HOA says single elevator at senior living community will cost $120K to fix (SC)

Residents at one senior living community in West Columbia said the only elevator in their building has been broken for several months.  The Hulon Greene Homeowners Association said the elevator experienced “the failure” in November 2023. However, residents said the elevator had been broken since September.    Read the article…………………………….

Sun City HOA needs your support

Moving to Sun City provided a super opportunity to meet and associate with many other like-minded people. Cultivating these relationships, making new friends and gathering with neighbors, is fulfilling for lots and lots of Sun City citizens. These relationships/associations are a main reason for spending a portion of our lives here.   Read the article…………………………….

Pros and Cons of Active Adult Communities

The terms “55-plus community,” “active adult community,” “lifestyle communities” and “planned communities” refer to a setting that caters to the needs and preferences of adults over the age of 55.  These communities are designed for seniors who are able to care for themselves but may be looking to downsize to a community with others their […]

Developing HOA Policies to Protect Older Adults

It’s natural for community association board members and managers to be concerned for residents who start displaying signs of failing health, confusion, hoarding, and other erratic behaviors.    Read the article………………………

Seashore Point Residents Sue Owner, Claiming Fraud and Abuse (MA)

But for the last two years, he’s been locked in a conflict with Pointe Group Care, the for-profit owner of Seashore Point, about what services it provides residents and at what cost. In 2019, the group and its subsidiary, Provincetown Holding Company, purchased the property, along with the attached nursing facility, AdviniaCare at Seashore Point, […]

5 Joys And Challenges Of Living In 55-Plus Communities

Life in a 55+ community is not for everyone, and it is important to understand that these communities vary widely, and your experience may be very different from ours. But if you are intrigued by the idea, here are what we have found to be five joys and challenges of life in communities for older […]

Unlocking the Vibrancy of Your Community with Lifestyle Programming

In the realm of community association living, a growing trend is transforming residential landscapes, making neighborhoods more vibrant and connected than ever before. It’s called lifestyle programming and is not exclusively for 55+ communities anymore.   Read the article…………………………….

Illinois Legislature Approves New Temperature Requirements for 55-And-Over Communities: What do Illinois Community Associations Need to Know?

The Illinois legislature recently approved amendments to the Illinois Condominium Property Act (“ICPA”) and Common Interest Community Association Act (“CICAA”) to impose certain temperature control requirements for condominium and community associations “in which the initial declaration limits ownership, rental, or occupancy of a unit to a person 55 years of age or older.”   Read the […]

HOA Q&A: Can people not 55 live in a 55-and-over community? (FL)

Q: I live in a 55-and-older co-op and there is a home here that the person who owned it passed and her daughter took the home over. She has since moved in with her sister, her sister’s friend and her boyfriend who are not 55.   Read the Q&A……………………………….

Woman stole $175K from N.J. senior community, prosecutors allege

Alicia K. Campbell, 35, of Mays Landing, faces charges of theft, financial facilitation, forgery, falsifying records and credit card fraud, as a result of an investigation into her alleged activities while serving as the Lifestyle Director of Greenbriar Oceanaire Community & Golf Course in Waretown, officials said   Read the article………………………..

Deer In Senior Communities A Nuisance (NJ)

Residents of the senior communities move there for the quiet and serenity. That’s what deer like about it, too. And they were there first.   Read the article………………………..

Cherry Lane Towers votes to go 55-plus (BC)

At a special meeting Wednesday night, owners of 252 units in Cherry Lane Towers voted 87% in favour of imposing a 55-plus age requirement, according to a strata council representative.   Read the article………………………..

SCHOA in Sun City working toward ordinance change: Editorial (AZ)

This year Sun City Home Owners Association has dealt with two homeowners having underage children in their homes who went around us and our covenants, conditions and restrictions seeking a temporary occupancy permit through Maricopa County to allow them to remain in their homes.  Read the article………………………..

For Some Seniors, Home Is Where the Amenities Are

These communities differentiate themselves from assisted living and other medically focused facilities. Unlike assisted living, residents of over-55 communities may own their homes. They can also join a community of peers at a similar stage of life and, often, enjoy shared amenities like pools, dining and even theaters, as well as clubs or activity groups. […]

Windsor Council balks at relief for 55-plus housing community roads (CT)

Residents spoke both in favor and against the idea of the town providing financial relief for residents of age-restricted private communities, because they pay the same property tax rate as other residents, yet also pay for services including snow plowing, street maintenance, and street lights, via their homeowners’ association fees.   Read the article………………………..

Virginia Supreme Court denies hearing condo owners’ appeal challenging expansion of VB senior living community

The Virginia Supreme Court has denied hearing an appeal from condo owners attempting to halt the expansion of a retirement community in Virginia Beach.  In a statement issued Tuesday, the Court stated that “there is no reversible error” regarding the previous judgment regarding the Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay.    Read the article………………………..

New Bills Worry Senior Communities (NJ)

Assembly Bill A4377, proposed by Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (District 7 Burlington), which is applicable to communities with over 100 units, seeks to impose an annual tax on all state condominiums, cooperatives and homes within homeowner associations, at approximately $3 per unit.   Read the article………………………..

Officials Oppose “Trenton’s Control” Of Senior Communities (NJ)

The mayor and council of Berkeley Township are speaking out against state bill A4377, which they said would take control over common interest communities, including senior communities.  Berkeley’s governing body members believe that the bill, which if passed would grant New Jersey’s Department of Community Affairs (DCA) administrative oversight over common interest developments, sets unnecessary […]

Rules for Age-Restricted Communities (NC)

Q: I live in a subdivision that was marketed as a 55+ community, but I cannot determine that the developer included any age restrictions in our Master Deed. If the developer did not include the “legal” requirements in the Master Deed or our CC&Rs, what can be done to be sure that our development meets […]

Bill Would Change 55+ Rule For Senior Communities (NJ)

Another version of a bill has been introduced into the current session of the state legislature that some say could slowly break down the concept of senior communities.  The bill will allow any property owner in a senior community to “transfer property without regard to age of buyer.” However, the person who lives in that […]

Retirees, A Healthy Condo Has a Flush Reserve Fund

Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Fla., was in dire need of repairs when the 40-year-old building partially collapsed in June 2021, killing 98 people. In 2018, an engineer’s report identified significant structural damage, and a tentatively settled class action lawsuit alleges that work on a nearby building destabilized the Champlain structure. But there’s another culprit: […]

Board service presents challenges in community for older persons (FL)

Q:  This is the second senior condominium I have owned and in which I have resided during the past 16 years. I have faced the same impending issue in both, that being extreme difficulty finding enough qualified people both willing and able to run the community.   Read the Q&A……………………………….

The Financial Pros and Cons of Moving Into a Senior Community

There might come a time, as you near retirement age or are retired, that you will want a change of lifestyle. You don’t need the big house you had as your children were growing up, and the maintenance that comes with it is now too much. Who needs to mow the lawn or shovel snow […]

Retirement Community

According to Community Associations Institute, over 70 million Americans live in a community association. A significant portion of that 70 million is made up of retirees. Now, the phrase “retirement home” can conjure a certain image, but the fact is today that people actually have more options than ever before when it comes to selling […]

Some residents of senior living community fear mask rules not strict enough (CA)

Some residents of a senior living community fear its current clubhouse rules on face coverings aren’t safe enough for its higher-risk population.  Ocean Hills Country Club resident Jody Gorran was dismayed to hear that his homeowners’ association board had decided to not make universal mask-wearing required inside of its community clubhouse and other facilities in […]

Florida Building Collapse Highlights Serious Challenges Facing Condo Board

The collapse of Champlain Towers South near Miami, built in 1981, has made owners and buyers nervous. The dream of living near the ocean has been interrupted by the fear that some buildings might not be safe, and that owners’ investments could be in danger. It also highlights the problems that condo, community, and home […]

How to Check Out the Safety of a Retirement Condo Building

We are all horrified about the Surfside, Fla. condo collapse, and our hearts go out to families and friends of the victims. This type of tragedy is, thankfully, uncommon, but does bring up an important question: How can you know if your retirement condo building is safe and the ways to evacuate in an emergency?  […]

Senior Clubhouses Can Reopen (NJ)

This had been an issue since the start of the pandemic. Pools, clubhouses, and other amenities were closed to the public. At first, it was a safety issue. Homeowner associations didn’t have the staff to wipe down every surface or to police the area to keep people wearing masks and socially distancing. Read the entire article……………………………….

Veterans at Waterloo condo complex get new donated ramp (IA)

Mobility-challenged military veterans at the Regency North senior condo complex couldn’t curb their disdain for the steep curbside and front access to their building.  For an old sailor like U.S Navy Korean War era veteran Duane Jaschen, it was pretty unnavigable.   Read the entire article……………………………….