Avoid violating these 9 homeowners association rules that could cost you

When you’re on the hunt for a new place, you’ll notice that some homes are in a community with a homeowners association, or HOA. Some folks think of HOAs as over-reaching neighborhood patrols, while others believe the rules protect and enhance property values.   Read the article………………………..

Pay Your Assessments…Even if your HOA Refuses to Accept Them (AZ)

So you find yourself behind in your HOA assessments. The HOA lawyers are circling. Maybe they’ve threatened a lawsuit or already filed it? You call the HOA to try to find out how much you owe, but they just send you to the attorneys. You call the attorneys and leave countless messages. Or maybe they […]

What happens after the bankruptcy discharge: An emerging (and disturbing) trend in foreclosure, bankruptcy, and HOA law (AZ)

The prevalence of foreclosures in the real estate market has had several unexpected repercussions to distressed homeowners who have made the decision to walk-away from their home. Banks appear to be unable, incapable, or unwilling to handle the volume of foreclosures, so a distressed homeowner may continue to own his or her home for months, […]

Advice for New Homeowners in HOA Communities (NC)

With all the new construction in the Wilmington area and throughout our great state, it comes as no surprise that we are seeing increases in the number of homeowners’ associations (HOAs). HOAs are outstanding resources for residents and oftentimes a huge draw for potential homebuyers.    Read the article…………………………….

Every HOA Needs a Gardening Policy for Planting in Common Areas

Each year many owners want their beautification efforts to extend beyond their private yards. Without a gardening policy for common areas, an HOA is likely to experience one of two undesirable outcomes. The HOA board has to take on the time-consuming task of approving plantings on a case-by-case basis.    Read the article…………………..

Do You Know Your Association as Well as You Should?

Although Colorado has thousands of common interest communities and most of the directors and community managers working with these communities feel they have an adequate grasp on the specifics surrounding their particular community, it can be an eye-opening experience to test your knowledge and see how much you really know (or don’t know) about your […]

Who Decides What – Board or Owners? (CO)

As the saying goes, “you cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time”. This cannot be truer when it comes to common interest community living. In a perfect world, homeowners would elect the board and allow it to govern in accordance with the law and the community’s governing documents.   Read the article…………………….

Do HOA Buyers Know What They’re Getting Into?

Part of the allure of HOA living is that communities are maintained to a specific quality standard, helping maintain property values. It’s in everyone’s best interest for units to sell quickly and for top dollar, but selling an HOA home can be tricky if prospective buyers’ agents present questions you’re not ready for.   Read the […]

5 Crime-Prevention Tips from Police for HOA Board Members

While thinking about neighborhood safety may come naturally to you and the members of your HOA board, it can be difficult to get fellow residents to follow safety rules the board has set in place.  If you’re having trouble convincing your neighbors that security should be a priority for all residents, consider passing on tips […]

Burst Sewer Pipes, Condos, and Coverage

We had an interesting question come in this week so I thought I would address it publicly. I’ve edited the question for space and to avoid disclosing any identifiable details.  “I live in a condo building. A sewage pipe burst, causing damage to my unit and a few other units. An adjuster came out representing […]

How to Obtain the Release of an HOA Lien

HOA liens are powerful tools used to enforce assessment obligations. Every homeowner should know and understand their state’s laws regarding HOA liens and foreclosure, as they can vary from state-to-state.   Read the article…………………….

Access to Documents: Understanding Residents’ Access to Information (NY)

Living in a co-op, condo or community association can simplify a lot: maintenance issues that keep single-family homeowners up at night aren’t a concern for condo dwellers, and there may even be a door person or concierge to sign for packages and keep an eye on who’s coming and going from the property. But multifamily […]

How Homeowners Can Have a Productive Relationship With Their HOA (FL)

A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is a private association that chiefly exists to safeguard the property values of a particular building or community. An HOA is basically established by the developer of the community where the homes are built. HOAs have got a bad reputation generally because of their strict rules and arbitrary orders they enforce […]

Living in Your Neighbor’s Backyard? Here’s How to Keep the Peace

If you’ve visited a newer neighborhood recently, you may have noticed that yards are getting smaller and houses are getting closer together. Whether it’s because homeowners don’t want to manage the maintenance and upkeep that comes with having a large yard, or developers are trying to make better use of their space, the small yard […]

HOA Welcoming Committee Ideas

Establishing a welcoming committee to contact new residents will enhance the board’s service to the HOA, as well as to the whole community! A welcome package (or packet, basket, etc.) is a good way to ensure that the first contact new residents have with the association is positive.    Read the article…………………..

Answering the Age-Old Question: “How Are My HOA Funds Spent?”

Homeowners may not always understand how HOA funds are spent. Often, they pay their monthly, quarterly, or annual assessments, and when they look around, they don’t see any noticeable improvements in the community. This lack of obvious upgrades leads to frustration and confusion . . . and maybe even some suspicion. After all, where is […]

Seven ways to be heard at your next condo or HOA meeting

Residents are encouraged to attend and observe community association board meetings. If you’d like to bring an issue to your community association governing board’s attention, you’re welcome to speak during the homeowner forum—a time set aside just for you.  So that everyone who attends has an opportunity for a meaningful exchange with the board, typically […]

A ‘kinder, gentler’ community starts with you

“Where is it written that we must act as if we do not care, as if we’re not moved? Well, I am moved. I want a kinder, gentler nation.”  That was the late George H.W. Bush as he accepted the Republican nomination for president in 1988. Bush, of course, would go on to serve in […]

Can You Claim HOA Fees on Your Taxes?

When the holiday season approaches, many homeowners begin preparing for the year ahead. Contemplating New Year’s resolutions is common during this time, and a popular resolution is to become more financially stable.  One of the most satisfying ways to get money back into your pocket is through tax refunds. This poses the question of whether […]

10 Tips for Field Service Businesses Working With an HOA – Pt 1

For a field services business that primarily services residential customers, nothing is more valuable than repeat customers. Especially when there are several months, even years, between one service and the next. Your ideal customer is someone who trusts your company and schedules services through your field service business every time they need work done. By […]

Why HOA Dues Can Spell “Bad News” for Clearance Holders

I’ve had the privilege of writing for ClearanceJobs.com now for nearly five years, and with roughly one article per week that’s a whole lot of articles. People sometimes ask me how I still have topics to write about in the seemingly niche world of security clearances. The truth is that security clearances aren’t so niche […]

Can You Refuse to Join an HOA?

Chances are, if you build a new home or purchase a house that was built within the last decade or so, you will live in a community that is run by a homeowners’ association.  A homeowners’ association fulfills several functions within the community, including maintaining a certain aesthetic pertaining to neighborhood architectural and landscaping standards, […]

5 Resolutions to Make You A Gold Star Member in Your HOA

If you regularly attend board meetings, pay your HOA fees on time, volunteer on a committee, and read the monthly newsletter, you may already be an all-star member in your homeowner’s association. But if you find that you aren’t consistently doing those things, then the new year is a great opportunity to start. Below are […]

Your Guide to HOAs

When searching for your next home, the neighborhood or community you choose matters when it comes things like affordability and its proximity to work and the right schools for your kids.  If the neighborhood you like best is governed by a homeowners association, you’ll have a few more factors to consider, from the additional monthly […]

The Latest Trends in Home Security (NYT)

New technology lets you use your cellphone to buzz people into your building or turn off the stove. You can even get a robot to patrol your apartment complex.    Read the article…………………

Condominium Owner? How to spot problems with your HOA

Statistics show that most Condo owners do not attend Board of Directors (BOD) meetings and avoid involvement with HOA issues. As a result, Condo owners rely on the BOD to be their fiduciary agents, operate the Home Owners Association (HOA) prudently, establish a budget, manage reserves, maintain the Condo’s structure in a safe condition, maintain […]

Condominium Owner? How to spot problems with your HOA

Statistics show that most Condo owners do not attend Board of Directors (BOD) meetings and avoid involvement with HOA issues. As a result, Condo owners rely on the BOD to be their fiduciary agents, operate the Home Owners Association (HOA) prudently, establish a budget, manage reserves, maintain the Condo’s structure in a safe condition, maintain […]

5 Ways to Cope With Changes in Homeowners Association Requirements

HOAs vary, of course, but in many cases they exert a large amount of control over what kind of changes can be made to an individual home in the community.   As a result, homeowners may find themselves required to make certain changes to the exterior or even interior of their homes. Unfortunately, many of those […]

8 common HOA violations that can land you in hot water

Plenty of people love living in a community with a homeowners association, or HOA. HOA rules are designed to prevent neighborhoods from turning into eyesores and keep the peace. Sometimes, though, the rules can catch homeowners by surprise and result in costly consequences.    Read the article………………

New to the Community? Take These Steps to Get Acclimated

You’ve finally made the jump and moved into an HOA. From increased home values to a general sense of community, living in an HOA has proven to be a very positive experience for many homeowners. The adjustment can be intimidating, but being the new kid on the block doesn’t have to be so bad. If […]

HOA Living Tips

If you own a single family home, it’s likely that you’re also part of a homeowner’s association. In fact, over 20% of the U.S. population lives in private communities governed by an HOA. While many people tend to association homeowner’s associations with just fees and rules, there are actually a lot of great things about […]

Condo Life 101: Soundproofing

As our cities get busier, we keep moving closer together. And condo life has us packing a lot more life into every square foot. This means that we are living closer to our (often loud) neighbours.    Read the article………………

HOA Living: How to Read Your CC&RS

Your community’s CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) are probably 100+ pages packed with legal-sounding jargon. It can be a lot to get through. If you just moved into a community—or decided to finally crack open your governing documents after living in an HOA for awhile, here’s some good news: there are really only two main […]

Talking ‘Bout Your Generations

Four distinct generations—matures, baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials—own homes in community associations and are in today’s workforce. The mix of characteristics and diverse workstyles of these generations has the potential to lead to miscommunication and discord. It’s little wonder board members and managers are looking for guidance on how to create more compatible and […]

Are Residents Not Engaged in the Community? ?5 Ways to Re-Engage Them!

Have you been reviewing the communications sent to your residents in the past few months and found that they aren’t opening emails? Or perhaps, they aren’t reading text messages about ground maintenance and unpleasantly surprised with the noise. A resident might not be engaged in the community for several reasons. Let’s take a look at […]

Setting the Ground Rules for Neighbor Disputes

If you’ve lived on planet earth for very long you’ve probably had a problem with a neighbor.  Neighbor vs neighbor disputes aren’t new, and they definitely aren’t unique to homeowner associations, but, when these confrontations arise in a common interest community, the HOA can get stuck in the middle. In many cases, it’s difficult to […]

3 Fire Safety Precautions You Must Take This Summer

I love the summertime. To me, nothing’s better than having my kids and grandkids over for a swim in the pool – following it up with a barbecue. Believe me, nothing beats being the grandpa with a pool. I’ve always taken the time to explain to my grandkids how we stay safe when on my […]

Promoting Fire Safety in Your Community Association

Part of your job as a board member is ensuring the safety of residents in your community association. To that end, it’s important to educate homeowners about possible fire risks and the steps they can take to prevent fire hazards in their homes.     Read the article……………….

Malaysia: A three-step problem-solving method to common issues in strata living

Unrectified defects, stubborn owners who refuse to comply with house rules, late issuance of strata titles, inter-floor leaks — these are some of the issues that may bring grief to strata residential owners.  But how can they resolve these problems? In order to bring certainty to strata property owners, Chur Associates founder and managing partner […]

Food Safety During a Power Outage in Your HOA

Power failures can be one of the most annoying and disabling occurrences in your HOA. Whether caused by summer storms, power lines crippled by winter ice, equipment failure, an overloaded regional grid or an animal disrupting a power line, electrical outages can be costly, uncomfortable, and without forethought sometimes even dangerous.  Association homeowners can face […]

Condominium Association Fees – What Are My Monthly Fees Going Towards

When you move into any sort of condominium association you will likely have to pay monthly assessments. These condominium association fees will vary based on the type of home you live in and the services and amenities you get for the fees. There are a variety of pricing levels that will fit various budgets and […]

Misconceptions about HOA Property Values

Almost every homeowners association in the country feels the highs and lows of the housing market. Drawing on our years of experience consulting and managing HOAs, here are a few common misconceptions about what contributes to the rise and fall of HOA property values.     Read the article………….

The Privacy Quandary: Balancing The Obligations Of Associations With The Rights Of Homeowners

Living in a home administered by a condominium association is a unique experience. There are significant benefits to association living, including the ability to defer decisions (and the execution thereof) regarding administration, insurance, repairs, maintenance and other usual owners’ obligations to a professional property manager or board of directors. Conversely, association living requires owners to […]

Your Guide to Maintaining Outdoor Structures

A lot of homeowners don’t think about their outdoor structures too often. I’m talking about your sheds, decks, fences, or pools. But the fact is, these structures are part of your home and need the same maintenance and care that you need to give to your house. Ignoring your regular maintenance can end up costing […]

HOA Tips: Taking Out the Trash

When it comes to getting rid of garbage, many Homeowner Association members are apt to simply toss their waste in the trash or into the dumpster and call it a day. But improper dumping can lead to stronger garbage smells and more mess in our trash facilities. So before you haul out the trash, here […]

Understanding What is What in Your HOA Governing Documents

Terminology surrounding the governing documents in your HOA can be confusing at times. If you have been a part of an HOA or even on the board, you may have heard the terms “governing documents”, “CC&Rs”, “bylaws”, and “rules and regulations” without really understanding the difference between them or what each individually means. In this […]

Where Do My HOA Dues Go?

During our decades overseeing property management in Irvine, the Inland Empire and throughout Orange County, the most common questions we receive pertain to HOA dues.  Are dues really that important? What are they used for?  The first answer is: yes, they’re extremely important. The second answer is more in-depth. In this article, we’ll break down […]

Accessing Units: Balancing Privacy and Expediency

Owning a unit in a multifamily co-op or condo carries a great many benefits in the form of shared responsibilities, but it also requires compromises along the lines of control: what your board, management, and building staff can or cannot do. One area where such compromises have the potential to lead to uncomfortable conflicts is […]