Here Are the Top Reasons Why People Run for Co-op and Condo Boards (NY)

Serving on a co-op or condo board is nice work if you can get it. The pay is terrible (that is, nonexistent). The hours can be long. The level of satisfaction among shareholders or unit-owners can range from sky-high to the bottom of the basement. When things go wrong, it’s the board’s fault; when things […]

How to Build a Great HOA Board

Ever wondered what it takes to cultivate a thriving and effective HOA? The key to any successful homeowner’s association is having a competent and dedicated board of directors. Read the article…………………………….

Philippines: Lazy volunteers must be kicked out

IF a volunteer-dentist offers to serve the needs of an impoverished community on a certain day and time and comes in two hours late, would you fault him for that? Some people say no. The dentist is offering his free time and services, so better ignore that minor lapse. In a homeowners’ association, if a […]

Keys to Effective Homeowner Association (HOA) Leadership

I recently facilitated an election at a contentious HOA meeting. The lone board member called a special meeting to fill the vacant board seats and she was concerned it would not go smoothly due to conflict amongst the members.   Read the article……………………………..

Are Your HOA Volunteers Covered for Injuries?

Homeowners Associations (“HOAs”) rely on the efforts of their volunteer directors, officers, and committee members to perform all manner of tasks needed in assisting the HOA with its operations. Participation by these HOA volunteers in common tasks such as site inspections, including slope inspections, landscape committee walk-throughs, and even meeting room set up and take […]

Codes of Conduct for Association Volunteers (CA)

Generally, board members of common interest developments are volunteers dedicating their time, skills and energy to serve the communities within which they live. Indeed, without these director volunteers, community associations would be unable to properly function. Similarly, committee members are volunteers who work on specific projects within a community.   Read the article………………………..

How an HOA Can Promote Community Engagement and a Better Quality of Life (TX)

Residing in a community governed by a homeowners association (HOA) presents a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond mere property value maintenance. Notably, the prospect of enriched community engagement and an elevated quality of life for all residents stands as a paramount advantage.   Read the article………………………..

Can You Pay Directors and Officers of a Michigan Condominium or Homeowners Association?

It is common for a condominium association’s master deed and bylaws or a homeowners association’s declaration to address compensating board members. Usually, such a provision will either expressly disallow any compensation or only allow compensation if approved by a specified percentage of the community association’s members. Apart from the general notion that board members should […]

7 Ways To Attract HOA Volunteers To Serve In Your Community

HOA volunteers are the dynamic force behind every association, but not all communities have enough of them. In fact, plenty of associations have trouble enticing residents to serve as volunteers. However, boards should not give up the fight because an HOA that lacks adequate volunteers will cease to function properly. Fortunately, some strategies can help […]

Why Summer is a Good Time to Recruit HOA Volunteers (NC)

June officially ushers in summer. During the summer months, people are outdoors and more active. You will find attendance at community events and businesses to grow during the summertime.  Read the article………………………..

Bill Might Require Training for Volunteers Who Serve on Condo Boards (HI)

A condominium association’s board of directors is responsible for making decisions for a community of condo owners, whether their building or complex has four units or 400. The board’s fiduciary duty to the association ranges from setting maintenance fees to spending on major repairs that can run into millions of dollars.   Read the article………………………..

How to Keep Owners Engaged in the HOA

Owners make up the heart of any HOA. They elect the board of directors. Their HOA fees fund community projects. They provide a volunteer workforce for the community.  The owners in your HOA are extremely important. The following are some tips to keep them engaged and active in the community.     Read the article………………………..

Be Wise When it Comes to Volunteers

It is common for associations to create community engagement events where they seek volunteers to participate in bettering the community – especially at this time of the year when associations have spring cleaning on their mind! Such “boots on the ground” projects in which associations may look for volunteers include painting curbs red, community clean-up, […]

How to Increase HOA Homeowner Participation

An effective way to increase homeowner participation in homeowner associations (HOAs) is to encourage homeowners to get involved in events and to volunteer for the HOA Board of Directors or recognized committees. As obvious as this may sound, HOA boards and Committee members must find creative ways to increase community participation. In this article, we […]

Here’s Why You Should Join Your Community Association Board

If you have thought about giving back to your local community, joining your community association’s board is a great way to do that. As a board member, you are a leader in your community, and other residents rely on you to make choices in the best interests of the entire community and those living there.  […]

Keen Contests Mark The First Colony HOA Board Election (TX)

An attention grabbing flyer is being distributed to homeowners in First Colony by neighborhood residents supporting three board candidates for the First Colony Community Service Association (FCCSA), the homeowners association (HOA) for the large residential community. It has over 9,000 single family homes, about 785 multi-family units and a sizeable residential complement    Read the article………………………..

Better Board Involvement: Getting Residents on Board (Literally)

Even among otherwise conscientious, community-minded condo, HOA, and co-op residents, the idea of running for and serving on their board often ranks somewhere between taxes and dental work on their list of things to look forward to. It conjures thoughts of endless meetings…arguing about the minutiae of vendor bids…confrontations with neighbors unhappy with board decisions…gossipy […]

SCORE hosts its final presentation on homeowners associations (NC)

The Transylvania County branch of Western N.C. SCORE and its partners recently presented a live “Homeowners Association Summary and Finale” at the Transylvania County Library.  Mayor Maureen Copelof welcomed the audience and gave support to the importance of effective HOAs   Read the article………………………..

When a Board Goes Bad The Cure: Get Involved (NJ)

Board responsiveness and transparency are critical components in the good governance of co-op, condo and HOA communities. It’s the responsibility of the board and its members to act on behalf of the community – a legal obligation known as fiduciary duty.   Read the article………………………..

Becoming a high impact board member in your home owners association (VA)

Today, it is estimated that over 60 million people are living in one of the 300,000 community associations in America. Of those residents, nearly 2 million serve in HOA boards to manage their association, according to the Community Associations Institute (CAI).   Read the article………………………..

5 Tips for Filling Vacancies on Your HOA Board

Volunteering to serve on the board of directors is one of the most impactful ways to improve your neighborhood. . Although joining a board of directors might look daunting, it can be well worth the effort and commitment.   Read the article………………………..

Why you should serve on your condo board. Really (MA)

Volunteer work may conjure images of philanthropy and gestures of goodwill, but in the case of volunteering to sit on a condo board, those in the know say it’s more like being a human punching bag.   Read the article………………………..

Broyles: I’m concerned about the volunteerism crisis in HOAs (AZ)

When I first came to Arizona back in 1974 and moved into a new HOA, I volunteered to be a part of the HOA board because of my background in civil engineering in the U.S. Air Force — thought I can help and make a difference.  I was voted in shortly thereafter to a board […]


Is it my imagination or are people getting less patient, more critical, more demanding, and less understanding? It seems over the last few years boards have been criticized and admonished more, while being appreciated and understood less. No wonder it’s becoming more and more difficult to fill board vacancies. After all, why would someone volunteer […]

Getting involved: 4 strategies to boost volunteer engagement

Community association managers, board members, and homeowners collectively want to create thriving communities. Many residents will volunteer their time to accomplish that shared objective, but some may not know where to start. Creating systems that foster strong participation and effectively communicating opportunities can maximize volunteer engagement.   Read the entire article……………………………….

5 Ways to Get More Homeowners Involved in the HOA This Year

The homeowner’s function in an HOA or condo community is distinct. By getting active and taking ownership of important issues, homeowners may have a massive impact on their neighborhood and local environment.   Read the entire article……………………………….

Surfside Collapse Should Serve as Call to Action for Condo Board Service (FL)

Without a doubt, the tragic disaster of the collapse in Surfside, Fla., has impacted condominium association boards of directors across the country. In addition to board members’ grief for the 98 victims who lost their lives and their loved ones, many condominium directors have also grown concerned over the news of numerous lawsuits against the […]

Here’s why you should get involved with your condo association or HOA (FL)

While rescue teams continue digging for the fifth day into the rubble of the collapsed high-rise condo building in Surfside, Florida, many are asking questions about the structural safety of their own properties.  10 Tampa Bay looked into the role a condo association or homeowners’ association and property management firm plays in keeping your property […]

HOA Volunteer Standard of Care: 5 Layers of Immunity to Litigation

While being an HOA board director is a fulfilling responsibility, it comes with downsides. Among those is a vulnerability to lawsuits. Homeowners are allowed to sue their homeowners association if they fail to perform their duties and obligations under the community governing documents, or if they violate local or federal laws. For example, if the […]

Read your documents and get involved: Tips for your first homeowners association

With condominiums and gated neighborhoods on the rise, more and more of Rochester’s residents will eventually find themselves moving into a property with a homeowners association.  The premise is simple: Homeowners agree to pay fees and abide by rules in order to maintain a cohesive atmosphere in the neighborhood.    Read the entire article……………………………….

One Woman’s Journey from El Paso to a Rockaway Beach Condo Board (NY)

“New York is so hectic,” says Arellano, 53, who earned a bachelor’s degree from John Jay College, a law degree from Brooklyn Law School and a master’s degree in accounting from Baruch College after her discharge from the Army. “When I walked into my apartment the first time I went straight to the balcony and […]

Recruit and retain: 6 ways to create long-term volunteer partnerships

Community associations simply can’t function without volunteers. Board members and committee members play a critical role in making community associations vibrant and attractive places to live. Finding, motivating, directing, and creating long-term volunteer partnerships, however, can be challenging.   Read the entire article……………………………….

How to prepare for a HOA volunteer role

A homeowners association (HOA) is no better than the board of directors that leads it. If an association is to be excellent, willing volunteers must be developed.  Excellent board members understand that their position is one of service rather than control. They serve their neighbors; they don’t supervise them. A service-forward attitude results in a […]

Seven Ways to Recruit New Board Members Consistently & Effectively (IL)

A condominium, homeowner (HOA), and townhome association’s Board of Directors serve on the association’s front lines and help ensure that the entire community moves forward. Because it is responsible for all aspects of an association’s business, including, but not limited to, maintenance of the community, operations, decision-making, finance overview, and overall management, the Board must […]

HOA Volunteer Projects: Cost-Saving or Liability in Waiting? (CO)

It is not uncommon for HOA Boards to need and want additional help with projects around their HOA community. This help often can come in the form of volunteer Homeowners and self-help projects undertaken by Board members. While this form of help can be cost-saving for many HOAs, the Boards must consider the potential liability […]

Reasons YOU Should Serve on Your HOA Board

Serving on your HOA board of directors may seem like a daunting task. And while it’s true that the position comes with a lot of responsibility and requires time and effort, it can also be very rewarding!  Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider joining your association’s board of directors:    Read […]

Caution Required if Co-op and Condo Boards Enlist Volunteers (NY)

In many cooperatives and condominiums, residents want to step up and offer volunteer assistance to management during the coronavirus pandemic, both in helping vulnerable members of the community and in assisting with ordinary day-to-day tasks, which management may be unable to perform due to staffing issues. As has been the case during staffing shortages due […]

Liability Insurance for Homeowner Volunteers

Q: Our homeowners association needs new decking in one area by the clubhouse. Some homeowners have suggested forming a committee and doing the labor themselves to save money. They are willing to sign a waiver of liability. Would our general liability insurance cover any accident?   Read the Q&A…………………………..

Top Ten Ways to Encourage Homeowner Engagement in Your Community Association

Increasing homeowner engagement is an important component of building a strong community. More homeowner involvement gives HOA board members a broader perspective on issues facing the community. As your association gets more homeowner participation, the board may be able to lighten its workload or get more done by delegating tasks to volunteer committees. You may […]

How to Assemble a Team of Volunteers

As a board member, you know that committed volunteers are the backbone of a community association. From serving on committees and helping at neighborhood gatherings, to sitting on the board of directors, there are various levels of involvement needed to help your community thrive. Here are eight simple ways to assemble a team of volunteers […]

What did you get yourself into? Top ten tips for new directors

I’m often asked to give advice to new directors, especially first time directors. It is a difficult question to answer because the advice depends on a number of factors, such as the experience level of the director, whether or not the condominium has a manager, and the age of the condominium. In hopes of reducing […]

The Unseen Complexities of Going Self Managed

They say communication is key to all relationships, but some communications are guaranteed to bring about strife or even a little mayhem. For example, the annual budget mailing in our HOA was always guaranteed to make it impossible for any board member to walk their dogs without being stopped and berated for “ridiculous” expenses.    Read […]

Sign up here: 12 ways to recruit and retain volunteers

Volunteers play a critical role in making community associations vibrant and attractive places to live. Finding, motivating, directing, and maintaining volunteers’ interest, however, are challenging tasks.    Read the article……………………….

Why are HOA Volunteer Board Members Sued?

Volunteer board members are often baffled and incredulous when someone challenges or complains about a decision they made, a rule they changed, or a special assessment that was issued. The underlying problem here is unit owners not reading the governing documents they have agreed to comply with prior to purchasing their home in a homeowners […]

Made in the HOA: 5 steps for effective community association leadership

Some volunteers who have served on a community association board have realized that much of what works for them in their day job doesn’t work as well in the context of board governance. That’s because, in an association, no single person is in charge. Decisions are made by the consensus of board members, so the […]

How to prepare for a community association volunteer role

A community association is no better than the board of directors that leads it. If an association is to be excellent, willing volunteers must be developed.  Excellent board members understand that their position is one of service rather than control. They serve their neighbors; they don’t supervise them. A service-forward attitude results in a less […]

Benefits of Serving on an HOA Board

Let’s take a moment to highlight all that HOA board members do! You have a desire to see everyone around you flourish, and you take the time, effort, and energy necessary to make that happen. Thankfully, there are some awesome benefits for choosing to spend your time to serve others!    Read the article………………….

HOA Living 101: The Best Advice You Can Get About Serving on Your HOA Board

As a board member, you’re responsible for balancing the needs and obligations of the community with those of individual owners. Your fellow neighbors trust you to fulfill your fiduciary duty of acting within your authority, exercising due care, and always working in the best interest of the association. To help you become the best board […]