Everything you need to Know about HOA Bylaws, Regulations and CC&Rs

As much as we might not like to admit it at times, homeowners associations have rules and regulations in place for a reason. Mostly, they are for community safety and structure. If you find yourself questioning whether your HOA has the authority to regulate a certain item or action, check its governing documents and bylaws, […]

The Vital Duties of Board Members in Florida’s Community Associations

Florida’s vibrant communities are not just defined by their picturesque landscapes; they are also shaped by the dedicated individuals who serve on the boards of community associations. Whether in homeowners’ associations (HOAs) or condominium associations, board members play a pivotal role in steering the community towards prosperity.   Read the article…………………………….

Video Surveillance Policy for Your HOA

From time to time, homeowners request copies of video surveillance footage. In general, the unwritten policy has been to not provide copies to homeowners. Should we have a written policy? What would it look like?  While it’s not necessary for the board to have a written policy when it comes to providing surveillance footage to […]

To Tow or Not to Tow – Towing Regulations Governing Community Associations (CO)

Is finding a parking space in your community challenging? Condominium and townhome-style communities often have open parking lots which may include individually assigned parking spaces and/or parking spaces which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Such communities commonly adopt parking rules that aim to increase safety, improve the flow of traffic, and maximize parking […]

Whe Do We Have to Submit an Insurance Claim?

One of the more confusing concepts in HOA world is insurance and knowing when to submit a claim. All too often associations get in trouble for failing to submit claims and requiring an owner to pay for damages out of pocket instead of using insurance proceeds. In this article, we will discuss how to determine […]

How to Handle Absent Condominium and Homeowners Association Board Members

Each election season, condominium association members elect one or more directors to serve on the association’s Board of Di­rectors. Many members consider their options carefully, understanding the importance of the board and the impact its decisions have on each condominium owner. Each candidate should also consider the responsibilities before running for a board position. But, […]

HOA Collections Policies: Ensuring Financial Stability and Fairness (NC)

In the realm of community management, one of the pivotal aspects often overlooked until it becomes a pressing issue is the collections process. Community association board members serve as stewards of the community’s financial well-being, necessitating a disciplined approach towards collections and delinquency management to maintain fiscal stability for the community association. This article delves […]

When has a Condominium Building Reached the End of its Service Life? (CA)

If you read the earlier installments of this series, you know that the service lives of condominium buildings are shortened by inspection, maintenance, and funding failures. Recognizing when a building may begin to reach the end of its service life may be easy or hard, depending on the type of failure. A catastrophic failure by […]

Mastering Architectural Guidelines for Arizona HOAs

Architectural guidelines are more than mere regulations. They’re the keystones that shape the character and quality of our communities. These guidelines serve as the compass guiding homeowners and HOA boards alike, ensuring that every change and addition enhances the collective aesthetic and value of the neighborhood. In this comprehensive exploration, we explore the nuances of […]

Why Condo, Cooperative, and HOA Boards Need a Legal Eye on Their Documents

As a board member or property manager for a condominium, cooperative or HOA, you shoulder significant responsibility. You make decisions impacting the finances, safety, and quality of life for a whole community. Your actions are, of course, guided by your entity’s governing documents – but were these documents designed to protect the association and its […]

HOA Transitions from Declarant to Homeowner Controlled Boards

Transitioning an association from a developer-controlled Board to a homeowner-controlled Board can be a complex process with various challenges. However, with careful planning and execution, it can be a smooth and successful endeavor. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential steps and considerations for the newly elected HOA Board members to ensure a seamless transition,  […]

HOA Emergency Preparedness: How to Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan for Your Community

When it comes to HOA (Homeowners Association) emergency preparedness, having a well-thought-out evacuation plan is crucial. Disasters and emergencies can strike at any time, from natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires to unexpected events like gas leaks or fires within the community. To ensure the safety and well-being of your community members, it’s essential to […]

NYC Condo Boards: Know When Unit Owner Approval is Required

Last year, the Circa Central Park condominium decided to spend $60,000 to make the building’s many windows more visible to birds. The board decided to add translucent dots to the windows so the birds would see them and not crash. If this was your condo board, would you get unit owner approval before doing that […]

A Parking Primer (FL)

So many of our condominiums were built in the days that it was basically unheard of for a family to own more than one automobile. Many homes didn’t even own one automobile. As a result, the laws were a lot different than they are today and allowed a building to be built with far less […]

Preparing HOAs for the Future: 3 Tech Trends Changing Community Management

Homeowner associations (HOAs) have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few decades. Nearly 30% of American households now live in an HOA community. With this growth comes new opportunities and challenges, especially when it comes to leveraging technology to meet rising homeowner expectations. HOAs that fail to adapt and embrace innovation will quickly fall […]

How to Handle Absent Condominium and Homeowners Association Board Members (FL)

Each election season, condominium association members elect one or more directors to serve on the association’s Board of Di­rectors. Many members consider their options carefully, understanding the importance of the board and the impact its decisions have on each condominium owner. Each candidate should also consider the responsibilities before running for a board position.  Read the […]

What’s on Your Agenda? (FL)

Over the last several months, several questions concerning agendas have resurfaced. For ease of reading, I have listed some of these questions below with a shortened version of my responses.    Read the Q&A………………………………..

Are HOAs required to ensure ADA compliance? (CT)

Per ADA stipulations, every public facility is required to provide reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities. The ADA applies to “public accommodations.” Homes are generally private. However, there are ways in which the usage of spaces like common areas can transform certain areas into “public spaces” that are subject to ADA compliance requirements.  Read the article…………………………….

Property Lien In North Carolina: What Does It Do?

When a homeowner encounters a property lien in North Carolina, it can be a source of confusion and frustration. As such, all homeowners must understand property liens, their possible consequences, and how they can affect them. It is not always easy to navigate the ins and outs of liens, especially without a lawyer or an […]

Lenders Identify Risks and Opportunities for Condo Lending (FannieMae)

With the U.S. housing market continuing to confront the significant supply shortage of homes for sale, condos may play an important role in narrowing the supply gap of affordable housing options1. While condos represent nearly 10 percent of the mortgage market, they often play a larger role in many metropolitan areas2. Condos also present unique […]

Creative Ways to Use HOA Amenities for Community Events

Your homeowners association (HOA) plays a vital role in cultivating a strong sense of community in your neighborhood. While their primary responsibility is overseeing and enforcing neighborhood regulations, association benefits typically include community amenities.  Community amenities provide more than just recreational spaces – they offer a canvas for fostering connections among residents. Beyond the traditional […]

HOA Reserve Funding: Real-Life Lessons from 3 Associations

When managing a homeowners association, reserve funding decisions made by the HOA board have a profound impact on the community’s financial health and quality of life. By examining the REAL experiences of three different communities, we can put into practice valuable lessons from their reserve fund wins and fails. Which HOA are you?    Watch the […]

Architectural Reviews

February is the time of year when those of us in Ohio start thinking about sunnier and warmer days to come. For many people, that means making plans for summer projects and improvements to their homes. Establishing architectural standards and reviewing applications for exterior improvements is one of the most important jobs for many HOA […]

Hidden Trouble: How Aging Infrastructure Threatens Homeowner Associations

It’s easy to overlook the critical infrastructure subtly running behind the scenes of every homeowner association (HOA) community. While residents enjoy manicured lawns, sparkling pools, and pothole-free roads, the inner workings powering these amenities face a ticking clock.    Read the article…………………………….

Why the Chair Never Asks “Is There Any Old Business?”

At some point in some board meeting, you’re likely to hear a presiding officer ask, “Is there any Old Business?” and wait for a reply. It’s intended as an opportunity for members to raise issues that were addressed at an earlier meeting. The problem with this question is twofold    Read the article…………………………….

How to Fix the Roads in your Condo or HOA: Increase Assessments or A Special Assessment District? (MI)

The majority of new residential condominium and subdivision developments in the State of Michigan are established with private roads. When a new condominium project or subdivision is established with private roads, the roads are typically identified as a “common element” or a “common area” and are owned collectively by all members of the applicable condominium […]

Here Is How To Handle a Homeowners Association Dispute the Right Way

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with Homeowners Associations, or HOAs. Some love them, while others will never live in another HOA community again.  Disagreements and disputes can arise between residents and the HOA, causing tension among residents. And these tensions can be stressful. And sometimes, they can drastically increase the cost of homeownership.  […]

Improving HOA Finances During Economic Uncertainty: Key Strategies

Homeowners associations (HOAs) across the country are increasingly concerned about how inflation, rising interest rates, stock volatility, and whispers of a looming recession could impact their communities. As the stewards responsible for maintaining shared assets that preserve neighborhood appeal and property values, HOA boards carry the weighty duty of shielding their finances from economic storms.  […]

Understanding HOA Liens: What Homeowners Need to Know

Facing an HOA lien can feel like standing at the edge of a financial cliff. No homeowner wants to find themselves there, yet it’s a reality for many.  It’s not just about the immediate stress of financial dues. It’s the looming threat to your home’s security. HOA liens are powerful tools associations use to ensure […]

Top 10 Tips for Effective Condominium Governance: A Board Member’s Guide to Success (AZ)

Steering a condominium board towards success demands more than just good intentions and hard work. It requires a blend of strategic foresight, legal savvy, and community spirit. In our latest guide, we share the key strategies for crafting a harmonious, well-managed condominium association. From mastering the nuances of legal compliance to nurturing a vibrant community […]

Understanding the Role of Community Managers and Dispelling Common Misconceptions

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) community managers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning and upkeep of residential communities. Often misunderstood, their duties encompass various responsibilities, ranging from administrative tasks to facilitating communication between residents and the board of directors. Let’s delve into the intricacies of their job description and dispel some common misunderstandings surrounding […]

Getting Your Utah HOA Community Ready for the Spring Thaw

Winter is one of the most beautiful and exciting times to live in Utah. We have majestic mountains with stunning vistas, over 22 million acres of public land, and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation during our long winter season.   Read the article…………………………….

Understanding Your Condo Association’s Declaration: A Guide for Homeowners

Living in a condominium community comes with numerous benefits, including shared amenities, maintenance services, and a sense of community. However, it also entails certain responsibilities and obligations outlined in the condo association’s declaration. This document serves as the foundation for governance within the community, establishing rules, regulations, and guidelines that all residents must adhere to. […]

Elevating the Homeowner Experience in Community Association Management

Many factors contribute to how community association management companies can enhance the quality of life for their homeowners and boards. To ensure a positive relationship with their associations, management companies must be mindful of their homeowners’ needs, the role of technology in the relationship, transparent communications strategies, understanding how to solicit and incorporate homeowner feedback, […]

2024 Property Taxes: Impact on Chicagoland Community Associations (IL)

Cook County properties are reassessed on a triennial schedule. Every three years, the new valuations – along with appeals, exemptions, local tax levies, and assessments of nearby properties – determine the amount of future property tax bills.    Read the article…………………………….

Do Condominium Boards Have the Right to Restrict Signs? (MA)

QUESTION: Our condominium association has a rule barring the display of signs in common areas or in locations visible from common areas.  Some board members say we are required to make an exception for political signs. Is that true?   Read the Q&A………………………………..

Hiring an HOA Company: How to Reduce Conflict and Improve Community Services

It’s no secret that homeowners associations have proliferated in the United States. We’ve gone from 10,000 in 1970 to an estimated 365,000 associations in 2023. It’s virtually impossible to find a home for sale these days that isn’t part of an association.  Homeowners associations provide huge benefits to their residents, but they also have no […]

“A ‘CliffsNotes’ Guide for New Condominium Board Members” (FL)

The election is over, and you have earned a coveted seat on your condominium association’s board of directors. Now what? This helpful guide will provide you with a “CliffsNotes” version of important things to remember as you embark on your journey as a director.   Read the article…………………………….

How do HOAs enforce rules?

A homeowners association, or an HOA, does have the right to create rules for residents of the community. They do have to follow these rules, even though the rules are not technically laws. For instance, there are often rules governing where to park vehicles, how to do home renovations, how to handle holiday decorations and […]

Mum’s the Word When Disclosure Leads to Breach of Fiduciary Duty

It is common knowledge that a director has a fiduciary duty to his or her association and its members. To be a fiduciary means that the director has accepted the highest duty imposed by the law…….This duty also obligates the director to place the interests of the association and its members as a whole over […]

The Maintenance Matrix: An Incredibly Helpful Tool

Alternatively, if an association has planned ahead, the association’s board and management can turn to their handy dandy maintenance matrix! A maintenance matrix is a compilation of the maintenance, repair, and replacement responsibilities in a clear and concise chart which depicts the specific assignments for each component. A maintenance matrix is prepared by reviewing all […]

Here Are the Top Reasons Why People Run for Co-op and Condo Boards (NY)

Serving on a co-op or condo board is nice work if you can get it. The pay is terrible (that is, nonexistent). The hours can be long. The level of satisfaction among shareholders or unit-owners can range from sky-high to the bottom of the basement. When things go wrong, it’s the board’s fault; when things […]

Boards & Boundaries: How ‘Available’ Should You Be?

In multifamily residential communities, where neighbors share common space, amenities, and maintenance—if not actual walls—establishing and maintaining boundaries can be a bit tricky.   Read the article…………………………….