Noise Complaints – What Are a Condominium Corporation’s Obligations? (ON)

In the case of Mermut v. York Region Standard Condominium Corporation No. 1381, the Applicant complained about noise coming from the unit above. The alleged noise consisted of “banging, knocking, dropping, bouncing, rolling, hitting, striking, ‘thunking’, throwing of heavy objects onto the hard floors, dragging of furniture and motorized sounds” “at all hours of the […]

Australia: Noisy Strata Neighbours – The Top Noise Complaints

Strata apartments come with many perks for owners and tenants but of course, there’s also a downside with one of the biggest complaints being noise. As more and more people enjoy apartment living noise complaints have increased in recent times by 33%* and they continue to rise.   Read the article………………………..

St. Petersburg condo association sued for noise silences bell (FL)

For years, a warning bell sounded an alarm every time a car exited the parking garage at the swanky Ovation condo tower in downtown St. Petersburg.  Pedestrians heard it, but so did some annoyed downtown residents and workers.  Read the article………………………..

‘It’s Been Awkward.’ Pickleball Is Pitting Neighbor Against Neighbor in Noise-Conscious Communities

It was fun and games at first. But when pickleballers took over the tennis court at River Canyon Estates in Bend, Ore., for hours on end, bringing boom boxes, hurling profanities and letting dogs run loose—not to mention the constant pok-pok-pok of balls hitting paddles—the neighbors said enough is enough.   Read the article………………………..

Issues In Apartment Buildings When There is No Mending Wall (NY)

……case law around a myriad of noise complaints in apartment buildings and how and how boards and cooperative owners can make sense of a 2022 Ruling in O’Hara v. Board of Directors of the Park Avenue and Seventy-Seventh Street Corp., 206 A.D.3d 476 (1st Dep’t 2022).     Read the article………………………..

Tips from an HOA Board: Are You Unknowingly a Noisy Neighbor?

Does your HOA board deal with noise disturbance complaints from members? Noise is an inevitable reality in a condominium homeowners association. Condominium dwellers live in such close proximity, it’s essential that all residents consider the effect that noise will have on their neighbors – especially when it comes to long-term considerations, such as deciding on […]

HOA won’t do anything about ‘Adams Family’ house (NV)

Q: I live across the street from people who live in chaos. The children have been removed by Child Protective Services for neglect and drug (use), and parental rights have been terminated. The police have been there at least 50 times in 10 years. The house hasn’t been painted since it was new 20 years […]

Noise in Your HOA

The homeowners in your community will often live and work on different schedules: an ER nurse may sleep during the day and work night shifts, while a school teacher will need to get up far before the sun to arrive on campus before the students. This also means that lawns could be mown, dogs could […]

Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Condo

If you live in an apartment or condo, you most likely share a few walls with your neighbors. Condo walls are generally not made of particularly thick materials, which might not necessarily be a problem; however, many things can happen in life that result in some extra noise, such as having a baby, adopting a […]

Twice-daily siren frustrating condo owners 500 feet away (MI)

But Hill’s troubles aren’t limited to his symptoms. Another problem was right behind him, several dozen feet in the air: a siren that, since early August, has sounded every day at 12 p.m. and 10 p.m.  The siren’s blares last for about 50 seconds. It reaches its peak volume after about five seconds, stays there […]

Problem Solved: Noise From the Upstairs Neighbor (NY)

Perhaps the No. 1 complaint in co-op and condo living is noise. Complaints between neighbors are often difficult to resolve ­– a problem you recently dealt with at a pre-war co-op on Park Avenue.  Read the entire article……………………………….

Upstairs/Downstairs: Living Floor-To-Ceiling in Community Associations

Hard flooring can be beautiful and easier to maintain than carpet. However, the impact on downstairs neighbors must be recognized. There are Association and legal requirements to address when considering hard flooring installation and addressing existing hard flooring.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Soundproofing tips for condo flooring

When wall-to-wall broadloom flourished in the 1970s and ‘80s, high-rise residential properties experienced little to no impact noise complaints resulting from flooring.  But as hardwood flooring emerged in the marketplace, so did the increase in calls to property managers about noisy neighbours upstairs—walking around, dropping items and moving furniture.     Read the entire article……………………………….

Barking issues can result in fines for owner (IL)

Q: Like so many people, I have been working from my condominium unit during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have noticed a lot of owners in our association have dogs. During the workday, any number of different dogs may start barking for a few minutes. The barking of the dogs can be very distracting. I have […]

Loud guests? Condo rules may be enforced several ways (FL)

Q:  Our governing documents clearly state that there are to be no visitors for more than 30 days per year. We have one condominium owner who has his girlfriend living with him, without board approval, for well over 30 days.  They scream, yell and use foul language on a regular basis, disturbing everyone in the […]

Condo World: Best to stay out of neighbor noise disputes (NH)

“Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!”  I don’t hate Christmas. Far from it. But the Grinch’s comments would be applicable in almost all condominium associations. Someone, somewhere, at some time, in some condominium unit WILL contact its Board of Directors to complain about noise from a neighbor.    Read the article……………………………….

Condo living: What can we do about noisy neighbors upstairs? (FL)

Q: We are having a very difficult problem with noise created by the condo unit located directly above us. We have proof that the above unit has not been outfitted with a sound-barrier layer beneath the tiled floor. This situation has already caused us two years of awful stress. The occupant is unfriendly and the […]

Residents’ generator may disturb neighbors (IL)

Q: A resident in our detached single-family home homeowners’ association submitted a request to install a natural gas-powered generator on his lot. It would supply power to his home in the event of a power failure. The board is concerned about the loud noise it would generate during weekly, 10-minute or so automatic testing of […]

How to deal with noisy neighbours in your HOA or condo

Late-night gatherings, music that shakes the walls, lawnmowers powered on as soon as the sun rises. Condos and HOAs can be noisy, and unfortunately, residents will have to tolerate a bit of excessive noise every now and again. It’s part of living in a community. But, if a noise disturbance becomes a regular occurrence, then […]

West Ashley neighborhood association stops musician from performing porch concerts (SC)

Local musician Eric Vaughn has been serenading his neighbors at The Commons in Grand Oaks Plantation in West Ashley on Friday afternoons since the coronavirus upended his traditional bar gigs and prompted social distancing requirements.  He’s been playing concerts from his porch, and neighbors have gathered in chairs along the streets and in their yards […]

Park & Rec Tampa (bar) is being sued by condo association (FL)

What happens when a quiet area begins to pop off? Well, according to past incidents involving Franklin Manor and the most recent issue with the Tampa Park & Rec location, lawsuits. Park & Rec—located at 290 S. Meridian Ave., in between Sparkman Wharf and Amalie Arena—has been served with a lawsuit by The Towers of […]

What is Noxious Activity in an HOA?

Within any HOA, you’ll find a variety of folks with differing lifestyles, interests, and personalities. While diversity creates a well-rounded community, it can also be a breeding ground for frequent disagreements and complaints. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to approach their HOA board when they find the actions of a neighbor offensive or bothersome.  […]

Things You Need to Know About Fireworks in Your Association (IL)

While Fourth of July fireworks are often a big part of American celebrations, they can pose damage to both people and property. As the Independence Day holiday approaches, Associations should remind their residents of the fireworks rules and regulations that are in place in order to keep the community safe.  Below are three levels of […]

Tips for Dealing with Noise in Your HOA or Condo

Noise is an inevitable reality in homeowners associations and condominium communities. Condominium dwellers live in such close proximity, it’s essential that we consider the effect noise will have on our neighbors when deciding on floor coverings, where to mount the flat-screen television or when to knock out a wall.     Read the article……………………..

What to do about constant pickleball noise?

….Howard Finkelstein, 7 News Legal Expert: “Because it’s a new sport, there have not been many court rulings about pickleball, so you rely on the law governing nuisances, which says while Linda may need to put up with some noise, she does not have to deal with loud noise all day long. If she went […]

‘Peace restored’: Condo complex residents say they’re grateful for noisy neighbor’s conviction (FL)

Some Orlando condominium complex residents said they have received justice after being harassed and tormented by their neighbor for at least two years.  Channel 9 has followed the case since 2015, when a woman was accused of rigging a speaker system to intentionally aggravate her neighbors in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood.    Read the article………………..

Regulation of Noisy Vehicles within the Community (CA)

Asked – We have several vehicles that are “extremely loud” due to their exhaust systems. Even with all windows and doors closed and these vehicles 1/2 way across the complex, there is NO PROBLEM hearing them when they start them. They even set off car alarms near them. Can we ask them to address the […]