HOA Homefront: Can our community limit rentals? (CA)

Q: How can HOAs protect their community from becoming overrun with rentals?  Can CCRs be changed to include leasing prohibition or can it be amended to limit the number of rentals to a percentage of 30%? Can some communities enforce a 6-month to 2-year residency requirement after purchase, requiring the owner to live there? Or […]

Insurance nightmares: Homeowners on their worst coverage struggles (CA)

California’s insurance crisis became very real this spring for Duncan Brown, president of the homeowners association for an apartment complex in downtown San Jose.  Farmers Insurance had provided the HOA’s insurance for years. But in March, the company abruptly said it would not renew the policy as part of its pullback from the state.   Read […]

Novelist turns South Florida condo corruption into high comedy

When The Eagles sang “This could be heaven or this could be hell” about the Hotel California, they could easily have been describing the dual nature of living in a condominium.  Condo living certainly has its benefits — it can be delicious to rely on some association to patch your roof, keep the landscaping looking […]

Beaumont psychologist arrested, accused of damaging neighbor’s property (TX)

A Beaumont psychologist has been arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief after his neighbor’s claim he caused thousands of dollars in damage to their home……Wayne Peyton is the president of the neighborhood’s homeowners association, and his wife is the secretary.  They believe the attack was linked to a note left on Bordages’ home expressing […]

Complaints mount through the Nation against ‘America’s Builder,’ D.R. Horton

From coast to coast, customers who purchased brand new homes with D.R. Horton say their homes are riddled with constant problems, creating a massive safety hazard and taking a toll on their livelihood and bank accounts.  While their homes are an obvious concern, the homeowners believe communication and accountability are bigger issues with the home […]

San Jose neighborhood pleads for more help to thwart mail thefts (CA)

One south San Jose neighborhood says it has been hit by mail thieves so many times it wants all the community mailboxes replaced.  Congressman Jimmy Panetta, who represents the area, is calling on the Postal Service to move from key locks to electronic locks to help cut down on attacks on mail carriers who are […]

How do I find my HOA rules and regulations in Florida? Which ones can I legally fight?

More than 75 million Americans live in subdivisions or other communities with homeowner associations (HOAs) that require them to pay monthly fees and follow a set of rules.  And Floridians who live in places with homeowner associations finally have laws to regulate what HOAs can and can’t do to them.   Read the article…………………………….

HOA nightmare at tiny home community (TN)

Property owners of The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls are seeking $250,000 in damages. According to the lawsuit, what was originally touted as a haven of tiny homes in Monteagle has become a developer-controlled nightmare…….filed the lawsuit asking the court to end the period of developer control over its homeowners association    Read the article…………………………….

Ask the HOA Expert: Enforcing Architectural and Design Restrictions

Question: For many years, the board has not enforced architectural and design restrictions. Consequently, many unit owners have installed storm doors and/or changed the exterior light fixtures on their units. There is now little or no conformity regarding those additions or changes. Our recent reserve study shows that we are woefully underfunded, so conformity is […]

Second bridge collapse in 2 weeks strands residents again (MO)

The only bridge into a Villa Ridge neighborhood in Franklin County had just been repaired. Firefighters even tested its integrity with a brush truck before it washed out again……Neither the fire department nor the Franklin County government can do anything about it because it’s a private road and the responsibility of the homeowner’s association.    Read […]

Blue Dog Lake public access area needs attention (SD)

The Blue Dog Lake Homeowners Association has long been concerned about the lack of maintenance at a public access area. This public access area has been neglected and the local residents are hoping it can be brought up to speed in the not-too-distant future.   Read the article…………………………….

Landscape rebates decrease for HOAs, businesses, multifamily properties in 2025 (NV)

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) announced on Tuesday that landscaping rebates will be decreasing in 2025 for homeowners associations, businesses, and multifamily properties.  The Water Smart Landscapes Rebate is a program that pays properties to convert their lawns to water-efficient landscaping as part of water conservation efforts.      Read the article…………………………….

Faulty concrete found in massive condo community in Boston suburbs (MA)

More crumbling concrete found in Massachusetts, and this time, it’s been discovered in a massive condo community not far from Boston.  Those who live there say it’s a warning sign for everyone in the state, and Beacon Hill must finally take action to help struggling homeowners financially.  The size of some cracks is frightening as […]

Woman’s indictment includes HOA thefts (VA)

A Frederick County woman was indicted Thursday for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from two parent teacher organizations and a homeowner’s organization.  Shawn Marie Bianco, 44, of the 100 block of Georgetowne Court in Stephens City, was indicted by a grand jury for 25 charges of embezzlement from three different groups, according to documents.    Read […]

Woman found dead in hot Houston condo hours before power was restored (TX)

A heart-breaking discovery was made at a Houston condominium complex still without power more than a week after Hurricane Beryl slammed into the city and knocked out power to millions.  Firefighters found the body of a woman just before noon Tuesday at a 1960s-era condo complex in Houston’s Museum District. Her unit did not have […]

Hundreds of St. Pete condos face inspection deadline (FL)

Condominium owners in St. Petersburg face towering uncertainty as over 200 buildings must complete Milestone Inspection Reports by Dec. 31.  A new state law requires mandatory structural studies on older condo buildings with three or more stories. Senate Bill 4-D also requires association boards to increase repair funding reserves, and many owners now face six-figure […]

DOB Offering Free, No-Violation Building Inspections for Co-ops and Condos (NY)

Time is running out. Co-op and condo boards have until July 31 to sign up for the Department of Buildings’ (DOB) free, no-violation building inspections.  This citywide initiative allows co-op and condo boards, homeowners, landlords and small business owners to call 311 to schedule a free, no-penalty visual inspection of various areas of their properties,  […]

Laketown Wharf Evacuation Update (FL)

Residents in 63 units have returned to their units at Laketown Wharf on Front Beach Road.  This comes after Panama City Beach officials issued a mandatory evacuation in April due to safety concerns about the structural integrity of the high-rise condominium.  According to officials they received a complaint on April 4th from a guest about […]

Mountain West states look to ‘last resort’ insurance policies as coverage dips

Home insurance markets are increasingly volatile, partly due to the rising costs of climate-related disasters. In response, more states are stepping in to provide residents insurance options when private companies won’t.  In Colorado, recent major wildfires and significant hailstorms, combined with the increased cost of rebuilding due to inflation, were among factors that caused home […]

West Campus condo owners find squatters in their units (TX)

Condo owners at 1700 Nueces Street in West Campus found squatters in their homes over the weekend. They said they came to check on their units after going without electricity for two months.  “The door was open. It was unlocked, so I opened the door and I discovered a lot of materials, debris, somebody else’s […]

HOA rejects plans for large home gets sued for $8M (NV)

Q: We are a very small homeowners association of townhomes and larger homes. It’s a very strange community. We have 35 townhomes. The townhome dues are for lawn maintenance, utilities, roads etc. The 81 homes only pay for the clubhouse that includes a pool area. We have two architectural review committees: one for the townhomes […]

Houston woman dies in apartment without power; Center Point restores after FOX 26 report (TX)

Several units at the complex have been without power since Monday, according to the area homeowner’s association.  “We’ve been completely unable to have a dialog or communication with CenterPoint,” said Rob Alleman, Vice President of the HOA Board at Beringwood. “We haven’t had any meaningful updates on when power could be restored.”   Read the article…………………………….

Condo fire in Madison contained to two of six units (TN)

A two-alarm fire at condominiums in Madison is kept from spreading by firefighters.  Crews responded to 225 Ellington Place Sunday just before 3 p.m. for a fire. They contained the fire to two of the six units, but power had to be cut to the entire building, said the Nashville Fire Department.    Read the article…………………………….

River’s Edge Golf Course sold to homeowners association (OR)

The River’s Edge Community Master Association announced its purchase of Bend’s River’s Edge Golf Course.  The members of the association closed the sale and received the recorded title to the property on Friday morning.  “This is a wonderful day for the community,” said Jeff Kramer, president of the association. “We saved the golf course, and […]

Three Creeks homeowners left in the dark as ISO rating plummets (TX)

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has sparked confusion and concern among homeowners in the Three Creeks planned community in Belton’s Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  Some insurance rates soared due to an ISO rating of 10, the worst insurance rank an area can receive.   Read the article…………………………….

Residents ask for more communication from POA on local issues (TN)

During a committee meeting in Tellico Village on July 9, a few residents in attendance had questions about recent goings-on in the community.  The meeting was held by the nonpartisan Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC), which researches the workings of governmental and quasi-governmental organizations that impact life in the Village. Part of its role is to […]

Evacuations lifted after gas line at San Jose condo secured (CA)

A ruptured gas line at a two-story condo on the 1000 block of McKay Drive Thursday has been secured, the San Jose Fire Department said. Nearby residences were evacuated as a precaution, but as of 1 p.m., evacuated homes are being repopulated.   Read the article…………………………….

Condominium Association Sues Allstate Over $9.7M Repairs (WA)

A Washington condominium association is taking legal action against Allstate Insurance Co., alleging the insurer breached their coverage agreement by refusing to cover $9.7 million in repairs for “hidden damage” to the buildings’ exteriors.  In a complaint filed Tuesday, Sammamish Hills Owners Association claimed the hidden damage to the exterior weather-resistive barrier, sheathing, and framing […]

Destin looks to bring condominiums in to short- and long-term rental program (FL)

The city of Destin is looking to bring condominium units that are short- and long-term rentals into the “fold” of the rental program, but at a lesser price for smaller units.  “To me, this is a fairness issue, plain and simple,” council member Jim Bagby said at Monday’s council meeting.  Right now, Destin oversees single […]

Ask the HOA Expert: Special Assessments

Question: Our pool and clubhouse are 15 years old. The board wants to build a larger pool and upgrade the clubhouse which would require a $200,000 special assessment and drain our reserves.   Read the Q&A………………………………..

Steps for POAs to Take on the Road to Recovery Following Hurricane Beryl (TX)

Hurricane Beryl recently made landfall along the Upper Texas Coast, bringing more devastation and destruction than many had anticipated. For some, the question of what to do next may be overwhelming, leaving board members and even some community managers wondering where to begin on the road to recovery. This article will outline steps to take […]

Homeowners in second neighborhood say siding cracking on fairly new houses

Almost 20 residents in the Locust Town Center neighborhood told Action 9 they expected their siding to last decades but say it’s cracking and that their houses are only a few years old…….Plus, Stack and Mize say the builder just turned over the community to the homeowners association so they’re worried the board will start […]