Navigating the Complex Landscape of E-Bike Bans or Restrictions in Condos, Coops and HOAs (NY)

In recent times, the proliferation of E-Bikes, coupled with concerns about their combustible batteries, has thrust the issue into the spotlight. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the bustling streets of New York City, where E-Bikes seem ubiquitous. The potential dangers, including fire risks, property damage, and casualties, have prompted association boards to grapple […]

New strata development regulations streamline EV charging station installations in B.C.

British Columbia has introduced new regulations that will facilitate the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in strata developments.  Effective Dec. 6, these changes are aimed at supporting the transition to a low-carbon future and adapting to climate change, according to a recent press release from the Ministry of Housing.    Read the article……………………………..

Powering E-Devices Safely: There Are Fires … And There Are E-Device Fires

All over the news, from coast to coast, reports of fires and explosions caused by lithium-ion batteries describe blazes that are out of control, difficult to extinguish, and excessively smokey. Tragically, many have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries, and certainly all have caused extensive damage to properties and the environment.   Read the article………………………..

Multifamily leads uptake of EV charger funds (Canada)

Multifamily landlords and condominium corporations have claimed more than a third of the funds the Canadian government has thus far allocated through its Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) to subsidize EV chargers that are made available to multiple users. That’s largely because applicants from the multifamily sector were the most proactive among the four […]

Michigan Bill Could Stop HOAs from Blocking Home Chargers

Homeowners associations could be prohibited from blocking energy efficiency upgrades – from rooftop solar panels and home EV charging to rain barrels – under a new proposed bill in the Michigan House.   Read the article………………………………

Herndon resident upset with HOA’s electric vehicle charging station restrictions (VA)

A Virginia who woman wants to buy an electric vehicle says her homeowners association won’t allow her to build a suitable charging station for the vehicle.  “I would like to have an EV,” Herndon resident Michaela Hamiary Janotova said. “I would like to be able to charge it here at home.”   Read the article………………………………

Creating electric vehicle charging station policies

When it comes to electric vehicle charging stations in community associations, one consistent theme is who pays for the costs connected with installation and use. The main exception to this issue is when installation will be in common areas and meant for the use of more than just one owner. If an association installs a […]

Fairfax County to help more HOAs install electric vehicle chargers, expanding pilot (VA)

Fairfax County is ramping up its efforts to help homeowners’ associations and other resident groups bring electric vehicle chargers to their communities.  The county’s Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination is now accepting applications for the second phase of its Charge Up Fairfax pilot program, which provides technical and financial assistance to organizations looking to […]

EV Chargers In Fairfax County: The Pilot Program And More Details (VA)

There is a pilot program for EV chargers in Fairfax County that encourages the use of electric vehicles. The county is adopting this program to promote sustainability and economic prosperity in Fairfax while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. It’s working with condominium and homeowners associations and large, multi-family apartment buildings to realize its vision.    Read the […]

Growing Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are here—sooner than many people thought. A recent article in Car and Driver noted electric vehicle registrations increased 60% in the first quarter of 2022, despite new car registrations dropping 18%. The article pointed out some estimates project electric vehicles to comprise 25–30% of all new car sales by 2030 and 40–45% by […]

HOAs can apply for funds to install EV charging stations (VA)

Fairfax County is launching a pilot program to help homeowner and condominium associations install electric vehicle charging stations.  HOAs that are accepted into the Charge Up Fairfax program will receive a site visit and assessment from an engineering firm, paid for by the county.    Read the article………………………..

Blazing Speed and Blazing Fires: E-bike Fires and Policy Considerations (CA)

If you have read or watched the news in the last few months, you know that Associations should consider adopting policies to address e-bike safety issues. Some associations may already have rules prohibiting wheeled recreational devices, like bikes, scooters, and skateboards, from being used in the common area where there are likely to be people […]

The Complicated Case of Charging an Electric Vehicle in a Condo

Dana Woodruff, a Tesla Model 3 owner, wanted a submeter in her condo’s garage to track her voltage while charging her car. Little did she know that the garage didn’t have a separate meter. To rectify this, she installed a submeter for her Tesla Wall Connector, costing her $900. She paid a monthly bill of […]

Charging e-bike battery sparks Waikiki condo fire (HI)

The cause of a fire at a condominium high-rise in Waikiki Tuesday was a lithium-ion battery being charged in a unit’s living room, according to the Honolulu Fire Department.   Read the article………………………..

Can You Charge Electric Cars at Your Condo Building? (IL)

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the growing concern for sustainable transportation, condominium owners and property managers are faced with a crucial question:  Can you charge electric cars at your condo building?   Read the article………………………..

EV Chargers Are Coming to Your Community – Are you Ready? (FL)

An individual owner files an application to the association for an EV Charger in a designated parking space. Did you know by law, that if the Board does not respond in 60 days the application is deemed approved and owner can proceed with an installation for their exclusive use?   Listen to the audio………………………..

Electric charge: Where will community homeowners plug in?

Community associations need to prepare for electric vehicles as more drivers bring them home and expect to plug in. Board members and managers can plan to either provide charging stations as an amenity or offer residents guidelines to install their own.  Read the article………………………..

EV-ready bylaw tracker for condo, strata and MURB charging in Canada

There are no regulations in Canada’s national building code governing this topic. And MURB residents across Canada are struggling to understand if (and how) they may access EV charging at home.  Provinces and territories are free to create their own building bylaws and codes. But, to date, they have largely left responsibility for drafting and […]

Car sparks fire at Seascape Condominium garages (WA)

A charging car battery ignited a fire that spread to several garages in the Seascape Condominiums, at 1300 Peace Portal Drive, on June 30.  North Whatcom Fire and Rescue (NWFR) chief Jason Van der Veen said a resident of the Seascape Condominiums was charging the car battery when smoke began pouring out of the garage […]

Condo Smarts: Who pays? Installing a charging station (BC)

Dear Tony: I submitted a request to my strata council to install a charging station for my electric vehicle. They have agreed that I could be granted permission subject to a long list of conditions including my agreement to pay all costs, pay the legal costs for the alteration agreement.   Read the Q&A………………………………

New Legislation: California Paves the Way for Mandatory EV Charging Stations in Existing Buildings

For more than a decade, the California Legislature has passed laws making it easier for residents to install electric vehicle (“EV”) charging stations within HOAs. For example, in 2011, the Legislature enacted what is now Civil Code section 4745, which nullified any provision in an HOA’s governing documents which prohibited homeowners from installing EV charging […]

How this Guelph condo building is getting ready for an EV revolution (ON)

Susan Parks paid $2,500 for an electrical line that runs to her spot in the parking garage at her condo in Guelph.  It’s a rough-in for an electric vehicle (EV) charger.  But she doesn’t own an EV.  Along with 85 other gasoline-powered car owners in her condo, Parks signed up for the rough-in to ensure […]

How to Address E-Bike Fire Risks in Community Associations (MI)

E-bikes have become a widely used means of transportation in the United States, especially in metropolitan areas. There are a number of advantages to e-bikes, including their ease of use, affordability, and the reduced amount of carbon emissions as an alternative to gas-powered vehicles. E-bikes can make large portions of a metropolitan area accessible in […]

Condo Smarts: How Bill 22 affects EV charging infrastructure (BC)

Dear Tony: Our strata has received several requests from owners for the upgrade of our parking garage and their townhouse garages to electric vehicle charging. They have identified the recent legislative amendments having passed and now we are pressed into responding and granting permission for installations. Several of the sections refer to regulations, but we […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Act Approved by the Illinois Legislature: What Do ILLINOIS Community Associations Need to Know?

The Illinois legislature recently approved the Electric Vehicle Charging Act (“Act”), which imposes certain requirements for “newly constructed single-family homes and multi-unit residential buildings” with parking spaces, including condominium and community associations, to foster widespread adoption of electric vehicles (“EVs”).     Read the article………………………..

Electric Vehicles Charge Ahead: How Condo Associations Can Keep Up (IL)

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the need for electric vehicle charging stations becomes more pressing. While public charging stations are becoming more common, many EV owners rely on at-home charging stations for daily charging needs. For those living in condominiums, however, installing an at-home charging station can be a challenge.  […]

Deadly E-Bike Fires Spark Federal Bill to Regulate Lithium-Ion Batteries (NY)

When the New York City Council passed a package of bills last month designed to halt the wave of deadly fires caused by faulty lithium-ion batteries — which power e-bikes and scooters and other mobile devices— co-op and condo boards had reason to rejoice. But council member Gale Brewer, a sponsor of one of the […]