Richmond Hill neighbors battle HOA over melting homes (GA)

Many people in Richmond Hill housing subdivisions say they’re dealing with siding on their homes melting in the sunlight.  One woman says her homeowners association is stopping her from making a change to prevent it from happening again.    Read the article…………………………….

Dunwoody residents get details on DeKalb’s watershed issues (GA)

DeKalb officials told the Dunwoody Homeowners Association at its June 9 meeting that $520 million has been invested in the county’s water treatment system since 2017, but it is still antiquated and fragile.  Maria Houser, the director of the county’s Capital Improvement Plan and Environmental Compliance, said significant achievements in the past seven years include […]

NCSO implementing community safety campaign (GA)

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a community safety campaign program called Connect Newton.  To keep communities informed and aid in the understanding of local crime, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office invites residents to participate in the upcoming program. The NCSO requests that neighborhoods or communities with a Homeowners Association (HOA) provide a contact […]

Why Georgia Condominium Owner’s Fight Against HOAs Could Have Nationwide Implications

A legal fight is brewing in Georgia over how much authority the state’s Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) can exercise over condominium community residents. The frustrations that Georgia condominium owners are voicing have led to a bill in the state legislature to curtail HOAs authority to foreclose on residents who violate the condominium rules. Since the issues […]

Warner Robins stir: Residents drained by runoff ruining Leisure Lake (GA)

As the water recedes, concerns over runoff and sediment filling Leisure Lake in Warner Robins have escalated, prompting residents to seek answers from city officials.  Duane Smith, President of the Homeowner’s Association at Leisure Lake, situated off Moddy Road, expresses apprehension about storm drainage issues plaguing the lake for decades.   Read the article…………………………….

Dunwoody Lemonade Days celebrates 25 years of revitalization (GA)

Lemonade Days has been a Dunwoody tradition since 1999. The first event was held as a fundraiser for a campaign to replant trees following the devastating tornado that cut through Dunwoody on April 9, 1998. The Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association, Dunwoody Preservation Trust and Dunwoody Nature Center joined forces to replace trees with the “Replant the […]

Buckhead Condo Residents Riled Up Over Developer’s Plans (GA)

A group of residents living in a historic Buckhead condo complex are concerned about an apartment developer’s possible changes to the property after it bought nearly two-thirds of the units, but the company’s leader says it has no plans to demolish the buildings there.  The condo complex, Huntington Arms, is a set of brick buildings […]

Sisters sue a luxury townhome community’s HOA in effort to save a historic Black cemetery (GA)

The cemetery is at the center of a lawsuit brought by descendants of people buried there against the homeowners association that owns the property. The lawsuit alleges the luxury townhomes’ HOA has failed to maintain the property as required, allowing nature to envelop the site and render it almost unrecognizable.    Read the article…………………………….

Savannah Highlands neighbors feud with HOA (GA)

People who live in one Savannah neighborhood are butting heads with their homeowners’ association.  Though many neighbors declined to be interviewed on camera for fear of repercussions, one resident was willing to speak on the issue.  He says the common spaces that are supposed to be managed by the Savannah Highlands Homeowners’ Association are not […]

Residents upset HOA so negligent, Section 8 won’t let tenants live there (GA)

A homeowner’s association, or HOA, is responsible for maintaining the property values of the community under its jurisdiction. When HOAs make news, it’s often about complaints with an overzealous board fining residents for what they believe are irrational things……    However, residents at Peyton Place said the issues are piling up right now. One resident […]

HOA sends him 1 dozen-plus parking tickets, but he doesn’t own a car

For years, the Belmont Park Homeowners Association in Coweta County has been sending Roberto Cardenas parking citations for cars parked around his property.  The only problem is, he doesn’t own a car.   Nonetheless, Cardenas paid the fines because he was afraid his local HOA would put a lien on his home.   Read the article…………………………….

State Rep Pushes Legislation to Regulate Property Management Comps, Community Association Mgmt (GA)

Companies that manage homeowners’ associations could soon be subject to more regulations.  State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick (D-Lithonia) recently introduced House Bill 1258, legislation she says will “increase accountability for property management firm brokers and community association management brokers.”     Read the article…………………………….

Residents upset HOA so negligent, even Section 8 won’t let tenants live there (GA)

A homeowner’s association, or HOA, is responsible for maintaining the property values of the community under its jurisdiction. When HOAs make news, it’s often about complaints with an overzealous board fining residents for what they believe are irrational things.  There is a bill in the Georgia Senate to create transparency and accountability within the state’s […]

Podcast: At the crossroads of politics and HOAs (GA)

Michael Crew, Owner and CEO of Homeowner Management Services, joins Craig in studio to talk about what an HOA is, how they work, and what they can and cannot do.   Listen to the podcast………………………………

Warrants out for the arrest of HOA president, treasurer at troubled South Fulton condo complex (GA)

The City of South Fulton Police Department has secured arrest warrants for two officials with Camelot Condominiums.  City officials announced on Thursday that they have taken out warrants against Bettye Ligon and Lyndon Baldwin Sr., the president and treasurer of Camelot Condominiums Homeowners Association.    Read the article……………………………………

HOA member points gun at carpet shampoo salesman in Grovetown neighborhood (GA)

A man selling carpet shampoo in a Grovetown neighborhood was arrested after an altercation with a member of the neighborhood’s homeowner association.  Just after 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 300 block of Beech Lane in Grovetown for an altercation between a member of the neighborhood’s HOA and a salesman […]

4 people escape fire at townhomes in DeKalb County (GA)

Emergency crews were called to 1119 Village Mainstreet in Stone Mountain around 4:45 a.m. Upon arrival, crews saw heavy flames and began working to put it out.  Officials say the fire broke out in a building comprised of four units. One of the units is occupied, and two sustained heavy fire damage.   Read the article………………………………..

HOA files lawsuit to stop rebel property owner (GA)

The River Forest Homeowners Association is seeking a restraining order to stop a property owner from completing a River Forest home without having his plans approved by the homeowners association, a dispute that has already landed the property owner in jail.  (partial article)    Read the article……………………………….

Peaceful rock garden installed for injured child draws HOA’s ire (GA)

After a doctor prescribed horticultural therapy, Ghant didn’t think twice about installing a rock garden with a water feature in her front yard. But she should have.  The Walden Park Community Association sent Ghant a “cease and desist notice,” telling her she violated the HOA’s covenants, adding the garden was installed without “prior written approval.”  […]

HOA cuts sick resident’s water off after she falls behind on dues (GA)

Beth Williams fell behind on her homeowner association dues after she was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.  Williams, who lives in Paulding County, belongs to the Cottage Cove Homeowners Association, which cut off her water supply for 31 days, forcing her to survive using store-bought gallons and a water dispenser that was given to her.  Read […]

He put solar panels on his roof. Now his HOA wants them removed (GA)

When Alex Betancourt and his family moved from Buford to nearby Suwanee in 2021, the house they purchased checked all of their boxes. Good schools, a desirable neighborhood and plenty of space for his wife and five kids.  And the roof of the home — unobstructed by trees and facing south — was ideal for […]

Lightning sparks fire at DeKalb condo complex, officials say (GA)

Lightning sparked flames at a condo complex Friday night, officials with DeKalb Fire said.  It happened at the Ramsgate Condominiums at 2825 NE Expressway Access Rd. When firefighters arrived they saw flames. Fire crews were able to get the fire under control.   Read the article………………………..

Cherokee County community at odds over feral cat problem (GA)

Residents in a Cherokee County community are at odds over the feral cats in their neighborhood.  Kris Baker said the cats have been around for years.  “We’ll just put some food out for the cats that are hungry and that’s all we were doing,” she said. “We’re not claiming the cats, they’re not our cats.”  […]

Crawford Creek residents concerned about closed amenities (GA)

If you have a basketball court in your neighborhood, it’s usually a hot spot this time of year. But in one neighborhood in Columbia County, the Homeowners Association does not think it’s a good idea to have one any longer.   Read the article………………………..

Judge rules Sammie Sias, ex-commissioner, will not get a new trial (GA)

During the trial last summer, FBI agents testified that Sias deleted 7,000 files in minutes after receiving a grand jury subpoena for bank records. The subpoena came as part of an investigation into the spending of tax dollars at the Jamestown Community Center.  Sias served as president of a homeowner’s association which received the $150,000 […]