Kansas homeowners urge lawmakers to ban ‘punitive’ rooftop solar restrictions

Alan Bauman would put solar panels on his Prairie Village home if he could. He’d like to benefit from the savings on his energy bill and have more security when his electric utility suffers power outages.  But his homeowners association restricts his and neighbors’ ability to install solar power.   Read the article…………………………….

Solar panels at center of growing issue between HOAs, homeowners (KS)

Another example of a growing issue between homeowners’ associations and property owners involving solar panels pops up in a northwest Wichita neighborhood. Similar to a situation this summer in the southwest part of town, an HOA said “no” to a homeowner wanting the panels on his home. This will likely become an even bigger issue […]

Wichita couple’s solar panels could result in lien on property (KS)

An effort by a southwest Wichita couple to tap into renewable energy for their home could result in a lien on their property. For the past year, fines from their homeowners’ association have piled up and leaves the couple without options.   Read the article………………………..

Olathe homeowners appeal HOA decision barring flying American flag (KS)

An Olathe, Kansas couple’s love of America and the Kansas City Chiefs has them facing unknown fines from their HOA.  They’ve been told they can’t fly either flag in their backyard. Since the flag flap started the Clarks have learned though Chiefs and other flags are banned by the HOA, American flags are not.   Read […]

CAIR-Kansas Calls for Removal of Racist Covenants from Property Deeds

The Kansas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-KS) has called upon Kansas Democratic Governor Laura Kelly to issue an executive order for the removal of the vestigial racist covenants contained in property records across the state. The unenforceable covenants contain insulting, degrading and discriminatory language from a bygone era that are hurtful to […]

Linn County, Kansas resident’s locked outside gates after battle with HOA

A group of homeowners living in Linn County, Kansas say their Homeowners Association is preventing people from accessing their homes.  The community, called Tanglewood Lakes is a private community, 60 miles south of Kansas City. It consists of three lakes and an estimated 2,200 property owners.   Read the entire article……………………………….

CAIR-Kansas Calls for Removal of Racist Language from Land Deeds

THE KANSAS chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Kansas) is calling upon the state’s Democratic Governor, Laura Kelly, to issue an executive order mandating the removal of insulting, degrading and racist language from property records across the state. The organization has taken particular issue with the small eastern Kansas town of Roeland Park, which […]

Overland Park neighborhood opposed to home part of substance abuse rehab program (KS)

People in one Johnson County, Kansas neighborhood are opposed to the men moving in down the street.  They’re part of a substance abuse rehab program, one that intends to use a home in Overland Park’s Shannon Valley subdivision to bring addicts back to society. Neighbors complain their presence threatens to make their streets dangerous.   Read […]

Roeland Park reviews options to remove racist language from property records (KS)

Roeland Park city leaders are searching for ways to remove discriminatory language from property-related documents on homes throughout the city.  City Attorney Steve Maurer said initial research done on properties within the city showed racially discriminatory language was found in three types of land related documents: plats, deeds and covenants and restriction agreements created by […]

Johnson County HOA under fire for ignoring residents maintenance issues (KS)

Multiple residents in one Johnson County neighborhood are having issues with damage they say is the responsibility of the homeowners association to fix. The debate is not in court.  “This is our support beam right here,” said condo owner Rhonda Zella as she shows the rotting beam across her kitchen ceiling.    Read the entire article……………………………….

City paves the way for HOA park project (KS)

Times, and plans, change. In regards to a certain tract of land in Derby’s Stone Creek Addition, both brought a potential property ownership change before the Planning Commission at its March 18 meeting.  Originally dedicated to the city for use as a public park, Reserve S (northeast of the new elementary school at the corner […]

College Hill closes to trick-or-treaters, Halloween displays still a go (KS)

Wichita’s College Hill neighborhood will not be a hotspot for trick-or-treaters to gather this year. The neighborhood association sent a letter out to residents asking that they turn off their lights on Halloween and not pass out candy. The association said it made a difficult decision due to the COVID-19 pandemic.    Read the article………………………………

Realtor selected as city’s new HOA liaison (KS)

The city now has a liaison with Derby’s two dozen-plus homeowners’ associations, or HOAs.  Longtime resident and realtor Judy Morris was selected to serve in the newly created, professional part-time position.  She started last month and said she’s busy laying the groundwork for making the connection for both parties.   Read the article………………………..

Right Now: HOA Headaches (KS)

When you live in a community with a homeowner’s association, sometimes they can have strict rules that can interfere with the personality you want to add to your home.  A woman named Wanetta called Charlotte CBS station WBTV after she says her homeowner’s association yanked out her 10-year-old rose bush. It’s just one case from […]

How a homeowner association dispute racked up $1M in legal fees

A satellite dish. A St. Francis statue in the garden. An incorrectly parked car.  It started small, but disputes over a Kansas man’s alleged violations of his homeowner association’s rules has led to a complex legal battle that is now the most expensive of its kind.    Read the article……………………..

On Your Side Investigates: Stinky Neighborhood (KS)

A terrible smell coming from a local creek in West Wichita has neighbors in a bind over solutions.  The neighborhood is a little slice of heaven, right in the middle of Wichita…….”Over the years the homeowners association disbanded and the infrastructure they were responsible for maintaining hasn’t been taken care of,” explains Don Henry, Assistant […]

After discovering letter of intent from late 1980s, Mission approves moving Lincolnshire subdivision into public road system (KS)

Mission has accepted the Lincolnshire subdivision, which was previously responsible for the maintenance of its own streets, into the city’s public street system.  The city had been treating the streets as private, which puts the responsibility of maintenance in the hands of the homeowners association. But last year, Mission staff discovered old documentation indicating the […]

Wichita neighborhood with one entrance gets blocked by train (KS)

“My big concern is if we had another way to get in and out, so we can make sure we get to important things We can make sure we can get there on time and not miss them,” said Melissa Morrow, who lives in the Blue Lake neighborhood.  Homeowner association president, Dale Kelley, says the […]

Finding the good in home owner associations

Just when my wife was in desperate need of a hospital emergency room, a huge red oak fell and blocked our driveway. Less than 30 minutes later, three neighbors showed up with two chain saws. In 15 minutes they cleared the blockage. I took my wife to the hospital.  Our home association didn’t send those […]

Mother and daughter forced to vacate home due to mold at next door condo (KS)

Their house isn’t a home.  In fact, homeowner Aimee Patton says the condo she shares with her 11-year-old daughter, Amelia, is making the two of them very sick. The Pattons say it’s a mold outbreak at the vacant condominium next door that’s caused their illnesses.  You can’t stay inside their condo, which sits near Nall […]

Andover residents raise concern over neighborhood algae (KS)

Troy Tabor, a member of the Crescent Lakes homeowner’s association said the neighborhood has had issues with blue-green algae before, but that is not the case with this latest algae bloom.  “We do not have blue-green algae,” Tabor said. “We have before, but that was taken care of right away. But that’s not what this […]

Couple refuses to remove yard lamp, so their neighborhood is suing them (KS)

A battle is waging in the front yard of a home in one east Wichita neighborhood.  At the center of it? Dan and Alice Smith’s outdoor lamp.  They say the 12-foot-tall cast iron light is a vintage, high quality piece that Dan Smith restored himself. But their homeowner’s association is calling it a “commercial-sized, mock-antique […]

Zoning lawsuit could be coming to close (KS)

Bill Lusk, who owns the land that was re-zoned for the apartments, was asked to submit control over the HOA to the homeowners themselves, forgiving an estimated $1.5 million of debt accrued by the HOA mostly due to development costs.  Read the article………..