Homeowners’ group apologizes after calling Alabama child’s sidewalk art ‘unsightly’

A Riverchase mother is speaking out after her young daughter’s encouraging message left in chalk on the sidewalk was met with assertions that they were defacing the neighborhood and lowering property values…….Shortly after this article published, Seaton received an apology call from the president of the association.    Read the article…………………………..

Facing the press: Strategies to manage media coverage of community associations

Frequent headline-grabbing coverage of community associations can cast a bad light on communities that are well-run and consist of hard-working volunteers and professional managers. With social media, it doesn’t take long for a negative message to get out, or a crisis to happen.    Read the article………………………

5 Things Your HOA Board Must Do When the Media Calls

From time to time your board may receive requests to speak to the media about things happening in or around your community. While we encourage boards to work with their professional management company and their qualified legal counsel during any media crisis, here are some best practices to help your community prepare for media inquiries.  […]

Takeaways from HOA’s Handling of “Parkland Strong” Yard Sign Controversy (FL)

In the aftermath of one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history, the residents of Parkland in Broward County have taken pride in the resilience and unity that they have demonstrated as a community. Memorials and messages of support were placed throughout the neighborhoods and enclaves surrounding Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and signs […]

Handling Bad Press Within an HOA Community

Despite your board’s best efforts and intentions, the reality of bad press is something you should take seriously. While it may never happen to your community, your board needs to be proactive and develop a crisis communication plan. While we really encourage your board to work with an association management company and qualified legal counsel […]

When Things Go Bad – Dealing With the Press

In Associations sometimes things go bad. Despite all of the very best intentions and efforts someone gets hurt or is rightfully offended. Worse yet, at times the press because of either the newsworthiness of the story or a relationship between the reporter and the allegedly aggrieved party, decides to become involved. In those instances you […]

Always the same old HOA news

When there’s news about HOAs on TV or in newspapers, it’s mostly the same old news over and over again. Someone puts up a flag, changes something on their home, has hens, roosters or pigs on their property, maybe playground equipment. Things like that. If reporters happen to call, what happens? Lots of scrambling around, […]

Fact book an eye-opener on community associations

A community association is a popular lifestyle choice for many people, but it has been difficult to determine just how many — until now.  A new body of research, the “Community Association Fact Book,” tallies the numbers of associations, housing units, residents and property values for the country and each state. It was published by […]

Before You Start Pointing Fingers….

I recently read an article where a homeowner was upset about her condominium association initiating foreclosure proceedings against her for her failure to pay her assessments. While people may read this article and feel sorry for the homeowner, one should keep in mind that the homeowner failed to appear at court to protect her interests […]

Dealing with the Media

I have a Google Alert set up which gives me a daily report of internet posts and media coverage anytime an association is involved. I see, on average, 10-15 stories a day. As a result, planning for your association to receive media attention is something every manager and board members should do.  Read More……  (PDF)

A Reporter Calls: Part 1

First things first: Get the full name of the reporter and get his or her phone number and e-mail address. Make sure you identify the news outlet. Be friendly and respectful. Don’t convey a tone that indicates defensiveness, anger or guilt. Ask: What’s your deadline? What’s the story about? Don’t hesitate to probe if the […]

Using the military or veteran card in HOA disagreements

One of the favorite news stories that the media likes to run (and run and run and run…) is anything that has to do with an HOA/condo and someone who is in the military, has a family member currently serving in the military or is a veteran. This usually has to do with flags or symbols that […]