Philippines: Disqualification of a director of a homeowner’s association

Dear PAO,  I own a house and lot inside a subdivision in Pasig City, where I am a member of the Board of Directors of its registered homeowner’s association (HOA). Last month, I bought another residential property in the neighboring subdivision where my current house is. I would like to know if, as a member […]

Gatekeepers of Property: Unveiling Unethical HOA Fees in South African Estates

In the serene, gated communities of South Africa, where security and exclusivity offer a promise of tranquility, a storm brews beneath the surface. At the heart of this tempest are the Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), embroiled in controversial practices that may not only be unethical but potentially illegal. It’s a narrative that delves deep into the […]

Philippines: Homeowners ‘refused’ access to subdivision facilities

HOMEOWNERS of Sunberry Homes in Sudtonggan, Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City continue to complain about exorbitant water rates a year after raising the matter before the government.  Now, they have a new axe to grind: they are accusing the developer of preventing them from using the subdivision’s facilities.   Read the article…………………………….

Malaysia: Navigating the complexities of strata ownership

It is increasingly commonplace these days to find strata commercial properties that are mixed-use developments and integrated with multiple components such as offices, retail, serviced apartments, SoHos/SoFos, hotels, medical centres and even industrial warehouses and shoplots.   Read the article…………………………….

Portugal: Condominiums call for access to bank loans

Today, for a condominium to be able to request bank financing it needs to obtain the green light unanimously at the Condominium Assembly, which becomes very difficult, especially in buildings with several floors and dozens of residents. This is why the majority of management companies, which participated in a study by UCI Portugal, argue that […]

Australia: Don’t get caught out! Changes to strata title legislation

The NSW Government reviewed the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 (‘SSDA’) and the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (‘SSMA’) with some 139 reforms recommended. As stated by the Hon. Mark Buttigieg in the second reading speech, the aim of the Strata Legislation Amendment Act 2023 is ‘to improve the governance, accountability and effectiveness of strata […]

Malta: Navigating Change: Examining Proposed Amendments to the Condominium Act

The Government recently released a White Paper entitled “Reforming the Condominium Act” which invited comments on proposed changes to be made to such Act. This is a positive development as it is an area of law which needs reform considering that property complexes have developed to a larger scale in Malta in recent years. Read […]

Philippines: Lazy volunteers must be kicked out

IF a volunteer-dentist offers to serve the needs of an impoverished community on a certain day and time and comes in two hours late, would you fault him for that? Some people say no. The dentist is offering his free time and services, so better ignore that minor lapse. In a homeowners’ association, if a […]

Australia: How stratas are derailing unit owners’ bid to lower bills

Unmotivated owners and strata policies are preventing more apartment blocks from moving to renewable energy.  ReNewCo founder and CEO Matthew Summerville has recently installed solar to a block of units in Clovelly and said that unit owners have more options than they realise.   Read the article…………………………….

Australia: Five ways strata owners can stem the tide of rising insurance

Climate change is driving insurance premiums higher – in strata properties premiums are set to rise nationally by 15-20 per cent from the start of FY24, according to Honan Insurance Group, driven by “claims costs inflation, rising building valuations, and insurers raising rates after periods of losses”.    Read the article……………………………….

Australia: Strata association produces insurance disclosure guide

Strata Community Association (SCA) has produced a best practice guide that aims to improve disclosure in areas such as commissions, conflicts of interest and the allocation of remuneration.  The release of the guide comes after recommendations made by consultant John Trowbridge in the first phase of an independent review of strata insurance practices and draws […]

Australia: Serious defects found in more than 50% of NSW strata buildings

More than half of NSW strata buildings have serious defects, with an estimated $79 million being spent by owners’ corporations to rectify the issues, a survey has found.  The joint initiative between Strata Community Association (SCA) NSW and the Office of the Building Commissioner found 53% of buildings had serious defects between 2016-2022, up from […]

South Africa: Community Harmony: Your Guide to Ideal Living Spaces

It doesn’t matter if you’re a potential tenant, first-time home owner, investor owner, new family, empty nester or retired, if you’re looking for a community of like-minded individuals, with a mutual interest in protecting your investment with priorities of security, aesthetics, financial stability and maintaining value, then community scheme living is for you.    Read the […]

Australia: Resolving Ripples: The Art of Diplomacy in Strata Disputes

In the tapestry of communal living, disagreements are like ripples on the surface of a tranquil pond. Strata living, with its shared spaces and interconnected lifestyles, often witnesses the emergence of disputes, creating waves that can either disrupt harmony or be skillfully navigated to maintain equilibrium. Welcome to the realm of “Resolving Ripples,” where the […]

Australia: Is Mascot Towers a Wake Up Call for Strata Owners?

In today’s guest-writer article by well-known strata commentator and consultant, Michael Teys, he discusses the latest setback for the ill-fated Mascot Towers building after a NSW Supreme Court decision, explains his alternate view of their situation, and reminds us of his strata ownership mantras. It’s a bit of tough strata love.   Read the article…………………………

Netherlands: The Dutch homeowner’s association (VvE) explained

I’ve come across several cases recently in which buyers have been hit with unexpected bills, but this can be avoided if you are aware of your rights and obligations with regard to the VvE. Your makelaar (real estate agent) and notary are better placed than I am to help you with questions about the VvE […]

Philippines: Structural hazards found in Davao City condo

A unit owner, choosing to remain anonymous, disclosed in a Messenger interview with SunStar Davao that they have already evacuated their unit. They sought repairs for the unit after feeling an intensity 4 earthquake in the city on Friday afternoon, November 17.    Read the article…………………………

Australia: Your Strata Scheme is Being Sued for $850 Million

Generally we use these bulletins for educational purposes, but it’s getting toward that time of the year when everything goes a little crazy in the world of strata title, and so today the emphasis is on providing you with sheer relief that your strata scheme is not tied up with the sort of case in […]

Thailand – Condominiums Cannot Be Used For Hotel Operations

On November 6, 2023, Thailand’s Department of Lands issued a circular letter clarifying that the use of units in condominium buildings for hotel business operations is not allowed. Circular Letter No. Mor Tor 0517.3/Wor 23302, which was sent to all provincial governors in Thailand, explains this by emphasizing that although the Condominium Act (No. 4) […]

Philippines: Residents around condominium in Davao City told to leave after quake

A total of 174 individuals residing around the construction site of the high-rise condominium tower The Paragon Davao of Cebu Landmasters were advised to vacate after a crane collapsed in the magnitude-6.8 earthquake that rocked this city and a southern Mindanao on Friday, November 17.   Read the article……………………………….

Australia: Strata Property Managers Warned: Balancing Safety and Financial Opportunities During Schoolies Celebrations

Strata property managers in South East Queensland have been warned that they should not discriminate against school-leavers during the annual Schoolies celebrations. With thousands of students set to descend on the region for three weeks of festivities, property managers have been advised that special rules should not be implemented solely for Schoolies residents.   Read the […]

Australia: Our most frequently asked strata management questions

This month we asked our Strata Managers what their most frequently asked questions of the year were – and the answers were surprising! Over the last 5 years, ESM Strata has prioritised educating our stakeholders and customers to ensure they are empowered with as much knowledge about their strata property as possible.    Read the article………………………………..

Australia: NSW Government grant program will assist buildings become EV ready

The NSW Government is investing $10 million to assist NSW strata apartments by co-funding the assessment and installation of electric vehicle infrastructure upgrades. Find out more about the Electric Vehicle Ready Buildings (EVRB) grants in this webinar with the program.    Read the article……………………………..

Uganda: Seven years of disappointing condominium ownership

The condominium contract states that all problems found on the property must be reported in the first year so that the developer rectifies them at his own cost. Any problems that arise after the Defects Liability Period (DLP), the condo owners must rectify them at their own cost.     Read the article…………………………………..

Malaysia: You Can Be Sued For Forwarding A ‘Defamatory’ Text Message

Earlier this month, the Kuala Lumpur High Court held two condominium unit owners in Puchong, Selangor, liable for defaming a housing developer.  Justice Nazlan Ghazali found that libellous statements about the developer posted by the duo in a chat group set up among the owners of condominium units in a housing development were sufficient to […]

India: Condo lift death: 4 AOA members among 8 named in chargesheet

Police in Noida have submitted a 45-page chargesheet regarding the death of a 73-year-old woman who died after the lift she was in fell from the eighth floor to the basement.    Eight people have been named in the chargesheet, including the directors of the private firm responsible for lift maintenance, the facility manager, and members of the apartment […]

Malta: MDA welcomes reform of condominium act, says it should have stronger presence

The Malta Development Association on Thursday welcomed the reform the government is planning for the Condominium Act, but requested to have a stronger presence in the process.  In a statement, the MDA said it welcomed the government’s commitment to amend the current legislation given that a legislative intervention to address the current realities and the […]

Australia: Court Clears Up Cladding Construction Confusion

……..they explain the results and impacts on strata title stakeholders of a recent NSW Court of Appeal decision on our old favourites: strata building defects, combustible cladding, and Toplace. It’s a timely reminder that hard legal cases sometimes need to be pursued properly and completely to get the right results, as this strata building successfully […]

Australia: Backroom deals in strata insurance and how they’re costing you

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to strata insurance, and a lot of the movement is hidden from the people who pay for it.  It all comes down to the complex dealings between strata managers and the insurance industry – dealings that often involve undisclosed commissions and payments.  Read the article………………………………..

India: Builder told to expedite refunds to flat owners of unsafe Chintels towers

The district administration on Friday held a review of the ongoing settlement process of Chintels Paradiso condominium in Sector 109 and directed the developer to speed up refunds to flat owners of towers D, E,F, G, and H, which have been deemed unsafe for habitation by an expert committee of IIT-Delhi.   Read the article…………………………………