Family Helps Evacuate Condo Residents During Fire in SW OKC (OK)

A group of neighbors are thankful to a local family, who just happened to be at the right place at the right time when a fire broke out in SW Oklahoma City. It happened on Christmas Eve at a strip of condos along SW 15th Street near Yukon.   Read the article…………………………….

New homeowners discover neighborhood’s racist past (OK)

The ground rules for the area, like number 1, “All lots in this tract shall be known and described and used solely for residential lots.” And number 9, “No fences shall be erected forward of the front building set back lines,” and number 5, “All lots are intended for the use of the Caucasian or […]

Yukon HOA blames construction company for ruining roads (OK)

The roads in one Yukon neighborhood are rough after a nearby construction crew was caught several times driving large trucks through their streets.  “It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix something like this and it’s frustrating,” said President of the Millers Gate Homeowners Association Matthew Raley. “You can only raise dues by so […]

House Bill Filed to End Residential Solar Power Bans OK

A bill was filed prior to the start of the Oklahoma legislative session to end housing restrictions against residential solar power projects.  Ardmore Rep. Tammy Townley filed House Bill 1023 which provides that an owners association, such as an HOA, may not prohibit the installation of solar energy systems.   Read the article………………………..

Comanche County residents speak out on water issues (OK)

“The Wedgewood area right there is basically encompassed by the City of Lawton but it is not within the city limits of the City of Lawton, so its basically outside of the city limits, and all the line within that addition are private owned by the association of the housing addition,”  Read the article………………………..

Northwest Oklahoma City condo fire causes over $1 million in damages (OK)

A condominium fire in northwest Oklahoma City caused what officials estimate to be over $1 million in damages early Sunday morning.  Firefighters said when they arrived, flames were easily 20 feet over the roof line.  “We’re estimating it to be about a $1.4 million loss,” Scott Douglas with the Oklahoma City Fire Department said.   Read […]

Neighborhood still waiting for road repairs (OK)

A neighborhood is still left waiting for help, after spending more than $50-thousand on road repairs.  When last we stopped by the Pecan Grove neighborhood, the roads were in rough shape. All along the neighborhood, we found several patches of road with buckling, crumbling asphalt.   Read the article………………………..

Oklahoma residents left without homes after condo complex fire

For several hours on Wednesday, firefighters were at the scene of a fire that left many residents without homes. One of those residents was a woman in a wheelchair who was able to escape on her own.   Read the entire article……………………………….

HOA Dues Debt Relief From Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OK)

For Oklahomans struggling with delinquent HOA dues as a result of Covid-19 financial hardship, a relief grant may be available. The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, through the American Rescue Plan Act, presently has in excess of $73M available in relief aid.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Tulsa Fire Marshal Investigating Early Morning Condo Fire (OK)

Tulsa firefighters were call  ed to the scene of a fire at Oak Brook Village Condos near 11th and Garnet early Friday morning.According to officials, the fire broke out on the Condo balcony before spreading into the attic area.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Tulsa Fire Marshal Investigating Early Morning Condo Fire (OK)

Tulsa firefighters were called to the scene of a fire at Oak Brook Village Condos near 11th and Garnet early Friday morning. According to officials, the fire broke out on the Condo balcony before spreading into the attic area.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Homeowners association files lawsuit against county (OK)

Homeowners forced to navigate streets pocked with potholes that could swallow small cars and bridges school bus drivers won’t cross turned to the courts as a last-ditch effort to find relief.  The Hilldale South Homeowners Association filed a lawsuit against Muskogee County Board of Commissioners and Tri-City Development, asking the court to declare the roads […]

Oklahoma woman says dream home threatened by unattended erosion problem

An Oklahoma City metro woman is considering legal action against the homeowners association after she says her dream home is in jeopardy thanks to unrepaired erosion.  Stephanie Lee told KFOR the retaining wall behind her Greenbriar Pointe home hasn’t been fixed in a year.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Property owner associations walk fine line (OK)

Rural subdivisions are typically incorporated into property owner associations in order to provide for common utilities and infrastructure, such as roads, electricity, water and sewer. POAs are particularly popular in rural Oklahoma, even though the Oklahoma Legislature holds a tight rein over such entities, like it does to cities, in order to centralize power at […]

Proposed bike path through The Village neighborhood draws controversy (OK)

Mixed feelings surround a proposed bike trail to connect Vinyard Blvd. and Village Dr. that would cut straight through a neighborhood of senior citizens in The Village.  Many residents of the Hawthorn neighborhood say bringing bikes through their neighborhood would be dangerous.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Boy’s sign supporting police stirs controversy (OK)

Just 8 years old, self-described prayer warrior Trey Elliott has been spreading blessings for police for years.  “And he’s prayed for, we know officers all over the world. We’ve had officers fly in from different states to come meet him and pray with him,” said his mother, Brittany Elliott.    Read the entire article……………………………….

South Tulsa Neighborhoods Install High Tech Security Cameras (OK)

Several Tulsa neighborhoods are adding unique cameras to help solve crime.  Two neighborhoods that cover a square mile near 81st and Sheridan have installed tag reading cameras. They can even sort out cars based on a vague description and help police get a tag number that might identify the driver.  There are signs all over […]

4 Taken To Hospital After Fire At Norman Condominium (OK)

Norman firefighters are investigating the cause of an overnight fire at the Quorum Condominiums.  Firefighters responded to the scene near 24th Avenue SW and West Lindsey Street just after 1 a.m.  Fire crews said residents in several units were forced to evacuate.    Read the article………………………………….

City Council grants short-term rental license over HOA objections (OK)

The Stillwater City Council heard its first appeal Monday from the owners of a house in Crestwood Estates who were denied a permit to use their property as a short-term rental.  The hearing raised issues of how much freedom homeowners have to do as they please with their property, and how much control homeowners’ associations […]

Broken Arrow’s Country Aire Estates named one of 50 ‘Nicest Places in America’ (OK)

Small gesture, big impact. That could be the motto that helped a group of Broken Arrow neighbors become one of 50 finalists in Reader’s Digest magazine’s “Nicest Places in America” contest.  When the magazine recently revealed its list of “Nicest Places in America,” Broken Arrow’s Country Aire Estates was named the “Nicest Place in Oklahoma.”  […]

OWRB approves repair plans for private dam in NE Oklahoma City (OK)

Work was to begin Thursday to repair a private dam that, because of spillway erosion, was found to present an imminent threat to residents living nearby.  Oklah0ma Water Resources Board (OWRB) staff reviewed repair plans on Wednesday and gave the go-ahead for work to begin.    Read the article………………………

Board orders emergency action to lessen danger from compromised private dam in NE Oklahoma City (OK)

A northeast Oklahoma City homeowners association was ordered Friday to take steps to minimize the risk that the dam holding back a neighborhood lake could fail, placing several dozen homes in peril.  In an emergency order signed by Executive Director Julie Cunningham, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) said erosion beneath the spillway structures posed […]

Couple desperate after city’s stormwater clogs retention pond (OK)

An elderly Tulsa couple says they can’t move forward with retirement because they can’t sell their house.  The problem is – there’s a pond on their property that’s full of debris and it is causing flooding.  They say the city’s stormwater is causing their pond to flood and the city won’t do anything about it………  The […]

Neighborhood tries to stop car burglaries (OK)

Christie Richmond, who lives on Tenkiller Dr. in southwest Oklahoma City, said she was surprised by what she saw on her surveillance camera early Monday morning. A picture from the camera shows a man she said broke into cars on her street with another person.  “He comes up the sidewalk and walks up my driveway,” […]

OKC to accept Lone Oak Farms land for park and trail development (OK)

The Oklahoma City Council voted Tuesday to accept 130 acres of the former Lone Oak Farms in far northwest Oklahoma City for park and trail development.  Lone Oak LLC and Lone Oak Farms Homeowners Association are conveying the land to the city.    Read the article…………………

“We were very worried,” Falcon Lake breaches dam but spares nearby homes (OK)

“Oklahoma Water Resources Board got here yesterday afternoon and advised of an imminent dam failure. We then worked with Kingfisher County emergency management since the water flow is going to go into Kingfisher County,” Logan said.  The Falcon Lake Edition homeowner’s association helped out by hiring an excavation contractor to dig, which relieved some of […]

Homeowners, developer feud over Coffee Creek Golf Course future (OK)

Homeowners in Edmond’s Coffee Creek neighborhood are teeing off with a developer who wants to turn the community’s former golf course into a mixed-use residential area.  This comes as the Edmond Planning Commission prepares to take up a new proposal for the property.      Read the article………………

Midwest City neighborhood’s erosion concerns are being addressed (OK)

A Midwest City neighborhood’s concerns are being addressed.  Homeowners in the Turtlewood community called News 4 after learning about plans for a new retention pond in their neighborhood. They said they were concerned that the new pond could bring on old problems.  “We’re just kind of concerned because we see what this pond is doing […]

Neighborhood pays for locking mailboxes (OK)

A neighborhood in Broken Arrow is investing around $60,000 for each resident to have a locking mailbox. Mail theft has been prevalent in the Belle Trace II neighborhood in the Battle Creek area, even after crews removed all of the matching wrought iron boxes and replaced them with the locking ones.     Read the article………………

More than 100 affected by crude oil spill in northwest Oklahoma City (OK)

The president of the neighborhood’s homeowner’s association said they’ve been talking to Sunoco officials who tell him their goal is to make the neighborhood look like it was before the spill.  “We were further assured that, anything that cannot be cleaned to the homeowner’s satisfaction, they will work with the homeowner to determine a value […]