Year-End Maintenance Checklist for Associations (FL)

As the year draws to a close, we at Wise Property Management understand the importance of ensuring that associations are well-prepared for the upcoming year.  Year-end maintenance helps to ensure that communities are not only well-maintained but also compliant with legal regulations   Read the article…………………………..

Board Meetings Checklist (CA)

Board “meetings” are defined in Civil Code section 4090[1] and Civil Code section 5450 and must be open to members with limited exceptions for executive sessions (Civ. Code §§ 4090, 4900-4935, & 5450.)   Read the article………………………..

Condominium and Cooperative Milestone Inspection, Structural Integrity Reserves, and Mandatory Reserve Checklist and Worksheet (FL)

Please find available here for download a “Condominium and Cooperative Milestone Inspection, Structural Integrity Reserves, and Mandatory Reserve Checklist” and “Condominium and Cooperative Milestone Inspection, Structural Integrity Reserves, and Mandatory Reserve Worksheet” for use in complying with new Florida statutory amendments to Chapters 553 and 718, Florida Statutes, enacted by Senate bill 4-D (2022) in […]

Single-Family HOA Maintenance Checklist

The HOA annual maintenance checklist is one of the most important tasks of the year. Each type of association, for example single family homeowner associations versus condominiums, will have different maintenance needs. This concept is reflected in community association reserve studies, engineer reports that estimate repair and maintenance needs and costs for associations. Associations vary […]

Annual Disclosure Checklist (CA) 2021

It is vital to the operation of an association to comply with California disclosure requirements. To ease this process, SwedelsonGottlieb updates its disclosure checklist each year. Stay up to date on new disclosure requirements and help ensure compliance for your association.   Read the checklist (PDF)………………………………………

HOA Spring Landscape Maintenance Checklist (NJ)

A spectacular spring landscape for residents to stroll through has to be planned now. Late winter and early spring are the time of year when much of the stage is set for community landscaping throughout the rest of the year.  This is the perfect time to help determine your landscape checklist, not only for spring […]

Maintenance and Insurance Charts: Is Your Community Using One? (CO)

An association’s maintenance and insurance obligations are typically set forth in its governing documents, and ideally should be contained in the declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Although one might expect that a board member, manager, or homeowner would be able to read their communities’ governing documents and find answers to questions concerning their maintenance […]

How To Create A Helpful Community Welcome Packet

When new homeowners join your HOA or condo association, you want to make sure that they have a pleasant experience upon arrival. As a board member in your community, you want to be confident that you foster a relationship of friendliness and trust from your very first interactions. There are a few things that you […]

Is Your HOA Community Ready for a Safe Summer? | HOA Summer Prep Checklist 2020

Summer is coming and for any homeowners’ association, that means prepping for summer activities. Not only will you need warm-weather maintenance, but your members will be emerging from their homes to enjoy the nice weather and traditional summer celebrations. As the HOA, it’s your duty to prepare the shared properties for public use and to […]

Important End Of Year Checklist For Your HOA

Since the end of the year is now approaching, HOAs need to ensure that they have completed all of their required tasks to successfully close out their fiscal year and end of year strategic planning. When considering what tasks need to be completed before 2019 ends, it is wise to review the list below to […]

Assistance Animal Chart

CAI has published a chart to assist associations in delaing with assistance and support animals.  Read or download the PDF…………………………..

Less Stress & Better Relationships: A How-To Guide for the HOA Board

Can the HOA improve relationships within the board, and with the community?  If Board Members aren’t communicating, you’re doomed from the start. Strive for respectful, responsible communication.  Communicate with homeowners and residents through the HOA website, email blasts, newsletters, and social media. Be sure to read our series on Social Media in the HOA to […]

Kass: 5 steps new condo associations should take

Q. I live in a condominium complex with a large number of units. Recently, the developer notified each owner it will turn over control of the association to us, and a meeting has been scheduled for early next month. I have talked with a number of owners, and none of us have any idea what […]

Three Steps for Effective Community Association Annual Meetings

1. Planning A. As far in advance as possible (preferably immediately after last annual meeting). Set date (must comply with Bylaws) Reserve meeting space (and tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, podium and microphone) Give date to Association attorney Put notice of date in ALL newsletters Read the article……………..

Checklist of Yearly Items for Community Associations

For those who are board members and officers of community associations, there is a yearly rhythm to the orderly conduct of the association that needs to be maintained. Minding those yearly issues and doing so in a timely manner will keep your association running smoothly and avoid the vast majority of problems throughout the year.  […]

HOA Board Checklist for Hiring 3rd Party Contractors

You wouldn’t dream of inviting an unverified contractor into your home to make repairs…let alone the homes under your care as a member of the HOA board. The results of a third-party contractor’s work will ultimately affect tens to hundreds of fellow homeowners.  Make the process easier and more effective for your HOA board by […]

Items to Review Annually as HOA Board Members

With the end of the year having come and gone, both homeowners and board members are looking forward to starting the new year fresh! To help you get through your tasks, we’ve put together a list of important items your HOA should review every year.  Your HOA has three main categories of documents to review […]

12 Things My Board and I Do When We Want to Be Sued

It is well known that Association Board members (directors) have fiduciary duties to their unit owners and associations. It is almost as commonly known that the officers have the same fiduciary duties. Yet associations, directors and officers are often sued for failing to meet their duties. Unfortunately, directors and officers often contribute to their risk […]

10 Tips to Improve the Lives of Condo Owners… and of Condo Directors

Condo democracy has had a fair bit of bad press recently. Vote rigging, fraudulent proxies and director collusion made headlines in May. But is it really all gloom and doom in condos under Ontario skies? In this post, we provide 10 tips to improve condo governance and reduce frustration associated with condo living.   Read the […]

The Ultimate Condo Checklist for Preventive Maintenance

As a board member and homeowner, one of your responsibilities is to help with maintaining the common elements of the association. Don’t worry, we aren’t here to convince you to put on a pair of work pants or pick up ‘Plumbing for Dummies’ in hardcover, there are ways to make sure your community is prepared […]

HOAs, Contracts – A Checklist and Basic Guide

Samuel Goldwyn said that “an oral contract isn’t worth the paper it is written on.” Unfortunately, the same can be said for many written contracts. The purpose of this brief article is to identify key provisions that should be included in association contracts. A well written contract can reduce liability exposure, reduce the risk of […]

A Condo Maintenance Checklist for New Condo Owners

Congratulations on your new home! There are some things you can’t control when it comes to condo living: the family with the aspiring young drummer, the lady with the high heels upstairs, and the garlic-loving chef who lives below you, ensuring you inhale at least a clove a day. Hey, they say garlic is great […]

New Board Member Handbook Checklist

Many community associations are now welcoming and orienting their new board members. The more information board members receive, the more effectively they can carry out their responsibilities. When given the right information in an easy-to-use format, most board members are happy to educate themselves about their new role, and come to their first board meeting […]