Tahoe Keys association addresses uranium in water (CA)

Wells shut down because of uranium contamination should be back online by watering season, according to the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association.  Two of three wells in the Tahoe Keys were taken offline after trace amounts of uranium were found in December 2020.    Read the entire article……………………………….

How to Promote an Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly HOA

Eco-friendly HOA practices contribute to an eco-friendly community that allows families to live in harmony with nature. Every HOA wants to provide attractive initiatives to its residents. One way to achieve this is to go green. HOAs should have policies that address the issue of climate change and help in reducing waste. It helps if […]

Are We Actually Talking About Deferred Maintenance?

This may seem a little crazy, but what if we boil down something as complex as climate change, by asking a couple of questions:  Is ignoring climate change about the same as ignoring maintenance on something like, let’s say, your home?  Deferred maintenance… is that what this whole thing, really, is all about?  I got […]

Dana Point landslide drama likely to be replayed elsewhere along the coast (CA)

Some 60 oceanview homes in Dana Point sit precariously on a landslide-prone bluff, but efforts to upgrade the protective boulder wall lining the beach below have been rebuffed — even as the cliff becomes increasingly vulnerable to rising seas and pounding winter waves.  Read the article………………………………..

Ask Eartha: How to improve recycling at your condo complex

Dear Eartha,  My neighbor is on our homeowners association board and said they’re thinking of dropping our recycling program because it’s such a mess. There was a ton of trash in our recycling over the holidays, but I’m not sure if it’s the people who live here or visitors. Is there anything we can do […]

Clearwater condo owners and association at odds over sand and vegetation removal (FL)

Cindy Dervech and her neighbors woke up to the sound of workmen and a man in a Bobcat removing sand and vegetation from the Dune field behind the Regatta Beach Club in North Clearwater Beach.  “We saw them clearing everything out Monday morning,” Dervech said. “This time they went too far.”   Read the article………………………………

Climate, city bills push tiny HOA to the brink (AZ)

When he thinks about climate change, Craig Sullivan isn’t necessarily thinking about melting glaciers and rising sea levels.  For Sullivan and the other residents of the 68 units that comprise the tiny Ahwatukee homeowners’ sub-association called RD-1, “climate change is banging on our doors.”     Read the article………………………………

Everything You Should Know About Artificial Grass and Your HOA

Having a lush green lawn is every homeowner’s dream- but it isn’t always achievable. The climate may be too dry and water too scarce to keep your lawn watered enough so it stays green, or you might not want to use harsh pesticides to keep your lawn weed-free because of pets or young kids. Many […]

Crossroads first Calgary group to use rain gardens for roof runoff (AB)

Rain gardens work when two holes are dug that retain roof runoff. They reduce the amount of runoff into storm sewers. They can reduce the severity of flooding, create restorative environments, and reduce the need for pipe upgrades if widely used.  Crossroads Community Association president Annette Bennett said implementing these gardens is very important.    Read […]

Right move, but wrong method (FL)

Planting a drought-tolerant landscape might not be top-of-mind for you right now after the recent deluge, but for one reader, it is painfully so.  A longtime Palmer Ranch resident, this woman said she didn’t want her name published, but only called to share some advice with other readers.  Concerned with high lawn-care bills and water […]

Keep Your Bedsheets Off My Property – Restricting the Location of Clotheslines (FL)

While electronic communications are becoming much more prevalent with many offices moving to digital files, mailed notices are still a necessity. A present dispute concerning a homeowner’s installation of a clothes drying line is a reminder that 1) clotheslines are protected by Florida’s Renewable Resources Act and 2) the lack of specifics and guidelines governing […]

Longboat condo installs Mini Reefs underneath docks (FL)

Residents and leaders of the Longboat Harbor Condominium watched on Friday afternoon as 12 Mini Reefs were installed on docks throughout the complex, designed to attract marine life and naturally filter the surrounding water.   Read the article…………………………….

5 Recommendations To Have A Green HOA

Green HOA practices make an eco-friendly community that lets families live in harmony with nature. How do you go about building an eco-friendly HOA? In this guide, we’ll go over a few green initiatives for HOA that can hopefully get your community started going green.   Read the article………………………..

Little Cumberland seeks remedy for erosion problem (GA)

Little Cumberland Island has a shoreline erosion problem along Shell Creek.  The island’s homeowners association is seeking a permit to build a “living shoreline” to protect the coastal edge. Living shorelines are made of natural materials that will encourage the growth of plants over time.    Read the article………………………

Trafalgar Stump Dump: Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission Addresses Bella Vista Property Owners Association, Inc.’s Request for Hearing to Set Aside Consent Administrative Order (AR)

The Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (“Commission”) addressed at its January 24th meeting a request by the Bella Vista Property Owners Association (“POA”) that it conduct an adjudicatory hearing to review the Consent Administrative Order (“CAO”) issued by the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment – Division of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”) in the matter […]

Neighbors take proposed seawall battle to court (MI)

A legal battle is brewing along the lakeshore among a group of neighbors who disagree about a project aimed at protecting some cottages from erosion.  The neighbors, who are part of the Dunes Homeowners Association in West Olive, want a judge to block the construction of a rock revetment wall that could protect some homes from […]

Jupiter’s Jones Creek is a filthy quagmire and neighbors desperately want it cleaned up – but that’s not so simple (FL)

County records indicate the Maple Isle Homeowners Association and Maplewood Property Owners Association each own portions of the creek. Records from the 1990s say the Maple Isle HOA holds responsibility for maintaining part of the waterway. A Maple Isle property manager didn’t respond to request for comment and a Maplewood property manager couldn’t be immediately […]

Sustainability: Going Green in Your HOA

Green communities translate into lower operating costs while providing beneficial lower environmental impact for the community as a whole. Read on to see how your HOA can become more efficient, save energy and valuable resources, and better yet, save money!   Read the article…………………………

Is Your Building An “A” Or An “F”? (NY)

Would you go to a restaurant that had anything but a letter “A” posted in the window? As recently reported in Curbed NY, Local Law 95, which is an amendment to Local Law 33, mandates that all New York City buildings post their letter grade on the building. Buildings are expected to receive their letters […]

Conservation and homeowners associations can go hand in hand (FL)

As a lifelong Florida resident, I have seen the population explode from roughly 4 million to over 20 million residents in my lifetime. And since I have been involved with many of the growth and building industries, I have had a court side seat to see how development has changed.   Read the article…………………………..

Homeowners Sue Aventura Isles Developers Over Chemical Contamination (FL)

Built atop an old golf course, a polished new Miami community was marketed as a “rare gem” with “pristine lakes and natural preserves.” Taking advantage of low real-estate prices in the wake of the 2008 collapse of the U.S. housing market, buyers gobbled up units.    Read the article…………………………

Septic vs. geese debate over elevated E. coli in East Grand Traverse Bay (MI)

Tom Reed, president of the Inwood Harbor homeowners’ association, said it’s true there are a “massive amount of geese” there in the spring each year. He also said it’s true every home is on a septic system, many of which are multiple decades old and could be failing.  But the association isn’t going to force […]

Recycling Your Tree After the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year full of decorations that will eventually need to be put away as January rolls around. For many families, a regular challenge is what to do with a natural Christmas Tree after the holiday is over. If you have a natural tree for the season and enjoyed the […]

Is Your Association Climate Ready?

Extreme temperatures, precipitation, and storms along with rising sea levels are major climate risk factors with which many Boston associations will be forced to contend in the upcoming years and decades. Associations must learn to assess the risks of climate change, and the extreme weather events that are a byproduct, and develop strategies to prepare […]

Cookie-Cutter Suburbs Could Help Spread Sustainable Yards

Yards in Austin, Tex., look like most across the country: sprawling expanses of short, uniform grass. But when intense Texas droughts set in, dead brown patches deface the Kelly green monochrome. Instead of repeatedly replanting these patches with the typical sod, the homeowner association of one Austin neighborhood, Travis Country, offers another option: filling in […]

New Roofs Must Now Be Green or Solar or Both (NY)

Local Laws 92 and 94, part of the Climate Mobilization Act, go into effect on Nov. 15. They require that all newly constructed buildings and all buildings undergoing a complete roof replacement must have a “sustainable roofing zone” covering the entire roof surface. A “sustainable roofing zone” is defined as a solar photovoltaic electricity-generating system, […]

‘Right to dry’ law would protect clotheslines (MA)

Hanging out the wash used to be a regular chore, whether strung on a line across a backyard or back alley, until the advent of gas and electric dryers made it unnecessary.   Then local codes and condo rules came along and stopped anyone thinking of stringing up their shirts, pants and underwear in their tracks.  […]

Residents want to know why fish are dying in South Bay lake (CA)

Residents usually enjoy the view around Eastlake, but lately they have been shocked when they take a closer look at the water.  “We noticed there was some dead fish floating – kind of an odd sight to see,” said Justin McMillen.     Read the article……………………

Local homeowners asked to plant salt-tolerant mangrove seedling (FL)

In the spirit of his “Underwater HOA” project last year, “Plan(T) will encourage community conversations on sea level rise, including neighbors-to-neighbors who see the white flags, students at 25 local schools, and 50 public libraries throughout Miami-Dade County that will display project information, mangrove seedling exhibits and host student guest speakers as part of the […]

Community Associations Supporting the Local Ecosystem (VA)

Homeowner and condominium associations make many of the decisions that will determine the future of the birds and butterflies of Northern Virginia. Not only do community associations set standards for landscaping on private property, they also own and control large amounts of community property, including much of what is left of the undeveloped land in […]

Sustainability and Your Association: 10 Things to Consider

Small scale and community-wide sustainability efforts can have an environmental impact. From simple lightbulb changes to water efficient landscaping, there are many steps an Association can take to reduce their carbon and energy footprint. Performing an energy audit, forming a green committee, and identifying eco-friendly initiatives in capital improvement projects can also foster member engagement […]

Live Long and Prosper in a Health-Conscious Colorado Condo

Around the nation, builders and developers are beginning to experiment on projects that include wellness features – better air filtration, circadian rhythm lighting, furnishings and building materials that don’t off-gas dangerous chemicals, among other things.    Read the article……………………….

Climate Legislation and Emissions Issues: How Attorneys Can Advise Boards (NY)

While the ‘Green New Deal’ and other long-term climate solutions are being debated at the federal level, some states and municipalities are getting in on the action as well, setting legal emissions benchmarks that will have a real impact on the lives of multifamily community residents – including those in co-ops, condos, and HOAs.   Read […]

A Homeowner’s Association Guide to Aquatic Hitchhikers

Do you know what costs homeowners associations, small communities and government agencies over 120 billion dollars annually? The answer is invasive species. Far beyond the monetary costs, invasive species create unsightly, unbalanced and unhealthy aquatic ecosystems. Unfortunately, human activity is responsible for most infestations. Whether you’re a part of a lake community, live near a […]

Climate Change Means Co-op and Condo Boards Must Change (NY)

Habitat spoke recently with Dan Wurtzel, president of FirstService Residential, about the city’s new Climate Mobilization Act.  New York City has passed a set of very ambitious climate laws that will affect all buildings, including co-ops and condos. What do boards need to know?   Read the article…………………………..