Somersett residents outraged at developer over subdivision construction (NV)

Residents said they have been trying to raise awareness about what they called Toll Brothers’ poor workmanship, “deviation from architectural plans” and unsafe, incomplete hillside landscaping. They said the City of Reno has failed to enforce its own codes and requirements, which puts their homes at risk because of what they said was poor erosion […]

Jersey City Man Charged in Theft from Union City Homeowners Association (NJ)

Authorities have charged a Jersey City man in connection with the theft of funds from a Union City homeowners association.  According to Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Investigations Unit arrested 39-year-old Eric Li yesterday at the prosecutor’s office in Secaucus.    Read the article…………………………….

Antioch homeowners outraged as HOA fees spike 75% with no explanation (TN)

Homeowners in Antioch are furious because they say their Homeowner Association fees increased 75% in the last seven months and they say they are not being told why.  A group of homeowners at Lenox Creekside Condominium in Antioch are frustrated with their HOA fees.  Bartolovich says it’s impossible to get answers from the HOA board […]

Big Jump in Insurance Costs Strikes Condos

Board members of the Highland Park Community Association in Mission Viejo, Calif., braced last year for a rise in insurance costs.  Yet they were still shocked to receive a quote for over $170,000, which was more than four times what the association paid in 2022. Another 12 insurers declined to offer quotes, because wildfire risk […]

Laredo leaders address concerns over HOAs with new lawn watering rules (TX)

City Council adopted an ordinance for homeowners who may deal with strict restrictions by Home Owner Associations throughout the city as drought contingencies continue to affect Laredo residents’ lawn care. District VII Councilmember Vanessa Perez brought up the item at a recent meeting speaking on behalf of her constituents and others in the city who […]

For a condo board trustee, neighbors demand much time

Q: About a year ago, I got roped into joining the board of trustees at my condo association, which has been more demanding than I expected since we’re dealing with a number of pressing issues. Now, neighbors will stop me in the parking lot or laundry room with questions and complaints, or even knock on […]

Nonprofit Organizations Pay Over $5.8 Million to Resolve Allegations of Fraudulently Obtaining Pandemic-Related Loans (CA)

Multiple nonprofit organizations—including two private country clubs and two homeowners associations—have paid $5,809,021.60 to settle allegations that they violated the False Claims Act by knowingly submitting false claims and obtaining Paycheck Protection Program loans for which they were not eligible.   Read the article…………………………….

Judge halts vote on Apple Valley POA bylaws amendment (OH)

Knox County Common Pleas Judge Richard Wetzel halted the voting Monday on an Apple Valley Property Owner’s Association bylaws amendment relating to short-term rentals.  The amendment restricts short-term rentals of less than six months. The POA planned to announce voting results at its June 22 annual meeting.  Wetzel granted a 30-day temporary restraining order (TRO) […]

State Court used “Squatters’ Rights” in awarding sliver of land (AL)

Hidden between Phoenix East and Phoenix VIII is a slender building named Perdido Dunes. For many years Perdido Dunes has been using a two-and-a-half-foot strip of land owned by Phoenix Rentals. The long beachfront battle between Orange Beach condominiums has been settled, with the Alabama Supreme Court confirming a new tower is entitled to squatter’s […]

Condos Drowning In Water Debt (CT)

A years-long leak has sunk a Fair Haven Heights condo association into $138,000 in debt?—?landing the group in bankruptcy court, and leading to a legal fight over whether the association’s water bill or urgent maintenance should be paid for first. Meanwhile, Winters Run resident Rose Appi has been living with all of her furniture in […]

Because In Your Corner woke them up’: ONG fixes problems at NW Oklahoma City condos

There’s a happy ending to the months-long saga between Benttree Condos residents and Oklahoma Natural Gas.  “Those guys couldn’t have been here faster, couldn’t have been more apologetic, couldn’t have been more humble,” said Patsy Hooten. “It was because In Your Corner woke them up and got their attention… This was something that had dragged […]

The Corporate Transparency Act – Ethical Issues with Reporting Requirements

The Corporate Transparency Act is a major new federal law that imposes strict reporting requirements on nearly all business entities in the US, including community associations. This new law is significant, as it will impact every community association and every individual homeowner who serves on an association’s board of directors. Compliance with this new law […]

City rejects request to take over private streets (MO)

The Washington City Council has rejected a request to take over maintenance of private streets in the Turtle Creek subdivision.  City Administrator Darren Lamb sent a letter May 14 to the Turtle Creek Homeowners Association stating the city was turning down the request for several reasons including lack of right-of-way and lack of compliance with […]

Harford County investigates drive-by shooting in a usually peaceful community (MD)

Michael Beavers is a former board member of the homeowner’s association for the Gunpowder community.  “Shocked. It doesn’t happen here. I mean this is a quiet neighborhood. We hear about it on the news, but it doesn’t happen here,” said Beavers.  According to Beavers, the HOA placed hidden cameras throughout the community to deter crime, […]

Real estate exec: Troubled condo market will get worse (FL)

There is no doubt about the state of the condominium business in Florida right now. It’s in trouble. Big trouble.  And, if the predictions of a stronger than average hurricane season prove right — or even close to right — it could get much worse.  So says Greg Main-Baillie, a project manager who works with […]

Condo owners in Brentwood complain about skyrocketing H.O.A. fees (MO)

Mary Ann Moore is a member of the Brentwood Forest Condos board.  “I can understand why they’re a little shocked by that,” she said.  Moore said that the condo complex has been hit with a combination of increased costs that have created a perfect storm. She said the December assessment paid for engineering work and […]

A Comprehensive Look at Building Safety Regulations and Florida Milestone Inspections

It often takes a crisis for society and government to react. Whether it be seat belts, smoking, or building safety, unfortunately, catastrophe can move the needle toward addressing public safety issues. This paper explores the events leading up to Florida Chapter 2023-203, the steps that impacted owners/developers/managers can take to ensure compliance, and how experts […]

22 hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak at condo in southwest Miami-Dade (FL)

Almost two dozen residents were taken to hospitals and dozens more were evacuated after a carbon monoxide leak at a condo building in southwest Miami-Dade Tuesday morning, officials said.  Sixty people were assessed at the Hemingway Villa Condos on Southwest 40th Terrace, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Danny Cardeso said. Twenty-two were taken to hospitals, […]

Legislature’s inaction on HOA reforms will hurt seniors (CO)

According to the state demographer, Colorado now has more citizens over the age of 65 than teenagers. Today, seniors represent the fastest-growing segment of our population, and by 2035, one out of every five Colorado residents—or an estimated 1.3 million people—will be aged 65 or higher. In Adams County alone, our senior population is expected […]

Dispute involving condo’s new parking scheme lands in court, makes local news (FL)

With so many South Florida condominium communities experiencing financial challenges, some associations and their boards of directors may wish to develop new sources of revenue to help mitigate raising owners’ monthly dues or implementing special assessments.  However, as the recent litigation involving the Buckley Towers Condominium illustrates, devising a questionable new parking payment scheme and […]

HOA says single elevator at senior living community will cost $120K to fix (SC)

Residents at one senior living community in West Columbia said the only elevator in their building has been broken for several months.  The Hulon Greene Homeowners Association said the elevator experienced “the failure” in November 2023. However, residents said the elevator had been broken since September.    Read the article…………………………….

Two Years After Massive Blaze, Grand Bear Owners Still Rebuilding (IL)

It was two years ago Thursday that 28 residential units at Grand Bear Lodge were burned to the ground.  Just before 5:30 on that Memorial Day, a small fire started on a front porch. Before it was over, more than 200 firefighters from more than 60 departments would fight what grew into a massive fire. […]

Alabama woman killed when tree crashes into condo during thunderstorm

A central Alabama woman was killed early Monday when a tree crashed into her condominium during a thunderstorm, authorities said.  The 79-year-old woman, whose name has not yet been released, was alone in her residence at the Mountain Brook Court Condominiums on Montevallo Road when the large tree fell onto her home at about 6:30 […]

Flying the American Flag On Memorial Day and Flag Day

The unofficial start of summer is here. As we prepare to observe Memorial Day—a day to honor those who died while serving in the U.S. military—many HOA and condo residents across the country will display the American flag.  According to the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the American flag should be flown at half-staff […]

HOA denies allegations of forcing out elderly veteran (ID)

A local homeowner’s association is disputing claims that an elderly veteran may be forced out of his home due to HOA fees.  Local News 8 reported Friday that 80-year-old Bob Reinisch was asked to pay a total of $3,500 in fees and assessments to the Gem Lake Harbor Homeowner’s Association, which he said he cannot […]

Property manager bankrupt after stealing $700K from Aurora HOA (CO)

A property management company has filed for bankruptcy after a judge determined that its owner stole $700,000 from a homeowners’ association in Aurora and spent the ill-gotten gains on a Lincoln, a Louis Vuitton, a stay at the Ritz-Carlton and other frivolities.  Mastino Management, in Parker, filed for Chapter 11 on May 15. Its co-owner, […]

They Bought a New DC Luxury Condo. It Could Collapse (DC)

When a pair of first-time homeowners moved into a sleek condo in Northwest, they were thrilled. Now they’re afraid their building “could fall over”—and wondering why city inspectors failed to spot its many flaws. Read the article…………………………….

Freddie Mac Provides Condo Associations Access to Loan Eligibility Status

While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have developed lists of condo associations that are ineligible for participation in their mortgage programs, the challenge for associations begins with their inability to learn from the government-sponsored entities whether their communities are on the lists. In response to widespread calls to provide associations with access to the information […]

Condo managers in Perdido Key battle critter invasion amid new lighting ordinance debate (FL)

Rats and snakes have become unwelcome guests at two Perdido Key condominiums.  The associate managers for those properties attended Monday’s Board of Escambia County Commissioners meeting, one of them speaking out publicly against a proposed wildlife-lighting ordinance.  The two women worry if it passes, it’ll worsen a problem with nuisance critters living on the premises.  […]

Horseshoe Bay POA vs. resort back in court (TX)

A visiting district judge is considering granting injunctive relief to the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners’ Association from the Horseshoe Bay Resort following a temporary restraining order hearing on May 16.  The order request is part of a lawsuit filed by the POA against the resort on May 6 in the 33rd Judicial District Court in […]

Pickleball courts in a legal pickle over the associated noise

Pickleball Legal Consultant is a job title that likely did not exist a decade ago, but as pickleball courts infiltrate neighborhoods to satiate an appetite for a sport whose namesake is a snack, communities take issue with the resulting influx of noise. Now homeowners’ associations and city councils face litigation by those whose lives are […]

Condo lawsuit: Neighbors claim association took parking spaces to make a profit (FL)

A group of neighbors at Buckley Towers condominiums in northeast Miami-Dade claimed in court that some members of their association’s board of directors took advantage of their position to profit off the community.  Among the complaints: uncollected trash piling up in bins and inside the building’s trash chutes.    Read the article…………………………….

Henderson neighbors demand answers after 37-hour deadly barricade (NV)

Residents in a quiet Cadence community in Henderson want answers after a 37-hour-long barricade situation in April.  The standoff ended with a suspect found dead in the attic and extensive damage to the townhouse building……So Channel 13 reached out to the City of Henderson for more answers. We asked what the cost of the incident […]