Video Surveillance Policy for Your HOA

From time to time, homeowners request copies of video surveillance footage. In general, the unwritten policy has been to not provide copies to homeowners. Should we have a written policy? What would it look like?  While it’s not necessary for the board to have a written policy when it comes to providing surveillance footage to […]

Privacy Concerns: Video Doorbells in Condos (ON)

In the age of technological advancements, the integration of video doorbells in condos have become an increasingly hot topic. Video doorbells, equipped with real-time video streaming, have revolutionized home security. While these devices offer enhanced security and convenience, the rising installation of video doorbells in condos has sparked concerns about privacy.   Read the article…………………………….

Rocky Hill Condo Community Rattled by Car Thefts: Demanding Enhanced Security (CT)

In the quiet heart of Rocky Hill, Connecticut, a shadow has been cast over the serene Greenfield Villages condo complex. A recent wave of car thefts and break-ins has left the community on edge, with residents like Kathy Egan experiencing the startling reality of witnessing her own car being stolen right outside her condo.   Read […]

County approves funding for new security cameras in Edgewater neighborhood (OH)

Members of the Cuyahoga County Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to approve a grant that will help the homeowners association in Cleveland’s Edgewater neighborhood purchase new security cameras.  The HOA’s pursuit of the $25,000 grant from the county created controversy among some Clevelanders because the county’s top elected official lives in Edgewater    Read the […]

Can An HOA Board Make Homeowners Remove Security Cameras?

Homeowners may be shocked to find a letter from their HOA asking them to remove security cameras. This reaction may be quickly followed by confusion and then anger, wondering whether or not their association even has the ability to regulate security cameras on private property. Read the article…………………………….

How to Handle HOA Trespassing Incidents (AZ)

Let’s be honest: Living in a HOA community comes with shared amenities and a sense of belonging. But there is another side of the coin, too. It also expects the residents to follow certain rules and regulations. What’s more? Among these rules, HOA trespassing is a matter of concern. Here, we have come up with […]

Condo Smarts: Surveillance causes concern for condo owners (BC)

Q: I live in a condo building in the Okanagan. There is an ongoing dispute with our strata council over the type and frequency of surveillance imposed on owners, tenants and visitors. Our strata council has introduced a number of cameras, not all of which were disclosed to owners and residents, that record the access to […]

Surveillance in Buildings & HOAS: Privacy vs. Safety? (FL)

In 2017, a Boston couple were brutally murdered in their penthouse apartment in a high-end condominium building. The murderer, the former employee of a company that supplied concierge services to the condo, had worked there, and so knew the ins and outs of the building—including some serious gaps in the property’s security that both the […]

What Legal Remedies May Be Available to Condominium Associations When Criminal Conduct is Committed?

A shocking, criminal incident in Florida recently garnered national media attention when a unit owner was arrested and charged with injecting a poisonous chemical into a neighboring unit on several occasions. The liquid tested positive for the narcotics methadone and hydrocodone and caused the victim’s family members to suffer shortness of breath and eye and […]

Surveillance in Buildings & HOAs: Privacy vs. Safety (IL)

In 2017, a Boston couple was brutally murdered in their penthouse apartment in a high-end condominium building. The murderer, the former employee of a company that supplied concierge services to the condo, had worked there, and so knew the ins and outs of the building—including some serious gaps in the property’s security that both the […]

Should Your Condo Association Allow Ring Doorbell Cameras? (MI)

For better or for worse, we live in a society where security cameras are everywhere. With the rise of technology companies such as Amazon and Google, security cameras are now available to the average consumers. For under $200.00, anyone can now buy a doorbell camera that can record high-definition video (day or night) and audio […]

Q & A: Can a Condo Board Spy on Staff and Unit-Owners? (NY)

Q: The board president at our Midtown East condo building has installed cameras above the doorman’s desk and in the passenger and commercial elevators. We suspect the cameras monitor conversations, as well as everyone’s comings and goings. But only the board president and our superintendent can see the video footage. The doormen go outside so […]

Case Study – Westside Manor HOA – From Break-Ins to Breakthroughs

(I normally don’t publish articles that are basically press releases, but I think this one is something I’m going to see more of in the future) Westside Manor, an ungated, middle-class community in San Jose, California had a problem with daytime break-ins and trespassing. Adjacent to a high school and an expressway, much of the neighborhood’s […]

‘The Neighborhood Cameras Film Us In Our Yard’

Dear Newsweek, My family and I live in an interesting gated neighborhood. There are several private streets along one parkway and each street has a gate. Essentially, each street is its own gated neighborhood, but also part of one larger community.   Read the Q&A…………………………….

California community gets crafty to thwart mail thieves

Security cameras have caught many individuals using stolen USPS mail keys to steal mail from the Riva on the River community in West Sacramento.  It’s why the homeowner’s association president Kathy Bailey and other volunteers physically sit and guard their mailboxes overnight.   Read the article………………………..

Evaluating safety: Recognizing a need to protect communities

Community association board members, managers, and business partners regularly face challenging and complex issues that can spark strong emotions. Many recognize it’s time to prepare for worst-case scenarios and to take steps to protect communities, colleagues, neighbors, residents, and themselves   Read the article………………………..

New Law is a Benefit to Condos and Requires a Boost to Security (FL)

Florida condominiums always had the obligation to provide for the safety of its owners, residents and guests when it came to preventing crime in the community. The condominium association was negligent if it knew or should have known about prior crimes in the community or surrounding areas, and failed to take reasonable safety measures to […]

‘I said, this is it’: Man speaks out after surviving condo building shooting (FL)

Guido is now suing the Isola Condominium Association, its management company and a handful of other parties, alleging in the lawsuit they were negligent and should have done more to stop the shooter.  “There were at least six separate instances where the condominium and those working for the condominium could have stopped this from happening,” […]

Handling Vandalism in Your Community

HOAs want nothing more than to create healthy, happy, safe, and clean communities. But too often, things happen that are out of the control of the HOA and may put this vision in jeopardy. Case in point: vandalism. Read the article………………………..

Residents fed up with stolen packages at South End condos (NC)

Residents in a South End apartment complex have reached their limit with package thieves.  To get into the Village of South End Condos, you need a code. Two people were given the code for a pizza delivery from Benny’s Pizza, then left with a package taken from another resident.    Read the article………………………..

Police access to surveillance cameras concerns ACLU-Indiana

FOX59/CBS4 is told the cameras are under the authority of the development’s homeowners association, but Fillenwarth can run queries through them like it can its own cameras.  However, the HOA cannot examine the police searches, and the police cannot see searches executed by the HOA.    Read the article………………………..

Police, Private HOAs Team Up to Buy License Plate Readers

Flock Safety, which began as a startup in 2017 in Atlanta and is now valued at approximately $3.5 billion, has targeted homeowners associations, or HOAs, in partnership with police departments, to become one of the largest surveillance vendors in the nation.   Read the article………………………..

Whose responsible if there’s a gator in your lake? (FL)

In the wake of Monday’s deadly alligator attack in the Spanish Lakes Fairways community, residents across South Florida are trying to figure out who is responsible for dangerous wildlife in their neighborhoods.  Read the article………………………..

O’Fallon Police Department rolls out new position dedicated to ridding neighborhoods of problem properties, feuds (MO)

“One of the first incidents I’ve been assigned to was there’s a neighbor, or resident, that was putting dog feces on the sidewalk,” Young said. “He didn’t want people walking on the public sidewalk behind his home.”  Young said the homeowner’s association asked the man to remove the feces after several neighbors complained, but Young […]

Tech Trends: Residential License Plate Cameras

Drive into most neighborhoods with a Homeowners Association (HOA) and you are likely to see a few signs welcoming you, a strict speed limit sign, and maybe a pool or other amenities. You may be surprised to be welcomed by cameras on poles as well – not just any cameras, but License Plate Capture cameras […]