Florida Governor Signs Senate Bill 382 Into Law

After a very active legislative session, we report another legislative update impacting community association managers. Florida’s Governor signed Senate Bill 382, which deals with continuing education requirements and becomes effective on July 1, 2024. Our summary of the changes    Read the article…………………………….

Financial management: Understanding how community managers drive sound decisions

Community association managers wear many hats and must be well versed in a wide range of skills, all of which are equally important. One component of a manager’s role is to completely understand the financial management aspects of a business. This means knowing and interpreting the financial pieces as well as the nuances that come […]

HOA Homefront: 13 things HOA service providers need to know (CA)

This is part four of a five-part series on HOA management. 1. The client is the HOA corporation, not the president or any individual director. Make sure you know whether the person instructing you or your staff is authorized to speak on behalf of the HOA.     Read the article…………………………….

To Give or Receive: A Guide to Crafting a Gifting Policy for Managers, Management Companies, and Boards

Gift-giving in the workplace amongst managers, management companies and vendors can be a thoughtful gesture, but it can also be complicated by the untrue perceptions or lack of understanding where “the line” is. To ensure a positive and ethical environment, management companies need clear gifting policies that managers and our vendor partners understand and abide […]

HOA Homefront: Is it our manager or is it us?

Many associations struggle with a poor manager relationship, resulting in frustration for both sides. However, such struggles are sometimes created by the board and not the manager. Therefore, these can be resolved by a change in board practices.  Truly, some managers are simply not cut out for the job. The need for excellent HOA managers […]

5 Community Association Management Trends to Watch in 2024

The rise of community associations across the U.S. holds promise for management companies in 2024—but companies also need to be prepared to face a unique set of challenges in the coming year.  Which opportunities and obstacles will association managers face in 2024, and how are they adapting their strategies in this evolving environment? HomeWiseDocs surveyed […]

HB 1203: Lots of New Protections for Members Living in HOAsMakes It Harder for CAMS (FL)

House Bill 1203 and SB 7046 merged to eventually create a huge bill for the protection of homeowners in HOAs. It starts by placing lots of responsibilities on community association managers.  A community association manager or community association management firm that is authorized by contract to provide community association management services to a homeowners’ association […]

Unveiling the Evolution of the CMCA Exam Blueprint: Changes Go into Effect December 2024

The Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) is poised to usher in a new era for the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) exam, offering a revamped blueprint that mirrors the dynamic landscape of association management across the globe. These changes, stemming from a thorough job analysis study conducted between 2021 and 2022, reflect […]

Report: Compensation Steadily Increasing for Community Association Managers

Community association management continues to be a high-demand profession with increasing compensation and positive business prospects. Managers are confident about the industry with 80% of respondents saying that business prospects for their employer are “good” or “very good” for the coming year, according to the 2022 Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey conducted by […]

What Is the Role of a Community Association Manager?

A community association manager (CAM) performs various tasks depending on the size of the community and its unique needs. Also known as a Homeowner’s association manager, a CAM helps oversee the daily operations of a community association. Here are some responsibilities of community association management specialists:   Read the article……………………………..

The Role of HOA Management in Safeguarding and Improving Property Investments (TX)

Owning a home means more than having a place to live; it’s a valuable investment we cherish. Many neighborhoods are blessed with a Homeowners Association (HOA) to safeguard and nurture this investment. This remarkable alliance consists of fellow homeowners who unite to manage and care for the community.   Read the article………………………..

Legal implications of AI in condo management (ON)

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, like ChatGPT, is becoming more commonplace, and this emerging technology is likely to continue to evolve and embed itself in business practices.  AI in condominium property management can have several legal implications, depending on how it is implemented and used. Here are some important legal considerations:   Read the […]

New Illinois Community Association Manager Rules for 2023

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is a state government agency responsible for the licensing, regulation, and discipline of Community Association Managers (CAM).  Community Association Managers are responsible for managing homeowner and condominium associations. Their duties often include collecting association dues, managing association vendors, resolving disputes between owners, and enforcing the community’s […]

2023 ILAC Update: New CAM and Management Firm Rules (IL)

Illinois instituted individual CAM Licensing in 2012 and the process is overseen by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). The IDFPR through its Division of Real Estate has worked over the past several years to standardize and harmonize requirements of licensed professionals in the State including Community Association Managers and Real Estate […]

How To Compare Different CAM Schools To Find The Right One For You (FL)

In the vibrant and ever-expanding state of Florida, a prosperous career in community association management awaits those ready to embrace the challenge. As a Community Association Manager (CAM), you’ll play a pivotal role in managing small communities, overseeing their financial health, and ensuring smooth operations.  Read the article………………………..

Top 13 Skills Your HOA Manager Should Have

Of the 117,454 currently active property managers in the United States today, many have mastered specialties like residential, commercial, and industrial management. Within each area of expertise, property managers vary in their experience, approach, and skill sets.   Read the article………………………..

HOA Homefront: Managers’ New Year’s resolutions

Previous columns proposed resolutions for directors and HOA members, so today I share my ideas for managers. Next week, I’ll dig into resolutions for service providers.   Read the article………………………..

HOA Property Management: 2023 Trends

As the world continues to evolve, so do HOA Property Management trends. In recent years, we have seen a rise in technology and data-driven solutions for HOA Property Managers. These trends will continue in 2023.   Read the article………………………..

Community Association Management and Architectural Controls

Architectural controls are necessary for an HOA’s ability to protect the homeowners’ investment and quality of life. Understanding architectural controls and how community association management can help with them can be a major advantage to a new community and its developers.  Read the article………………………..

Managers and Board Members: Tips to Survive Holiday Stress

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed this time of year. Stress affects everyone differently, but here are some tips to help managers and their communities effectively deal with this very busy season and the conflict that often arises. I hope they help you manage the stress of the holiday season and help you to have […]

Why Every Community Associations Needs a Workers Comp Policy (CO)

Even though all Community Associations should only hire licensed insured contractors, we know this does not always happen. By hiring uninsured venders or contractors the Management Company and the Association can be held liable for workers comp claims submitted by their vendors.   Read the entire article……………………………….

HOA Homefront – Is this manager qualified? (CA)

After selecting the desired type of management services, how can one evaluate a manager’s qualifications?  California HOA managers are unregulated, with no required license or minimum education. Rental managers must have real estate broker licenses, but not HOA managers. There is a wide range of qualification and experience in the field, and industry credentials indicate […]

How Community Managers and Property Managers Have Distinct Roles

Acommon mistake among the general public—is to lump community association managers and property managers into the same bucket. While both are very important roles, they are distinctly different professions with functions, skill sets, and responsibilities specific to each.   Read the entire article……………………………….

8 Characteristics of a Great Board/Management Company Relationship

There are seminal moments in our lives and careers. One of mine was circa 1985. I bumped into a board member of a condominium for whom my maintenance company had completed some projects. The question she asked me that lovely spring day on a bustling city sidewalk 35 years or so ago changed the way […]

Five HOA Automation Tools For Better Property Management

Managing a property requires a high level of business acumen. Being an HOA community manager is sometimes a thankless job. But someone needs to help manage the community, ensure that those are being paid, and help take care of maintenance/repairs that might need to be done. It’s also prudent to keep the neighborhood looking in […]

Association Management and the Attorney Client Privilege (CA)

Attorneys who practice community association law are often asked whether a community manager is covered by the attorney-client privilege. In general, the attorney-client privilege shields communications intended to be confidential between an association and its attorney. Materials prepared by an attorney and that reflect the attorney’s thoughts, conclusions or opinions (attorney work product) may also […]

4 Pillars of HOA Management

HOA (Homeowners association) communities are on the rise across the nation. Around 58% of homeowners live in HOA communities and across the country, around 8,000 new HOAs are formed each year.  The prominence of HOAs and the diverse characteristics of each community pose an HOA management challenge to homeowners. Many HOAs turn to third-party companies […]

HOA Homefront: What community managers want for the holidays (CA)

As we give gifts to loved ones and friends during the holiday season, most HOA members probably don’t consider giving to their community manager – the person who gets the calls when plumbing or roofs leak, somebody acts up at the pool, or gates malfunction.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Current and Forecasted Legislation on Community Association Manager Licensing

Last week, we discussed the main trends around occupational licensing legislation in addition to bills that were introduced this year and how they could influence licensing requirements for community association managers. CAI supports self-governance of the management profession that does not impose barriers for existing community managers or those who are new to the industry.

Conflict with Neighbors? How Your HOA Management Can Help (CA)

Neighbor relations are a significant part of what makes home ownership enjoyable… or not. Some people have a good rapport with their neighbors, while others may not even be familiar with who their neighbors are. However, due to the pandemic, people are paying attention to their neighbors and community now more than ever, for better […]

How Property Managers Prioritize Maintenance Requests

When managing multiple properties, maintenance and repair issues happen all the time. While you may think that dealing with these is a no-brainer, in reality, to consistently provide a high-quality service and achieve a degree of cost-effectiveness and responsiveness, prioritizing maintenance issues is essential.    Read the entire article……………………………….

The Evolution of Property Management: Big Changes in the Last Decade

Like so many other sectors of the economy, residential real estate management has changed and evolved since the turn of the millennium—and like those other sectors, much of that evolution is directly linked to the development and adoption of technology.    Read the entire article……………………………….

It’s the Manager’s Fault…Or Is It? (FL)

Few professions have more demands placed upon them than that of the Florida licensed community association manager (CAM). Depending on whom you ask, the CAM is the organizer, rules enforcer, keeper of secrets (meaning confidential and statutorily protected information not limited to the medical record of owners and attorney-client privileged information), best friend, the “bad […]

Is Your Association Prepared? Expect Supply Shortages

There’s news once again reporting food and product supply shortages are on the horizon, if not already here, due to what can only be described as a logistics disaster. This morning’s news reported that there are thousands of shipping crates snarled in a logistical nightmare waiting to be off loaded with no relief in sight.  […]

Ask Mary: The Board-Manager Tie Is About More Than Chemistry (NY)

In the last eight years, our condo has been through three managing agents at two different property management companies. Things always start off OK, but at some point the relationship goes sour, and we part ways. We’re losing momentum and getting frustrated. What are some tips for creating and keeping a healthy partnership with our […]

It’s the Manager’s Fault…Or Is It? (FL)

Few professions have more demands placed upon them than that of the Florida licensed community association manager (CAM). Depending on whom you ask, the CAM is the organizer, rules enforcer, keeper of secrets (meaning confidential and statutorily protected information not limited to the medical record of owners and attorney-client privileged information), best friend, the “bad […]

Traits of Great Community Association Managers

The time, effort, and attention that goes into creating an environment that feels welcoming and connected is what makes people love where they live. Having a community association management company that truly understands the ingredients that make up the best recipe for success can make all the difference in how well a property runs, as […]

The Role of Your HOA Management Company

There are many complexities involved in running a community governed by an HOA. Residents may wonder what the difference is between their HOA board and their HOA management company. Members of the board may question if they should invest in an HOA management company, or if they have the one best suited to them. Either […]

Is your condo manager stressed out? 10 tips for reducing stress

Don’t stress out your condo manager! Condo managers are special people working on the front lines of condo corporations and face challenging people regularly. These people could be owners who might be angry about something or directors who are busy and sometimes very demanding.    Read the entire article……………………………….