Que. condo owners considering taking managers to court over building conditions

Hundreds of people in a Cote Saint-Luc condo complex say their building has fallen into disrepair, despite having their condo fees recently hiked by 25 per cent.  “Every year we’re adding money, money, money, and nothing is happening,” said Dana Proubska, who owns a condo at the Presidential Tower.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: Costs can be allocated according to usage (BC)

Dear Tony: Our strata consists of both apartment buildings and townhouses. We have a fire safety service agreement which involves annual inspections and testing of our safety systems. It does not include the townhouses because they are separated from our two apartment buildings.   Read the article………………………..

Reform can reduce strata insurance (Op/Ed) (BC)

The British Columbia Strata Act is quite clear in requiring each and every strata to purchase and maintain insurance on common property, common assets, fixtures built or installed on a strata lot buildings shown on the strata plan.  The insurance must be on the basis of full replacement value, except in specified circumstances and must […]

Condo Smarts: Use of surveillance to enforce bylaws (BC)

Q: In my condo, numerous signs state that video surveillance will be used to enforce bylaws and impose fines. I would like this issue addressed and any other issues that might arise from using these cameras. Read the Q&A………………………

BC resident sues strata after being asked to move air conditioning unit

A dispute between a townhouse owner and a strata corporation over an air conditioning unit ended in a legal battle at a BC tribunal hearing.  Tara Matthews, the owner of a unit in the strata, says that the building administration had approved the installation of an AC unit on the south side of her townhouse-style […]

Condo unit goes up in flames in Mississauga (ON)

When crews arrived flames were showing on the 15th floor and there was heavy smoke on the floor. And flames were impinging on the 16th floor.  “Crews advanced to the fire floor and made an offensive attack to quickly bring the fire under control,” Mississauga Fire said.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: The impact of unauthorized purchases by strata council (BC)

Our strata council has terminated our landscapers and decided to undertake the management of our townhouse complex gardens and lawns on their own.  We did not approve this in the annual budget, but they are dividing the budgeted allowance between three council members and using the balance of the funds to buy a riding lawn […]

Edmonton condo board charges owners $132K for carbon tax (AB)

A recent letter from Valhalla Condominiums in Edmonton said “rising utility costs” due to the carbon tax is about to raise the cost of living for owners — to the tune of $132,000.  In a letter dated June 30, the Board of Directors at Valhalla Condominiums said a review of the financial situation concerning the […]

Resident’s lifelong smoking habit sparks condo building battle (ON)

A smoking gun is being held to the head of Diane Steen.  If the 87-year-old doesn’t quit her filthy cigarette habit, or take it outside, someone will pull the trigger. Either her condo board, the condo corporation that manages the property or, in all likelihood, an adjudicator at the Condo Authority Tribunal.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: Strata obligated to provide Form F (BC)

Dear Tony: I was in the process of adding my son to my title for estate purposes and contacted our property manager for a Form F, which is required for the transfer and title change.   Read the Q&A……………………………

Broken flower pot fiasco forces frustrated owner to sue his strata (BC)

The owner of a unit in a strata building sued the corporation after his partner broke a flower pot, and it charged him for four.  In this BC Civil Resolution Tribunal case, Barie Regan says that the strata charged him improperly $1,921.50 to replace four large flower pots at the entrance of the building.   Read […]

BC strata’s Airbnb rule invalid; owner off the hook $30,000

A BC condo owner who was fined $30,000 for renting their apartment on Airbnb won’t have to pay a penny after a Tribunal ruled the strata’s bylaw wasn’t valid.  According to a June 29 BC Civil Resolution Tribunal decision, Burnaby Strata EPS3583 issued condo owner Kale Kondra $30,000 in fines for renting their apartment on […]

BC strata dispute turns violent, and costly

A BC strata owner has been awarded $4,000 after he successfully sued his neighbours whose consistent yelling, screaming and fighting could be heard in his townhouse.   According to a June 19 BC Civil Resolution Tribunal decision, the conflict between the neighbours got so bad that townhouse owner Selim Mete was once spat upon and retaliated […]

New requirements for property managers starting THIS July (ON)

The Condominium Management Services Act (“CMSA”) was enacted in 2015. The Condo Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (“CMRAO”), which derives its authority from the CMSA, is the regulatory body that enforces the mandatory licensing of property managers.    Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: The danger of restrictive bylaws (BC)

Q: Our strata corporation has a minimum of 30 days for any rentals. Otherwise, they will be deemed short-term rentals and subject to fines and penalties. We now find there are a number of units in the building that have been rented for the summer to the end of August, and there are all sorts of […]

No car cage cash for B.C. strata owners

It was a car cage grudge match at the B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal June 21 but a B.C. strata walked away the winner after being told it didn’t have to pay for a safety cage for two owners’ vehicle.   Read the article………………………..

Equal inconvenience rules in Vernon strata battle over security gate (bc)

A judge has ruled equality in inconvenience is key in a dispute between neighbouring strata corporations in Vernon.   BC Supreme Court Justice Briana Hardwick ruled recently on the interpretation of an easement housing a security gate to access Kestrel Estates subdivision, part of Canadian Lakeview Estates    Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: Failed windup results in major repairs (BC)

Dear Tony: In 2019 our strata corporation investigated the possibility of selling our property, with little success. Even with a reasonable offer from a buyer, we could never reach more than 50% of the owners willing to wind up and sell our property.  Read the article………………………..

‘Doesn’t make sense’: Condo board, resident embroiled in flag flap (ON)

“Approximately two weeks ago, I installed a Canadian flag upon the clear glass railing of my balcony,” he said. “I am a tenant in this building, subletting my unit from the current landlord.”  On June 14, he says received a telephone call from his landlord after they had received an inquiry from Bayshore Property Management, […]

Northwest Calgary sinkhole leaves community association without water (AB)

A community association in northwest Calgary is out of water after a sinkhole appeared on Friday.  On Monday, the Silver Springs Community Association said the building will be closed on Tuesday due to a water main break from the sinkhole. All fitness programs and classes were cancelled.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: Failed windup results in major repairs (BC)

Dear Tony: In 2019 our strata corporation investigated the possibility of selling our property, with little success. Even with a reasonable offer from a buyer, we could never reach more than 50% of the owners willing to wind up and sell our property.    Read the Q&A……………………………..

Condo Smarts: Who pays? Installing a charging station (BC)

Dear Tony: I submitted a request to my strata council to install a charging station for my electric vehicle. They have agreed that I could be granted permission subject to a long list of conditions including my agreement to pay all costs, pay the legal costs for the alteration agreement.   Read the Q&A………………………………

Condo Smarts: Allocating strata expenses when only some enjoy benefits (BC)

Q: Our strata corporation has an ongoing dispute about the fairness of cost allocations for utilities. In our building, only the penthouse units have gas fireplaces and gas cooking ranges and barbeque connections. The remainder of the owners believe this is unfair as we do not have any benefit from the utility in the same […]

BC strata found negligent, ordered to pay $14,000 over leaky wall

A BC strata has been ordered to pay a resident $14,000 after it was found to have been negligent in repairing the exterior wall of a townhouse.  According to a June 1 BC Civil Resolution Tribunal decision, Rupa Deb, who owns a townhouse in the 40-year-old strata, first noticed “sagging” from her bathroom titles in […]