Beaver dam builds concern for nearby neighborhood (KY)

The first time around, local council representative Brenda Monarrez granted $2,500 in neighborhood development funds to remove the dam. The removal process cost $4,800 in total.  This second dam has sat for over a month, and neighbors shared some frustration as their homeowner’s association has not decided how to remove the dam.   Read the article…………………………….

Eli, Russell Springs Fire Departments battle at Cumberland Condos (KY)

The Eli Fire Department was called out early Friday morning to a fire at Cumberland Condos, formerly known as Alligator Inn off Highway 76.  Eli Fire Chief Marty Kazsuk told WJRS News crews were called out at about 3:30 Friday morning after reports came in of heavy smoke coming from the roof of two of […]

Who oversees HOAs in Kentucky? Who do they answer to?

For today’s Good Question, Greg asks, “Who oversees HOAs in Kentucky? Who do they answer to if by-laws aren’t being followed?”  Well, Greg, the simple answer is – the members.  If the board of a homeowners association isn’t following the rules, it’s generally up to the members to deal with it.    Read the article…………………………….

Florida, Statutory Immunity

The Third District Court of Appeal of Florida, on October 19, 2022, in Bal Harbour Tower Condominium Association, Inc. v. Bellorin, determined that an employee of a valet service could not maintain a negligence lawsuit against a condominium association for injuries sustained while working on the condominium premises. The court, relying on Florida statute 440.10(1)(b)—which […]

License plate readers are emerging across Kentuckiana: Why?

You may not see it, but it will see you. Or at least, your license plate.  Automatic License Plate Readers take photos and then log data about every vehicle they see.  People living in the Polo Fields community said it makes them feel safer, but some people have privacy concerns when you apply it to […]

County to split storm water repair with Verna Hills HOA (KY)

The Clark County Fiscal Court approved a joint project with a home owners association to split the costs of repairing a failed storm water system in the Verna Hills subdivision.  Verna Hills Homeowners Association president Shelby Gill told the court Wednesday morning repairs would cost nearly $6,000 to repair the drainage system, which has sent […]

Officials investigating condo fire in Bashford Manor (KY)

A fire at a condominium in Bashford Manor Wednesday morning is under investigation.  The fire started sometime before 6 a.m. at a two-story condo in the 1900 block of Goldsmith Lane. Officials said the fire started on the first floor, but the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Arson investigators will continue […]

Court of Appeals rejects county’s appeal on Western Shores case (KY)

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal from the Calloway County Fiscal Court regarding a lawsuit filed by the Western Shores Property Owners Association, stating that former Judge-Executive Larry Elkins and current and past magistrates named in the suit are not immune from being sued as individuals over unfinished roads in the subdivision.  […]

No injuries reported after fire at condominiums in Crescent Hill (KY)

No injuries were reported after a fire at the Clark Place Condominiums in Crescent Hill Thursday afternoon.  It happened just after noon at the three-story brick building in the 3000 block of Brownsboro Road, near Hillcrest Avenue. Louisville Fire & Rescue Chief Greg Frederick says firefighters arrived at 12:10 p.m., about three minutes after the […]

More than 50 people evacuated after condo fire in St. Matthews (KY)

Dozens of people had to be evacuated from their homes after a condo caught on fire in St. Matthews overnight.  According to a spokesperson for the St. Matthews Fire Department, the fire started sometime after midnight on Thursday inside one unit at a condo on Lyndon Way near Hubbards Lane and Westport Road.    Read the […]

HOA orders Trump supporters to pull the plug on shocking signs (KY)

Were they protecting freedom of speech or creating a neighborhood hazard? The answer depends on who you ask. A Louisville neighborhood is buzzing after two residents electrified their political signs, they say, to keep them from being stolen. Both residents are fans of President Donald Trump.  “It’s a fence charger that I had up in […]

Racial slurs found on Lake Forest driveway; neighbor faces charges (KY)

A woman has been served a criminal complaint summons in connection with racist vandalism at two homes in the Lake Forest subdivision in east Louisville, police said Wednesday.  The victims are fighting back with a lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday, after catching who they say is their neighbor vandalizing their driveway on camera. The lawsuit seeks […]

Two women unhappy with complaint about black lives matter sign on home (KY)

Two single moms from Lexington said they only had their sign up for a couple of days before they were asked to take it down.  Alyssa Derrick and Becca Wise say the director of the Homeowner’s Association of the neighborhood they rent in came directly to their house.     Read the article……………………………..

Crews battling fire at Brown Suburban Condominiums on Bardstown Road (KY)

Fire crews are on scene of the Brown Suburban Condominiums on Bardstown Road Sunday afternoon after reports of a structure fire.  According to Metrosafe, calls came in around 12:38 p.m. to a structure fire on the 3300 block of Bardstown Road.  Extra fire crews were requested on scene to help extinguish the fire.    Read the […]

Almost a year after fire, residents of 24 condos in NKY still displaced

It’s been almost a year since 24 condos in Northern Kentucky were destroyed in a fire.  The people who live there figured the rebuild would take a while, but they weren’t counting on it taking this long.  Condo owners were told at the beginning of March they’d get their keys back and they’d be able […]

Woodlawn Springs homeowners won’t appeal development (KY)

The Woodlawn Springs Homeowners Association won’t try to reverse a judge’s denial of their appeal of a Fiscal Court decision that opens the way for the golf course’s owners to build more homes on the abandoned greens and fairways.     Read the article…………………….

Judge denies Woodlawn Springs homeowners’ appeal (KY)

A judge’s ruling filed Wednesday cleared the way for the redevelopment of the golf course into residential properties at Woodlawn Springs subdivision over the objections of current residents.    Read the article………………………

Controversy brews over Trump flag in NKY community (KY)

A Northern Kentucky homeowner, proudly displaying a Trump flag on his property, says his neighborhood is trying to silence him.  The flag hangs from his front porch and after receiving complaints his homeowner’s association is considering making him take it down.    Read the article………………………..

HOA ready to petition and take legal action to save neighborhood JCPS school (KY)

….Romines and Lynch said their HOA is ready to fight JCPS if that’s what it takes to save this school. They’ve already launched an online petition.  “Hopefully, some good will come out of that,” Lynch said. “If not, we’re going to look at some other avenues.”  Those “other avenues” might include taking legal action, they […]

Condo deck collapses, leaving owners in dilemma (KY)

Many people move to condominium so they won’t have the hassle and costs of owning a home.  But what if the condo complex develops a major, expensive problem? That’s the trouble facing some Northern Kentucky condo owners, after their deck collapsed this past weekend.    Read the article………………

Condo deck collapses, leaving owners in dilemma (KY)

Many people move to condominium so they won’t have the hassle and costs of owning a home.  But what if the condo complex develops a major, expensive problem? That’s the trouble facing some Northern Kentucky condo owners, after their deck collapsed this past weekend.  Nordelle Wainz couldn’t believe what she was seeing at the Signal […]

Homeowner prevails in Dyer (IN) vinyl siding spat

A Dyer homeowners association went too far when it ordered a resident who replaced her termite-affected cedar siding with vinyl siding to remove it, a divided Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Friday.     Read the article…………

Mezuzah restrictions, anti-Semitism, and the definition of a doorpost

Did you know that some condominium associations may have the right to keep a homeowner from posting a mezuzah at the doorway entrance?  It happened to Barbara Cadranel of Stratford, CT. In 2012, she received a stern letter from her condo association demanding that she remove the mezuzah from her doorpost or pay a fine […]

Development progresses at Glenmary (KY)

Despite attempts to stop development on the Glenmary golf course, its property owners have sold the first of three residential lots, using the money to pay down the debt they say they’ve incurred from operating it. Subdivision residents and the owners, Par Golf LLC, have argued over development of the 144-acre golf course since last […]

Canewood developer, HOA reach settlement

Members of the Canewood Homeowners Association have endorsed a settlement agreement that resolves a two-year dispute between the subdivision’s developers and dozens of residents over its golf-course dues and maintenance and swimming pool.       Read more…….