Last Of The Lakes: Latest Chapter In Golf Course Saga (NM)

Not everyone was happy, but that’s often the case when you’re about to lose an iconic part of your neighborhood.  And that’s what’s happening at The Islands at Rio Rancho, once a gorgeous respite for residents and wildlife, and a few lakes where countless golf balls were sent to a watery grave.   Read the article………………………..

Northern Meadows neighbors frustrated with HOA (NM)

Residents in Northern Meadows are fed up. If you live in a community with a homeowner association, you know the fees can be a hassle – but you at least expect to get some services out of it.  “For the first 10, 15 years, we had no problems, but in the last 10 years, it […]

Residents organize meetings to press Northern Meadows POA (NM)

“Why is the homeowners association not telling the neighbors that they are under court orders?” Spetalnik said. “I would have understood, as a homeowner, if they said we are short of money and this may take some time to get to. But for them to turn around blatantly and say we don’t do that anymore […]

The HOAs of Life

In 2015, I bought a house in Santa Fe after I could no longer afford to rent. Amid all the closing paperwork, I didn’t read the barely discernible covenants I’d signed. I was so green about homeownership that it didn’t cross my mind that I couldn’t do specific things unless I undertook them illegally.   Read […]

Veteran fights to display US flag (NM)

An Albuquerque man who fought for our flag, in a new fight to fly it.  Jon Barrie’s homeowner’s association, fining him for having the American flag on his house.  Barrie’s lawyer reached out to KOAT for help with his issue.    Read the article………………………..

Northern Meadow’s Residents Frustrated With Property Owners Association (NM)

Many Northern Meadows residents are frustrated with their property owners association, and some are asking for help.  “Our HOA is being mismanaged,” Northern Meadows resident Stephanie Breezee said. “They are charging us for things they are not doing; right now we are doing our own front yard.”   Read the article………………………..

Rio Rancho neighborhood confused after city removes crosswalks (NM)

A Rio Rancho neighborhood is angry and confused. The city reportedly got rid of multiple crosswalks in their area, which could make it dangerous for kids to get to and from school.  The Loma Colorado Community Association originally asked the City of Rio Rancho to add blinking signs to their crosswalks to warn drivers. Instead, […]

We can handle our own community issues (NM)

Oh, New Mexican! When will you stop needling the residents of Eldorado on our community issues? Your editorial (“Eldorado: Where chickens, cisterns stir controversy,” Our View, Aug. 2) omitted facts and misrepresented others.   Read the article………………………..

Water-conserving cisterns run afoul of Eldorado rules (NM)

Carol Sanguinetti, the Eldorado community improvement board’s president, wrote in an email that the intention is being misconstrued.  “We are not asking them to remove the cisterns nor are we discouraging water conservation,” Sanguinetti wrote. “We are asking them to comply with the architectural guidelines, which require that the cisterns be screened in some way […]

Los Lunas community confused over HOA rules (NM)

People living in a New Mexico community are up in arms over a recent move by their homeowner’s association. They’ve suddenly been told they can’t park work vehicles on their property unless it’s in a garage. Many argue it’s a rule that is impossible for some of them to follow.   Read the article…………………………….

Pendaries Village struggles with water system issues (NM)

Patches of charred mountainsides surround what is left of Pendaries Village, a mountain golf resort northwest of Las Vegas, N.M.  The odor of scorched wood lingers in the air, weeks after the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire swept through.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Rio Rancho veteran faces fines for flying flags in yard (NM)

Rio Rancho homeowner Michael Duty says he is fighting with his homeowner’s association over flags in his front yard. The Vietnam veteran believes he is being targeted because he decided to run for the HOA board in his neighborhood. Duty has lived in the neighborhood for nearly five years flying two flags outside his home, […]

Tyrone to consider water association (NM)

The Tyrone Property Owners Association is planning an important community meeting Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the Tyrone Community Center. The discussion will include potential action to qualify for public funding for major infrastructure repairs that the townsite is facing for their water delivery and wastewater management operations. Those services are overseen by […]

NJ Homeowner Associations Not Opening Pools for Fear of COVID Lawsuits

About 1.5 million New Jersey residents live in 7,000 different homeowner associations all across the Garden State.  These HOA’s have different kinds of amenities such as clubhouses, fitness centers, swimming pools and tennis courts. But ever since the pandemic began 14 months ago, most of them have been closed because of fears about COVID related […]

Albuquerque HOA asks kids’ chalk art to be taken down (NM)

An Albuquerque homeowners association is putting its foot down on kids’ chalk art saying it needs to be washed off. Some in the neighborhood want the HOA to change its mind. Driving through a southeast Albuquerque neighborhood, you’ll find children’s chalk art sprinkled throughout. “We have hearts and butterflies and bees, ‘be happy,’” Jay Carroll […]

New Mexico homeowners told they can’t connect solar systems

New Mexico has been called a ‘national leader in clean energy,’ with legislation putting the state on a path to renewable energy. However, some homeowners who want to install solar are being told they can’t.   Read the article…………………………………..

Santa Fe man fights HOA over Biden sign (NM)

A Santa Fe man is taking a stand against a homeowner’s association over what he contends is his First Amendment right to display a campaign sign in his front yard, reigniting a long-running debate that resurfaces every election when political expressions conflict with rules on private property. Read the article……………………………….

La Cienega fire under investigation (NM)

Armijo said the county fire department contacted the Las Lagunitas homeowners’ association two weeks ago for an assessment of the small bosque, which was found to be crowded with juniper.  “They recognized the danger and were in the first steps to prevent fire, and then this happened,” Armijo said.   Read the article……………………………

New Mexico law protects condo buyers

Buying a condominium is a great lifestyle choice for many people. From downsizing retirees to busy professionals who don’t have time to worry about maintenance and yard work, owning a condo can be just the right ticket. Many people tend to think of a condo as a house without a yard, but it’s far more […]

Residents left with dry lawns after HOA designates funds elsewhere (NM)

Residents in one Rio Rancho neighborhood are not happy with the way their yards look, and they blame the homeowners association.  Residents say their front yards went from polished to dried up in just a few months, all because the homeowners’ association stopped watering, and residents are not satisfied with their explanation.     Read the […]

It takes a community to prevent wildfires (NM)

You probably saw the front-page stories last week about the tough wildfire season coming up, and they had a lot of good information (“Bracing for the big one,” March 18).  But there’s more to the good news, bad news story of wildfire and Santa Fe. It’s true that wildland fires are getting bigger and happening […]

Santa Fe County residents decry lack of warning about water outage (NM)

A planned water outage in several subdivisions in Santa Fe County areas west of N.M. 599 caused a kerfuffle among some residents and at least two homeowners association managers on Wednesday, who said they had little official notification of the outage.  It’s tough when your water is cut off, “especially when you are the guy […]

Lawsuit filed over Railyard Flats apartments over loss of parking spaces (NM)

The Santa Fe-based bank and the ArtYard Master Condominium Association filed a complaint Monday in the state’s First Judicial District Court against the Santa Fe Railyard Community Corp., which manages the city-owned parcels of land under both structures. The footprint of the new apartment building violates the ArtYard’s lease with the Community Corp., the lawsuit […]

New Mexico HOA legislation

…..two homeowner association bills, SB244 and HB374, The bills, sponsored by Sen. Mimi Stuart, D-Albuquerque and Rep. Monica Youngblood, R-Albuquerque, respectively, amend disclosure requirements, provide alternative dispute resolution methods, and cap fees that HOAs may charge for issuing financial disclosure documents to prospective purchasers.

Fair Fees (NM)

Who would have thought fees would be such a hot topic? There was a little more than an hour of public debate and numerous public comments regarding putting a cap on the fees homeowner associations can charge for documents needed when homes or condominiums are sold. Apparently, prior to this bill, association fees for these […]

New Mexico Legislation re: Transfer Fees

(Scroll to 2nd item)  A bill by Rep. Monica Youngblood to cap what a homeowners association can charge for releasing documents required before a property transfer is moving to the full Senate.  Youngblood, R-Albuquerque, a real estate agent, said she is backing HB 380 to limit what she said is the “gouging” of certain homeowners […]

In Eldorado (NM), there are rules about solar

Dear Eldorado residents and anyone who lives in a common-interest subdivision governed by a homeowners association (HOA) with covenants in New Mexico.  There is misinformation going around Eldorado, my HOA, that there is a federal/state law forcing HOAs to allow homeowners/members all the solar they want and any kind of solar they want. What’s more, […]

Judge rules against Eldorado (NM) chickens; birds must be gone by Sept. 30

If your neighbor’s house has knee-high grass, dilapidated siding or a car up on blocks in the backyard, don’t wait until you’re ready to put your house on the market to try to get theirs fixed up, said Janet Johnson, supervisor of the Office of Community Engagement for the city of Wichita, Kan.     […]