HOA president: Neighbors ‘very afraid’ German Shepherds at center of legal fight will hurt someone (VA)

In a phone interview, David Rusk, president of the BrookAnnLeigh Homeowners Association — the neighborhood where Smith lives, said he has personally witnessed the dogs “tormenting” cattle in the neighborhood and behaving in what he described as a threatening manner. According Rusk, there has been a pattern of multiple German Shepherds escaping from Smith’s property […]

Lake Monticello residents ready to take fight over water rates to Richmond (VA)

The water may be placid but the water rates are rising fast at Lake Monticello.  Aqua Virginia, a utilities company which provides water and waste management to 36 localities across Virginia, has proposed an overall rate increase of 29.4% for its customers residing in the Fluvanna County gated community surrounding the manmade lake.    Read the […]

Herndon resident upset with HOA’s electric vehicle charging station restrictions (VA)

A Virginia who woman wants to buy an electric vehicle says her homeowners association won’t allow her to build a suitable charging station for the vehicle.  “I would like to have an EV,” Herndon resident Michaela Hamiary Janotova said. “I would like to be able to charge it here at home.”   Read the article………………………………

Loudoun HOAs Join Forces to Fight Invasive Species (VA)

Loudoun homeowner’s association presidents and board members showed up in force at the Board of Supervisors meeting last night in a coordinated effort garner funding for a program designed to help remove invasive insects and plants.  Read the article………………………………….

Fairfax County to help more HOAs install electric vehicle chargers, expanding pilot (VA)

Fairfax County is ramping up its efforts to help homeowners’ associations and other resident groups bring electric vehicle chargers to their communities.  The county’s Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination is now accepting applications for the second phase of its Charge Up Fairfax pilot program, which provides technical and financial assistance to organizations looking to […]

Resident’s lawsuit against expanding University Village thrown out (VA)

Seventeen months after suing to block the board of directors at University Village, an upscale retirement home west of Charlottesville, from beginning construction on a third phase, Phase II homeowner Daniel Lavering found himself hiring an appeals lawyer after a judge tossed his suit Monday.     Read the article……………………………….

HOAs can apply for funds to install EV charging stations (VA)

Fairfax County is launching a pilot program to help homeowner and condominium associations install electric vehicle charging stations.  HOAs that are accepted into the Charge Up Fairfax program will receive a site visit and assessment from an engineering firm, paid for by the county.    Read the article………………………..

How an Arlington Mill condo association plans to transform itself — on a budget (VA)

Residents of an aging condo complex near Columbia Pike are embarking on a novel project to upgrade their living situations while dodging staggering condo fees.  Members of the Arlington Heights Condominiums, located on 8th Road S. in the Arlington Mill neighborhood, plan to get the property redeveloped while ensuring every resident who wants to stay […]

Condo association: consider edibles rather than smoking weed (VA)

A condo association in Shirlington rolled out tips both smoking and non-smoking homes can implement to prevent the spread of stray smoke.  One suggestion, targeted to marijuana users, is blunt: consider switching to edibles.   Read the article………………………..

Repeat scammer sentenced to prison after embezzling $80K from Orange County HOA (VA)

Like many neighborhoods in the early days of the pandemic, the Germanna Heights Phase I community in Orange County found itself with a dissolved homeowners association. What was once a seven-member board was reduced to a single caretaker: Machell Marie Sims  In 2020, Sims was placed in charge of the HOA’s financial reserves, amounting to […]

Woman who stole nearly $80k from Virginia neighborhood faces jailtime

On Monday, July 31, Machell Marie Sims was sentenced on three felony charges of embezzlement, which she had previously pled guilty to in April.  Sims took over the the Homeowners Association’s (HOA) finances for Germanna Heights Phase I, a neighborhood in Orange County, after the neighborhood’s 7-member board dissolved during the early parts of the […]

Lake Monticello plans a recall election after a member of the HOA board posted nasty remarks about Democrats and people from the LGBTQ community (VA)

She says the place has gone from red to purple, and many were shocked when a member of the homeowners’ association board started making nasty remarks online about Democrats and people observing pride month. HOA board member Gary Selleck read five posts, including the text that accompanied a picture of the rainbow flag.   Read the […]

Lake Monticello HOA leader in hot water after posting homophobic messages online (VA)

After residents of the Fluvanna County gated community discovered that a member of the homeowner association’s board of directors had been posting bigoted messages in right-wing Facebook groups, there were calls for his resignation or dismissal, a petition with more than 400 signatures calling on him to step down and a unanimous vote to censure […]

Appeal was not from final order (VA)

Where the general district court issued an order that the debt asserted in a warrant in debt was due, this was not a final order that could be appealed.   Read the article………………………..

Glenbrook Residents Demand Compensation for Lost Views (VA)

“The selling point for us—and what was specifically promoted by the developer—was the breathtaking view,” said Doris. “We felt lucky to have the first pick of the new lots.” But when Phase III of Glenbrook began construction a few months ago, the builders erected a solid wall of attached villas only 20 feet from their […]

HOA landscape maintenance provides unique set of challenges (VA)

Autumn Glen is a 52-acre community, composed of mostly senior citizens who prefer to have a lawncare contractor manage their lawn and snow removal requirements. The homeowners have also tasked President Joan Callahan and the HOA Board of Directors to maintain their reputation as a great looking community.   Read the article………………………..

Serial scammer took over $60k from Virginia neighborhood, school division

“She was putting her personal account number in there, and people were paying her,” she said.  And once they began uncovering her lies, more were revealed. Around the same time Sims took over the HOA, she was charged with embezzlement in Prince William County.   Read the article………………………..

Ford’s Colony neighborhood tackles Canada goose population issue (VA)

Ford’s Colony near Williamsburg is pursuing a third option. Like most communities built around golf courses, Ford’s Colony has hundreds of resident geese. Instead of repeating the endless cycle of ignoring and then culling the geese, the homeowners’ association teamed up with the country club to try to keep the goose population from growing beyond […]

Solar shingles help Virginia homeowner sidestep HOA aesthetic objections

If Jonathan Lockwood had to spring for a new roof, he was determined to find a versatile cover that could go beyond just keeping his 1981 townhome dry. He also wanted to slash his escalating electric bill.  Aware that greenlighting traditional rooftop solar panels would be a tough slog in his hyper-regulated planned community in […]

Homeowners group asks Warren County to drop fee for fire department (VA)

The Board of Supervisors plans to take up at its meeting tonight a request by the Blue Ridge Shadows Homeowners’ Association Inc. to change a condition in the subdivision’s proffers to eliminate the $200 annual fee charged per residential unit. The fees are earmarked for the use of the North Warren Volunteer Fire and Rescue […]

North Stafford towing incident rooted in decades-old covenants (VA)

Just over two months ago, eight cars belonging to residents of a North Stafford town house community were towed away. A county official believes the vehicles were removed in part because of convenants that were bound to the properties when the neighborhood was first developed in the 1970s.   Read the article………………………..

Case of mysterious fliers at Belmont Bay solved (VA)

The president of a Woodbridge HOA says a case of some mysterious fliers that appeared to denounce him has been solved.  Belmont Bay HOA President KP Lau said the person who distributed the flier, which stated his name and a photo of Mao Zedong, founder of the Chinese Communist Party, apologized to him.    Read the […]

Belmont Bay HOA president targeted with hateful flyers, slashed tire (VA)

When the president of the Belmont Bay Homeowners Association first saw the flyers on Dec. 20, he saw a face with which he was all too familiar.  The dozens of hateful flyers have “End This Reign of Terror!” scrawled on the top and bottom. In the center, it has Lau’s name next to an equal […]

Belmont Bay Developers and HOA Head to Court Over Road Access (VA)

While Belmont Bay claims that they have easement rights necessary to access Belmont Bay Drive and the nearby Harbor Side Street, the HOA asserts that only HOA members and emergency services have access rights, InsideNoVA reports. If access were denied to those two roads, there would be no remaining exterior access points to The Osprey’s.  Read […]

Local Condominium Vacates Twelve Units Due to ‘Undue Strains’ (VA)

Representatives of an engineering firm hired by the residents’ board at the Madison Condominium at 600 Roosevelt Blvd. in Falls Church found a steel beam that was completely corroded and they immediately call City Hall and City engineers condemned the building and the Falls Church Police Department and Office of Emergency Management supervised an evacuation […]

Virginia Supreme Court denies hearing condo owners’ appeal challenging expansion of VB senior living community

The Virginia Supreme Court has denied hearing an appeal from condo owners attempting to halt the expansion of a retirement community in Virginia Beach.  In a statement issued Tuesday, the Court stated that “there is no reversible error” regarding the previous judgment regarding the Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay.    Read the article………………………..

Dam Awareness Rises in Hurricane Season (VA)

With the rainy season moving in, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation recently began to look at area dams, reviewing certification and the rules surrounding dams in an effort to thwart any mishaps that could result in fatalities.   Read the article………………………..

County plans to get more HOAs on board with electric vehicle chargers, starting in Reston (VA)

Fairfax County is looking to charge up a new electric vehicle charging station program and pilot it in Reston.  At last week’s Transportation Committee meeting, the Board of Supervisors discussed a new “Charge Up Fairfax” program, where the county would provide support to homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and multi-family communities to install electric vehicle (EV) charging […]