Douglas County Sheriff reminds residents of golf cart rules (NE)

The Indian Pointe neighborhood became a focus for deputies over the holiday weekend after someone complained of golf carts on the streets.  The sheriff’s office says that the subdivision doesn’t have a county-approved ordinance. Nobody got a ticket but the sheriff’s office is letting homeowners know golf cart operators may be pulled over.    Read the […]

Private funding will fix a city street (NE)

Perhaps the most efficient way to get something done is to do it yourself.  The Northridge Homeowners Association appears to think so.  Representatives of the group appeared before Tekamah City Council April 14, requesting permission to pay for repairs to Lake View Drive themselves.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Omaha homeowners raise concerns again about undermined street (NE)

A dangerous situation has resurfaced in a neighborhood just northwest of Omaha. A 6 News Investigation two years ago led to a fix.  After fixing the foundation of the undermined North 67th Street two years ago, developer Keith Edquist says he fulfilled his obligation to the neighborhood and his attorney agrees.     Read the entire […]

Condominium residents exposed to high amounts of carbon monoxide (NB)

A condominium complex was exposed to a significant amount of carbon monoxide Wednesday afternoon.  Officials with Lincoln Fire and Rescue (LFR) responded to Stonecliff Estates, 5831 Enterprise Dr, around 1 pm for a medical call.   When they arrived, LFR determined it was a carbon monoxide poisoning situation. LFR’s carbon monoxide detectors began to go off […]

Senate Bill 144 will hurt struggling Las Vegas HOAs (NV)

I would like to take some time today, to encourage you to contact your state senator to oppose Senate Bill 144. I believe this is harmful to our Las Vegas area homeowners associations.   Read the article………………………………

Beatrice homeowners association challenge dismissed (NE)

A Beatrice homeowners association’s motion to drop its challenge against a convicted sex offender, has been granted by a judge.  Wildwood Estates Homeowner’s Association was recently denied an injunction against Jeff Hawks and a company that owns a residential property in the southeast Beatrice Wildwood Estates area….where Hawks has been residing.    Read the article…………………………

Judge Denies Beatrice Homeowner Association Request For Injunction (NE)

A District Judge has rejected a Beatrice homeowners association request for a temporary injunction, aimed at keeping a convicted sex offender from residing in their neighborhood.  On October 15th, Judge Christina Marroquin found that Wildwood Estates Homeowners Association had not demonstrated a probability of success on their challenge, filed against Jeff Hawks and Thayer Farmland […]

Judge denies injunction to remove sex offender from Beatrice neighborhood (NE)

A judge has denied a temporary injunction that would have restricted a registered sex offender from living in a Beatrice neighborhood.  The Wildwood Estates Homeowners Association filed a civil complaint in Gage County District Court in August seeking to prevent Jeff Hawks, a registered sex offender, from living in the area.      Read the article……………………………..

Judge recuses himself in case of homeowners association hoping to prevent sex offender from living in area ( (NE)

Anew judge will be assigned in the case of a Beatrice homeowners association seeking to prevent a registered sex offender from living in its neighborhood.  The Wildwood Estates Homeowners Association filed a civil complaint in Gage County District Court last month, seeking to prevent Jeff Hawks from living in the area.    Read the article…………………………….

HOA sues Elkhorn homeowner for unapproved roof color (NE)

It’s not unusual to see crews replacing bad roofs in metro area neighborhoods. But this week good shingles will be torn off an elkhorn home.  A roof just two years old that tom ross is forced to replace after a storm of controversy.  Tom Ross, a homeowner said, “A board member that lived across the […]

Amick Acres flood diversion project nears completion (NE)

From devastating floods to months of recovery, residents in Amick Acres are excitedly waiting for a much needed flood diversion project to wrap up.  The $240,000 project is a joint effort between Hall County, the NRD and Amick Acres Homeowners Associations.    Read the article……………………………..

Gutter dispute raises concerns for residents (NE)

A long-running dispute over who should pay for water damage in several southwest Omaha condominiums has created a storm of controversy.  Rain pouring inside a bedroom window last year shows why there’s so much gutter talk around Deauville Condominiums.   Read the article………………………………

Suit targets short-term rentals at Capitol Beach (NE)

A lawsuit filed last week alleges several homeowners at Capitol Beach are renting out their homes on a short-term basis, in violation of neighborhood covenants.  The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Lancaster County District Court by the Capitol Beach Community Association, which is the homeowners association for people who live around Capitol Beach lake in […]

Huge cavern under northwest street, homeowners fight to fix it (NE)

….Melvin Sudbeck won’t comment but points to a letter from the city demanding the homeowners association to fulfill its obligation to fix the street.  Homeowners say the developer didn’t tell them to set up an HOA so, there isn’t one.  “So every day it’s a roll of the dice as to whether this street is […]

Homeowners pushing for help in getting neighborhood park maintained (NE)

A North Omaha homeowners association says an uptick in a nearby homeless population and a lack of help from the city is posing problems in getting their neighborhood park maintained.  Walking through the Logan Fontenelle Park you’ll notice a few things like missing railings and weeds taking over sidewalks.    Read the article………………………

Lawyer goes on rant, client goes to jail for embezzling from Omaha neighborhood association (NE)

A locomotive called prison time was barreling toward the former treasurer of a west Omaha neighborhood association Tuesday.  In a Douglas County courtroom, a prosecutor had mentioned that former Omaha resident David Campagna’s full restitution payments didn’t erase the fact that he wrote himself dozens of checks over several years — costing the Armbrust Acres […]

Neighbor who embezzled thousands faces consequences in court (NE)

There was tension in an Omaha courtroom on Tuesday as a confessed embezzler sought probation.  During eight years as treasurer of the Armbrust Homeowners Associated, David Campagna embezzled $174,000 his neighbors paid in dues.  “The books were bogus. Records were missing and falsified financial information was created,” neighbor Les Robbins said.    Read the article…………………..

Ashland residents begin to assess flood damage (NE)

Floodwaters began to recede in many areas on Monday, allowing a closer look at the damage left behind.  Willow Point Lakes just south of the Platte River on Highway 6 was one of the communities in the wake of destruction.  The bridge to the development was almost free of water on Monday, but it may […]

Owners of condos burned in M’s Pub fire ask city for tax incentives to help rebuild their homes (NE)

Condo owners affected by the M’s Pub fire are hoping to get a property tax incentive to help restore the historic building.   420 Condominium Association Inc., which is representing the owners of 12 residential units whose windows face Howard Street, is asking for nearly $700,000 in tax-increment financing, or TIF.  The incentive is needed because […]

English garden called American weed pit (NE)

Homeowners in a southwest Omaha neighborhood don’t like what they see on a neighbor’s property, and it’s not just them complaining.  A front yard tribute to nature’s beauty has grown into an eyesore.  Jon Blumenthal lives in Armbrust Acres, and as the homeowners association attorney, he says property values are being hurt by one neighbors’ […]

Condo controversy by new owners over old hail damage cost (NE)

A shock for owners in a northwest Omaha condominium complex: They’re being assessed an unexpected fee for new roofs. Some say it’s unfair.  It’s not a welcome letter Linda Barton found on her door on move-in day three months ago. She said, “I was really shocked and I hoped it didn’t apply to me since […]

Keep your cart on the course: Sheriff warns of golf cart misuse (NE)

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is warning of the dangers of illegal golf cart use.  “You have to have a license to operate a golf cart and you can only operate the golf cart when you are crossing the roadway going from a green area to another green area, so a golf course,” said Capt. […]

HOA attorney threatens lawsuit of shutters (NE)

Some homeowners in a northwest Omaha neighborhood say their association has gone too far. Six on Your Side first reported lawsuits over decks. The latest legal threat is out front.  Mark Moe and Ann LeBlanc say their own townhome association dues are being used to pay a lawyer who threatens to sue them.  “It says […]

Homeowners sued over deck color (NE)

Three homeowners in a northwest Omaha neighborhood are being sued by their own townhome association. It’s not about the condition of their decks but the color.  While the Lyons like to entertain on their deck it’s now caused them to be served. A lawsuit filed against the Lyons by the Westin Hills Four Townhome Association […]

After they painted their house blue, the homeowners association sued and neighbors called it ‘obnoxious.’ Court says they’re in the clear (NE)

A homeowners association in Sarpy County might be feeling the blues after a Nebraska Supreme Court ruling Friday.  Duane and Kathryn Korth, who live in the Gretna area, were sued by their subdivision’s homeowners association for painting their house a shade of blue that, according to neighboring homeowners, was “a nuisance” and “obnoxious to the […]

Homeowner’s feel decked by their association (NE)

A shock in the mail for some homeowners in a northwest Omaha neighborhood. A demand they change the look of their decks or face possible legal action.  Her freshly painted white deck may cause squinting but Sheila Lyons says its not an eyesore. The homeowner said, “And by doing what i did i feel like […]

Ask Amy: Homeowners association rules don’t seem to faze these neighbors

Dear Amy: We live in a town-house development. The house adjoining ours is owned by a retired man (who lives nearby) and is occupied by his son and the son’s family. They are not the worst neighbors possible, but they seem to be very heedless of how their actions affect others.     Read the Q&A………….

Cars must go in garage, judge says (NE)

Flowers ruled that Horner and others were barred, by the covenant, from regularly or routinely parking, storing or leaving vehicles in the driveway. But she also prohibited Bishop Square from towing any vehicles parked, stored or left in Horner’s driveway.    Read more……..