The reality of modern American HOAs (Study)

Homeowner associations, or HOAs, were originally designed to create desirable living spaces for residents. But have they become an outdated relic of neighborhoods past? One thing’s for sure: Lots of people don’t like them. As housing prices continue to increase, many people are reluctant to pay a monthly fee on top of their rent or […]

Jacksonville mother wants Miya’s law to include people who live in condos and other rental homes (FL)

To Roth, Miya’s Law doesn’t impact condos because the language in the law uses “transient and non-transient apartments.” He explained how there are Florida statutes that transients is defined as ‘intending to be temporary’. Non-transient means ‘intending to be permanent.’ The attorney said it is possible law makers could make amendments to the law, but […]

New Arizona HOA flag law is ripe for a constitutional challenge

Earlier this month, Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that would force HOAs to allow residents to fly flags that support law enforcement and first responders. But they won’t be able to raise a flag proclaiming gay pride or Black Lives Matter unless their HOA approves.   Listen to the broadcast………………..

HOA Homefront: Civility must start somewhere (CA)

From presidential debate stages to courtrooms to families to HOAs, civility is becoming so rare, it should be considered endangered. Differences of opinion are no longer allowed – either you agree with me or you are a demon and I will reject any dialogue with you.   Read the article…………………………………

DORA Releases its Sunset Review for the HOA Information and Resource Office (CO)

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) released its Sunset Review for the HOA Information and Resource Office on October 15, 2019 (Report). This article summarizes that Report and makes some observations. Please review the Report and draw your own conclusions. This article contains the opinions of the author, and not the opinions or positions of […]

Disaster planning to be required for new condos (HI)

In Hawaii we tend to focus on disaster preparation for hurricane season, from June through November. However, we all know that a disaster of any kind can happen at any time.  A new proposal would require new condominiums to have disaster plans in place before they are needed.  Some disasters can be predicted, like when […]

HB 6304: HOA’s could not ban or require approval for solar panels, clothes lines or wind turbines (MI)

On September 5, 2018, Rep. Sheldon Neeley introduced HB 6304 in order to invalidate provisions in the governing documents of homeowners’ association that ban “energy-saving improvements” or require approval from a homeowner’s association to install an “energy-saving improvement.” The proposed bill would be extremely problematic for Michigan community association’s for several reasons.   Read the article………………

Avoiding Discrimination and Its Legal Consequences: The Power of Equality

Despite the fact that most people would agree that discrimination is a bad thing, discrimination persists, which suggests either that existing laws against it are sometimes ignored, or that the legal definition of ‘discrimination’ isn’t always clear. Fortunately, when it comes to condos, co-ops and HOAs there are laws at the federal, state and local […]

Pay to Play: The Growing Footprint of Homeowner Association Fees

A steady increase in the share of U.S. homes that require monthly condo, mobile home or homeowner association fees (HOA) has important implications for the affordability of homes nationwide, particularly condos, which are an increasingly popular option for first-time homebuyers.

Learning the ropes of an HOA

There is a great expression in our modern vernacular – “let no good deed go unpunished.”  As I have written many times, I truly love my neighborhood. One of the biggest changes I have to acclimate to every time I travel elsewhere, or return to our native state, is that no one waves.  I wave […]

NC Community Association Legislative Roundup – May 14, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015 was the all-important “crossover deadline” in the North Carolina General Assembly. Without getting too much into the weeds, bills that are “non-budget” must generally have passed one chamber or the other by the crossover deadline to be eligible for consideration during the 2015/2016 session (although House and Senate rules are slightly […]

Cultivating Community: Social Functions Help Create a Sense of Belonging

The ethos of a homeowners association—to be open and welcoming—furthers the collective strength of a community. Therefore, it’s incumbent on trustees, board members and managers to foster a stronger, more cohesive sense of community. This is often achieved by holding social functions in addition to regular meetings, such as sponsoring activities outside the building or […]

New Years’ Resolution – Peaceful Living in Community Associations

For years I have represented homeowners in disputes with their associations, whether it is a homeowners’ association, condo association, or mobile home park.  These battles are not easy, emotionally, and are very expensive, with costs of more than $100,000 if the matter goes to trial.  Even if the client wins, the end result is misery. […]

HOA Wellness Survey

The health of a homeowner association is important to measure from time to time. Fortunately, even poor health is curable but identifying the problem precedes the cure. Here are a series of self-diagnosis questions to help you out:     Read more……

Dealing with Difficult People

Being elected to the Board might have seemed like the hard part, but now that you are behind the wheel expect a lot of ungrateful backseat drivers. Congratulations on your election or appointment to the Board of Directors. Now that you are in charge, everyone will see the wisdom of your policy suggestions, pay their […]

Introduction to Community Association Living

Community Volunteer Leadership Development Program Community volunteer leaders and members can maximize the benefits of community association living by better understanding the history, purpose, and function of community associations. One way to do so is by participating in the Center for Community Association Volunteers’ (CCAV) Community Volunteer Leadership Development Program – offered online or by […]