HOA leaders tell how they transformed neighborhood with water-saving landscaping — and secured rebates for the projects

While many homeowners associations in America stand between residents and eco-friendly, water-wise updates, one HOA has gone the opposite direction by making money-saving and environmentally conscious upgrades to common areas.  For Paul Morsen and Richard Theisen, the president and the treasurer of the Hampton Bay Homeowners Association, converting to water-wise plants was “a no-brainer.” As […]

Tree Care & Maintenance: Keeping Your Biggest Landscaping Elements Healthy

Trees provide us with many benefits, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. Whether your community is an urban high-rise surrounded by hundreds of others, or a sprawling suburban development with acres of grounds, its trees are an integral part of the landscape—one that we often take for granted, but which requires specific, dedicated care and […]

Sinkhole saga at Phoenix condo complex could soon be over (AZ)

People fed up with a growing sinkhole at the Parkside Condominiums on Bell and Cave Creek Roads are feeling optimistic.  The HOA board, the VP, and the community manager for City Property Management held a meeting outside the complex Thursday night to announce that repairs for the sinkhole would begin next week.   Read the article…………………………….

Understanding Landscaping Architectural Requirements for Co-owners

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic and functional integrity of shared properties, understanding the landscaping architectural requirements is crucial for co-owners. Whether you are part of a homeowners association (HOA), a condominium association, or any other type of residential community, staying informed about these regulations can help you avoid legal pitfalls and ensure your […]

Landscaping and Covenant Enforcement (CO)

With spring being in full force and summer being just around the corner, we wanted to remind all Associations regarding policies, covenant enforcement and good practices as it relates to landscaping.   Read the article…………………………….

Tree Care & Maintenance: Keeping Your Biggest Landscaping Elements Healthy

Trees provide us with many benefits, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. Whether your community is an urban high-rise surrounded by hundreds of others, or a sprawling suburban development with acres of grounds, its trees are an integral part of the landscape—one that we often take for granted, but which requires specific, dedicated care and […]

Good light, bad light: HOAs find out brighter isn’t necessarily better (AZ)

As he cruised up one street and down another, Grahame applauded some light fixtures as he groaned aloud about others.  His nightly excursions have increased of late.  Grahame is the outreach specialist for Southern Arizona Chapter of DarkSky International, and homeowner associations all over Green Valley have been inviting him into their neighborhoods to evaluate […]

7 Traffic-Calming Devices To Slow Speeding In Your HOA

Speeding cars on private roads is a widespread concern that can result in serious consequences. In fact, speeding in residential areas is one of the most common complaints to local police stations across the country. While your homeowners’ association (HOA) may be able to implement several measures to combat speeding, traffic-calming devices can effectively reduce […]

Waging War on HOA Weeds

Why is it that the plants you want to keep green and living always brown and wilt, while the weeds you try to kill flourish and drive you nuts? It’s a problem that plagues every yard, in every community, no matter in what part of the country you live. While the problem is inevitable, there […]

How to Fix the Roads in your Condo or HOA: Increase Assessments or A Special Assessment District? (MI)

The majority of new residential condominium and subdivision developments in the State of Michigan are established with private roads. When a new condominium project or subdivision is established with private roads, the roads are typically identified as a “common element” or a “common area” and are owned collectively by all members of the applicable condominium […]

HOA Winter Preparation: Getting Your Community Ready for the Cold Season

To any planned community, HOA winter preparation is vital. The winter season, especially in some states, can be very harsh. Pipes can freeze over and burst, while snow can quickly pile up and cause traffic problems. A competent HOA board would do well to get ahead of the winter months by preparing the entire association […]

Home Owner Association Snow Removal: Your Questions Answered (PA)

It is November 15, and temperatures are forecast to reach almost 70 degrees later this week. Naturally, I am thinking about snow removal for condominiums and homeowners associations. Even though snowfall was almost nonexistent during the winter of 2022-23, boards need to prepare for the upcoming season and revisit some of the questions we discuss […]

Navigating the Legal Snowdrift: Ensuring a Solid Snow Removal Contract (OH)

As winter arrives, associations and community association managers must prepare for the inevitable task of establishing smooth and safe snow removal operations. While hiring a professional snow removal service is essential, paying close attention to the language contained in these contracts is equally crucial. Unclear wording can result in legal complications piling up as rapidly […]

Loudoun HOAs Join Forces to Fight Invasive Species (VA)

Loudoun homeowner’s association presidents and board members showed up in force at the Board of Supervisors meeting last night in a coordinated effort garner funding for a program designed to help remove invasive insects and plants.  Read the article………………………………….

“Xeriscape Bill” [SB 23-178] (CO)

Have you heard of the recent “Xeriscape Bill” [SB 23-178] that was signed into law at the end of May? This new bill overrides pre-existing HOA guidelines that restricted residents from installing xeriscape, artificial turf, and vegetable gardens in their yards. The intent of the bill is to promote water-wise landscapes.   Read the article………………………………..

Residents of Stonebrook not all happy with street paving assessment (MI)

A proposed project to resurface the roads in the Stonebrook subdivision isn’t meeting with rave reviews from many of its residents who are unhappy with the cost of the special assessment  The homeowner’s association for Stonebrook, located at the southeast corner of Irish and Atherton roads, submitted petitions to Davison Township signed by 51 percent […]

Landscaping and Irrigation – Are They Included In Reserve Studies?

When your association decides to commission a reserve study, you may be wondering what components will and will not be included in the capital plan, or, if certain elements can be included. Landscaping and irrigation are both important parts of any community, but are they included in a reserve study?   Read the article………………………..

What Is Meadowscaping and Can Your Neighbors Handle It?

America’s love affair with the lawn is fading. For generations, the manicured emerald patches that graced front yards were a symbol of the American dream and pride of homeownership. But now many homeowners are ditching their turfgrass for a more natural, eco-friendly greenspace: the meadowscape.     Read the article………………………..

Benona homeowners still fighting against hemlock invasive (MI)

Some residents of Cobmoosa Shores Association are working to save their hemlock trees from the devastating effects of the hemlock woolly adelgid.  Two members of the tree advisory committee at Cobmoosa — Ernie Ryan and Paul Jordan — are working to try to save some of the mightier hemlocks in their subdivision, but they’re also […]

Middlesex judge, jury render first known decisions on Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is such a well-known menace in the United Kingdom that, if the invasive species is on your property and you try to get homeowner’s insurance, you’ll be turned away.  But in America, the plant is just beginning to creep into the public’s consciousness — and the courts.    Read the article………………………..

Mandatory Updates to HOA Landscaping Policies (CO)

Governor Polis signed into law SB23-178, which is a bill regarding landscaping changes using water-wise means. The law will take effect August 9, 2023, and it applies to detached, single family HOAs.   Read the article………………………..

Food production in HOAs (OR)

Egg prices were so high in some states at the beginning of 2023 that some people started joking about buying live chickens instead. This way, they could have a personal supply of eggs. But homeowners living in Oregon may soon get that opportunity if they really wanted to try farming their own eggs.   Read the […]

HB2298: Community Association Roadway Regulations (AZ)

On April 18, 2023, Governor Hobbs signed HB2298 which amends A.R.S. §33-1818 regarding roadway regulations in a community association. HB2298 requires that a community association with public streets where the CC&Rs regulate on-street parking hold a vote of the members by June 30, 2025 on whether to continue to regulate on-street parking.    Read the article………………………..

Peter Rabbit’s Paradise: Senate Bill 23-178 Signed Into Law (CO)

Thanks to Senate Bill 23-178, community associations throughout the state will see a significant increase in the presence of mischievous young rabbits in the coming years. Senate Bill 178 requires planned communities with detached structures – single family home communities – to permit the installation of vegetable gardens (which include flowers, fruit, herbs, and other […]

HOA landscape maintenance provides unique set of challenges (VA)

Autumn Glen is a 52-acre community, composed of mostly senior citizens who prefer to have a lawncare contractor manage their lawn and snow removal requirements. The homeowners have also tasked President Joan Callahan and the HOA Board of Directors to maintain their reputation as a great looking community.   Read the article………………………..

The Importance of HOA Landscaping Maintenance and Improvements (CA)

Managing and maintaining an HOA community can be a difficult task. Still, landscaping is one of the most essential elements to consider when it comes to enhancing your neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal.  Property values are directly tied to curb appeal, so taking care of HOA landscaping adds value and allows for the enjoyment of living in […]

Yukon HOA blames construction company for ruining roads (OK)

The roads in one Yukon neighborhood are rough after a nearby construction crew was caught several times driving large trucks through their streets.  “It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix something like this and it’s frustrating,” said President of the Millers Gate Homeowners Association Matthew Raley. “You can only raise dues by so […]

Cedar Ridge townhome residents complain developer left no topsoil for landscaping (PA)

On behalf of the Cedar Ridge Homeowner’s Association, attorney Scott Lipson and engineer Bill Erdman of Keystone Engineering presented a report outlining residents’ dissatisfaction with their top soil as left by the developer, THP Homes. They argued that THP did not supply the required eight inches of top soil on the property, with residents finding […]

Building Landscaping: Non-Grass Alternatives To Consider (IL)

Maintaining a lush, green lawn can be difficult to keep up with in the long term. However, there are many options for landscaping that don’t require grass and can add color and texture to your outdoor space. In this post, we will explore non-grass alternatives that you may want to consider when planning your next […]

Homeowners could be responsible for millions of dollars in road repairs (NC)

The road is currently owned by Lennar Corporation, the developer behind many of the homes along the parkway. But Comstock says Lennar plans to deed the road to the homeowners’ association.  That means the approximate 1,500 people in the HOA would be responsible for its upkeep.    Read the article………………………..

Tips For Starting A Community Garden

Industry-wide, green standards—like responsible use of renewable resources, a focus on indoor and outdoor air quality, and sustainable living practices—are now prioritized in homeowners’ associations (HOAs). By implementing environmental initiatives, HOAs have the opportunity to beautify their communities, save money, and even raise the value of homes.   Read the article………………………..

Pothole problems plague condo community (LA)

People living in the Concord Condominiums said they are having to deal with what seems like an endless stretch of potholes.  The residents said the pesky potholes are taking a toll on cars and wallets.    Read the article………………………..

Bids vs. Contracts: Warnings and Legal Liability (CO)

We have previously addressed the importance of Associations having proper, legal contracts that protect the Association and how proposals are not to be signed in lieu of contracts, etc. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more issues with bids & contracts that produce liability for the Association and at times managers. Please note the following […]

Does your pollinator garden violate your community’s weed ordinance? Before you mow, here are a few steps to take to keep it growing strong

You think you’ve done the right thing. You removed that backyard biological desert, your fertilizer and herbicide-hungry lawn.  In its place, you planted a meadow of native grasses and wildflowers to nourish bees, butterflies and other pollinators. You are savoring the resulting explosion of flowers when, out of the blue, you receive a notice of […]

Homeowner Association Pond Management (BC)

If you sit on the board of a Homeowner Association, you take pride in how your community looks. From clean streets, green grass, and pristine ponds. Pond management is a challenge for any HOA, whether one pond, a series of connected ponds, or water hazards on a community golf course. This blog delves into common […]