Still haunted on first anniversary of Vaughan condo building mass murder (ON)

John Di Nino still sees the barrel of the gun pointing right at him.  His wife Doreen lies crumpled on the vestibule floor of their penthouse condo, their disgruntled neighbour Francesco “Frank” Villi having just fired at her face, the bullet slamming through her jaw and out the back of her neck, knocking her to the […]

Man charged for allegedly threatening Treasure Lake POA office employee (PA)

A DuBois man has been charged for allegedly threatening an employee of the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association office Tuesday, Oct. 31.  Sandy Township Police have charged Richard Glenn Vanhorn, 68, with terroristic threats — a felony of the third degree, harassment and disorderly conduct, according to a criminal complaint filed at Magisterial District Judge […]

Newly released surveillance video shows ex-condo president charged with arson attempting to set truck on fire, vandalizing vehicles in South Beach (SC)

Maggisano is also accused of texting threats to one of his fellow condo owners.  The texts read, “die and die slow [expletive], “I’m goin [to make] sure you’re dead within 48 hours,” “I’m going to cut you opn tmrw” and “I will murder you shortly.”  “I guess a threat was made to a board of […]

HOA member points gun at carpet shampoo salesman in Grovetown neighborhood (GA)

A man selling carpet shampoo in a Grovetown neighborhood was arrested after an altercation with a member of the neighborhood’s homeowner association.  Just after 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 300 block of Beech Lane in Grovetown for an altercation between a member of the neighborhood’s HOA and a salesman […]

Handling Vandalism in Your Community

HOAs want nothing more than to create healthy, happy, safe, and clean communities. But too often, things happen that are out of the control of the HOA and may put this vision in jeopardy. Case in point: vandalism. Read the article………………………..

Eviction possible for Greensboro man accused of stabbing neighbors with box cutter (NC)

Attorney Brian Edlin with Jordan Price Law Office is also not connected to the case. He said HOAs also cannot guarantee criminal incidents will not occur.  “There are things sometimes that property management companies and associations can do, but those powers are limited, and they really can’t guarantee that incidents like this, outrageous incidents as […]

Florida man sets his apartment on fire because he was mad at HOA (FL)

A Central Florida man is accused of intentionally setting his own apartment on fire because he was upset with the Homeowners Association (HOA), leading to an explosion with injuries and damages, according to an affidavit for arrest warrant.   Read the article………………………..

How Community Associations Can Respond to Residents with Mental Illness and Violent Encounters Between Neighbors (FL)

Whether it’s a combination of holiday stress, rising inflation or spiraling housing-related expenses, tensions within community associations are escalating.  Mental health concerns were compounded during the pandemic due to a variety of factors but despite restrictions being long-since lifted, verbal disputes, threats of violence and fatal encounters between neighbors continue to make headlines.   Read the […]

The Value of Professional Intermediaries: Don’t Turn HOA Issues into Safety Issue

Homeowners association (HOA) disputes or enforcement should not require personal, face-to-face, confrontation with members. A recent tragedy in Florida underscores the risk of confrontations in the HOA context. It is alleged that on December 3, 2022, 75-year-old Hugh Hootman shot and killed his HOA president and her husband, Ginger and Henry Wallace, who were both […]

Man killed by police after shooting, explosion in Woodlawn had carried gun, harassed community, neighbors say (MD)

Baltimore County police said in a news release Sunday that investigators believe Brown forced his way into the home of Ismael Quintanilla, a 41-year-old neighbor, and fatally stabbed and shot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Quintanilla’s wife, 37-year-old Sara Alacote, was also shot fatally by Brown, according to police. The department said […]

Details still emerging in argument leads to shooting death (TX)

A dispute between neighbors turned deadly on Monday afternoon, leaving a retired Houston police officer dead in a gated community in Kerrville.  Kerr County Sheriff W.R. “Rusty” Hierholzer said his office continues to investigate the shootout between neighbors Mart Hanna and Kenneth Brown. Hanna, who retired from the Houston Police Department, was shot and killed.  […]

Co-ops and Condos Must Act Fast to Protect Against Looters (NY)

As New York City is convulsed by protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, some co-op and condo boards are facing a problem that was unimaginable just a week ago: how to protect their street-level commercial spaces from looting and vandalism. There are smart precautions boards can take – but they need to […]

North Olmsted man chokes HOA president over flooding issue, police say (OH)

When North Olmsted police arrived at the victim’s home at 6357 Stafford Dr., the alleged assailant had already left the scene. Multiple witnesses, and the unnamed victim, reportedly told police that Dean Kohler had come to the victim’s home and began to yell obscenities, saying the victim, who is the housing development’s homeowner’s association president, […]

Victim Speaks After HOA Dispute Ends in Shooting (TX)

A woman recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting that involved her neighbor spoke publicly Wednesday about the suspect and accusations that she has been harassing residents in her neighborhood.  Belinda Tucker, who was shot Aug. 4, lives directly across the street from Kenneth Haggarty, the man accused of in the shooting, in the Pleasant […]

Gunfire Erupts Between Neighbors Over HOA Dues (TX)

One neighbor was in jail Monday, the other left a hospital after a shooting Sunday sparked by a long dispute over homeowners association dues.  The shooting occurred on Rawlins Drive, just inside the Pleasant Run Estates neighborhood, in Lancaster.    Read the article……………………….

“Armed and Dangerous,” CAI Common Ground

IT WAS NOT A PLEASANT TOPIC, but that didn’t stop the Ridgeview Place Condo Association near St. Louis from raising questions about what owners should do if an “active shooter” storms the community.  “We’re too isolated for anybody to really come—and we’re all too old,” says Diane Burnell, chair of the association’s disaster preparedness committee. […]