Energy bill affecting HOA’s on Governor’s desk (MI)

A bill to invalidate certain provisions in homeowners’ association agreements that prohibit the replacement, maintenance, installation, or operation of certain energy-saving improvements or modifications or the installation of solar energy systems; to provide for the adoption of certain policy statements; to prescribe penalties and remedies; and to provide for the powers and duties of certain […]

765 ILCS 1085: What Community Associations need to know about the Illinois Electric Vehicle Charging Act

Requests to install electric vehicle charging stations have become commonplace in Illinois community associations. By 2040, experts project at least 35% of all new vehicles will be hybrids or fully electric vehicles. The increasing number of requests to install electric vehicle charging stations by those who live in condominiums or homeowners associations has resulted in […]

Insuring Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on HOA Grounds (CA)

QUESTION. Are homeowners who install an EV charging station required to carry insurance and name the association as an additional insured? –Andrew S.   ANSWER. Yes, owners are required to carry insurance. Unfortunately, the Legislature created some confusion over the additional insured requirement.     Read the Q&A………………………………..

Your Next Apartment Or Condo Must Have EV Charging

The US has just eight new electric vehicle charging stations so far from a $7.5-billion program, and even automakers like General Motors and Ford Motor Company that have gone all-in on EVs are starting to pull back as interest in such zero-emissions vehicles levels off.  Then there’s the question of what will happen to the […]

Q&A: Regulating Risk

Q. During the warmer months, owners in our condominium building have noticed a few e-bikes/scooters with lithium batteries around our community. At night these e- bikes/scooters seem to be housed in owners’ or renters’ dwellings. Based on some news stories we’ve seen (although I’m sure they are pretty isolated incidents), we have concerns that these […]

Illinois’ Electric Vehicle Charging Act and Its Role in Modern HOAs

The excitement over new vehicles combined with today’s technology is never-ending. Car shows and showrooms are filled with new and future models headed to market.  The electric vehicle (EV) is one innovation growing in popularity, especially in Illinois. Between 2022 and 2023 sales of electric vehicles grew by 60% with 94,000 EVs registered in the […]

Are Electric Car Charging Cords the New HOA Nightmare?

How do electric vehicles charge? They must plug into an outlet to send the source’s electricity into the vehicle’s battery. Although this is similar to how we fill gas tanks in traditional vehicles, we don’t have personal gas tanks in our garages. The safety and security of electric car charging cords make it possible for […]

How this former Tesla engineer plans to get more EV chargers in apartments and condos

Multifamily homes—including condo and apartment buildings, townhouses, and mixed-use developments—make up some 30% of housing in the U.S. today. In those residences, parking spots may not be near outlets, residents may not have their own parking, and building owners and boards may not want to deal with the cost of installing EV chargers, especially if […]

Plugging into Progress: What HB 5109 means for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Michigan Condominiums

HB 5109 was introduced by the Michigan Legislature in 2023 to provide more flexibility for Michigan condominium associations when considering requests for co-owners to install electric vehicle charging stations. Specifically, as will be discussed below, HB 5109 would amend MCL 559.147, of the Michigan Condominium Act, to address co-owner modification requests for electric vehicle charging […]

Electric Vehicles – Still an Unsolved Issue

In 2011 I wrote an article for Common Ground, the national magazine for the Community Associations Institute (CAI).  In looking at it, not much ground has been covered since then.  I am afraid the issue will be dealt with by state legislatures, who will probably screw it up royally.  Here’s the article (PDF):  

E-Bikes and Batteries (FL)

Florida has not escaped the growing epidemic of fires started by lithium-ion batteries, like those used in e-bikes and other battery-operated personal transportation devices. A recent Miami bike shop caught fire after the shop owner left an e-bike battery charging and closed the store for the day. Surveillance cameras caught the moment the battery exploded, […]

The intricacies of EV infrastructure remain at odds with condo legislation (ON)

The electric vehicle landscape is complex, ever-changing and at the cutting edge of technology. For condominium corporations and their owners, this means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  Unfortunately, the current iteration of the condominium legislation in Ontario, the Condominium Act, 1998, treats the installation of electric vehicle charging stations or electric infrastructure to support […]

Charge Up Fairfax Program Open to Communities Looking to Install EV Charging (VA)

Starting May 1, community associations in Fairfax County interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations for their residents will be able to apply for technical assistance and partial reimbursement through the Charge Up Fairfax program.  Electric vehicles, or EVs, are better for the environment and less expensive to fuel and maintain than gas-powered vehicles. The […]

EV fast-charging comes to condos and apartments

Right now, the electric vehicle ownership experience is optimized for the owner who lives in a single-family home. A level 2 home AC charger costs a few hundred dollars, and with a garage or carport, an EV that gets plugged in each night is an EV that starts each day with a 100 percent charged […]

Condo board considers installing EV chargers for unit owners (IL)

Q: I am on the board of directors of a homeowners association (HOA) in Evanston, Illinois. The board is gathering information about installing electrical vehicle (EV) chargers on our HOA property.  The board is particularly interested in the concept that was described in your article from last year. You said there is an option for […]

HOAs are blocking solar panels and native lawns. Here’s how to fight back.

More Americans than ever are running afoul of their HOAs for updating their homes in ways that benefit the environment, adding solar panels, native lawns, EV chargers, clotheslines or gardens. Once a rarity, 84 percent of newly built, single-family homes sold in 2022 were part of HOAs, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.   Read the […]

EV charging in FL condos – can an Association prohibit owners from installing EV charging outlets in their assigned parking spaces?

EV charging in Florida condo buildings and communities is much more involved than having a charging outlet installed in the garage of your Single-Family Home.  Today we are doing an overview of Florida Condominium Owners Associations (COAs) allowing unit owners to install a dedicated charging outlet at their individual parking spaces, and/or the Association installing […]

Storing e-bikes, e-scooters in your condo? A handful of B.C. strata councils say no

Faced with growing concerns about e-bike and e-scooter battery fires, a small but growing number of strata councils in the province are banning them from buildings.  “The number of strata corporations, … probably 15 or 20, have in the last year taken the position, ‘We’re not going to permit them at all,’” said Tony Gioventu, […]

Clarified Rights and Obligations Under the Illinois Electric Vehicle Charging Act: What Do Illinois Community Associations Need to Know?

The Illinois Electric Vehicle Charging Act (“Act”), which imposes certain requirements to foster widespread adoption of electric vehicles (“EVs”), took effect on January 1, 2024. Per its original terms, the Act applied only to “newly constructed single-family homes and multi-unit residential buildings that have parking spaces and are constructed after the effective date of this […]

ADS-TEC Energy Unveils the Future of Ultra-Fast EV Charging for Residential Complexes with Deployment at Marina Palms in Miami

Condominium association and homeowner association boards, property managers and developers are all seeking the most cost-effective, least-disruptive ways to integrate EV charging into existing and future projects, and the Marina Palms deployment leads the way in Miami—and the country—in showing how this can be done.    Read the article…………………………….

The Road Ahead: Embracing EV Charging in Homeowners Associations (CA)

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) represents a pivotal shift in our approach to transportation, marking a step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. However, for many living in communities managed by Homeowners Associations (HOAs), the adoption of EVs brings forth the challenge of setting up convenient charging infrastructure. This blog delves into how HOAs can […]

EV charging in FL condos – can an Association prohibit owners from installing EV charging outlets in their assigned parking spaces?

EV charging in Florida condo buildings and communities is much more involved than having a charging outlet installed in the garage of your Single-Family Home.  Today we are doing an overview of Florida Condominium Owners Associations (COAs) allowing unit owners to install a dedicated charging outlet at their individual parking spaces, and/or the Association installing […]

E-bike battery ignites flames in Bonita Springs condo (FL)

Fire crews say the call came it just after 7:30 p.m., after multiple neighbors reported they could see smoke coming from a unit on the second floor.  The three-story building had to be evacuated as crews tried to put out the fire caused by an e-bike’s lithium-ion battery, according to Chief Greg DeWitt.   Read the […]

Australia: Lithium-ion batteries in strata buildings

Owners and occupiers of strata buildings are increasingly asking about what to do to prevent fires caused by exploding lithium-ion battery powered household products, including eBikes, eScooters and eTools. These products are injuring people on a weekly basis globally and there has been fatalities and multiple injuries in Australia. They are often cheaper, lower quality, […]

Navigating the Complex Landscape of E-Bike Bans or Restrictions in Condos, Coops and HOAs (NY)

In recent times, the proliferation of E-Bikes, coupled with concerns about their combustible batteries, has thrust the issue into the spotlight. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the bustling streets of New York City, where E-Bikes seem ubiquitous. The potential dangers, including fire risks, property damage, and casualties, have prompted association boards to grapple […]

New strata development regulations streamline EV charging station installations in B.C.

British Columbia has introduced new regulations that will facilitate the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in strata developments.  Effective Dec. 6, these changes are aimed at supporting the transition to a low-carbon future and adapting to climate change, according to a recent press release from the Ministry of Housing.    Read the article……………………………..

Powering E-Devices Safely: There Are Fires … And There Are E-Device Fires

All over the news, from coast to coast, reports of fires and explosions caused by lithium-ion batteries describe blazes that are out of control, difficult to extinguish, and excessively smokey. Tragically, many have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries, and certainly all have caused extensive damage to properties and the environment.   Read the article………………………..

Multifamily leads uptake of EV charger funds (Canada)

Multifamily landlords and condominium corporations have claimed more than a third of the funds the Canadian government has thus far allocated through its Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) to subsidize EV chargers that are made available to multiple users. That’s largely because applicants from the multifamily sector were the most proactive among the four […]

Michigan Bill Could Stop HOAs from Blocking Home Chargers

Homeowners associations could be prohibited from blocking energy efficiency upgrades – from rooftop solar panels and home EV charging to rain barrels – under a new proposed bill in the Michigan House.   Read the article………………………………

Creating electric vehicle charging station policies

When it comes to electric vehicle charging stations in community associations, one consistent theme is who pays for the costs connected with installation and use. The main exception to this issue is when installation will be in common areas and meant for the use of more than just one owner. If an association installs a […]

Fairfax County to help more HOAs install electric vehicle chargers, expanding pilot (VA)

Fairfax County is ramping up its efforts to help homeowners’ associations and other resident groups bring electric vehicle chargers to their communities.  The county’s Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination is now accepting applications for the second phase of its Charge Up Fairfax pilot program, which provides technical and financial assistance to organizations looking to […]

EV Chargers In Fairfax County: The Pilot Program And More Details (VA)

There is a pilot program for EV chargers in Fairfax County that encourages the use of electric vehicles. The county is adopting this program to promote sustainability and economic prosperity in Fairfax while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. It’s working with condominium and homeowners associations and large, multi-family apartment buildings to realize its vision.    Read the […]

Growing Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are here—sooner than many people thought. A recent article in Car and Driver noted electric vehicle registrations increased 60% in the first quarter of 2022, despite new car registrations dropping 18%. The article pointed out some estimates project electric vehicles to comprise 25–30% of all new car sales by 2030 and 40–45% by […]

HOAs can apply for funds to install EV charging stations (VA)

Fairfax County is launching a pilot program to help homeowner and condominium associations install electric vehicle charging stations.  HOAs that are accepted into the Charge Up Fairfax program will receive a site visit and assessment from an engineering firm, paid for by the county.    Read the article………………………..

Blazing Speed and Blazing Fires: E-bike Fires and Policy Considerations (CA)

If you have read or watched the news in the last few months, you know that Associations should consider adopting policies to address e-bike safety issues. Some associations may already have rules prohibiting wheeled recreational devices, like bikes, scooters, and skateboards, from being used in the common area where there are likely to be people […]

Can You Charge Electric Cars at Your Condo Building? (IL)

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the growing concern for sustainable transportation, condominium owners and property managers are faced with a crucial question:  Can you charge electric cars at your condo building?   Read the article………………………..

EV Chargers Are Coming to Your Community – Are you Ready? (FL)

An individual owner files an application to the association for an EV Charger in a designated parking space. Did you know by law, that if the Board does not respond in 60 days the application is deemed approved and owner can proceed with an installation for their exclusive use?   Listen to the audio………………………..