A Homeowner’s Association Guide to Aquatic Hitchhikers

Do you know what costs homeowners associations, small communities and government agencies over 120 billion dollars annually? The answer is invasive species. Far beyond the monetary costs, invasive species create unsightly, unbalanced and unhealthy aquatic ecosystems. Unfortunately, human activity is responsible for most infestations. Whether you’re a part of a lake community, live near a […]

Who should clean up a retention pond? (IL)

Q. I live in a condominium development that has a retention pond in the middle. This pond is full of floating and exposed debris. I contacted my condominium association about removing these items from the pond. The board responded that it created a work order to have the garbage removed from the pond. The board […]

The Purpose and Benefits of Stormwater Systems in Your HOA Community

A body of water dotting the landscape in an HOA community can be not only an attractive feature but also serve an important purpose. At first sight, a pond may seem like a part of the natural environment surrounding it. In most cases, a pond located within a community is part of a larger stormwater […]

Private Bend neighborhood questions city stormwater fees (OR)

Neighbors in a private Bend subdivision say they pay too much in stormwater utility fees, and they want the city to do something about it.  Larry Waters, a former public works director in Washington state and the president of the River Rim Homeowners Association, is making his case that his private neighborhood in southwest Bend […]

Northeast Indy neighbors upset about dead fish in pond (IN)

Neighbors in a northeast Indianapolis neighborhood are overwhelmed by the sight and smell of dead fish in a retention pond. The neighbors want to know who is responsible for cleaning up the mess.  The city is working on a drainage project designed to help ease flooding that has been a concern in the neighborhood. The […]

Protecting retention ponds affects local, state environments (FL)

Would you love waking up and gazing out across a lake, pond or river in your backyard?  In Florida, that question would usually be answered by a resounding “YES!” and our access to water is a reason for many people to move to our communities. Whether they are natural or manmade, the allure of  waterfront […]

Understanding Stormwater Systems (FL)

South Florida is a region where seasonal rains fall over flat lands that offer little drainage. It is imperative that associations understand their stormwater systems and that ongoing maintenance of drainage systems is performed for flood prevention and compliance.  Some counties and local water control districts require licensing and renewal of the permits for the […]

Plague of frogs: Five Mile property owners say stormwater pond is ruining their neighborhood (WA)

…..Planning documents are clear about who’s responsible for maintaining the stormwater pond, and its partner a little farther north, at the intersection of Palm Place and Strong Road. A declaration signed by the city and Hayden Enterprises, the developing firm in charge of constructing the subdivision in 2004, indicates the Panorama Place Homeowners Association will […]

Couple desperate after city’s stormwater clogs retention pond (OK)

An elderly Tulsa couple says they can’t move forward with retirement because they can’t sell their house.  The problem is – there’s a pond on their property that’s full of debris and it is causing flooding.  They say the city’s stormwater is causing their pond to flood and the city won’t do anything about it………  The […]

Calling all HOAs–Stormwater Management Seminar scheduled for April (MD)

The Annapolis Office of Environmental Policy will host a free Stormwater Maintenance Workshop for homeowners associations (HOAs), condominium and civic organizations in the City of Annapolis. Homeowners associations and civic organizations will learn from Biohabitats Inc., professionals in stormwater management through environmental design, the basics of how to maintain their stormwater features. This is a […]

Retention pond fish go belly up in Gainesville neighborhood (FL)

A resident of Eagle Trace Townhomes in Gainesville woke up to a fishy situation after he says dead fish surfaced in a nearby retention pond.  “We were really concerned because we thought it was maybe fertilizer,” said Alexander Black, who says he was worried the water was poisoned.    Read the article……………

Key West wins another round in court on stormwater fees (FL)

The city of Key West is one legal step closer to collecting more than $500,000 in stormwater fees from golf-club homeowners and other entities on College Road in Key West.  The 3rd District Court of Appeal upheld a prior decision forcing the golf club, Lower Keys Medical Center and the golf club’s homeowners association to […]

Maintaining your storm water management pond

Storm water management ponds – either detention, retention or a combination of both – are designed to collect storm water and filter out pollutants before it infiltrates the ground. However, to ensure your storm water pond works at its optimal level, regular maintenance is required. Responsibility for maintenance of these ponds can vary. If you […]

Stormwater Permits: Preventing Your Owners Assn From Getting Stuck with Unnecessary and Potentially Large Expenses (NC)

Developers in North Carolina must obtain numerous permits from various governmental agencies prior to constructing a planned community or developing condominiums. Most construction permits end by their terms upon completion of construction of the project—but one permit, the Stormwater Permit (“Permit”)— continues into the future and the community owners association (“Association”) will be forced to […]

West Michigan residents facing aftermath of heavy rainfall in the area

In Texas Township, neighbors said no one seems to want to take responsibility for the rising waters in this retention pond.  “Some of our neighbors tried to go to the township and county and nothing came of it,” Ryan said. “We know it’s a problem, but nothing is being done about it.”  They were told […]

Stormwater issues leaving city up a creek (AL)

Vestavia Lake, which sits on private property owned by the Vestavia Lake Homeowners Association (VLHA), has lost between three and six feet of depth in the last 20 years, according to homeowners Tommy McCain and Alan Arrington.  That loss of depth, according to numerous studies by independent engineering and environmental firms, is the result of […]

Community Associations and Stormwater Detention Pond Maintenance (“BMP”) Responsibilities (VA)

We frequently counsel clients, community associations, developers and builders, on various issues involving that ubiquitous ‘amenity’ known as the stormwater detention pond, or “BMP” (short for “Best Management Practices”). This article will briefly discuss how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls facing homeowners whose community’s common areas/elements include these useful, even if at […]

Residents of New Freedom neighborhood ‘fed up’ with delayed improvements (PA)

When Bobby Jackson moved with his then-pregnant wife during 2007 into his newly built home in the Koller Pointe development, he was told the temporary retention pond across the street would be gone within two years.  Jackson’s 3-year-old daughter would later drive her Barbie jeep into that pond — luckily avoiding injury — and now, […]

Virginia Mother Who Lost Toddler Pushes for Changes to Prevent Drownings (VA)

A mother in Loudoun County, Virginia, wants to spare other families from the pain she went through after her toddler son drowned.  During an April storm, Sarita Kothapally rushed outside to pick up trash cans that had blown over. Unbeknownst to her, Shubakhar, her toddler, had followed her outside and drowned in a retention pond […]

Stormwater Rules Get Another Facelift

On February 15, 2016, the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission (“EMC”) published proposed changes to various stormwater rules. The public hearing process is currently underway, and the public has through April 18, 2016, to comment on the proposed rules. After hearing and comments, the stormwater rules are slated to become effective on September 1, 2016. […]

EPA cracks down on stormwater violations, draining municipal resources

The visit from environmental inspectors had the nerve-rattling effect of an IRS audit.  Three U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staffers and a pair of engineers from Colorado spent two days in Manor Township, Lancaster County, poring over page after page of government records. They spent hours eyeballing government properties, construction sites and storm drains. They grilled […]

Heavy rains, blocked retention pond cause flooding

FOX59 contacted the city and Citizens in an attempt to find out who is responsible for the clogged pipe. Citizens sent an inspector to look at the pond. Officials with Department of Public Works said an engineering team will look at the problem to determine if the city or homeowner’s association will have to fix […]