Cactus thieves caught on video stealing $10,000 worth of plants from community (NV)

An unusual series of thefts has hit a Las Vegas community.  Residents say thieves have been digging up cactuses in the Cadence neighborhood in Henderson. They estimate at least 100 plants have been stolen, totaling up to $10,000.  “They actually posted a video from their doorbell camera that a pickup truck stopped, and two guys […]

HOA potlucks can be so complicated (NV)

Q: Are there any requirements for a potluck that would be held at the community clubhouse? I received three conflicting opinions. One individual stated that no homemade food is permitted in the clubhouse. Another individual said that a food handler’s license is required. A third indicated that a stove is required in the clubhouse. I’m […]

Homeowner gets bid but does not follow proper procedure (NV)

Q: One of the residents knows a company who provides barrier arm installation and requested we ask the company for a bid, which is totally fine in my opinion.  However, the problem stems from the resident bypassing the board and our management firm and directly contacting the company and not having it send the sealed […]

Hot water heaters usually responsibility of condo owner (NV)

Q: I have been the president of a very active and proactive board for some time now. Our development has 84 units.  Over the past few years we have paved the parking lots, replaced the windows in all of the units, replaced the roofs as well as a number of other assorted projects aimed at […]

HOA board learns dog parks are expensive (NV)

Q: I am the vice president of a homeowners association in Las Vegas, which is considering establishing dog parks. I would like to talk to a HOA that has dog parks but have not been able to find any. Read the Q&A………………………………..

HOA tells homeowner to remove rainbow flag (NV)

Q: I live in a large homeowners association community in Las Vegas. Recently the HOA pressured a homeowner to remove a rainbow flag. Apparently, a conservative resident was offended by a sign of inclusion and harmony. The reason given was that “statement” flags are prohibited.  Read the Q&A…………………………

HOA has options in dealing with abusive homeowner (NV)

Q: I live in an (age-qualified) community with 133 condo units, Our latest budget/homeowners association meeting did not go well. A homeowner had his three minutes to speak as per the ruling set.    Read the article…………………………..

The management company answers to the HOA (NV)

Q: We live in an older homeowners association of 385 single-family homes. We’ve lived here 14 years and in the last few years have had several community management companies, each seemingly worse than the last. These big national companies increasingly despise committee and volunteer involvement.    Read the Q&A……………………………

HOA wants homeowner to remove treehouse (NV)

Q: Our homeowners association board won’t let us keep our treehouse because I did not have a permit before I built it. I simply thought my neighbors’s agreement was enough.  Since May, the HOA has charged me $200 per week and said it will continue to do so until I take off the treehouse.    Read […]

HOA seeks solutions to its homeless problem (NV)

Q: I am the president of a homeowners association for an 84-unit condominium community. Our place was built in 1997 but no electric gates were installed on either of our two entrances. We were told by a gate company many years ago that we do not have enough of a setback to put in a […]

Best to wait for written approval before starting project (NV)

Q: Back in January 2022, we submitted an Architectural Review Committee application to our subdivision HOA to add concrete steps leading to the front door and side concrete walkway on the right side of the front yard leading from the sidewalk to our side yard gate. They wanted a specific start and stop with the work, […]

Condo owner may be restricted with solar panels (NV)

Q: We have recently moved to a condominium community with eight condos per building. I would appreciate any insights you have regarding the use of solar panels on the roof of our building. As I read through the covenants, conditions and restrictions and the condo agreement, I cannot find anything specifically prohibiting or allowing me […]

Cars with expired car registrations becoming a problem (NV)

Q: Did the last Legislature address expired car registrations? There are at least five cars in our homeowners association community with expired registrations. They seem to have no interest in getting current because they say they cannot be towed because of expired registration. One of them has registration that expired over three years ago.   Read […]

Homeowners get HOA fine without notification (NV)

Q: I have a problem with my homeowners association, and I don’t know where to ask for advice. It has been two and a half years since I moved into the community, and I have never lived in HOA community before.   Read the Q&A…………………………………

Condo complex says it may be forced to spend a few hundred thousand dollars to deal with Formula 1 traffic concerns (NV)

The Meridian Private Residences has a front row seat for F1 races in November. Like many businesses, the condominium complex is grateful for the economic boost the huge event will have in the valley. However, condo officials say they will have to spend big bucks to deal with F1 traffic concerns.    Read the article…………………………….

Town home attracts vagrants; HOA not happy (NV)

Q: I live in a town home homeowners association. We are encountering problems with vagrants entering vacant units. One of the units is easily accessible as the backdoor does not lock. We have notified the owner each time we see the backdoor is ajar.   Read the Q&A………………………………

New law helps protect homeowners’ private information (NV)

In addition to imposing cybersecurity insurance and data protection requirements for homeowners associations’ online assessment payment processors, SB378, which was adopted this legislative session and then went into law, helps HOA protect homeowners’ private information and streamlines the email notification process.   Read the article…………………………….

New law helps protect homeowners’ private information (NV)

In addition to imposing cybersecurity insurance and data protection requirements for homeowners associations’ online assessment payment processors, SB378, which was adopted this legislative session and then went into law, helps HOA protect homeowners’ private information and streamlines the email notification process.    Read the article……………………………..

New law improves online protections for homeowners (NV)

This is the first of two columns by Las Vegas attorney Adam H. Clarkson. Today, he addresses Senate Bill 378, which imposes cybersecurity insurance and data protection requirements for homeowners associations’ online assessment payment processors. Next week, he will address what the new law says about email notices.    Read the article………………………..

HOAs can buy flood insurance but it’s expensive (NV)

Q: My town house/condominium complex is not in a 100-year flood zone. However, it is close to the upper edge of the area designated as a high-risk flood zone.  Flood insurance is not required, according to the covenants, conditions and restrictions.     Read the Q&A…………………………

Homeowners say HOA is doing things right (NV)

Q: We read your column regularly on Sundays. Nearly all of your responses seem to be to complaints about real or perceived homeowners association board member abuses, unfair charges or fees, covenants, conditions and restrictions questions or infractions, legality of board decisions and the like. Some seem to be very valid concerns, others not so […]

Flood insurance not required for HOAs (NV)

Q: Does our homeowners association have to furnish flood insurance for condo and town houses?  My condo was hit by a flash flood on Aug. 1, and we had 1.34 inches of rain in 38 minutes. I hired a remediation company.   Read the Q&A…………………………………

Satellite dishes removed; HOA still fines owner (NV)

Q: I hope I can get some help because I find myself in a desperate situation. We are the owners and residents of a unit in a local condominium community.  We got an email from the (homeowners association) management company informing us that we were fined $100 and will be fined another $100 dollars every […]

Leaking rooftop pool cause for condo concern

Question: I purchased a brand-new condominium in 2020, near the ocean. The building is seven floors high, including the rooftop pool, and four condominium units wide. In the past six months I have noticed that one of the interior walls that is constructed of plaster over block has developed horizontal bowing, in places for a […]

Homeowner says HOA doesn’t communicate well (NV)

Q: I am having a horrible time with our homeowners association, and before I file a report against them, I am hoping you can help me.  First, am I not entitled to know the exact duties of the guy who goes around making reports on people who violate the rules? I do pay him through […]

Homeowners can meet to air concerns about HOA (NV)

Q: We are a small homeowners association community, and we have two owners/residents that have selectively went door to door soliciting other residents to petition our HOA board with a variety of complaints. On two separate occasions one of the two members who have created this group has had their questions posted in your column […]

Local residents speak out after unresolved housing repairs (NV)

News 3 spotted dead landscaping, broken sprinklers, and leaning signs throughout the community near Washington and Torrey Pines.  Homeowners Association Management CAMCO employees tell News 3 they haven’t been able to make improvements because four of its five volunteer board members quit, and by law, they must vote first on any action relating to the […]

Homeowner believes HOA board behavior is harassment (NV)

Q: During a recent board meeting, which I did not attend, board members and the community manager engaged in a “bitch session” about myself and another homeowner, calling us “crazy.” They said we had no life and were bored.   Read the Q&A……………………………….

No bingo night for homeowners associations (NV)

Q: Would you mind helping me figure out if Nevada Revised Statutes allow our Las Vegas homeowners association to host a bingo night with residents who attend paying a small amount for a card with the balance of the pot shared only among winners? I don’t find anything referenced in our covenants, conditions and restrictions.  Read […]

Barbecue grills must be approved by the HOA (NV)

Q: We have a homeowners association board that pretty much agrees on most things except we are having difficulty with a portion of article 3.6 of the covenants, conditions and restrictions. What is your take on “there shall be no open fires whatsoever” as it pertains to the rest of the article?   Read the Q&A…………………………

High-rise ‘service dogs’ appear to be regular pets (NV)

Q: Our high-rise community has restrictions in the governing documents regarding the number and size of dogs as pets for each resident. Several residents claim they require one or more service dogs negating the effectiveness of these rules.   Read the Q&A………………………………..

Security guard shoots man with rifle at condo complex (NV)

At around 3:15 p.m., 32-year-old Andrew Warrender walked into the lobby of the Turnberry Towers, 322 E. Karen Ave., near Paradise Road, armed with an AR-15 style rifle. Warrender fired one shot at a security guard but his rifle malfunctioned.  As he exited the lobby the security guard shot Warrender several times in the thighs […]

Increased assessments could be appropriate (NV)

Q: The homeowners association fees in my development were $158 per month as of last year. This January, they raised the fees to $176 per month. Was this legal to raise it so much? Please advise me about this.   Read the Q&A………………………..

Lawsuit: Rhodes Ranch HOA bullied resident after crash (NV)

Maria Cervantes Alvarado didn’t want all of her Rhodes Ranch neighbors to know she had sued the homeowners association in the aftermath of a car crash.  In April 2022, Cervantes was taking one of her nightly walks and was in a crosswalk when a car struck her inside the gated southwest valley community. She later […]

Nobody wants to go to prison over an HOA election (NV)

Q: We have a homeowners association election coming up soon that is sure to be contentious. It is thought that there was tampering in a prior election (statistically far too high of a turnout — over 80 percent when the normal turnout is approximately 20 percent). A number of homeowners think that a certain member […]

Las Vegas Won’t Save the Water It Needs by Just Removing Lawns (NV)

Some HOAs already see the limits of this strategy. After years of minimizing the water used on landscaping, staff members at Sun City Anthem, a retirement community of more than 10,000 people in Henderson, say they’ve run out of nonfunctional turf to remove. All that’s left is a lawn they want to keep for events […]

Architectural Committee has final say over door signs (NV)

Q: I live in a homeowners association-controlled condo community. Is there a Nevada state legal standing on displaying autoimmune or quiet time door area signs? The management company for our HOA has told me I cannot display any. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.   Read the Q&A……………………………….

Judge denies preliminary injunction in vacation rental lawsuit (NV)

A preliminary injunction was denied against a Lake ridge homeowner who was renting his property for less than the 60 days.  District Judge Tod Young said that the requirement of irreparable harm for a preliminary injunction was not met by the Lakeridge General Improvement District.   Read the article………………………..