Co-op and Condo Boards Are Getting the Jump on Garage Inspections (NY)

When a poorly maintained, century-old parking garage collapsed in Lower Manhattan on April 18, killing one person and injuring five others, alarms sounded in co-op and condo board rooms across the city.  “That was definitely a wake-up call,” says Eric Cowley, principal at Cowley Engineering and one of 52 city-approved inspectors of parking structures. “We […]

“Passive house” condo cracking, leaking: lawsuit (NY)

Residents of Nava Partners’ energy-efficient Brooklyn condo claim the forward-thinking construction got some things backwards.  The condo board sued Stewart Osborne and David Ruff’s development company for $5 million last week, alleging the Boerum Hill project suffered from faulty construction and lousy materials.    Read the article………………………..

Co-op Board Keeps Pandemic Ban on Door-to-Door Deliveries (NY)

Q: At an 80-unit Upper West Side co-op in a doorman building, the board restricted food deliveries when the pandemic hit — three years ago! — holding them at the front door and requiring shareholders to come down and retrieve them. While many buildings have rescinded similar policies as the pandemic fades, this board has refused […]

Co-op and Condo Boards Are Wondering: Is Our Money Safe?

In the wake of the second- and third-largest bank collapses in U.S. history — and the ensuing tumble of stock markets around the world — jittery co-op and condo boards in New York City are asking a chilling question: Is our money safe?    Read the article………………………..

Strike looms for thousands of co-op, condo workers (NY)

The union representing porters, maintenance crews and other building service workers is set to go on strike if they don’t reach a contract agreement…….Building service workers picketed outside of the Skyview Apartments on the Hudson River, saying that the board wanted to extend the deal with the union with no pay increase.  Read the article………………………..

East Hampton Town to Sue Condo Complex (NY)

After two stop-work orders were either ignored or slow-rolled earlier this year, the Town of East Hampton is suing The Landings in Montauk, a marina-condo complex located at 408 West Lake Drive, alleging that the complex has exceeded construction-related approvals and committed other violations of the town zoning code.   Read the article………………………..

Worker dies in fall from Delaware Tower Condos (NY)

Aworker died in a fall at the Delaware Tower Condominiums at 1088 Delaware Ave. on Monday afternoon, Buffalo police said Wednesday.  The worker “fell from a seventh-story patio while working on the building    Read the article………………………..

Bulging Facade Forces Evacuation of Chinatown Building (NY)

Today we offer a reminder that all building owners, including co-op and condo boards, must ensure the safety of their buildings — even if they don’t fall under the mandatory five-year inspection and repair cycle of the Facade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP), formerly known as Local Law 11. Read the article………………………..

Bill Would Ease Restrictions on Rooftop Solar Installations (NY)

Money isn’t the only obstacle for co-op and condo boards that want to install solar panels on their roofs as a way reducing their buildings’ carbon emissions. Strict regulations by the Fire Department of New York often make it impractical to install solar panels, especially on smaller roofs.   Read the article………………………..

Problem Solved: Avoiding Fines by Combining Roof and Facade Projects (NY)

Caution, fines ahead. When the Climate Mobilization Act’s Local Law 97 goes into effect next year, we’re seeing fines into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for buildings that don’t do any retrofits. We’re working with a very progressive board on the Upper East Side, a high rise building, and this board wanted to reduce […]

Bill Seeks to Push Local Law 97 Fines Back by 7 Years (NY)

Vickie Paladino, a Republican who represents northeastern Queens on the New York City Council, has introduced a bill that seeks to push next year’s fines under Local Law 97 back by seven years. Beginning in 2024, buildings that fail to reduce their carbon emissions to prescribed levels are scheduled to face stiff fines. The carbon […]

Firefighters rescue person trapped inside burning Peekskill condo complex (NY)

Firefighters made a dramatic rescue of a person trapped inside a burning condo complex early this morning.  Fire officials say the flames broke out just before 2 a.m. at the Building Three of the Hillcrest Park Condominiums on Rolling Way, and has since become a two-alarm fire.    Read the article………………………..

City Releases “Final” Rules on Compliance With Local Law 97 (NY)

The other shoe has dropped — sort of. After releasing draft rules and holding a public hearing, the city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) has issued final, though incomplete, rules on how co-op and condo boards can comply with Local Law 97, the centerpiece of the Climate Mobilization Act.   Read the article………………………..

Toll Brothers pays Town of Fishkill for outstanding bills (NY)

Developer Toll Brothers has paid the Town of Fishkill the more than $352,000 it owned for water and sewer service.  The payment satisfies outstanding bills owed to the town by the developer, based on an agreement approved earlier this year to bring to a close the long-standing issue over payment.   Read the article………………………..

Homeowners’ associations no longer allowed to prevent installation of electric charging stations on private property (NY)

Clean transportation has been something New York State has been working towards, and Governor Kathy Hochul recently took steps to get there.  A new law passed that helps to remove barriers to the installation of vehicle charging stations. The overall goal is for the state to reach 850,000 zero-emission vehicles by 2025. After that goal […]

Virtual Town Hall to Help Co-ops and Condos Comply With Local Law 97 (NY)

State Senator Liz Krueger and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine will host a virtual town hall meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 7 p.m. to lay out technical and financial resources available to co-op and condo boards as they strive to cut their buildings’ carbon emissions enough to comply with Local Law 97.   Read the […]

A Motion to Hold Town Trustees in Civil Contempt Over Truck Beach (NY)

On Monday, Stephen Angel, representing five homeowners associations, asked the New York State Supreme Court to hold the trustees in civil contempt of the Appellate Division’s Feb. 3, 2021, ruling that overturned the court’s 2016 decision holding that the trustees’ 1882 conveyance of some 1,000 acres on Napeague to Arthur Benson reserved the public’s right […]

Building workers at Tribeca’s luxury ‘Clock Tower’ condo go on strike (NY)

Residents of the landmarked Tribeca Clock Tower Building are wealthy enough to own multi-million dollar condos, but for a while at least, they’ll be taking out their own trash.  Fifteen building workers who act as porters, concierges and maintenance workers at 108 Leonard Street began a strike Tuesday morning, alleging the building’s property manager is […]

Why are condo common charges so high in NYC?

Condo common charges—covering operating expenses like staff, repairs, amenities, property management and insurance—are high partly because the cost of doing business in New York City is high. But that’s only part of the story, our experts say, who warn of sharply higher fees to come.    Read the article………………………..