Common Cybersecurity Risks in the Association Management Industry

Cybercrime is on the rise, and the association management industry is not immune.  This blog dives into the most common cybersecurity threats faced by associations, we’ll also explore actionable steps associations can take to protect themselves and their members from these ever-evolving threats.    Read the article…………………………….

Large HOAs need secure online presence (NV)

Q: Is there a Nevada statute that requires homeowners associations of a certain size to have and maintain an online presence, that is, a website? If yes, what information needs to be accessible on the site?  Read the Q&A………………………………..

Crafting and Protecting Your Community’s Trademark (FL)

Has your association ever faced the challenge of a shadow website or social media page imitating your own? Have you discovered your community’s name being used by a business entity without permission? Host Donna DiMaggio Berger, along with guest Valeria Angelucci from Becker’s Corporate Practice, shed light on these common issues. Despite their prevalence, the […]

Are E-mail Discussions by HOA Directors Aloud? (CA)

Below is a helpful tip from the Newsletter by ADAMS | STIRLING PLC regarding the directors having discussions in emails. It reads as follows . . . Seventeen years ago, the Open Meeting Act for HOA meetings went into effect. Everyone assumed that emails among a quorum of directors constituted a board meeting and was […]

Best HOA & Condo Websites for your Association

A website is a handy tool for any homeowners association. It defines how a community interacts with its residents and eases communication. What’s more? An HOA website makes it easy to access community rules and improves transparency between the residents and the management.   Read the article………………………..

Why Condo and Co-op Boards Should Reconsider Cable Bulk Agreements (NY)

As a co-op and condo efficiency consultant, we analyze our clients’ operating expense and income line items as well as their contracts. When we hear that they are in a cable bulk agreement, we immediately review it to get the end date so that we can cancel it at the earliest possible date. Why? Because […]

Cautionary Tales: Know Your Association Website Information and Protect It

As more community associations enter the digital age and establish their own websites, boards enter a new world that may be unfamiliar. Association websites are a great tool for providing owners with the community’s governing documents, handbooks, and other relevant information, such as when the pool will open and close. Many owners have stated that […]

POA board videos removed from YouTube (AR)

Streaming meetings of Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board of Director might continue on YouTube, even though it appears board meetings have been removed from HSVPOA’s YouTube channel.   Read the article………………………..

Data Security In HOAs: How Is Homeowner Information Protected?

Data privacy is a widely discussed topic among planned communities and condominiums today. But, is an HOA legally required to protect member information? How do you strike the right balance between records inspection and data security in HOAs?   Read the article………………………..

7 Must-Have HOA Online Services For The Best User Experience

There is a lot that goes into managing a homeowners association. But, with the right tools, it can be made significantly more straightforward. Here are the HOA online services every community should have.  Read the article………………………..

It’s Time to Implement Best Practices for HOA Cyber Security

There is no question that digital solutions and online platforms can save tons of time for homeowners associations. Every paper process that can be replaced with a digital solution is probably worth exploring. The only problem with online solutions versus traditional paper document storage is the increased risk for hacks that put member and association […]

Your HOA’s Been Hacked. Now What?

I thought the large-scale community with 3,000 homes and 20 subassociations that I manage was too small to need any major computer security other than the typical antivirus and spam filters. I was wrong. Read the article………………………..

Cyber Security In HOAs (AZ)

In 2021, the average number of cyber security attacks increased by over 15%.[1] LinkedIn was source of the largest data breach in 2021 when over 700 million files were stolen. An increase in cyber related attacks should have everyone reviewing their cybersecurity plan.   Read the article………………………..

Cybersecurity tips for condo and co-op boards (NY)

As the number of devices connected to the internet (known as the Internet of Things, or IoT) grows, so does the risk of cyberattacks. With the increase in technology used in coops and condos, the board has a responsibility to protect the association and its owners from these threats. Here are some tips for NYC […]

Tips to Consider in Preparing Your Community Association for a Fiber Network: The Present & the Future of the Internet and TV (FL)

The Present: These days, we are driven and focused on data and media consumption. The fiber optic technology continues to strengthen and the need for gigabit speeds becomes more and more evident.  It is important to engage with a telecommunication service provider that specializes in community associations offering bulk discounted rates    Read the entire article……………………………….

Security Tips For Protecting Your HOA’s Data

Technology can enhance homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in a variety of ways—including helping with data storage. Many HOAs depend on digital platforms to store contracts, resident databases, banking information, and other confidential documents. This method of storing data can be extremely efficient, but as with all technology, the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches is present.  Read […]

Spring Creek receives $7 million for broadband (NV)

Spring Creek has received a $7 million federal grant to expand broadband in the area.  The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced Friday it had awarded $7.3 million to fund the project that will serve 5,568 homes, 169 businesses and 21 anchor institutions.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Problem Solved: How to Prevent Phishing and Cyber-Theft (NY)

All our digital devices make us ripe for fraud or a hack, whether it’s out-and-out theft or someone stealing personal information from our servers. From a banker’s perspective, what are the various ways that digital fraud happens?   Read the entire article……………………………….

Data Breach Prevention

Data leaks and hacks are happening every day. From a small business to a Fortune 500 company, chances are your private information was subject to a leak or a hack and you might not even know it.  Moreover. you might not be aware what type of information these companies have of yours. Imagine all of […]

Cyber Security Issues | Protecting HOA Data from Hackers

All homeowner associations have access to sensitive owners’ data. From social security numbers and driver license information to credit card numbers, you are responsible for keeping them out of the wrong hands by boosting your cyber security efforts.    Read the article…………………………….

“Friction” Is the Enemy of Communication (NY)

You’ve got a new wrinkle on the old mantra. For you, it’s communication, communication, communication.  As a management company, we’re invested in managing for the board, obviously, but we also have to be cognizant of how we’re responding to and communicating with all of the residents. It’s really us and the board, as well as […]

Can an HOA hand over residents’ email addresses?

Can an association turn over residents’ email addresses to an outside party? Our community wants to share our addresses with a local radio station so it can send news alerts, which would be specific to our area. Residents can opt out.    Read the Q&A……………………………..

HOA and Condo Online Banking Tools for Board Members

A key part of financial transparency is access to banking information. We selected one of the few national banks that specializes in HOAs and Condo banking. We use this bank to provide operating accounts since as they interface with our accounting systems to provide online payments and checks mailed directly to the bank’s lockbox (a […]

Are E-Mails Official Records? (FL)

Whether you live in a condominium, cooperative or homeowner association, the Statue governing your community defines the term “official records”. In defining official records, each Statue has a catch-all provision.  All other written records of the association not specifically included in the foregoing which are related to the operation of the Association.    Read the article………………….

Cybersecurity: Is Your HOA Protected Against Data Breaches?

What do Ashley Madison, Uber, Target, Yahoo, Ebay, Equifax, JP Morgan Chase, and Sony – companies that have incredibly diverse products and expertise – have in common? They have all been victims of data breach!  These large breaches, which affected hundreds of millions of customers, have caused cybersecurity to become a common topic of conversation. […]

Recommendations to Prevent Cyber Theft at your Community

An article titled “Real Threats” in the July/August Community Manager Magazine [Best Practices for Community Association Managers] highlighted the 2018 Survey of Cyber-security in Community Associations by the Foundation for Community Association Research. To help your board we’ve summarized the main points from the 7 page report and the article in the following recommendations to […]

Cyber Security for HOA Communities

In this modern age where nearly everything is done electronically, it’s important to have a cyber security plan in place for your HOA. As a board member, you’re responsible for safeguarding the information of all residents in your community, and it’s essential for you to have both an official cyber policy and an emergency plan […]

New Statutory Requirements for Condominium Websites (FL)

Action alert! By legislative enact last year, all non-timeshare condominium association with 150 or more units must have an independent, password-protected website or web portal accessible to association members by July 1, 2018. The website must be wholly owned and operated by the association, or a website or web portal operated by a third-party provided […]

Community Next: Homes of the Future

Community Next: Homes of the Future is the latest milestone in CAI’s Community Next series, which offers industry insight to empower community association volunteers, managers, and business partners with a strong understanding of how to preserve, protect, and enhance common-interest communities.  This Fall 2017 report will provide you with a better understanding on topics like: Integrated technology Government […]

3 Reasons Your HOA Should Offer Online Dues Payment

I know it’s hard to believe, but in 2017 there’s an 88 billion dollar industry that still processes millions of payments by check. Less than 50% of the corporations in this industry even offer online payments. It’s not some obscure industry that nobody has ever heard of, it’s your homeowner’s association. A recent survey by […]

Can You Afford NOT to Pay for Cyber Security?

Last month, the credit-reporting agency Equifax announced that it had fallen victim to a data breach, in which cyber thieves stole the sensitive data of more than 140 million Americans. It was only the latest episode in a widespread cyber crime wave, and it’s pushing forward-thinking co-op and condo boards to implement protective measures.  “Ten […]

Case Alert: Emailed Notices of Foreclosure Under In Re Ackah (NC)

In re Ackah: Must Planned Communities Now Serve Notices of Foreclosure Hearing Via Email?  The North Carolina Court of Appeals issued an opinion on September 5, 2017, that appears to add an additional requirement for foreclosure trustees regarding the due diligence necessary to properly serve the homeowner in an HOA foreclosure proceeding.   Read the article…………….

Anonymous Defamatory E-Mails About Condo Board Members Results in Successful Lawsuit Against E-Mail Provider

In a recent case, CCC No. 282 v. Yahoo! Inc., a condominium corporation obtained a court order requiring Yahoo! Inc. and Yahoo! Canada Inc. (collectively “Yahoo”) to provide information to help identify the author of allegedly defamatory e-mails sent to condominium unit owners and occupants.  After the resignation of the condominium superintendent, a disgruntled unit […]

Commentary: New Florida law governs condo association websites (FL)

In today’s digital world, the public’s view of an organization frequently comes with the click of a mouse, leading to a website. Thanks to a new bill governing the operations of condominium associations in Florida, these associations must abide by strict regulations regarding the characteristics of these online properties.    Read the article……………….

Email Security as a Board Concern: Two Views Once That Sensitive Info Gets Out There, You Can’t Take It Back

As we’ve recently seen in the news–from the Democratic National Committee email leaks about Bernie Sanders from last year’s presidential election, to the latest in the Trump-Russia brouhaha–emails aren’t always the safest and securest method of communication. And once that sensitive information gets out there, you can’t take it back. So what does that mean […]

Singapore: Some condo laws prevail over data protection needs

When it comes to protecting your personal data, there is a limit to what owners can do if their personal information is available to the public and the management at their private estate chooses to display it.  This emerged after unit owners at three private estates took issue with their individual management corporations (MCs) and […]

Emails Are a Legal Minefield for Co-op and Condo Boards (NY)

A recent decision by the state’s highest court drives home a lesson every co-op and condo board member needs to heed: if you use your employer’s computer, tablet, or smart phone to communicate board business, expect zero privacy. While the state Supreme Court had already ruled that employees have no reasonable expectation of privacy in […]

Cyber Security for your Community Association

It is always a good idea to maintain security both as individuals and as HOA and condo associations. In this technological age, people are more vulnerable and susceptible to being hacked. Just as you would lock your doors and protect yourself in the real world, it is important to secure your belongings in the cyber […]

5 Productivity Apps For HOA & Condo Managers

Welcome to another Evercondo “tech tips” post, where we share some of the best apps and technology solutions out there for helping property managers, board members and residents get more done with less time.  We all want to be more productive in life. Fortunately we live in a time when helpful technology is plentiful and […]