HOA Homefront: Myths mold consultants use to scare residents, homeowners (pt 2) (CA)

Although mold trade organizations have created their own credentials and extensive and expensive cleanup protocols, the EPA recommendation to clean up a moldy area of up to 10 square feet is to wipe it with a cloth dampened with a diluted bleach solution.  Misleading and self-serving statements by the “toxic mold” industry continue to grab […]

HOA Homefront: Why ‘toxic mold’ myths continue to panic residents (CA)

In 2000, a new panic swept the country — “toxic mold.”  Twenty-four years of lawsuits and untold billions of dollars later, major mold myths continue to frighten residents and cause exaggerated repairs and unnecessary conflict. On one side of the debate is the mold industry: testers, consultants and mold clean-up contractors. On the other side […]

New Florida law, Lee County guidelines handcuff mold mitigation businesses

House Bill 735 preempted most licensing to the state and was approved by an 82-32 vote in April 2021. Lee County government responded by phasing out its local contractor licensing board in March 2022, according to Lee County director of communications Betsy Clayton. She declined to have county staff interviewed on this subject. She said […]

How To Address A HOA Mold Problem

An HOA mold problem is often a point of contention since there is usually a debate on which party is liable for it. Does it fall under the association’s responsibility or should the homeowner answer to the charges?   Read the entire article……………………………….

Mold Prevention and Water Damage: Proactive Steps all Community Association Managers and Boards Should Know

From frozen pipes, broken appliance supply lines, to roof leaks and leaking drain pans, in townhome and attached condominiums, water intrusion can quickly wreak havoc for owners and the community association if not handled properly and quickly. Whenever you have organic material (such as drywall or wood) and moisture, you will eventually get mold.   Read […]

Parkland Community Blames Developer For Mold in Clubhouse (FL)

Mega-developer Lennar has often been the source of headaches for residents living in the northwest portion of Parkland. From drainage problems to project completion timelines, these issues now include mold inside the MiraLago clubhouse.   Read the article…………………………………..

Mold – Have to Act Quick and Tee Up Your Condo’s or Coop’s Defense (NY)

Water damage + mold growth = lawsuit for damages. Condominiums and cooperatives have to deal with water damage all the time. When it happens, even when action is taken immediately to mediate, there may be mold growth that will eventually rear its ugly head. Where there is mold, you’ll probably find a plaintiff and an […]

HOA Homefront: More myths about mold (Part 2) (CA)

This column concludes a two-part series on the myths associated with common household mold.  “You cannot handle it yourself.”  Many mold consultants treat mold as if it were asbestos, typically developing repair protocols that are virtually identical to asbestos protocols.     Read the article……………………………….

3 Tips on Avoiding Mold in High-Risk Areas of Your Condo (IL)

If you’ve ever seen the ominous black substance on your walls or ceiling, you were probably pretty grossed out. These days, more research is coming out too on the long term negative effects of mold on human health.  Mold basically needs an environment that stays moist to thrive. It’s easy to take some steps to […]

Heritage Landing Couple Says In $10 Million Lawsuit That Mold In Residence Made Them Sick, House Not Habitable (TN)

A couple that bought a condominium at the upscale Heritage Landing on the Tennessee River said mold under the house made them sick and the house no longer habitable.  Tim and Muffy Mitch are suing the Heritage Landing Condominium Association, Morris Property Management, PDM Engineering, Mack McCarley of PDM, Precise Plumbing, Charles Reynolds of Precise […]

Mold/Damage Claim: California Appellate Court Addresses Causation Question

A California Court of Appeal (“Court”) addressed in a July 2nd opinion an issue associated with a damage claim involving mold/water intrusion. See Longmire v. 1022 10th Street, Inc., Court of Appeal of California, B288063.  The Court reviewed a jury’s finding of whether a defendant was a substantial factor in the damages allegedly caused by […]

Mould in Condo Unit: Who’s Responsible? (ON)

The case of Brasseur v. York Condominium Corporation No. 50, 2019 ONSC 4043, outlines the respective responsibilities of a condominium corporation and a unit owner.    Read the article…………………………

Polk County condo owners claim homes are infested with mold (FL)

I feel like they left me here to die,” Erica Ray, a single mom battling breast cancer says. She claimes that her condo is infested with mold.  Sunday, she made the hard decision to move herself and her children out of Royal Crescent Condominiums because she said the conditions in her home were making her […]

Toxic mold a nightmare for contractors

Contractors can face liability claims for toxic mold in the structures they build. These claims can be expensive to remedy, but the homes and businesses may not be able to be occupied unless the mold is eradicated.  As with most construction law disputes, it is far easier to prevent mold than to remove its source. […]

St. Louis condo owner alleges black mold in common area caused illness (MO)

Three residents of a St. Louis condominium allege black mold in the common area caused illness.  Patricia Nejmanowski, et al. filed a complaint on Nov. 15 in the St. Louis Circuit Court against McPherson Place Condominium Association, et al. alleging premises liability and negligence.  According to the complaint, the plaintiffs purchased a condo on McPherson […]

Three new headaches for homeowner associations

What do drones, copyrights and mold have in common?  According to USI Insurance Services, a national insurer with more than 50 offices throughout the country, these are some of the emerging trends that homeowner associations are — or will be — facing in the coming years. They all affect the financial well-being and the investments […]

New Laws on Construction Noise and Mold Remediation (NY)

Those laws never seem to stop coming. Most co-op and condo boards are aware of new laws that require an annual report on contracts, a way of reining in conflicts of interest, and the looming requirement to adopt and post a smoking policy. But other new laws may be flying under the radar of boards […]

Dealing with Mold in Your Community Association

Mold: even the word is enough to make many people shudder. Unfortunately, simply ignoring mold or attempting to cover up the signs can lead to more serious problems down the road. By fully understanding what mold can mean to your association and how it needs to be handled, you can develop a stronger strategy for […]

When Mold Invades From the Building Next Door (NY)

This is why co-op and condo boards work out access and licensing agreements. When a new building went up next door to a midtown co-op, construction crews damaged the co-op’s exterior wall, allowing water to penetrate. Eventually, a shareholder reported mold growing in her living room wall. Thanks to the licensing agreement, the developer’s contractors […]

Cleaning Up Mold in Your Community

While the damaging weather seems to be behind us, the water damage can continue to plague communities for months. Don’t let your community be lured into a false sense of security just because the floodwaters have receded. Previously wet flooring, sheet-rock, and furniture may appear dry on the surface, but there is a good chance […]

Common Problems in Your HOA: Mold

Whether the buildings in your HOA community are old or new, mold is a common problem in moist climates. This article contains answers to some of the most common questions regarding mold in an HOA community as well as suggestions on how to tackle the problem and prevent further breakouts.   Read the article……………

Debunking some toxic mold myths

In 2000, a new “toxic mold” panic swept the country, and after 16 years of untold lawsuits and billions of dollars spent, major myths still plague and unnecessarily panic association boards, managers and homeowners. The myths all too often cause exaggerated repairs, unduly frightened residents, and conflict. In this and the next column, I will […]

HOA Horror: Toxic Stories About Mold Pt. 4

Mold is a fungus.To Some degree, it is always in the air- both inside and out. Mold is an equal-opportunity organism, and it doesn’t discriminate between new construction and older buildings, geographical locations or poverty and wealth. It can attack one unit at a time or infect an entire building through improperly maintained common elements, […]

HOA Horror: Toxic Stories About Mold Pt. 2

Although Bizar is the president of his small association, it is by default. No one else would – or could – step up. The moisture and leakage problems could not be fixed because the necessary special assessment to cure the leaks could not be levied without all three owners in agreement.    Read the article………….

Seven Ways to Fight Mold – And Win

It’s the scourge of households everywhere: the unsightly, unsanitary, unbecoming sight of mold. But waging war on mold means more than launching a full-scale assault when you see it (though that can be part of the battle plan). Instead, consider a comprehensive strategy – here are some tips to help you get started and steer […]

Mold in Your South Florida Condo

Dr. Cohen is a snowbird, who usually resides in his South Florida condo six months out of the year. Upon returning from his stay up north, he finds that while he was away, his toilet overflowed, causing mold all over his bathroom.    Read the article…………

Mold: Is there a fungus among us? Part 1 of Insurance: What you need to know

Welcome 2016! While the expression “out with the old and in with the new” comes to mind, remember, too, that this is a great time for review. Start off the new year by reviewing your association’s insurance policies to better understand the perils that it does, and does not, cover. Of particular concern to Florida’s […]

Condominium owners sue city and county over building defects (CO)

Citing long-standing problems stemming from rotted infrastructure, mold and other water-related damage, Centennial condominium owners are suing the Pitkin County commissioners, the city of Aspen and the governments’ affordable housing program.   Read the article…………

Mold Remediation and Conflicts of Interest

Finding mold is never fun. Where there’s mold, there’s probably a leak. And once a co-op or condo board is notified about the presence of mold, it needs to move quickly to not only eliminate the mold safely but also find and fix the cause.    Read the article……….

PMG accused of mold problems at tony UES condo building (NY)

Kevin Maloney’s Property Markets Group is facing a lawsuit from residents at 823 Park Avenue who claim faulty insulation at the Upper East Side building has resulted in mold growth throughout the property. Condo owners at the luxury building, located between East 75th and East 76th Streets, are seeking a minimum of $2.5 million in […]

Condominiums and Mold –What can a unit owner do?

A Florida woman is complaining about an issue that we see frequently: a neighbor with a severe mold problem. See attached news article.    Many condominiums and townhouses are constructed in a manner so that mold in one unit can travel into adjoining units. Its similar to noise or odors: one unit can affect neighboring […]

Resident Tips for Mold Management in Your Homeowners Association

It has been a problem that man has battled since the dawn of time—controlling mold. It lurks in the corners and can cause major damage and nasty health issues. It doesn’t matter where you live – as long as moisture and oxygen are present, mold can grow indoors or outdoors on virtually any organic substance, […]