Brooklyn Condo Owners Face $90,000 HVAC Repair Bill: A Tale of Legal Accountability and Community Livelihoods (NY)

A Brooklyn condo building’s faulty HVAC system leaves owners facing a $90,000 repair bill. Residents question if the building’s sponsor holds responsibility due to potential design flaws or installation errors. Legal experts advise reviewing offering plans and contracts for potential solutions.   Read the article…………………………….

Getting Your Utah HOA Community Ready for the Spring Thaw

Winter is one of the most beautiful and exciting times to live in Utah. We have majestic mountains with stunning vistas, over 22 million acres of public land, and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation during our long winter season.   Read the article…………………………….

The Maintenance Matrix: An Incredibly Helpful Tool

Alternatively, if an association has planned ahead, the association’s board and management can turn to their handy dandy maintenance matrix! A maintenance matrix is a compilation of the maintenance, repair, and replacement responsibilities in a clear and concise chart which depicts the specific assignments for each component. A maintenance matrix is prepared by reviewing all […]

When Time Runs Out…

Many condominium buildings will soon reach the end of their service lives. Others are already there. Maximizing the surviving property’s value may be the key to protecting owner equity. Read the article…………………………….

Year-End Maintenance Checklist for Associations (FL)

As the year draws to a close, we at Wise Property Management understand the importance of ensuring that associations are well-prepared for the upcoming year.  Year-end maintenance helps to ensure that communities are not only well-maintained but also compliant with legal regulations   Read the article…………………………..

Ask the HOA Expert: Recoat of Many Colors

Of all roofing designs used in homeowner associations, flat roofs are the most problematic, particularly in rain, wind or snow prone areas. The need for consistent and quality maintenance is extremely important for maximum performance and longest life. Recoating builtup flat roofs is a fundamental preventive maintenance which should be performed at least every five […]

Essential Cool Weather Maintenance Tasks for Community Associations

As the leaves start to fall and the temperature begins dropping, fall and early winter present an excellent opportunity for community associations to prepare their neighborhoods for winter weather. From common areas to landscaping and amenities, there are several tasks board members should address during the fall/winter season to ensure a smooth transition into winter.  […]

Winter Safety for Multi-story and Townhouse Style Condominiums (AB)

As the winter season approaches, it’s crucial for condominium owners and property managers to prioritize safety in their multi-story and townhouse style condominiums. The combination of harsh weather conditions and unique architectural considerations requires specific measures to ensure the well-being of residents. In this blog post, we will explore key aspects of winter safety and […]

Maintaining Your Elevators: Regular Care Can Help Avoid Huge Replacement Costs

The elevator is one of those inventions—along with running hot and cold water and indoor plumbing—that have been around for so long we take it for granted. But elevators obviously weren’t always a part of the architectural landscape. Without them we’d still be living in a world of six-story buildings (maybe seven for the strong-legged), […]

Challenges: Condo Boards and the Duty to Maintain Common Elements (NY)

In a recent legal battle, LiNQ1, LLC found itself at odds with 170 East End Condominium and its Board of Managers over allegations of negligence, breach of contract, and more. This case, indexed as No. 154594/16 Appeal No. 953 Case No. 2022-04598, serves as a cautionary tale for New York condominium boards, emphasizing the importance […]

Essential Fall Maintenance Tasks for Community Associations

As the leaves change color and the temperature begins dropping, fall presents an excellent opportunity for community associations to prepare their neighborhoods for winter weather. From common areas to landscaping and amenities, there are several tasks board m   Read the article………………………………….

Perseverance Pays Off for the Board of the New Hampshire House (NY)

After a year of intense grassroots efforts, the board at New Hampshire House, a 139-unit condo in Rego Park, Queens, finally succeeded in persuading owners to take out a $3 million loan to repair the building’s facade. The board’s success means the condo will finally be able to perform the necessary repairs mandated under the […]

Maintaining Your Elevators: Regular Care Can Help Avoid Huge Replacement Costs

The elevator is one of those inventions—along with running hot and cold water and indoor plumbing—that have been around for so long we take it for granted. But elevators obviously weren’t always a part of the architectural landscape. Without them we’d still be living in a world of six-story buildings (maybe seven for the strong-legged), […]

Maintenance and Insurance-What’s the Difference and Why is it so Hard to Understand? (CO)

Understanding the difference between a maintenance obligation and an insurance obligation is a crucial part of community living. Maintenance and insurance obligations differ between associations depending on how the governing documents are drafted whether the association is classified as a condominium, townhome, or single family community. It is important that an association understand the difference […]

How Preventative Maintenance Saves Time and Money

As a member of your HOA board, your responsibilities often revolve around ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the community. Managing the upkeep of common areas, amenities, and infrastructure can be time-consuming and demanding. However, implementing a proactive approach through preventative maintenance can save you valuable time and resources in the long run.    […]

Common HOA Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (CA)

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) play a pivotal role in maintaining community standards and preserving property values. Maintenance is often a top priority when managing a homeowner’s association (HOA). However, common HOA maintenance mistakes can occur even with the best intentions, leading to headaches and unexpected costs. Recognizing and understanding these errors is the first step to […]

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House? A Comprehensive Guide

The average cost to paint a house is $3,300, depending on several factors like the size of the house and the cost of labor in your region. Today we’re going over the cost of painting a house, the factors you can control, and tips to save money on painting your home’s exterior.   Read the article…………………………..

Castle Village Is a Snapshot of the Pressures on City Co-ops and Condos (NY)

When its 65-foot-tall retaining wall collapsed onto the Henry Hudson Parkway in 2005, shareholders in the Castle Village co-op were on the hook for $27 million in repairs. That trauma is ancient history, but today those shareholders are faced with rising costs that are less dramatic but possibly even more devastating. And they’re emblematic of […]

Best Practices: Community Association Maintenance

A regularly applied maintenance plan and program are essential parts of a community association’s responsibility to its homeowners, according to Best Practices: Community Association Maintenance, a new report published by the Foundation for Community Association Research.   Read the report……………………………….

Mastering Condo Maintenance: Why Legal Guidance Is Key For Crafting A Responsibility Matrix

A responsibility matrix is a summary of association and co-owner responsibilities for maintenance, repair, and replacement of the condominium common elements and units. Because condominium master deeds, even when clearly drafted, can be complicated and often challenging to interpret, a responsibility matrix that is properly and accurately prepared can be a helpful guide for management, […]

Best Practices: Community Association Maintenance

CAI’s Foundation for Community Association Research has produced a new, free report.  A regularly applied maintenance plan and program combined with a properly prepared and funded reserve study can lead to safe, desirable, financially secure community associations.    Read or download the report (PDF)………………………..

Problem Solved – Accessing a Unit (MA)

Most governing documents allow the trust to gain access to an owner’s unit to deal with both emergency and non-emergency situations. So the first step is to review the association’s documents to make sure they provide this authority  Read the article………………………..

How Limited Common Elements Affect Property Value and Maintenance

Limited common elements (LCEs) play a significant role in determining the value and maintenance of a property. These are portions of a property that are owned by all unit owners in a condominium but are reserved for the use of a certain unit or units. Examples of LCEs include balconies, patios, parking spaces, and storage […]

Local residents speak out after unresolved housing repairs (NV)

News 3 spotted dead landscaping, broken sprinklers, and leaning signs throughout the community near Washington and Torrey Pines.  Homeowners Association Management CAMCO employees tell News 3 they haven’t been able to make improvements because four of its five volunteer board members quit, and by law, they must vote first on any action relating to the […]

How to Prepare Elevators in Your High-Rise for a Hurricane

Keeping your community functional, safe, and beautiful can be particularly challenging if it is located in an area that is prone to hurricanes. Here are some of the most important things to consider when preparing your high-rise’s elevators to reduce the likelihood of damage during a hurricane.   Read the article………………………..

How Maintenance Standards Protect the Association (CT)

Recent revisions to the Common Interest Ownership Act (also known as the CIOA) offer an opportunity to defer some insurance expense liability to unit owners who do not adhere to maintenance standards for certain wear items that may fail in the interior of a condominium unit. Specifically, properly adopted maintenance standards may allow the Association […]

A Condominium Association’s Right of Entry (OH)

As lawyers representing Condominium Associations, we are often tasked with asserting a Condominium Association’s right of entry into a unit or limited common element. Reasons for the Association’s entry may vary but usually are related to performing common element repairs which must be completed within the interior of the unit, immediate repairs to a component […]

The Hidden Costs of Skipping HOA Maintenance

As an HOA board member or manager, there will undoubtedly be moments when it takes time to meet the demands of association maintenance. After all, managing an entire homeowner’s association can be both time-consuming and costly – two resources that every member wants to save.   Read the article………………………..

Behind the Walls: The Damaging Effects of Unchecked Moisture

When it comes to building structures, moisture poses a significant threat that often remains unseen until extensive damage is done. This blog post explores a real-life scenario where moisture-related issues were discovered during a project involving exterior wall repair. We will delve into the consequences of unchecked moisture, highlighting the importance of thorough inspections and […]

HOA Capital Improvements: How to Plan and Budget for Them

Planning for capital improvements can be daunting for Homeowner Association (HOA) board members and HOA management. They need to balance the current needs with long-term objectives and stay within budget constraints. In addition, they need to have realistic timelines within the planning.   Read the article………………………..

Why Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor is Not an Option (CA)

Everywhere we look, costs are rising all around us. Labor costs, insurance costs, material costs. And for associations, business keeps moving forward. With pressure from homeowners to keep assessments low, and increased requirements being placed on associations contributing to rising costs, associations across the state are looking for ways to keep costs down.   Read the […]

Bids vs. Contracts: Warnings and Legal Liability (CO)

We have previously addressed the importance of Associations having proper, legal contracts that protect the Association and how proposals are not to be signed in lieu of contracts, etc. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more issues with bids & contracts that produce liability for the Association and at times managers. Please note the following […]

Window Maintenance & Replacement: Caring for a Crucial Building System

When it comes to the list of most important systems to maintain—and potentially the most expensive to replace—in a multifamily building, windows are definitely near the top. The useful life of a given window depends on a number of factors, including its composition and design, as well as seasonal shifts and prevailing weather conditions. Deteriorated […]

How often do condo elevators need maintenance? (ON)

There are approximately 20,000 elevators operating in buildings across Ontario, and about 1,550 of them are more than 50 years old. Another 10,000 are over 25 years old.    Read the article………………………..

Plumbing Repairs In Condominiums and Hoa’s

As buildings age, more attention has to be paid to repairs and replacements. Plumbing problems are more expensive than other repairs because they are hidden. Locating the source of a leak may not be easy, even though wet areas or standing water may be evident. Finding the actual problem source may require the assistance of […]

Are HOAs responsible for clearing snow and ice? (CO)

A snowy forecast is never good news for Linda Swan, who is disabled and must use a walker.  She tells FOX31 that her biggest fear is “walking on ice or going through several inches of snow.”   Read the article………………………..

What To Do If Water Catastrophe Strikes (GA)

Although snow and freezing temperatures are often anticipated events in Atlanta, for many community association managers, winter is something to dread. With winter comes freezing temperatures and frozen pipes, and, invariably, pipe bursts and failures, and water leaks.   Read the article………………………..

Condo association lags on maintenance

Question:  Hi, I live in a condo that I’m confident is not being cared for properly and I need some information, please, on what to ask for with regard to better maintenance not only from our board of directors, but then also with the management company.     Read the Q&A……………………………….

Asphalt Lot Paving and Sidewalk Survival Guide for HOAs

In Chicago and its suburbs, weather can drastically shorten the life of parking lots and sidewalks if they don’t get proper maintenance. Plus, potholes and other uneven areas can be a safety concern. We interviewed Todd Eichholz, CEO of A&A Paving in Roselle, IL, for a survival guide, as his team has extensive experience with […]