The Importance of Professional HOA Contracts (GA)

Community associations cannot accomplish all the tasks they are responsible for without getting outside professionals to help maintain and service their assets. With every agreement to provide a service or to supply materials comes HOA contracts.   Read the article…………………………….

The High Cost of Terrible Service at your HOA or Condo

Have you ever been disappointed with the quality or service of something you have paid for? You aren’t likely to spend your money on that item again. Whether it was poor quality or poor service that caused your disappointment really doesn’t matter. The same is true for your Homeowners Association or condominium.   Read the article………………………..

Cutting Costs: When Using Volunteers Does More Harm Than Good (OH)

With next year’s budgets in preparation, boards may be looking for ways to cut costs and reduce spending. Often, Board’s will look to their owners to volunteer for a variety of maintenance tasks, from snow shoveling to planting flowers. While minor work can be performed by volunteers with relatively little liability exposure, that is not […]

Tips for Understanding the Role of an HOA CPA

Both Board members and homeowners have an interest in the money end of an HOA’s business. After all, it’s the owners who have to pay higher fees when the homeowners association goes over budget. And it’s the Board who is responsible for hiring the right people to run the HOA’s financial business. The good news […]

When To Call In The Professionals To Advise Your Board

Common areas of a community are vitally important. Not only do they ensure a better quality of life for residents, they also help the resale value of properties. So it makes sense that two of the most important duties of any community’s volunteer board of directors are to manage the affairs of the association and […]

The Art of Picking Professionals: To Choose or Not to Choose

Running the day-to-day business of a condo development or an HOA of any size—be it a sprawling, multi-building community, or a single self-contained building—requires not just a functional board but a team of competent outside professionals. These professionals keep things running smoothly and efficiently for residents and boards—from the legal counsel who advises board members […]

The Annual Audit -Taking Your Association’s Financial Pulse

The health of your association’s finances can have a dramatic effect on the board of director’s ability to effectively maintain the property’s assets and value. In order to keep the property’s assets in good order and keep home sales on the rise, it is crucial that the board        Read more………

Hiring Professionals – A Winning Approach

One of the key questions facing volunteer community association boards is, “When should we hire a professional to assist us?” This question oftentimes will apply to professional management companies, construction professionals, vendors and service providers, accountants, attorneys and       Read more…….

Trusting your Professional Service Providers

Homeowners associations are comprised of people from all walks of life, and for that very reason their boards of directors often consist of individuals who bring various levels of knowledge to the administration of the association      Read more……..

501(c)(4) Tax Exempt Homeowners Associations

This site provides information regarding tax exempt homeowners associations. We hope that you will find the information on this site helpful in understanding the differences between the various Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Sections under which an association may qualify for tax exemption.      Read more……..

Related Party Transaction

The accountants performing audits and reviews on the associations that I manage come to my office each year and among the questions that they ask is: “Were there any related party transactions?    Read more……..

Selecting a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

As legislation related community associations increases in many states across the U.S. , one aspect that is receiving attention is the need for the Association’s Board of Directors to maintain credible and timely financial statements. More and more Associations are being required (not only in      Read more……..