Retirement community files lawsuit against home builder (SC)

The homeowners association of a Berkeley County retirement community is suing a home builder for what it called “substandard common areas.”  The Dell Web at Cane Bay Association filed a lawsuit Friday against Pulte Home Company, according to court documents.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Proposed bike path through The Village neighborhood draws controversy (OK)

Mixed feelings surround a proposed bike trail to connect Vinyard Blvd. and Village Dr. that would cut straight through a neighborhood of senior citizens in The Village.  Many residents of the Hawthorn neighborhood say bringing bikes through their neighborhood would be dangerous.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Redefining an HOA Retirement Community

Retirement means everything but slowing down at the Jefferson in Arlington, Va., a vibrant senior community where residents are thrilled to age in place. To celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day, we highlight the Jefferson, which was built nearly three decades ago as one of Marriott International’s senior-living services communities.    Read the entire article……………………………….

Florida Changes Registration Requirements for 55+ Communities

As anyone involved with Florida community associations will tell you, trying to keep up with the changes in rules and laws that impact the operation and management of condominium and homeowner associations can seem like a full-time job. Actually, that is our job, and the primary motivation for this article. We know how daunting it […]

A Golf Course Community’s Big Variable for Retirees

Golf club memberships can often be a separate, and hefty, annual fee at golf communities. Here’s some guidance before you tee-up your retirement move to live on the links.    Read the article……………………….

An Association’s Response to Owners Requiring Additional Care (FL)

Some older individuals choose to live out their final years in their personal residences, alone, rather than in nursing homes or assisted-living facilities. Additionally, there are times that other individuals may experience certain mental health issues that make them unable to adequately care for themselves. Associations are often at a loss with how to assist […]

Florida residents worried about quarantine rules in 55-plus community

Q: We live in Florida in a 55-plus condominium development. Do residents who visit out-of-state folks need to quarantine themselves upon return? And, what about residents who have out-of-state guests staying in their home? It is the community swimming pool (where everyone tends to congregate) that makes me nervous.    Read the Q&A……………………………….

7 Ways of Helping Aging Owners in Your Community Association

Most times people above the age of 65 usually leave their homes and move into assisted living facilities. However, that trend is slowing down and more and more elderly people choose to age while still in their homes. This poses a new challenge to homeowners and condo associations everywhere.     Read the article…………………………

Florida Legislature Eliminates State Registration and Reporting Requirements for 55+ Communities

If your community claims to be “housing for older persons” under federal and state law, then effective July 1, 2020, the Florida Legislature has eliminated from Florida’s “Fair Housing Act” (§760.29(2)), the requirement for your community to register with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. In addition, community associations that qualify as “housing for older […]

7 Ways To Help HOA Aging Residents

When an HOA board is made up of younger residents, it can be easy to forget about the senior members of the community. But, every community member matters, including HOA aging residents. As such, it is important to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate more elderly homeowners.   Read the article……………………………….

As life moves online, an older generation faces a digital divide (MD)

As life has increasingly moved online during the pandemic, an older generation that grew up in an analog era is facing a digital divide. Often unfamiliar or uncomfortable with apps, gadgets and the internet, many are struggling to keep up with friends and family through digital tools when some of them are craving those connections […]

Office at 55 and over community in Pinellas Park ‘exposed’ to coronavirus (FL)

When the sign saying “Office exposed to coronavirus, enter at your own risk,” showed up on the Mainlands homeowners association office, some residents were scratching their heads.  Maggie Herring was one of them. She believes residents should have been notified.  “I don’t fault them for it. But that would cover them, you know and that […]

Housing for older persons may allow residents below age 55 (FL)

Q:  I live in a 55 and over community. I am told by the board president that people under 55 can be in residence because they inherited the condo.  Is that true? I am concerned that, before long, our 55 and over community will no longer be 55 and over.    Read the Q&A…………………………….

Jackson Township authorities warn of burglary uptick in senior communities (NJ)

Jackson Township is warning older residents to be aware of an uptick in burglaries in senior communities.  Police say that nearly one dozen burglaries have occurred in several gated communities in the town. Authorities also say that a possible suspect has been captured on a security camera.    Read the article……………………….

Lansing Meadows seeks subdivision (NY)

Developers of the Lansing Meadows senior housing complex spoke in front of the Village of Lansing Board of Trustees on Jan. 6, requesting an amendment to district regulations of the complex’s Planning Development Area (PDA) to permit them to subdivide a parcel of land to sell off three individual townhouses.    Read the article……………………….

In The Woodlands, a senior community fights back against feral hogs (TX)

The Woodlands, about 30 miles north of Houston, is a master-planned suburb designed to be in sync with nature. Deer and armadillos wander through Windsor Hills in the development’s northeast corner. Hogs nosed around before, too, said Rob Miller, president of the homeowners association.    Read the article…………………………..

Services Not Required for ‘55 and Over’ Communities (FL)

Q: Some in our homeowners’ association argue we need not offer any amenities like a swimming pool, tennis court, bocce ball, bingo, community dinners, etc., in order to maintain our “55 and over” status. Others say we must have all these and maybe more. Is there a list of amenities that must be followed to […]

Senior Communities and HOAs

Baby Boomers account for nearly a quarter of the population in the United States, and the demand for homes within retirement communities is steadily on the rise. Senior living communities are typically marketed to those 55 years or older and appeal to older adults who are looking to live near others in the same stage […]

Laguna Woods Village condo board moves toward documenting co-occupants (CA)

The Third Mutual board on Tuesday, Aug. 20, passed a co-occupancy policy that aims to record undocumented occupants.  An increasing number of individuals on a fixed income find the only way to afford their costs is by seeking co-occupancy, a Village Management Services staff report stated; however, they do so without obtaining the board’s permission.  […]

Steps to Becoming a 55 and Older Community

Federal and state fair housing laws prohibit community associations from discriminating against occupants on the basis of “familial status.” Familial status is defined as one or more persons 18 years of age or younger who live with a parent or legal guardian. The community association’s rules and restrictions therefore cannot single out children for different […]

Wild turkeys terrorize Florida senior community (FL)

Wild turkeys terrorized a Central Florida senior community this spring, charging octogenarians using walkers, chasing golf carts and cornering residents in their garages, according to law enforcement reports and resident accounts of the months-long bird assault.   Read the article…………………………

How to Manage Reverse Mortgage Expectations for Condo Owners

The difficulties that surround establishing a reverse mortgage transaction with a condominium as the liened property is a persistent issue in the larger reverse mortgage industry, and requires a degree of sensitivity from loan officers working with potential borrowers who are trying to use a condo as the basis for a reverse mortgage.   Read the […]

Laguna Woods Village condo board eases caregiver requirements (CA)

The Third Mutual board on Tuesday, Feb. 19, unanimously passed a resolution that revised its Care Provider Policy — now titled the ‘Private Caregiver Policy’ — removing hurdles that affected residents dependent upon part-time and long-term, at-home care.  Top resident concerns included the necessity of obtaining a physician’s certification when nonmedical service was needed, the […]

Dealing with elderly neighbor in violation of rules (FL)

For most violations of rules and restrictions contained in a Condominium or Homeowners’ Association governing documents, the enforcement procedure is fairly simple. A call or letter is sent by management telling the rule or regulation violator to knock it off. If the violation continues, then a certified letter is usually sent from the Association’s attorney […]

HOAs Get Tough on Delinquent Residents

Leah Lally, a 51-year-old homeowner in Tampa, Fla., learned the hard way that dealing with a homeowners association (HOA) can escalate into a costly and years-long legal battle.  In 2015, Lally got nearly $700 behind on the $135-a-month association fees on her five-bedroom home. She explained to the association’s management that she faced financial hardship […]

Sun City worries that Airbnb renters are too young (AZ)

When people move to Sun City, they expect wide-open streets buzzing with golf carts, recreation centers for the retired and tranquil lake views.  They don’t picture a bunch of children running around on a pontoon boat out on the water, said Jim Hunter, president of the Sun City Homeowners Association.  “That’s not why people move […]

Properly established 55-plus community can impose restrictions (FL)

Q: Recently I needed to have my minor grandchild come live with me. Shortly after, I received a letter from the association informing me I was in violation of its age 55 and over guidelines. I investigated this and learned that while the community advertises as 55 and over, the amendment that sought to impose […]

You can’t live here: Why senior communities get to prohibit young people (AZ)

Al Morton spends his days working with veterans and volunteering at his Sun City Homeowners Association. His wife frequently attends a clay club, making pottery with fellow members.  The Mortons, from Texas, were drawn to Sun City because other family members had already retired there. They followed suit in 2004 and are now among the […]

Lending a Helping Hand

People living in the same building, at times for years or decades, may have little contact with each other. Most of the time contact is limited to a short greeting or conversation while in the elevator or when checking for mail. Brief conversations may occur during building meetings or social events.  When a neighbour begins […]

How Concierge-Style Condo Buildings Threaten Independent Living

Some independent living communities’ biggest competitors could soon become a condo building down the street.  That was among the insights shared during a Sept. 13 webinar hosted by Senior Housing News and sponsored by Arbor Realty Trust, a direct lender with 13 branches across the U.S.  In certain places, like Florida, senior living providers are […]

Four Ways Active Adult Communities Are Changing to Emphasize Lifestyle

Developers are taking note of the new demands placed by buyers in adult communities. Ten years ago the average buyer age was 72 years-old; now it is 62 years-old. With the younger age comes an expectation of services and amenities that developers strive to provide. Here are just four ways active adult communities are changing: […]

US Attorney Announces Settlement with Florida Condominium Complex Over Alleged FHA Reverse Mortgage Fraud

On July 20, 2017, acting United States Attorney Stephen Muldrow announced a civil settlement with the owner of a Florida condominium complex over fraudulent reverse mortgage transactions. Defendant had been accused of violating the False Claims Act (“FCA”) and the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (“FIRREA”).    Read the article……………

Communities for Those 55 Years of Age or Older

Recently we have been approached by multiple associations inquiring about making their housing community one that is restricted to those residents that are 55 years of age or older. The ability and requirements for establishing or becoming a housing community for those 55 years of age or older is governed by the federal Housing for […]

Aging Condominium updates for an Aging Population

Condominiums are not just for young people, there are many elderly condo residents that bought their units in the 1980’s. Many early construction condo buildings are now facing challenges of providing amenities to owners who are 65 years or older. These buildings often lack accessibility and safety features now common in new buildings.    Read […]

Obscure Regulation Halts Reverse Mortgages, FHA Lending in Some Towns

Thanks to the abrupt enforcement of a decades-old regulation that the Federal Housing Administration had seemingly ignored, consumers looking to buy homes or take out reverse mortgages in some 55+ communities have had their FHA loan applications rejected at the last minute in recent months.  Starting this past fall, applicants in the Sun City and […]

Cardiac arrests in high-rise buildings

Residents of high-rise buildings had better survival rates from cardiac arrests if they lived on the first few floors, and survival was negligible for people living above the 16th floor, according to a study.   Read the article…………….

Fire Planning Tips for Seniors

A home fire is a terrifying moment for anyone, including seniors. If you are an older individual with limited mobility or impairments, it’s especially important you follow these four fire-planning tips because they could save your life.     Read the article…………..

Want to buy a condo? See how a new law could expand FHA options here in O.C. (CA)

For 15 years, Judy Johnson planned to get a reverse mortgage when she retired, supplementing her Social Security with proceeds from her San Clemente condo.  But after she stopped seeing clients and shut down her public relations business last year, Johnson discovered the government had changed the rules on her.  Her three-bedroom condo in Talega […]

How Can You Accommodate the Disabled During Capital Work? (NY)

A collection of issues – a disability discrimination claim with facts that were sharply in dispute, an elevator project that shut down one of the building’s two elevators for an extended period, a proprietary lease provision that was less than clear, and an insurance company’s reservation of rights with demands for the insured’s substantial participation […]

Pros & Cons of Age-Restricted Homeowners Associations

When you think of an age-restricted homeowners association, you might conjure up a picture of elderly couples in Hawaiian print shirts and khaki shorts, riding on golf carts, sipping drinks by the pool, or playing cards in the clubhouse. While sometimes this isn’t far from the truth, age-restricted Associations are much more than that!   […]

Protecting People with Dementia in Your Homeowners Association

There are many different ways to keep the members in your homeowners association safe. If your Association attracts a significant number of senior adults, or you know of specific residents in your Association who suffer from dementia, you can help by having a plan in place to protect them in the event they are confused […]

Aging Populations and Multiple Generations in Community Associations

For the first time in United States history, more and more adults are choosing to stay in their home as they age. The reasons for wanting to stay in the home range from a personal choice stemming from the desire to stay in familiar surroundings with familiar routines, to an economical choice of the cost […]