Landmark Florida Court Ruling Shakes Up Condo Termination Landscape

In a significant decision with far-reaching implications, the Florida Third District Court of Appeal in May ruled in favor of condo owners, challenging the long-standing practice of developer-led condo terminations.  The ruling, stemming from a case involving Biscayne 21 Condominium in Miami, has sent ripples through the real estate industry and raised questions about the […]

Placida condo complex undergoing hurricane repairs (FL)

Repairs are underway at Boca Vista Harbor’s five condominium buildings in Placida damaged by Hurricane Ian about 20 months ago.  The five-story complex built in 2005 was ravaged by the storm’s high winds that damaged the buildings’ stucco, soffit, fascia, gutters, standing seam roof, deco shutters, vents, paint and caulking.   Read the article…………………………….

New bill could pose problems for East County homeowners associations

Michael Miller worries that the passage of House Bill 1203 could have “unintended consequences” in his Country Club neighborhood and the East County community as a whole.   The bulk of the 44-page bill, signed into law on May 31 by Gov. Ron DeSantis, pertains to the administration of homeowners associations — education requirements for directors […]

New bill could pose problems for East County homeowners associations (FL)

Michael Miller worries that the passage of House Bill 1203 could have “unintended consequences” in his Country Club neighborhood and the East County community as a whole.  The bulk of the 44-page bill, signed into law on May 31 by Gov. Ron DeSantis, pertains to the administration of homeowners associations — education requirements for directors […]

New law means fewer restrictions for people in HOA communities (FL)

A new law takes effect less than a month from now that will impact people who live in communities in Florida governed by homeowners’ associations.  The new law will mean significant changes for HOA residents. People who live in HOA communities typically have a strict list of dos and don’ts.   Read the article…………………………….

HOA Q&A: Must a property management firm rep be at all HOA meetings? (FL)

Q: While attending a HOA board meeting, several of the owners at large wanted to discuss with the board of directors issues concerning failures of the current Professional Property Management firm, but were uneasy bringing the topic up, as the representative of the firm always attends. During the course of the meeting, one owner asked […]

Governor signs “Condo 3.0” into law, cracks down on wayward boards (FL)

A measure that provides new criminal penalties for misbehaving condominium boards is now law, after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed H.B. 2021 on Friday afternoon.  The legislation was spearheaded by State Rep. Vicki Lopez, R-Miami, who held multiple meetings with condo owners who complained that associations were falling short of transparency objectives. One of the sessions […]

‘This is just outrageous’: South Florida condo owners are dumping their homes after getting slapped with six-figure special assessments — and now the once-hot market is floundering

Maria Tkachun and her husband shelled out $490,000 for a seventh-floor apartment with a terrace and balcony boasting incredible views of South Florida’s Biscayne Bay in 2022.  Two years later, the pair got hit with a six-figure special assessment — a charge that condo owners and homeowners in HOA communities must pay to either finance […]

Hammocks settling for $3.5M another suit against ex-HOA attorneys (FL)

The Hammocks is settling for $3.5 million another lawsuit against the homeowners association’s former law firms.  The firms had allegedly waged a battle against investigators who were looking into allegations of fraud against an ex-HOA president. The settlement, which isn’t final until approved by the judge, marks the fourth with former HOA attorneys in the […]

Yes, new Florida law places limits on reasons HOAs can fine you

Homeowners’ associations oversee everything from what your yard or house can look like, to parking and noise.  Florida has more HOAs than any state in the country, other than California. Roughly 45% of Floridians live in communities with an HOA which requires average payments ranging from $100 to $500 each month, according to this Miami […]

Condominium association seeks rezoning for timeshare rebuild (FL)

The proposed new Estero Island Beach Club aims to replace its previous two condominiums with a single structure on Fort Myers Beach.  Standing in the way: current town code.  Tuesday, the Estero Island Beach Club Condominium Association asked the Fort Myers Beach Local Planning Agency for permission to build up along Fort Myers Beach.    Read […]

Jewfish Key group withdraws deannexation petition (FL)

Jewfish Key residents withdrew a petition to withdraw from the town of Longboat Key.  The action May 31 resulted in the cancellation of a June 3 public hearing for the potential deannexation of the key.  Jewfish Key is a 38-acre island off the north end of Longboat Key that is home to 21 parcels owned […]

Town opts to move forward with annexation process (FL)

The Windermere Town Council hosted a virtual workshop Tuesday, May 28, to discuss the possibility of annexing the Chaine du Lac community into the town limits.  Although a consensus was reached by council members to move forward with the annexation, opinions were divided on whether a referendum for a vote by the town residents should […]

Violation Notices Part of Official Records (FL)

Q: Does a member of a homeowners’ association have the right to review a list of properties that have violated the HOA rules, such as landscape plants that are not permitted or exterior house paint colors not approved?   Read the article…………………………….

New Florida Law Requires HOAs to Adopt Hurricane Protection Measures

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law House Bill 293 in an effort to help protect Florida’s single-family homes. Effective immediately, all homeowners associations in the state are mandated to establish hurricane protection specifications along with any other pertinent factors as determined by the association’s board of directors.    Read the article…………………………….

Real estate exec: Troubled condo market will get worse (FL)

There is no doubt about the state of the condominium business in Florida right now. It’s in trouble. Big trouble.  And, if the predictions of a stronger than average hurricane season prove right — or even close to right — it could get much worse.  So says Greg Main-Baillie, a project manager who works with […]

Q&A of the Day – What Changes w/Florida’s New HOA Law

The sweeping 44-page legislation is the state’s most aggressive move to rein in what some residents would suggest are overly aggressive HOAs in the state. Due to many meaningful changes that are expected to be in place in less than a month many homeowners and boards are attempting to understand what the impact with be […]

Orlando Condo Owners Priced Out by Assessment Fees (FL)

In Orlando, condo owners are facing significant financial challenges due to steep assessment fees imposed to comply with new state regulations. These fees have become a burden, potentially pricing many out of their homes.   Read the article…………………………….

22 hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak at condo in southwest Miami-Dade (FL)

Almost two dozen residents were taken to hospitals and dozens more were evacuated after a carbon monoxide leak at a condo building in southwest Miami-Dade Tuesday morning, officials said.  Sixty people were assessed at the Hemingway Villa Condos on Southwest 40th Terrace, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Danny Cardeso said. Twenty-two were taken to hospitals, […]

Dispute involving condo’s new parking scheme lands in court, makes local news (FL)

With so many South Florida condominium communities experiencing financial challenges, some associations and their boards of directors may wish to develop new sources of revenue to help mitigate raising owners’ monthly dues or implementing special assessments.  However, as the recent litigation involving the Buckley Towers Condominium illustrates, devising a questionable new parking payment scheme and […]

HOA Q&A: Can the Board vote on a item that wasn’t on the agenda? (FL)

Q: I live in a beachfront condominium. At a recent regular 48-hour posted notice board meeting, with an agenda, one of the directors made a motion to adopt a rule about what remodeling work could be performed during “season” that was not listed on the agenda. The motion was approved by the board and now […]

Loggers’ Run Boca Raton, Campbell Property Management Facing Federal Discrimination Lawsuit (FL)

The Loggers’ Run homeowners association and Campbell Property Management allegedly conspired in acts of Antisemitism to prevent a Jewish family from opening a Chabad in the community and from sharing Jewish education with others in their home. The federal discrimination lawsuit alleges violations of the Fair Housing Act.    Read the article…………………………….

Expert Input on Vital Matters Facing South Florida Associations

The first of the two articles appeared on the front page of the Miami Herald’s Wednesday, May 15, edition. The article, titled “Did Florida lawmakers clean up condo-hotel mess or create ‘dictatorships’ for developers?”, focuses on the litigation involving the Carillon condo-hotel in Miami Beach, which spurred new legislation giving hoteliers and developers greater control […]

My Safe Florida Condo Pilot Program: Frequently Asked Questions

On April 24, 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 1029 into law, marking a pivotal moment in bolstering condominium resilience against hurricane damage. This significant milestone is important for Florida’s condominium owners’ associations to recognize in furtherance of efforts to protect Florida’s infrastructure.   Read the article…………………………….

Fort Myers Beach at epicenter of rising insurance rates (FL)

One of the major places the impact is being felt is at condos, where homeowner’s association fees are increasing to make up for not only the increase in insurance rates but shortfalls in reimbursements from insurance companies from Hurricane Ian. Many condo associations on hard-hit Fort Myers Beach are still entangled in litigation with their […]

Condo buyouts add another layer to housing crisis (FL)

State Rep. Vicki Lopez, the Republican lawmaker who led condo reforms to try to prevent another Surfside tragedy, is worried about a recent court decision over a building buyout in Miami.  Read the article…………………………….

Clearwater’s public parking in condo bleeds money with limited customers (FL)

Twenty years ago, Clearwater officials agreed to buy 100 parking spaces in a Cleveland Street condo, anticipating a downtown revival that would bring throngs of visitors.  But a blossoming of downtown restaurants and retail never happened. The parking investment has turned into a money pit for taxpayers as few patrons use the city-owned spaces.   Read […]