How to Address E-Bike Fire Risks in Community Associations (MI)

E-bikes have become a widely used means of transportation in the United States, especially in metropolitan areas. There are a number of advantages to e-bikes, including their ease of use, affordability, and the reduced amount of carbon emissions as an alternative to gas-powered vehicles. E-bikes can make large portions of a metropolitan area accessible in […]

Condo Smarts: How Bill 22 affects EV charging infrastructure (BC)

Dear Tony: Our strata has received several requests from owners for the upgrade of our parking garage and their townhouse garages to electric vehicle charging. They have identified the recent legislative amendments having passed and now we are pressed into responding and granting permission for installations. Several of the sections refer to regulations, but we […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Act Approved by the Illinois Legislature: What Do ILLINOIS Community Associations Need to Know?

The Illinois legislature recently approved the Electric Vehicle Charging Act (“Act”), which imposes certain requirements for “newly constructed single-family homes and multi-unit residential buildings” with parking spaces, including condominium and community associations, to foster widespread adoption of electric vehicles (“EVs”).     Read the article………………………..

Electric Vehicles Charge Ahead: How Condo Associations Can Keep Up (IL)

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the need for electric vehicle charging stations becomes more pressing. While public charging stations are becoming more common, many EV owners rely on at-home charging stations for daily charging needs. For those living in condominiums, however, installing an at-home charging station can be a challenge.  […]

Deadly E-Bike Fires Spark Federal Bill to Regulate Lithium-Ion Batteries (NY)

When the New York City Council passed a package of bills last month designed to halt the wave of deadly fires caused by faulty lithium-ion batteries — which power e-bikes and scooters and other mobile devices— co-op and condo boards had reason to rejoice. But council member Gale Brewer, a sponsor of one of the […]

HOA prohibits charging of electric vehicles (NV)

Q: I own an electric vehicle. The rules of my homeowners association prohibit the charging of electric vehicles on the property. I am thus forced to use public commercial charging stations in order to keep my vehicle running. EVs were only the stuff of science fiction when I moved in here about 15 years ago.  Read […]

E-bikes in Your Community Association: Ten Potential Rules and Regulations

An e-bike, or electric bicycle, is equipped with an electric motor to assist the rider in pedalling and propelling the bike forward. These bikes are typically powered by rechargeable batteries. E-bikes can be used for commuting, exercise, and leisure riding. They can also make biking easier and accessible, particularly for people who may find it […]

Changes to strata rules will encourage EV purchases, province says (BC)

The province has introduced changes meant to make it easier for people living in B.C.’s strata buildings to install electric vehicle chargers.  In an announcement Thursday, the Minister of Housing said a lack of charging infrastructure is one thing holding people back from making the switch to an electric vehicle.   Read the article………………………..

B.C. strata owner loses fight for EV charger

B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal found putting an electric vehicle charger in would be a significant change to common property, requiring approval of 75 per cent of owners.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Smarts: Owners wonder why they installed EV charging stations (BC)

Dear Tony: Our strata corporations installed six charging stations in secured common property a year ago to accommodate and encourage electric vehicles.  Three owners have since purchased four vehicles, but they are refusing the use the charging stations because they can trickle charge their cars from their current parking spaces and they avoid paying the cost […]


On June 9, 2022, RCW 64.34.395, and its counterparts, RCW 64.32.290, RCW 64.38.062, and RCW 64.90.513, were enacted to enable the installation of electric vehicle charging stations (“EVCS”) in condominiums and homeowners associations, while protecting the associations and their members from bearing the costs required for such installation, as well as the costs of continued […]

Australia: Is the Retro Fitting of EV Chargers in Strata Unviable?

Under a plan by the City of Sydney all new apartment blocks will need to provide EV chargers and existing apartment blocks will need to retrofit EV chargers as the Council pushes to drive the uptake of EV’s and drive net zero emissions by 2035.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Column: The hidden danger (NH)

A recent item came to my attention that I thought I might share with you. E-bikes and escooters are becoming more and more common. If you haven’t yet seen one in your condominium association you likely will soon. They can save a lot of environmental wear and tear, are faster than walking to work, and […]

Australia: Are EV’s a Risk for Older Strata Buildings?

From October 2023, a new federal policy will come into place for electric vehicles (EV’s) relating to EV charging in apartment blocks.  The new policy states that it is mandatory for all apartment buildings to be built allowing for EV charging infrastructure.  But… what about existing older strata buildings and the growing demand for EV’s […]

Rash of E-Bike Fires Poses Tricky Test for Co-op and Condo Boards (NY)

Where there’s smoke… We may have just experienced the catalyst for yet another shift in New York City’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape. In early November, fire swept through a luxury high-rise apartment building on the East Side of Manhattan, injuring dozens and requiring a dramatic rope rescue of residents by firefighters.  Read the article………………………..

Homeowners’ associations no longer allowed to prevent installation of electric charging stations on private property (NY)

Clean transportation has been something New York State has been working towards, and Governor Kathy Hochul recently took steps to get there.  A new law passed that helps to remove barriers to the installation of vehicle charging stations. The overall goal is for the state to reach 850,000 zero-emission vehicles by 2025. After that goal […]

Board Can Install Vehicle Chargers (FL)

Q: There have been recent discussions in my condominium about the board installing an electric vehicle charging station for everyone to use. It was my understanding that owners are entitled to install charging stations at their expense. Doesn’t a common charging station that we all have to pay for require a vote of the owners?  […]

Experts talk navigating EV charging in condos, MURBs and stratas in Canada

One of the keys to encouraging the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Canada is by ensuring people have access to charging where they live. But for the over 12 million Canadians living in multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs), condos and stratas, the challenge of securing EV charging infrastructure in their buildings can be varied and […]

Co-op and Condo Boards Begin Tackling Fire Risk From E-Bikes (NY)

Steven Sladkus was eating lunch outdoors at a restaurant on East 52nd Street a few weekends ago when he noticed a commotion down the block. “I saw all these people congregating in front of a highrise building and so many fire trucks it looked like a 10-alarm fire,” Sladkus recalls. “Soon I heard there was […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Condos and HOAs (CA)

Charging a plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicle (EV) is best done at the location where the vehicle is regularly parked. For the owner of a residential unit in a multi-story condominium building, this would be at the unit’s designated parking space. However, often the designated parking space is some distance from the unit. In […]

Co-op and Condo Boards Urged to Act to Prevent E-Bike Fires (NY)

In the wake of the latest fire caused by the improper charging of lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes, the New York City Council is holding a hearing on Nov. 14 on five different bills that seek to address different aspects of this deadly problem.   Read the article………………………..

You bought an EV and want to install a charger in your condo. Now what?

Joy had been living in her Los Angeles condo for eight years by the time she bought a Tesla Model 3 in 2018. Her parking spot wasn’t near any electricity meters, which meant that installing her own EV charger would have required electricians to trench the ground, and would have cost her about $12,000—before the […]

Electric Car Charging Stations: The Next Must-Have Amenity (FL)

Among the many efforts underway to stem the oncoming tide of climate-related catastrophe is the increasing use of electric vehicles (EVs). While gas-powered cars are still the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the roads, EV technology is fast improving, and consumers are taking them seriously as an alternative to older, more polluting options. As more […]

New Colorado grant program can help cover electric vehicle charger costs

In the world of grants, there’s usually a lot more interest than money available. That seems to be the case with a new grant program for electric vehicle chargers.  The Colorado Energy Office recently announced $3 million in available funding for its “Charge Ahead” grant program. That program will cover up to 80% of the […]

Dealing With Electric Vehicle Charging in Your Association (VA)

As the popularity of electric vehicles increases the time is here for associations to focus on charging stations and individual charging at the owner’s residence. Virginia statutes require associations to permit electric vehicle charging unless their documents prohibit it. Of course, most documents don’t deal with the topic at all although newer documents certainly will. […]

An EV Charger Installation Odyssey

For the last year, I’ve contemplated installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger in my multi-dwelling condo in San Jose. Mind you; I don’t yet have an EV. But I have friends with EVs who frequently visit, so I figured it could be beneficial and convenient for others. Furthermore, I believe an EV charger couldn’t hurt […]

County plans to get more HOAs on board with electric vehicle chargers, starting in Reston (VA)

Fairfax County is looking to charge up a new electric vehicle charging station program and pilot it in Reston.  At last week’s Transportation Committee meeting, the Board of Supervisors discussed a new “Charge Up Fairfax” program, where the county would provide support to homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and multi-family communities to install electric vehicle (EV) charging […]