Website Accessibility: The ADA and FHA

In recent years, and trending more frequently as of late, we have heard about businesses, big and small, receiving demand letters related to their website accessibility, alleging ADA noncompliance, and threatening to file suit and seek damages on behalf of the people with disabilities they represent. Here we will cover what web accessibility means and […]

A Homeowner association’s guide to choosing a website host

A website is a simple yet effective way to keep your HOA connected and informed. A clean, accessible website allows owners to easily locate HOA news, announcements, resources such as forms or surveys, member directories, and more. It may also serve as an effective marketing tool and can attract buyers to your community. Almost every […]

Classified ads allowed on association website (IL)

Q: The board of our association created an elaborate association website. The website includes a “classified ad” page that allows owners to advertise items for sale. The association charges a fee for the ads, as a revenue generator. In some instances, the association charges a flat fee, in other situations the board wants to charge […]

Our Guide to Online HOA Communication During COVID-19 (TX)

As a Board Member or Community Manager, you are a trusted leader in your HOA. Residents rely on you for important news about the impact of COVID-19 in your community. More than ever, effective online HOA communication is a vital part of informing and educating residents.    Read the article…………………………

What Florida Community Associations Must Know About Disability-Compliant Websites

Like it or not, many Florida condominium associations are now digital. As of January 1, 2019, Florida condominium associations with 150 or more units are required to maintain a website pursuant to Fla. Stat. §718.111(12)(g). Recently proposed legislation seeks to lower the threshold, requiring associations with 25 or more units to maintain a website and […]

HOA website; Does your community need one?

Back in the day, when a homeowner was unhappy about something they would type up letters, knock on doors, and hand-deliver their notes to board members. They might even post fliers in the building elevators, or slide them under owners’ doors.  HOA board members would have to physically collect dues, and communicate through physical bulletin […]

Is Your Association’s Website Exposing Your Community to Liability for ADA or FHA Violations?

Let’s face it, we do almost everything online – from shopping to paying bills. Following that trend, many community associations also conduct a lot of activity through a website, including; paying assessments, advertising sales or rentals, or posting documents, notices, minutes, and social calendars for members to easily access. In fact, the Florida legislature passed […]

Properly Handling Your Community Association’s Online Presence

It’s almost 2020, and chances are, your community association has a virtual presence on the Internet. Whether your association runs its own website, has a site run by a management company or some other third-party vendor, or is active on a social media site, association leaders and Managers should take some steps in order to […]

The Lurking Danger of Association Websites; Accusations of Discrimination (FL)

Very recently, more and more condominium and homeowner associations find themselves as potential defendants in Federal Fair Housing Act (the “FHA”) discrimination litigation due to the association’s website. It is alleged that the failure to make the website easily accessible to those with visual impairments or who are blind is discriminatory. In short, the FHA […]

Is your Community Website ADA Compliant? Does it need to be? (FL)

Condos and HOAs are generally exempt from ADA requirements because they are not “public accommodations” like hotels, restaurants or retail stores. However, we have seen a recent trend of legal threats against community associations because their websites were not ADA compliant.      Read the article………………………..

Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) Accessibility for Websites

It is unclear from the current case law, guidance, and the ADA, whether a condominium association, with short term stays of thirty (30) days or less, must provide an accessible website for people with disabilities. One of the only cases to address this situation is Dunn v. Phoenix West II, LLC, et al., 2016 WL […]

What are the Features of an HOA or Condo Website?

Is it necessary to create an HOA Website? This is a question that many homeowners in different communities ask frequently. I believe you would agree with me that it’s quite difficult managing your homeowner association effectively, a HOA or Condo website can help streamline many of the tasks.    Read the article………………………..

Reasons for an HOA Community Website

With the many technological advancements we have today, an association website is a virtual necessity. A well-run, accessible site is critical to ease and improve HOA communication, finances, and board functionality.  While not without risks, creating a community website that is easily navigated, professional, and that contains useful content for community members is well worth […]

6 Reasons Why Your HOA Needs a Member Website

As a modern HOA in the digital era, your HOA has zero reason to limit communications to the traditional flyers and annual meetings. Because, let’s face it, the high-tech professionals who make up your member-residents pay little mind to piece of paper these days. If you really want to stay in touch with your community, […]

The Deadline Has Passed – Is Your Condominium Website Compliant? (FL)

We previously discussed in a prior blog post on Florida condo legislation that new requirements were established by the Florida Legislature pertaining to condominium association websites. These new requirements, which apply to all non-timeshare condominium associations with 150 or more units, require that the association must establish and maintain a website (if the association doesn’t […]

Condominium Association Statutory Required Websites – Facts and Myths (FL)

Section 718.111(12)(g), Florida Statutes, was added to Chapter 718, Florida Statutes in 2017, requiring that by July 1, 2018, an association with 150 or more units which does not manage timeshare units is required to post digital copies of the documents specified in the section on its website, and lists specific documents that are required […]

The Importance of Improving Your HOA Website

One thing that many HOAs have in common is an ineffective and unsightly website. Cluttered, out of date, poorly organized, and unappealing, these sites are not likely to attract the traffic that they were intended to attract.  If well-managed, your website can be one of your best tools for strengthening your community. In this article […]

HOA Website, is it Worth it?

Having an HOA website is a must for communicating with busy association members. With more and more people finding their information online, a website is a great platform for reaching a large audience. The real challenge for HOAs when it comes to websites is finding the time and volunteers to maintain the site. Here are […]

Budgeting for Your Web Site

A good way to plan for the future of your web site is to start building an annual budget for it. Publications have budgets. Ad campaigns have budgets. A budget isn’t just a dollar amount thrown down on a spreadsheet, but it is a plan of what it will cost to do what you want […]

New deadline for condo website requirement (FL)

Q: In your recent column you addressed the 2017 change in the law that mandates websites for certain condominium associations. You mentioned the deadline to comply with this new law was coming up on July 1, 2018. Is that deadline still valid or has it been pushed back?   Read the Q&A……………..

Gov. Scott signs bill re: community associations (FL)

The bill revises requirements related to the governance and operation of condominium, cooperative, and homeowners’ associations.     Read the summary of the bill……………….     Read a PDF copy of the bill……………….

The Good Bad & Ugly of the Community Association Website

It’s true… the HOA industry has a problem — a bad, ugly, terrible, problem! — It’s not HOA boards run amok, or homeowner apathy. Nope… We have a community association website problem. Nearly every day I talk to HOA board members and managers about their community website. The conversation usually goes something like this. “We […]

Tips to Create an Internal Condo Association Website for Owners

Communication is a key part of any Condo Association community. Whether it’s for social purposes, governance, or maintenance, you need to be able to communicate with your Owners. Once you’ve tackled an external website, you need to start thinking about what your internal website should look like. An internal website for your Owners serves as […]

Cyber Security Part One: How Community Residents Can Protect Their Tech

Like it or not, we have become very dependent on our technology. Whether it’s a cell phone, tablet or computer, our devices enable us to stay connected, conduct business and access information anywhere, anytime. Yet as convenient as these devices may be, cyber security is simply not a priority for the majority of tech users—despite […]

4 Simple Ways Through Which an HOA Website Can Improve Your Community

In case you are a property manager associated with HOA, you would be pretty familiar with the fact that the entire business may be very time-consuming. However, at the same time, it is very important to ensure that all your members are fully aware of whatever is going on all the time. So the best […]

Keeping Your Community Association Website Updated

Community association websites are a great idea. They’re the perfect place to post notices and reminders, provide updates on any construction or changes to the property, and so much more. These websites are a convenient and simple place for anyone in the community to go and stay abreast of whatever’s happening at any given time. […]

When Moving Your Site To New Hosting

There are many reasons why you may move your web site to a new hosting arrangement. It could be an upgrade in hosting, better hosting pricing, to take advantage of software or expertise available with that hosting, etc. But a move of your web site to new hosting means at least some coordination with the […]

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy

What happens when a disgruntled (or perhaps a “principled”) apartment owner creates a website for the purpose of discussing events and conditions in a building and allegedly posts defamatory statements?  Read the article…………..

Use of Technology by Community Associations

Technology makes most of our lives easier, and so it makes sense that community associations would choose to employ certain technological advances in the performance of their obligations. There are many possibilities for the use of technology in community associations. Two of the most common uses are community websites and electronic voting, both of which […]

Advertising on your Community Association’s Website

Should your community association allow advertising on its website? The answer depends on a lot of factors.  Your community association website should have one ultimate goal: enhancing communication. This includes communication between the board, residents, owners, and community leaders. Websites can be used to post notices, conduct surveys, publish board meeting information, upload classifieds, and […]

Associations are not required to maintain a website

Q: What information is required to be on a homeowners’ association website? My association maintains a website, but it only contains minimal information. I cannot find the minutes of board meetings, copies of contracts, or insurance policies.  Read the Q&A…………….

Your HOA Website Matters

In the day-to-day operations of your HOA, you probably don’t think about your website too much. I mean, aren’t you busy enough? You’ve got money to manage, maintenance to follow up on, and complaints to respond to.    Read the article………..

Property Managers Common Website Mistakes

Websites are a critical meeting point between property managers and residents. Here, we look at the costly mistakes property managers make when trying to maintain their websites themselves.    Read the article…………….

Consider these facts before advertising on your Community Association’s Website

Your community association website should have one ultimate goal: enhancing communication. This includes communication between the board, residents, owners, and community leaders. Websites can be used to post notices, conduct surveys, publish board meeting information, upload classifieds, and release inspection requests. Neighborhood links, FAQs, forums, events listings – there is no limit to what you […]

Why Your HOA Website Stinks – and How to Fix It

Most HOA websites have one unfortunate thing in common. They’re no good.  It sounds blunt; maybe downright mean. But the vast majority of HOA websites aren’t doing the job they’re meant to do. What job, you ask?      Read the news……….

Building an Online Community Website? Facebook? Twitter? What’s Hot, What’s Not

Social media is the means of fostering a community digitally and sharing information among like-minded people.  Or is it? Yes and no. For condo associations in New England, the trend seems to be websites, private groups, and web portals with only the occasional community opting for social media (namely, Facebook).       Read more………