HOA rejects plans for large home gets sued for $8M (NV)

Q: We are a very small homeowners association of townhomes and larger homes. It’s a very strange community. We have 35 townhomes. The townhome dues are for lawn maintenance, utilities, roads etc. The 81 homes only pay for the clubhouse that includes a pool area. We have two architectural review committees: one for the townhomes […]

HOA board must follow city’s pet code (NV)

Q: My question pertains to covenants, conditions and restrictions vs. city ordinance. Our CC&Rs state each home is allowed a maximum of two dogs and two cats.Numerous residences are now are housing six dogs because they state the city allows this. Some have mentioned they are registered as a dog rescue households.   Read the Q&A………………………………..

Wood-shingle roofs hike HOA insurance rates (NV)

Q: I am on the board of a 102-unit homeowners association, a blend of single-family units and town houses. Roughly 10 percent of units have wood-shingle roofs.  When our master insurance policy came up for renewal in March, the only quote we were able to find was approximately $276,000 — triple what we paid for […]

Las Vegas homeowner battles HOA over damage created by passing cars (NV)

A Las Vegas man is battling his homeowner’s association over something he says is beyond his control: careless drivers who put holes in his back wall.  “This used to look really nice,” says Roger Morse as he points to his block wall. “And then, when someone backed a truck into it, it pops the bricks […]

HOA board wants to eliminate parking policy (NV)

Q: Our homeowners association has private streets and has a formal parking policy that simply clarifies that which is in the covenants, conditions and restrictions. This policy includes parking stickers for homeowners and tags for visitors.  The management company just sent out the agenda for our upcoming board meeting, which has an agenda item to […]

HOA Hall of Shame: Homeowners outraged over comments recorded in a board meeting (NV)

With nearly 3000 homeowners associations in Nevada, chances are you live in a community governed by an HOA. That comes with a monthly pricetag paid by every homeowner that’s supposed to support common areas and community amenities. But 13 Investigates discovered HOA board members sometimes use community money in questionable ways, and that suspicion led […]

Somersett residents outraged at developer over subdivision construction (NV)

Residents said they have been trying to raise awareness about what they called Toll Brothers’ poor workmanship, “deviation from architectural plans” and unsafe, incomplete hillside landscaping. They said the City of Reno has failed to enforce its own codes and requirements, which puts their homes at risk because of what they said was poor erosion […]

Homeowners should have say in proposed new laws (NV)

Now that the 2011 Nevada Legislature has convened, the Community Associations Institute of Nevada and its legislative action committee are very involved in identifying those bills of concern to common-interest communities and working to make sure our legislators understand how those bills will affect homeowners and associations.    Read the article…………………………….

Payment portals on HOA websites not required (NV)

Q: I’m writing to you about your recent column and Senate Bill 378. If I read the bill correctly, it is now optional for a homeowners’ association to provide online electronic assessment payments. Your report said otherwise   Read the Q&A………………………………..

HOA Hall of Shame: Homeowners question $20,000 plus petty cash budget

Homeowners’ associations, or HOAs, are supposed to protect your home’s value and theoretically make life a little nicer, if not a little easier.  But 13 Investigates has reported for years on HOAs and management companies that have made it difficult and stressful for neighbors to be at peace in their own homes.    Read the article…………………………….

Condo owner says others not paying their fair share (NV)

Q: (My) condo complex has 440 units. Currently, 20 percent of homeowners do not pay their homeowners association fees. This has been going on for years. Foreclosure has only now been implemented on two units. (There are) 69 homeowners in this community who don’t pay their fees. Again, only two of those are facing foreclosure.  […]

Second ethics complaint filed against Henderson councilman (NV)

Henderson Councilman Jim Seebock violated Nevada ethics laws when he substituted a campaign pitch for an agendized presentation from the city manager at a Lake Las Vegas homeowners association meeting in April, according to an ethics complaint filed last month.   Read the article…………………………….

Homeowner claims HOA president is bullying her (NV)

Q: I just read your article from two years ago on homeowners associations and bullying and harassment, Nevada Revised Statutes 388.122.  I just have a few questions that I hope you can help me with. I brought a home 1½ years ago. After complaining about dog feces, trash, the front gate and elections, I called […]

Large HOAs need secure online presence (NV)

Q: Is there a Nevada statute that requires homeowners associations of a certain size to have and maintain an online presence, that is, a website? If yes, what information needs to be accessible on the site?  Read the Q&A………………………………..

Bright street lights steal homeowners’ sleep (NV)

Q: Six months ago our homeowners association began replacing working streetlights with new ones. The lights that have been replaced do not appear to be the correct lumen or wattages for residential use. The lights are so bright the residents, including ourselves, have lost the use of their backyard because of the intensity of light. […]

Henderson neighbors demand answers after 37-hour deadly barricade (NV)

Residents in a quiet Cadence community in Henderson want answers after a 37-hour-long barricade situation in April.  The standoff ended with a suspect found dead in the attic and extensive damage to the townhouse building……So Channel 13 reached out to the City of Henderson for more answers. We asked what the cost of the incident […]

Condo community installs gates at trash enclosures (NV)

Q: I live in a small condominium community of 84 units. We have three trash house enclosures on the property that have been damaged on the inside by homeless people and other undesirables camping out, eating, urinating and doing drugs among other things. Some residents are afraid to go in there to dump their garbage. […]

HOA board member doesn’t want to raise assessments (NV)

Q: I’ve got a question about the board raising monthly dues. I was just voted to the board in December. I am the only one against raising dues. We are not in the red yet and are just breaking even budget-wise. I want to cut expenses first, and if that does not work, then, as […]

Renter says HOA board member is harassing her (NV)

Q: I recently read your article about Nevada laws and residential bullying. I appreciate the ethos of the article and addressing where manners of reason may often go wrong. I feel as if I, a renter, am experiencing harassment from an individual on the HOA board, who lives across from me. Her car is parked […]

Homeowners look to protect families, pets from coyotes — if HOAs allow it (NV)

Dangerous encounters with coyotes across the Las Vegas valley have caught the attention of many concerned about the safety of their families and pets.  Some residents of the Green Valley community in Henderson have called the neighborhood a “haven for coyotes.” Others admit to being concerned that the animals roam the area. A local company, […]

Homeowner says it’s time to ditch Zoom meetings (NV)

Q: It’s been four years since COVID, and quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing excuses from lazy people who refuse to convene as normal. And while I understand the convenience of Zoom meetings, they are not without fault and major issues.   For one thing, there will always be “technical” difficulties. It’s the internet, after all.  […]

HOAs must file BOI reports with FINCEN (NV)

Failure and/or refusal to file timely beneficial ownership information, or BOI, reports or updates can be punishable both criminally and civilly. The willful failure to report complete or updated beneficial ownership information to United States Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FINCEN, or the willful providing of or attempt to provide false […]

FINCEN’s position unclear on HOA beneficial ownership (NV)

We continue our discussion on the Anti-Money Laundering/Corporate Transparency Act and how it will affect our HOAs in Nevada.  What is somewhat ambiguous is whether or not community managers will be deemed individuals with “substantial control,” as that term is defined in 31 C.F.R §1010.380(d)(1)(i). When reviewing the definition, it can be argued that, essentially, […]

HOA board wants a cut of the community game money (NV)

Q: I live in a 55 and older community. We have a new HOA board and a new management company. The board has decided, based on information from this new management company that from here forward they will take 5 percent of the winnings from our clubs — poker, bunco and trivia. It’s my understanding […]

HOA potlucks can be so complicated (NV)

Q: Are there any requirements for a potluck that would be held at the community clubhouse? I received three conflicting opinions. One individual stated that no homemade food is permitted in the clubhouse. Another individual said that a food handler’s license is required. A third indicated that a stove is required in the clubhouse. I’m […]

Homeowner gets bid but does not follow proper procedure (NV)

Q: One of the residents knows a company who provides barrier arm installation and requested we ask the company for a bid, which is totally fine in my opinion.  However, the problem stems from the resident bypassing the board and our management firm and directly contacting the company and not having it send the sealed […]

Hot water heaters usually responsibility of condo owner (NV)

Q: I have been the president of a very active and proactive board for some time now. Our development has 84 units.  Over the past few years we have paved the parking lots, replaced the windows in all of the units, replaced the roofs as well as a number of other assorted projects aimed at […]

HOA board learns dog parks are expensive (NV)

Q: I am the vice president of a homeowners association in Las Vegas, which is considering establishing dog parks. I would like to talk to a HOA that has dog parks but have not been able to find any. Read the Q&A………………………………..

HOA tells homeowner to remove rainbow flag (NV)

Q: I live in a large homeowners association community in Las Vegas. Recently the HOA pressured a homeowner to remove a rainbow flag. Apparently, a conservative resident was offended by a sign of inclusion and harmony. The reason given was that “statement” flags are prohibited.  Read the Q&A…………………………

HOA has options in dealing with abusive homeowner (NV)

Q: I live in an (age-qualified) community with 133 condo units, Our latest budget/homeowners association meeting did not go well. A homeowner had his three minutes to speak as per the ruling set.    Read the article…………………………..

The management company answers to the HOA (NV)

Q: We live in an older homeowners association of 385 single-family homes. We’ve lived here 14 years and in the last few years have had several community management companies, each seemingly worse than the last. These big national companies increasingly despise committee and volunteer involvement.    Read the Q&A……………………………

HOA wants homeowner to remove treehouse (NV)

Q: Our homeowners association board won’t let us keep our treehouse because I did not have a permit before I built it. I simply thought my neighbors’s agreement was enough.  Since May, the HOA has charged me $200 per week and said it will continue to do so until I take off the treehouse.    Read […]

HOA seeks solutions to its homeless problem (NV)

Q: I am the president of a homeowners association for an 84-unit condominium community. Our place was built in 1997 but no electric gates were installed on either of our two entrances. We were told by a gate company many years ago that we do not have enough of a setback to put in a […]

Best to wait for written approval before starting project (NV)

Q: Back in January 2022, we submitted an Architectural Review Committee application to our subdivision HOA to add concrete steps leading to the front door and side concrete walkway on the right side of the front yard leading from the sidewalk to our side yard gate. They wanted a specific start and stop with the work, […]

Condo owner may be restricted with solar panels (NV)

Q: We have recently moved to a condominium community with eight condos per building. I would appreciate any insights you have regarding the use of solar panels on the roof of our building. As I read through the covenants, conditions and restrictions and the condo agreement, I cannot find anything specifically prohibiting or allowing me […]

Cars with expired car registrations becoming a problem (NV)

Q: Did the last Legislature address expired car registrations? There are at least five cars in our homeowners association community with expired registrations. They seem to have no interest in getting current because they say they cannot be towed because of expired registration. One of them has registration that expired over three years ago.   Read […]