Condo complex pushes back on US flag display in Sagamore Hills (OH)

A man’s act of patriotism has become a big source of friction.  Every year, Anthony Prusak places American flags in public areas of his condominium complex during holidays.  “Such as Memorial Day,” he said, explaining the tradition goes back to his childhood.  But not everyone at Greenwood Village in Sagamore Hills likes it. Last year, […]

Residents push for answers as sinkhole behind Harrison condos grows (OH)

The wet weather is making a giant sinkhole in Harrison even worse, threatening homes, and forcing some people out.  Residents demanded answers Tuesday from their Homeowner’s Association about what’s being done, as the situation becomes even more urgent.    Read the article……………………..

Suspect wanted for stealing expensive siding from Gahanna condo community (OH)

A two million dollar face-lift for a Gahanna neighborhood has become tarnished after a suspected thief walked off with thousands of dollars worth of exterior siding.  “(It was) pretty blatant, ” said Barry Nease, Commercial One Property Manager for the Lakes of Harrison Pond, “It’s 9:45 (a.m.) on a Sunday in broad daylight.”    Read the […]

Harrison Twp. residents evacuated from homes due to mudslide (OH)

After a night of heavy rain, residents of a Harrison Township community were forced to evacuate from their homes because of a mudslide.  About 30 residents of the Legacy by Fisher Homes neighborhood near Heritage Square were forced to leave their homes after 2:30 a.m. Sunday after the Harrison Fire Department evacuated the homes nearest […]

Landslides plague west side neighborhood; homeowners want solutions (OH)

Several Legacy Condo owners in Harrison, Ohio, have complained to Fisher Homes and their homeowners association about their eroding backyards.  “I don’t think it’s safe to be here, and every time I ask is it safe to be here, I get the runaround,” said one homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous.   Read the article……………………

Cleveland condo owners have had it with contractor delays (OH)

Sloppy work around a utility box, siding no longer attached, flashing around windows not fitting properly, buckled trim, all obviously flawed at the Landings in Avon Lake.  “When we were having storms there was flooding in our basements because downspout were off for 6 months during this process. It was supposed to be 8 weeks […]

Homeowners’ Association missing over $30,000 from bank accounts (OH)

The treasurer for the Landerwood Glen Homeowners’ Association reported April 9 that unauthorized and fraudulent withdrawals were made from at least two accounts: over $15,000 from checking as well as an associate money market account where more than $15,500 was removed between March 28 and April 1.  The Key Bank fraud department is opening an […]

Ohio Attorney General sues Norwood condo developer

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is riding to the rescue for Norwood condo buyers who lost money when the Legacy Lofts project collapsed last year.  In a Hamilton County lawsuit filed Monday, Yost alleges developer Scott Call violated Ohio’s consumer protection laws and the state’s Condominium Property Act when he collected deposits from would-be buyers […]

Norwood condo developer could face state investigation (OH)

A failed condominium project in Norwood has caught the attention of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.   Legacy Lofts was a $12 million development that aimed to make the century-old Norwood Baptist Church the centerpiece of a 112-unit condo community.  As WCPO has previously reported , the project faltered when developer Scott Call was unable to […]

Norwood condo developer owes buyers a bundle (OH)

In September 2016, Scott Byron Call claimed to be indigent. Twelve months later, he claimed to be capable of financing a $12 million condo project.  “We have actually commitments to finish the first phase,” Call told Norwood Mayor Tom Williams in a Sept. 6, 2017 public hearing for Legacy Lofts…….But now Call’s history includes a […]

Taxpayers receive no help on private roads (OH)

It’s not just the city that has to scrape together funds to repair roads. Several residents are finding little help or money is available to fix their street if they live on a private drive.  The about 20 property owners on Ginny Circle Drive just completed what they call “major road work” by resurfacing their […]

Roxton Ravine residents buy property after prevailing in rezoning battle (OH)

A 3.49-acre property that sparked a contentious rezoning debate earlier this year is now off the market.  The Villas at Roxton Ravine Condominium Association, Inc. purchased the piece of land at 2180 W. Fair Avenue where a developer had previously hoped to build a gas station and convenience store.    Read the article………………

Local condo owners say they are plagued by maintenance issues (OH)

Many people choose to live in a condominium community, where they don’t have to take care of landscaping and general maintenance.  Better Call Jackson got a call from Ray Peoples. He lives in the Bale Kenyon community in Lewis Center. He enjoys the location, but is concerned about the units, all of the units.  “Because […]

Former RomeRock treasurer cleared of assaults (OH)

The former treasurer of the RomeRock Association was acquitted Tuesday of two counts of assault against a peace officer, according to Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court records……..The seven-member RomeRock property owners’ association, or RRA, is one of the villages governing entities — along with the village’s municipal administration — that oversees boat and other recreational […]

Christmas fire, tragic death leads to HOA tussle in Mason (OH)

Melissa Messersmith was in a pain-killer daze.  She had surgery the day before and was recovering at her Mason condo when she heard pounding on the door.  It didn’t stop. Eventually, she heard her name. Then: FIRE!  She jumped out of bed. It was 2 a.m.  Outside, it was snowing. Christmas was two days away.  […]

Chicken issue stays on table in Columbiana (OH)

Noel argued once again that he felt hens would drive down property values and said many people have told him they don’t want their neighbors to have them.  “I think it’s interesting that all of the people who live in a homeowners association (HOA) are not going to have chickens because they are not allowed […]

New Law Makes Changes to FHA Condominium Approval Process

Unless a condominium association is certified by FHA, lenders may not offer borrowers FHA-insured mortgages. In 2009, FHA implemented a number of changes to the agency’s condominium approval requirements. As a result, the number of FHA-approved condominium associations has plummeted. In July 2016, President Obama signed into law H.R. 3700, the “Housing Opportunity through Modernization […]

The Republican National Convention: Community Associations Should Keep an Eye on the Short-term Rental Market

The Republican National Committee’s announcement that Cleveland would be the site for its 2016 Republican National Convention was great economic news for the City and its surrounding communities. The Convention is estimated to bring in more than 50,000 visitors to the area and the week-long event will require housing for those visitors.    Read more……….

Condominium and Homeowner Federal Tax Returns again Due

Tax season is here once again! As nonprofit corporations, every community association in Ohio is required to file an annual tax return with the Internal Revenue Service. However, associations have the ability to choose between the filing of two different tax forms – Form 1120 or Form 1120-H. Form 1120-H is a short, simple, one-page […]

U.S. Supreme Court to Issue Important Fair Housing Act Decision

Generally speaking, the Fair Housing Act and its Amendments (FHA) prohibit discrimination against a protected class of persons, which include race, color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status, and individuals with disabilities. The FHA applies to community associations and, in this context, prohibits community associations from committing acts of discrimination with regard to the services […]

Status of House Bill 371

Because of the thousands of emails, phone calls, and letters that Rep. Grossman received in strong opposition HB 371, she was willing to meet face-to-face with representatives from the Ohio Legislative Action Committee of CAI to discuss the many concerns with the legislation as drafted and to hear our ideas in the alternative.     […]

Increased scrutiny on community associations by Fair Housing advocates

Recently, several Kaman & Cusimano attorneys attended the 6th Annual Fair Housing Forum where several speakers presented material on recent developments in Fair Housing law. New scrutiny of condominium and homeowners association governing documents was one of the many issues discussed at this seminar.     Read more……..

Montville Township homeowners left with tax bill

About $53,000 in back property taxes were owed on two parcels — totaling about 24 acres — when they were transferred by the developer, Cobblestone Park LLC, to the homeowners association in 2007.    Read more…….

Deal mulled to buy land from shuttered golf club (OH)

Some residents in the neighboring Blue Heron Trace development have protested the idea of the township buying the golf course, saying some of the land rightfully belongs to the homeowners association and a public park next door would reduce privacy.      Read more……..

Kaman & Cusimano Opposes HB371 (OH)

We need your help. Please read and share this with your fellow board members and any other association board members you may know. Besides the perpetual snow storms we have been battling this winter, we are now faced with battling a different kind of “storm” brewing in Columbus due to proposed legislation that is totally […]

Call to Action – Oppose Ohio House Bill 371

Williams & Strohm urges you NOW to contact your Ohio House Representative, bill sponsor, Rep. Cheryl Grossman, 77 S. High Street, 14th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215 and Richard Adams, Chair of the Financial Institutions, Housing, and Urban Development Committee, 77 S. High Street, 13th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215, and express your strong opposition to pending […]

Carlin Estates refiles lawsuit against Good Builders, Brunk (OH)

A trial scheduled involving Carlin Estates Condominium Association, Good Builders and business associate Nolan Brunk appeared to end when the parties reached a settlement agreement in October 2013. The terms of the settlement have allegedly not been met, though, and Carlin Estates has refiled its suit.    Read more……..

Community Associations are NOT Charitable Organizations Exempt from Ohio Sales Tax

Condominium and homeowner association board members often ask whether their community association has to pay sales tax or other taxes since the association is an Ohio non-profit corporation. Unfortunately, community associations are not considered “charitable organizations” and therefore do not qualify as tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.      Read […]