Proposal for more oversight of homeowner associations expected in April (TX)

Deadlines for records requests, membership approval for assessment increases, and restrictions on foreclosures are among several recommended changes for homeowners’ associations up for debate come April.  The Select Committee on Homeowners’ Associations in the House of Representatives on Wednesday unanimously approved a report with recommendations and draft legislation for the upcoming short session to address […]

Some Houston condo owners fed up with $6000 in annual HOA fees (TX)

From broken glass and torn up sidewalks to a dilapidated children’s playground and wacky wiring, John Seckar gets frustrated every time he walks outside his southwest Houston condo.  Seckar said despite paying off the two bedroom, two bath condo in full, he still pays $550 in monthly fees to his HOA. But for all that […]

Former Burleson HOA faces discrimination allegations (TX)

Calvin Brown resigned from the board of his neighborhood’s homeowners association in Burleson recently after he got a series of texts from his fellow board members over whether or not a lesbian couple in the neighborhood should be fined for their yard sign.   Read the article……………………….

Horseshoe Bay Resort wrestles with POA in civil lawsuit (TX)

A Llano County district court judge has ruled that the Horseshoe Bay resort and the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association (POA) must mediate their differences, giving them until Friday, Dec. 8, to come up with a mediator both sides will accept. (Most of the story behind saubscription paywall)   Read the article…………………………

A source of neighborly debate: The boundaries of Alamo Ranch (TX)

The boundaries of Alamo Ranch, which sits just outside of Loop 1604 in west Bexar County, are unofficial.  That’s as far as officials are concerned, anyway.   Several neighbors we talked to wish there was something a little more concrete.    Read the article…………………………..

‘It makes me feel unwelcome in this community’ | Property association fee hikes make low-income, affordable homes difficult to keep (TX)

“At the time of closing the homeowners association payment was estimated to be about $200 a month,” Longnion said.  Longnion said the fees jumped.  “They increased the homeowner’s fees from $200 to $331 like within six-months time after I moved in,” Longnion said.   Read the article……………………………..

Horseshoe Bay POA board addresses resort accusations, bans (TX)

The Horseshoe Bay Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors took a stand against allegations from Horseshoe Bay Resort owner Jordan Jaffe during its Oct. 18 meeting. Jaffe banned the board’s seven members from resort property, accusing them of failing to meet POA landscaping standards and obligations. The directors said they are totally within their rights and […]

Kelliwood Terrace residents victims of distract and rob scheme (TX)

According to KPRC TV, at about 6:30 p.m., two men came to the door of Elisa and James Wilson’s home, claiming to be from their homeowners association preparing for a tree trimming operation. The men asked the couple to bring them to the backyard to see their trees.    Read the article…………………………..

What’s Behind the Fact-Challenged Freak-out Over Colony Ridge? (TX)

Over the past two months, this second Colony Ridge has rapidly expanded from the far-right fringe of American politics into the GOP mainstream—like an out-of-control wildfire spreading from treetop to treetop. Republican congressman Ronny Jackson, who represents a district hundreds of miles away in the Panhandle and recently threatened law enforcement officers at a rodeo, […]

Tomball homeowners fly ‘Defund the HOA’ flag after ‘petty’ notice (TX)

The couple said they’ve lived in their neighborhood for more than 20 years, and every baseball season, they fly an Astros flag without any issues.  But, after the “Defund the HOA” flag went up, the Slivas said they received a violation notice on Aug. 23, instructing them to “please remove unsightly items from public view. […]

Ask Amy: New HOA laws in Texas

Neighborhood homeowner’s associations are meant to keep a community looking good and running right. But people often complain they overstep or some say their HOAs don’t do anything at all.  Some of that may change. There are several new laws in Texas that impact the way HOAs are run.   Read the article………………………..

Lake Hawkins property owners hold preparedness picnic (TX)

A meeting of the association of Lake Hawkins property owners held at the pavilion at Lake Hawkins park was more than just a picnic.   “We’re always trying to educate homeowners on what they can do to make their home more fire resilient. Today we’re focusing on the homeowners themselves on what they can do on […]

North Side HOA threatened to tow vehicles for parking on public streets (TX)

The streets in and out of the Westfield neighborhood may be open and un-gated, but its homeowners’ association recently claimed those streets were not open for parking.  In a July newsletter distributed to members of the Owners Association of Westfield, the HOA announced it would begin “strictly” enforcing vehicle and parking violations, including by towing […]

Civil suit calls Lake Buchanan POA invalid (TX)

The property owners’ association for Donall Estates on Burnet County Road 104 on Lake Buchanan is embroiled in a civil lawsuit that could negatively affect its deed restriction powers.   Read the article………………………..

StoryBuilt sued by investors, condo group (TX)

Angry investors and a condo community are taking legal action against StoryBuilt, shedding light on the Austin developer’s financial struggles amid a recent leadership shakeup.   Read the article………………………..

Residents in DeSoto’s Ten Mile Creek Estates Face Uncertainty and Outrage as Hidden HOA Dues Surface After 17 Years (TX)

Residents have contacted the city, but the City of DeSoto’s hands are tied, given that the association was created outside the city’s jurisdiction. A property management company, NewRoc Services, is currently running the HOA show regarding the implementation of the mandatory HOA for residents living in Ten Mile Creek Estates.   Read the article………………………..

Residents Of Ten Mile Creek Feel Blindsided By Mandatory HOA Ordinance (TX)

During a Tuesday evening DeSoto City Council Meeting local residents of Ten Mile Creek Estates took advantage of the time allotted for community concerns to voice their dissatisfaction over the recent implementation of a mandatory Homeowners Association (HOA) in their area.   Read the article………………………..

Does your HOA have too much power? What homeowner associations can and can’t do

Amid recent issues over homeowner associations’ rules, The Dallas Morning News spoke with legal experts in the field who talked about the importance of homeowners knowing their rights.  They agreed that, while many Texas property owners resent the oversight and rules put in place by homeowners associations, owners do have statutory rights to fight back […]