It’s a perfect storm for fire insurance (CO)

Westerners have begun looking at their homes differently these days. Are those trees too close? Should I move all that firewood stacked up next to the deck?    In Colorado, Tiffany Lockwood said she was dropped twice by fire insurance carriers over the 10 years she’s lived in Evergreen, a heavily forested exurb of Denver.  […]

Q&A: Regulating Risk

Q. During the warmer months, owners in our condominium building have noticed a few e-bikes/scooters with lithium batteries around our community. At night these e- bikes/scooters seem to be housed in owners’ or renters’ dwellings. Based on some news stories we’ve seen (although I’m sure they are pretty isolated incidents), we have concerns that these […]

Hawai?i Residents Fighting Wildfires Before They Happen

Seven years ago, Erin Peyton made her home on this small island known for its Hawaiian culture, its broad sandy beaches, and high cliffs.  Despite Moloka?i’s natural beauty and rural charm, Peyton understood that the dry grasses and wild foliage surrounding her townhome complex could also fuel destructive wildfires.   Read the article…………………………….

Storing e-bikes, e-scooters in your condo? A handful of B.C. strata councils say no

Faced with growing concerns about e-bike and e-scooter battery fires, a small but growing number of strata councils in the province are banning them from buildings.  “The number of strata corporations, … probably 15 or 20, have in the last year taken the position, ‘We’re not going to permit them at all,’” said Tony Gioventu, […]

New law means an HOA can’t stop you from hardening your home against wildfires (CO)

A new state law voids homeowners’ association rules that prevent residents from using building materials that are more resistant to wildfires.  Gov. Jared Polis signed the legislation this week. In a statement, he said the new law should help homeowners safeguard their homes and save money on insurance.   Read the article…………………………….

Green Valley HOAs get Firewise ball rolling (AZ)

Three communities in Green Valley have become designated Firewise USA sites, and are encouraging homeowners associations to do the same to help protect Green Valley from wildfires.  The Firewise USA award is given to communities that have put in a lot of time, effort and planning to educate homeowners in wildfire safety and mitigate the […]

Some Colorado HOAs ban using fire-resistant building materials. This proposed law could overrule that

A Colorado Senate committee on Tuesday advanced legislation that would block homeowners’ association rules that prevent residents from using fire-resistant building materials, a change that firefighters and insurance experts say would give communities more options to harden properties against climate-fueled wildfires.    Read the article…………………………….

Lawmakers advance bill that would void HOA rules that block wildfire-hardening (CO)

A Colorado Senate committee on Tuesday advanced legislation that would block homeowners’ association rules that prevent residents from using fire-resistant building materials, a change that firefighters and insurance experts say would give communities more options to harden properties against climate-fueled wildfires.   Read the article…………………………….

Many Colorado HOAs have rules that make homes more vulnerable to wildfires. New legislation could block those.

Colorado lawmakers on Friday advanced new legislation that would make it easier to build or upgrade homes to harden them against wildfires. The legislation would void language in existing homeowners’ association bylaws, deed restrictions or property contracts that prevent residents from installing or using fire-resistant building materials. It would also prohibit new restrictions. Read the […]

Powering E-Devices Safely: There Are Fires … And There Are E-Device Fires

All over the news, from coast to coast, reports of fires and explosions caused by lithium-ion batteries describe blazes that are out of control, difficult to extinguish, and excessively smokey. Tragically, many have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries, and certainly all have caused extensive damage to properties and the environment.   Read the article………………………..

Condo Tower Fire Is Reminder Of Lack Of Sprinklers In Older Buildings (HI)

There were no sprinklers when a fire broke out Thursday, shooting flames and black smoke from the 14th floor of a condo tower in Ala Moana, but the residents knew what to do.  Recently installed fire alarms and a public address system called on them to evacuate, and so they did.    Read the article………………………….

Why Fire Prevention Emphasis is More Important Than Most Boards Think

“CONDO FIRES ARE RARELY CONTAINED TO ONE UNIT” This site has tracked condominium fires for over 18 years now.  The initial reason we started the tracking is because a fire in a condo unit usually takes out more than one home.  For that reason, we created an entire separate category for  Fire Safety & Prevention.  […]

Fireplace Safety

As the colder weather sets in, many people are rushing to light their fireplaces to create a cozy and warm ambiance. If you have a woodburning fireplace in your home, it’s crucial to keep fireplace safety in mindto ensure the well-being of your household and your neighbors in your HOA community during the winter season. […]

Los Robles Estates Homeowners Association has become a nationally recognized Firewise USA community. “What that means” (CA)

Residents of a Thousand Oaks neighborhood have come together to lower their wildfire risk. In so doing, the Los Robles Estates Homeowners Association has become a nationally recognized Firewise USA community. “What that means is that we have now received national recognition for having a framework for this community to be able to lower their […]

Convenient clean up in Lakeview Meadows (BC)

Knowing that the best way to fight wildfire is to do the necessary work well in advance, homeowners in the new Lakeview Meadows community in Windermere decided to evaluate the landscaping around their properties. Residents of the community made a mutual goal to improve their resilience to potentially disastrous wildfires.     Read the article………………………………..

Condo Smarts: Strata can prohibit outdoor cooking on balconies and decks (BC)

Dear Tony: Our neighbour recently had a fire in their barbeque. The damage to our two townhouses was siding, decks and extensive smoke damage as everyone had their windows open. Our home insurance is covering the damage to our personal property and interior of the strata lot, but the neighbour does not have home owner […]

Playing with fire (mitigation) (CO)

Repeated studies have shown global climate change is leading to larger, more severe wildfires.  The raging infernos that sparked Aug. 8 in Maui leveled thousands of homes and killed more than 100 people. The entire Canadian town of Yellowknife, which is about the size of Durango, was forced to evacuate last week under threat by […]

Australia: Preventing Winter Fire Hazards

Winter is well and truly upon us and statistics show that almost half of unit fires are started in the kitchen and 58% of all fire fatalities occur in winter. With winter well and truly here, let’s take the time to brush up of safety measures and be prepared if you haven’t already to reduce […]

Village of Oak Creek HOA earns a ‘Firewise’ title (AZ)

The La Barranca II Homeowners Association in the Village of Oak Creek received its Firewise certification and accompanying signage at its entrance at the intersection of Jacks Canyon Road and La Barranca Drive on the morning of Wednesday, July 26.   Read the article………………………..

Second annual running of the goats held in Malibu West (CA)

The community spirit of the Malibu West neighborhood was on display last Saturday as residents joyously gathered for its second annual running of the goats. Young and old paraded down Paseo Canyon Drive cheering 250 goats hired to clear dangerous brush surrounding their neighborhood.   Read the article………………………..

6 Condo Fire Safety Best Practices

Fire danger is something that condominium communities across North America all face. A fire can spread quickly, doubling in size or raging out of control in 30 seconds or less. And while some factors, like dry landscaping and unattended flames, can increase the risk of fires, education about fire safety is the best method of […]

Barbecue grills must be approved by the HOA (NV)

Q: We have a homeowners association board that pretty much agrees on most things except we are having difficulty with a portion of article 3.6 of the covenants, conditions and restrictions. What is your take on “there shall be no open fires whatsoever” as it pertains to the rest of the article?   Read the Q&A…………………………

Can I BBQ on my Condo Balcony? (ON)

It’s BBQ season! With it, comes questions pertaining to BBQ safety and neighbourly etiquette. This is particularly true in condo living and even more so when one lives in a mid to high-rise complex, where occupants have the exclusive use of a balcony.   Read the article………………………..

Mesa Antero, Chateau Chapparal named Firewise USA (CO)

The Mesa Antero Property Owners’ Association and Chateau Chapparal Owners’ Associations received official designations as Firewise USA sites at the end of May, bringing Chaffee County up to seven such designated neighborhoods.   Read the article………………………..

HOA becomes first Firewise USA site in Green Valley (AZ)

One Green Valley neighborhood is making history as the first local homeowners association to become a certified Firewise USA site.  Bill Hollingsworth, a board member with Solar Del Viejo HOA, accepted the award Wednesday on behalf of his community alongside representatives from the Green Valley Fire District and the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire […]

Marshall fire-affected HOA may be first in Colorado to allow metal fencing (CO)

In what many Marshall Fire victims are hoping will become a movement to embrace safety over aesthetics, the Rock Creek Homeowners Association modernized the rules. It voted unanimously Thursday to allow its 65 Marshall Fire victims, and anyone else who lives in the community, to rebuild using metal fire-proof fencing.   Read the article………………………..

Fire Sprinkler/ELSS Update for High Rise Buildings (FL)

If you own a unit in a high-rise condominium or manage such condominiums, you are likely aware that the Condominium Act requires that the condominium buildings must be retrofitted with a fire sprinkler system or an engineered life-safety system (ELSS). The Condominium Act provides that the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) may not require completion […]

Rebuilding the 80027: Rock Creek HOA debates fire-resistant fencing (CO)

As the Marshall fire whipped through Superior’s Rock Creek Ranch subdivision, one firefighter clocked the amount of time it took for each house to explode into flames: Seven minutes.  No one had ever seen such a destructive fire in the middle of winter.   Read the article………………………..

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Portable fire extinguishers are often times our first line of defense against small fires and chances are you aren’t too far from one right now. Like any lifesaving equipment you want to ensure that it is operable at all times so it will work when you need it most.  Read the article………………………..