Your Association Received a Preliminary Lien Notice. Now What? (CA)

Under California law, most licensed contractors or suppliers that provide labor, services, equipment, or materials on projects involving the common area of a community association are entitled to record a mechanic’s lien or issue a stop payment notice if they are not paid for their work or materials. Associations involved in such projects often receive […]

Contractors using Subcontractors and Your Community Liability

It’s inevitable: at some point, a community association needs to hire a contractor. Some need their contractors for standard maintenance, others hire help for repair after an emergency or national disaster; but no matter why your HOA is looking into hiring a contractor, you should know that they don’t always work alone. Contractors oftentimes hire […]

Indemnity and Hold Harmless Provisions in Association Contracts

Condominium and homeowner associations frequently enter into contracts with third-parties. Examples include landscaping contracts, management contracts, and construction contracts. In order to protect the interests of the association, many community association attorneys include indemnity provisions in the contract. Here’s a common example of an indemnity provision:   Read the article………………………….

All Co-ops and Condos Need Workers’ Comp Insurance

There is a reason they should have a workers’ compensation policy. An “if any” workers’ compensation policy would provide coverage if the contractor hired by the association does not have workers’ compensation coverage and their employee is injured at the building, or if a volunteer/board member is injured during the course of their duties. Example: […]

Requirements for Contracts Entered Into by Florida Condominium Associations

Contracting with vendors and service providers is part of the normal course of business for many condominium associations in Florida. Generally, section 718.3026, Florida Statutes provides for certain requirements when an association contracts for products and services. If a contract for the purchase, lease, or renting of materials or equipment, or for the provision of […]