during the holiday season. Read on for helpful holiday tips:    Read the article……………………….

Thanksgiving: How to Set Up a Food Drive For Your Community Association

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for a food drive. Not only is everyone thinking about the value of their possessions to be thankful for, but they are also clearing out their pantries for feast ingredients. Associations can share a great deal of Thanksgiving fun by planning for events and charity.   Read the article………………………