Hawaii Property Management Giant Under Scrutiny

State officials have begun an investigation of one of Hawaii’s major condominium management firms, Associa Hawaii, which state records indicate has been operating without an active broker’s license required by law.Read the article………………………..

Land Board takes hard line on oceanfront properties in Hawaii

While the project would enlarge the public beach, it’s been criticized as largely benefiting the oceanfront hotels and condos in the Kaanapali Beach Resort and encouraging them to stay put rather than start looking at options for retreating from the shoreline.   Read the article………………………..

Honokowai condo Hale Mahina evades shoreline access requirement for 45 years (HI)

The Hale Mahina Beach Resort, a condominium complex in Honokowai, has for more than 45 years managed to avoid, evade, resist and refuse to comply with required beach access regulations stipulated in their 1977 agreement with the County of Maui. That agreement gave them the go-ahead to build their resort structures fronting one of Maui’s […]

City agrees to pay $2M to settle lawsuits over flood damage in East Honolulu (HI)

The suit alleges that the city didn’t properly inspect or maintain nearby drainage systems, which had flooded several times in recent years.  The head of a local homeowners association agrees.  “The city just doesn’t provide any maintenance and just appears to come out and fix pipes when they break but doesn’t do anything to replace […]

Aiea condo fire (HI)

Viewers sent in dramatic video shot from the highway showing an end unit on the 29th floor up in flames. The heat from the flames melted guardrails on lanais and burst out windows in neighboring units.   Read the article………………………..

Condo where fatal fire happened didn’t have sprinklers, alarms didn’t sound (HI)

Gardner said they heard an alarm 20 minutes after seeing the fire, causing a crucial delay for evacuating residents, especially those living on higher floors.  Fire officials said the apartment complex did not have fire sprinklers because it was one of about 300 highrises built before the 1975 city ordinance requiring high-rise buildings to install […]

Hawaii Lawmakers Considering HOA Ombudsman Program

A bill implementing an ombudsman program for community associations is slated to be introduced in the Hawaii legislature this month. The proposal seeks to establish a third-party watchdog to help settle disputes between associations and their residents, according to published reports about the legislation.     Read the article………………………..

Moloka?i residents honored for environmental volunteerism (HI)

A group of Moloka?i residents has been recognized for its environmental volunteerism for the Adopt-A-Highway program in Maui Nui.  The Kawela Plantation Homeowners’ Association is the newest recipient of the No Ka Oi Highway Hui Award, a program of the Department of Transportation Highways Division – Maui District. It recognizes Adopt-A-Highway groups for their exemplary […]

Unresolved conflicts in condo living and condo law (OpEd – HI)

A Civil Beat story by Stewart Yerton again calls attention to unhappy condominium owners who appear to blame rising monthly maintenance fees on arbitrary decisions by their elected condominium boards (“Condo Owners Want More Power To Fight Their Homeowners Boards“). The comments display the range of opinions, from the condo equivalent of anti-tax activists to […]

Condo Owners Want More Power To Fight Their Homeowners Boards (HI)

As the Hawaii Legislature prepares for the 2023 session, scheduled to begin Jan. 18, a loose association of condominium owners is joining forces with a longtime advocacy organization to push to make Hawaii one of roughly half a dozen states in the U.S. with a third-party ombudsman to help settle condo disputes.   Read the article………………………..

Hawaii Condo Fees Are Among Nation’s Highest. And They’re Squeezing The Middle Class

Many of Hawaii’s high costs of living are painfully obvious, including the nation’s highest electricity rates, median single-family home prices that top $1 million on Oahu and milk prices that routinely exceed $6 a gallon.  But there’s another less talked about cost that has earned Hawaii an equally dubious distinction: according to a recent study, […]

Big Island Condo Owners Navigate Troubled Finances (HI)

Condo owners in a Big Island community are unexpectedly digging deeper into their wallets after being blindsided by a surprise budget hit. By Friday, owners of Elima Lani Condominiums at Waikoloa Village must pay a $1,000 “special assessment” on top of their regular $400 monthly fees to cover unpaid expenses.  Read the article……………………………..

Electric Vehicles Are On The Rise In Hawaii. Can Charging Infrastructure Keep Up?

As more and more drivers in the state make the switch to electric vehicles, or so-called EVs, managers from townhouses to high rises are dealing with requests to install charging stations in their parking structures. But costly regulations, infrastructure barriers and lengthy permitting processes have delayed many buildings from installing these chargers, slowing the EV […]

Justice Department Alleges Disability Discrimination in Amended Lawsuit Concerning Design and Construction of Multifamily Housing in Hawaii

The Justice Department filed an amended complaint today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii, alleging that 14 entities designed and constructed five condominium and apartment complexes in Hawaii without accessible features required by the Fair Housing Act. Two of the properties — Kahului Town Terrace, in Kahului, Maui; and Palehua Terrace, […]

Saving Kauai’s Kalihiwai Reservoir Is An Expensive Problem (HI)

When Kauai’s Kalihiwai Reservoir was built in 1920, its value was tied to sugar cane, the economic engine that propelled Hawaii into statehood before competition from cheap foreign labor forced the industry to flee the state.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Maui Condo Owners Want To Tax Themselves To Save Their Homes From Rising Seas (HI)

As sea levels rise due to climate change, one spot on Maui is particularly vulnerable: Kahana Bay.  Hundreds of residents of this beachside community on the island’s northwest coast are trying to save their properties from collapsing into the sea, as happened to a home on Oahu’s North Shore in February. Kahana Bay residents formed […]

Only in Hawai‘i: You Own the Home But Not the Land

About 1 in 8 condos for sale on O‘ahu are leasehold. Many, including some prestigious properties, are declining in value as the end of their land leases near.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Residents of Kaka’ako high-rise say they were promised luxury, but got leaky fire sprinklers instead (HI)

The 2-year-old building on Halekauwila Street is outfitted with modern furniture, a movie theater, karaoke room, as well as a sky lanai overlooking downtown Honolulu.  But occupants of the mixed-use residential condo argue its looks are deceiving.  “Since pretty much the move in, we’ve experienced lots of issues related to safety and security of the […]

Structural Systems: Protecting condominiums and high-rise buildings (HI)

On Take2 we have talked a lot about the effects hurricanes and storms can have on our single family homes around Hawaii. However, we also want to discuss the impact that storms and bad weather systems can have on our high rise buildings and condominiums.   Watch the report (after the ad)………………………………

Huge water problem soaks Ewa community (HI)

Ewa Beach homeowners Charlotte and Yuka Momosea and their neighbors try not to waste water. Yet the community in which they live hasn’t been able to account for over 100 million gallons of the precious resource in the last year.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Peeved in Puna: Residents frustrated by county’s decision regarding lava-damaged infrastructure (HI)

Robert Golden, former president of the Leilani Estates Community Association, said he was disappointed by the county’s decision, but added that there is little that can be done.  Neither Hinalo nor Lauone streets were full-width roads, which precludes the county from using FEMA funds to restore them, Golden said.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Who is liable for condo disasters like a fire or building collapse? (HI)

Attorney Jane Sugimura, President of the Hawaii Council of Associations of Apartment Owners, joins producer/host Coralie Chun Matayoshi to discuss the condominium association Board of Director’s responsibility to maintain the premises in a safe and habitable condition, what kind of liability insurance condo associations and individual unit owners should have, the Honolulu City Council’s post-Marco […]

Residents in Hilo condo fear rent hikes, being kicked out as state lifts eviction moratorium (HI)

A group of residents in a Hilo housing project are expressing concern that they’ll be evicted from their affordable units when Hawaii’s eviction moratorium ends next month.  But the building’s management company says the concerns are being overblown.  Residents in affordable units at Waiakea Villas say they started getting text messages from building management in […]

Residents protest safety improvements to private road near Diamond Head (HI)

“Leahi Avenue is the only access to our neighborhood and overnight we came to find that half the street has been turned into a pay-for-parking parking lot. Traffic has been affected. It’s been quite a challenge to come down the street and neighbors are quite upset about all that’s gone on,”    Read the entire article……………………………….