What is a homeowners association (HOA) and how does it work?

An increasing number of homes across the U.S. are governed by private organizations known as homeowners associations (HOAs). These groups exist to enforce community rules, maintain common areas and provide security, which can bring peace of mind to homeowners. However, living in a community governed by an HOA also requires paying dues and forgoing some […]

Common reasons residents may sue an HOA (CT)

Being on a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) board can sometimes feel thankless. Never more so than when you face a lawsuit from one of the residents for whose benefit you are trying to manage the place.    Read the article…………………………………….

Approaching a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) To Build A Garden

I sat down and thought through plan that was rooted in mutual benefit. All deals in life should be win-win, and this was no exception. We had a very successful garden build and long-term relationship with the HOA as well as our neighbors as a result of the garden. Overall, it was a total success, […]

Common Homeowner Association Problems

So many homeowners have problems with their homeowner association. Whether you live in a condo, co-op, a townhome or subdivision, each version of a homeowner association has a set of common problems that everyone will face. Sometimes it’s mismanagement of the homeowner association itself or the association hires incompetent vendors to run and maintain the […]

HOA grants

Did you know that your HOA might be eligible for a grant? A grant is a sum of money given by an entity (grantor), often a government body, charitable foundation or a specialized institution, to an individual or group (grantee).   Read the entire article……………………………….

Legal Practice as a Community Associations Attorney (ABA)

When asked to define a “community association,” you may first picture a cookie-cutter neighborhood run by a small group of rules-obsessed homeowner volunteers. At its best, a community association embodies the ideal qualities for a neighborhood—amicable people living under a shared set of rules created to preserve the community’s nature and character, protect property values, […]

How to Fight HOA Fines—and Win! (AZ)

If you live in a homeowners’ association, then you know that you have specific rules and guidelines that regulate how you use your property and that the homeowners’ association may declare you to be in “violation” if you fail to follow its rules. Violations may, sooner or later, lead to HOA fines that you believe […]

Attorney-Client Privilege When Board Members Sue the Association (FL)

Many Associations have just completed their election season and find that a person or persons newly elected to the Board are involved in a case being defended or prosecuted by the Association. Now what? Clearly, a conflict of interest exists but participation in a lawsuit against the Association is not one of the factors that […]

How Homeowners Can Have a Productive Relationship With Their HOA (FL)

A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is a private association that chiefly exists to safeguard the property values of a particular building or community. An HOA is basically established by the developer of the community where the homes are built. HOAs have got a bad reputation generally because of their strict rules and arbitrary orders they enforce […]

10 Tips for Field Service Businesses Working With an HOA – Pt 2

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on providing your field service business to entire HOA communities at once. HOAs often need regulated and reliable home services to keep their entire neighborhood of homes updated, well-kept, and in-sync with each other on maintenance schedules. HOA communities also often hand around referrals for […]

Five proven steps to landing your first HOA client (Landscapers)

I was 14 years old working in my father’s landscape business over the summer when I saw them. I was impressed by the fully uniformed staff with the logoed trucks all working together. This company did everything in the fancy community.  They had a truck that did just irrigation. Another that did just trimming and […]

5 marketing practices most landscaping contractors get wrong

In a hyper-competitive industry like landscaping, marketing your business is critical. Even if you think you have enough customers now, people move all the time — more than 35 million people move every year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau — and they take their business with them.  To keep a steady flow of new […]

Transactions involving an HOA: what every Realtor should know

Ask two homeowners their thoughts on living in a community with a homeowners’ association (HOA), and you may find one kicking and screaming for vindication and the other perfectly content.  The difference in opinion comes from their individual experiences and personalities and the efficiency and competence of their HOA board and management.    Read the […]

Fundamentally Altering the Employee/Employer Relationship between Community Associations and their Management Companies & Independent Contractors

Until last year, condominium and homeowner associations and their management companies understood the relationship between an employer and its employees and who would be considered the employer of those employees. However, a 2015 ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) has placed that understanding in a state of flux. The new standard employed by […]

The Association’s Attorney Should Be A Good Listener

I was recently interviewed by a condominium association board that wanted to replace the association’s attorney. During that interview, one board member made a startling comment. She remarked that, in her opinion, the association’s attorney did not listen to the board.    Read more………

The Privilege of Being a Board Member

Members of community associations and, in particular, the boards of directors, are being asked to make tough decisions regarding the use of community funds. Acting in the best interests of the association, many boards seek legal and other professional advice with regard to their duties to maintain and repair when funds are scarce.   Read More……PDF

Introduction to Community Association Living

Community Volunteer Leadership Development Program Community volunteer leaders and members can maximize the benefits of community association living by better understanding the history, purpose, and function of community associations. One way to do so is by participating in the Center for Community Association Volunteers’ (CCAV) Community Volunteer Leadership Development Program – offered online or by […]